Beast Mastery Hunter WeakAuras

Effie's Beast Mastery Hunter WeakAuras for Wow Legion Patch 7.1.5
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All you need as Beast Mastery Hunter in Legion!
This Aura keeps track of all your vital abilities as a Beast Mastery Hunter and keep them neatly lined up in the center of your vision.

** Watch a demonstration of the Weakaura in action here:

Here is what you get:
- Easy trackable icons for your major abilities neatly placed below your character:
Kill Command
Dire Beast
Dire Frenzy
Bestial Wrath
A Murder of Crows
Aspec of the Wild
Titan's Thunder
Chimera Shot
Feign Death
Binding Shot
Counter Shot

- Focus bar w/ Global Cooldown bar
- Countdown timer for Beast Cleave (the number in the middle of the focus bar)
- Counter for number of targets being cleaved (the number to the left of the focus bar)
- Countdown timer for Stampede (shows how long the buff is active)
- Countdown timer for A Murder of Crows (shows how long the buff is active)
- Countdown timer for Aspect of the Wild (shows how long the buff is active)
- Color changing focus bar to indicate when Bestial Wrath is active
- Color changing focus bar to indicate when Bestial Cleave is active
- Glowing icons for abilities ready to be cast or abilities that has procced
- Missing pet warning

For the ElvUI setup, go to

Update 20/01/17
- Added Killer Cobra
- Added Aspect of the Beast

Update 19/01/17
- Fixed overlapping numbers on focus bar
- Added animation to Bestial Wrath icon when active

Update 11/01/17 for patch 7.1.5
- Added stack counters for Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy
- Changed color attributes on Focus bar for Beastial Wrath and Beast Cleave
- Changed color attributes for Beast Cleave numbers
- Removed Cobra Shot
- Changed placement on Titan's Thunder, Aspect of the Wild, Stampede and Chimaera Shot

Update 18/12/16
- Added colored focusbar for Bestial Wrath and Beast Cleave for better visibility
- Changed Beast Cleave number color
- Minor fixes and tweaks for overall feel and ease to use

Update 09/12/16
- Added icons for Counter Shot, Binding Shot, Misdirection and Exhilaration
- Moved Beast Cleave timer into center of focus bar (previously big white number in center of screen)
- Moved number of cleaving targets into left side of focus bar (previously small red number in center of screen)
- Added timer on Bestial Wrath on icon
- Removed color change on focus bar for Bestial Wrath
- Did a couple of misc bug fixes/improvements
Beast Mastery Hunter
(1 of 3) Hunter Rotation
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Jan. 13th - Updated for Hunter-pocalypse aka 7.1.5
BM - Updated so Kill Command is recommended at > 100 Focus, instead of Dire Beast.
MM - :(
Well, I really can't seem to get the hang of the new marks. I removed most all of the shot helpers for now. Hopefully something will change in the future, it's basically a nightmare to program what shot should be next. I will come back to this another day.
Suggestions welcome ! Try to be concise.

Most important group, includes all rotational shots.

Download links for the other parts
Part 2 (Cooldowns)
Part 3 (Focus Bar)

Updated: Nov. 11th
BM & MM : Now shows abilities with cooldowns if you are out of combat and have a target selected. Murder of Crows no longer glows, but it does shake if you haven't used it (because sometimes you want to hold off on it until a mob is going to die in 15sec). Blue icons now mean you do not have enough focus to cast them. Red means do not cast or out of range.
MM : Re-added Marked Shot glow recommendation if only one mob has Hunters Mark on it (single target).
BM : Cobra Shot now glows during Bestial Wrath (if at least 3 seconds left on Kill Command CD). Removed the sound on Beast Cleave.
Did some other smaller changes for polish.

Updated: Oct. 24th Fixed Murder of Crows for BM and MM. Aimed shot will now turn RED if vulnerable will not be on the target by the time you finish casting. Aimed shot will now turn BLUE if you do not have enough focus to cast it. This makes the glow recommendations for Aimed Shot more precise as well. Also updated Hunter Utility and Hunter CD's, more information on their pages.
Updated: Oct. 10th Large MM update. Glow recommendations now include Windburst. Made Marked Shot always glow if it is up, doesn't mean it's always the right choice, which is why I let Aimed Shot and Windburst still glow while Marked Shots is active. There's too many Marked shots cases where you have to decide yourself when it's best to use it. A Murder of Crows and Volley are now supported. The blue number on the top right of Marked Shots displays how many targets have your Hunter's Mark on them.
Moved Vulnerable to be a bar, like Marking Targets, next to Aimed Shot. Shortened all the bars. Updated: Hunter CD's, Utility and the Focus Bar.

The red bar to the left of Aimed Shot is for Vulnerable. The orange text that shows up in the corner of the Aimed Shot icon is the number of free Aimed shots available from a Lock and Load proc

Sidewinders has a lot going on. The bar that appears to the left of it is a progress bar for "Marking Targets". The green boxes above the icon are Charges, the red boxes indicate the cooldown. I have a LOT of checks to decide whether it glows or not, always could be more but this should get most situations.

Marked Shots now always glows when it is up. Use at your discretion. You may have both it and Aimed Shot glowing, you'll just have to decide, too many edge cases. Aimed Shot will stop glowing with 2sec left on Vulnerable.

The blue number in the top right of the Marked Shots icon is the number of mobs affected by your Hunter's Mark.

To explain what glows when and why, check out Azortharion's Icy-Veins guide. That's what I based it on.

Old Changelog
Updated: Sep. 12th Large update, especially for BM. For Marks, I made spells stand out more when they should be used. Added GCD sweeps to everything. Took another suggestion for having the cooldown progress 'grow' for the Sidewinders charge display.
I had let BM slip a bit, shored everything up (hopefully), Dire Beast is now the #1 spell, made all the changes required for that. Put icons in smarter places, Chimaera shot isn't all that special so I moved it lower. Made changes to Hunter CD's and Hunter Buffs (now called Hunter Utility)
Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship Hunter
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Tracking auras for procs that give you buffs, timers for abilities that you activate, or debuffs on your target.

They are shifted to the right because they pair up with WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers.

BM/MM-Talent90-Volley Active (icon)
SV-Artifact-Fury of the Eagle Channel Active (icon)
MM-Talent15-Steady Focus Active (icon)
MM-Hunter's Mark on Target (icon)
MM-Vulnerable Target (icon)
MM-Talent30-True Aim Active Progress (icon)
MM-Talent30-True Aim Active Stacks (icon)
SV-Mongoose Fury Progress (icon)
SV-Mongoose Fury Stacks (icon)
SV-Talent15-Mok'Nathal Tactics Active Progress (icon)
SV-Talent15-Mok'Nathal Tactics Active Stacks (icon)
BM-Beast Cleave Active (icon)
BM-Bestial Wrath Active (icon)
BM-Aspect of the Wild Active (icon)
BM-Dire Beast Active (icon)
MM-Bombardment Active (icon)
MM-Marking Targets Active (icon)
SV-Lacerate Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Serpent Sting Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Aspect of the Eagle Active (icon)
SV-Explosive Trap Active (icon)
BM-Artifact-Titan's Thunder Active (icon)
BM-Talent100-Stampede Active (icon)
BM/MM-Talent90-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
SV-Talent30-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
MM-Talent30-Black Arrow Active (icon)
MM-Talent100-Trick Shot Active (icon)
SV-Talent100-Spitting Cobra Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Dragonsfire Grenade Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent75-Sticky Bomb Debuff Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Ferocity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Tenacity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Cunning Active (icon)
Mend Pet Active (icon)
Misdirection Active (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Active (icon)
Talent45-Posthaste Active (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Active (icon)
MM/SV-Talent75-Camouflage Active (icon)
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