Zero's BM HUD 7.2.5
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Heads Up Display for Beast Mastery Hunters
Monitors cooldown for Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild, plus icon and timer bar for Dire Frenzy, and Kill Command. Icons with CD timers for A Murder of Crows, Titan's Thunder, multiple smaller icons for defensive and movement cooldowns, including: Disengage, Misdirection, Feign Death, Aspect of the Turtle, and Exhilaration.
*Special Request bonus reminder text to cast Cobra Shot when above 90 Focus (88 to be exact).
Focus Bar C/O Smexy, check out Smexy's wago profile at: (thanks for the great format, Smexy!)
Timers below HUD for: Bestial Wrath, Aspect of the Wild, Potion of Prolonged Power, and Bloodlust (Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp, Ancient Hysteria, and Drums of War compatible)

26 June 2017 - Per Request by (Silentears-Area 52): added timer for Orc and Troll Racials below 'Lust Timer

This is a collection of 29 auras:

Focus Bar (aurabar)
Focus (number) (text)
Beast Cleave Timer (icon)
Dire Beast (icon)
Dire Beast CD (icon)
Dire Frenzy bar (aurabar)
Dire Frenzy (icon)
Dire Frenzy CD (icon)
Kill Command (icon)
90+ Focus (use Cobra Shot) (text)
Titan's Thunder (icon)
Titan's Thunder (icon)
Disengage CD (icon)
Misdirection CD (icon)
Feign Death CD (icon)
A.O. Turtle CD (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
A Murder of Crows (icon)
A Murder of Crows CD (icon)
Aspect of the Wild (icon)
Aspect of the Wild CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath up (icon)
Barrage (icon)
Barrage CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath Timer (aurabar)
Aspect of the Wild Timer (aurabar)
Prolonged Power (aurabar)
Bloodlust (aurabar)
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Effie's BM hunter 7.2.5
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Updated Effie's bm hunter weakaura for 7.2.5. (I'm not Effie)
Link to his original weakaura:

add me in game waphle-kil'jaeden or waffle#7560 if you need help with using this weakaura.

Minor cosmetic changes

Adjusted weakaura for the new 2 stack of DF/DB baseline change.
Added Parsel's Tongue and Mantle of Command buff trackers.
Added a Dire Frenzy tracker.

This is a collection of 55 auras:

Shoulder Buff (icon)
Dire Frenzy Stacks (icon)
Chest Buff (icon)
Chimaera Shot CD (icon)
Chimaera Shot (icon)
Cobra Shot (icon)
Cobra Shot Killer Cobra (icon)
Cobra Shot Killer Cobra Red (icon)
AMoC CD (icon)
AMoC (icon)
AMoC Up (icon)
Volley BM (icon)
Volley Act BM (icon)
Barrage CD BM (icon)
Barrage BM (icon)
AspoW CD (icon)
AspoW UP (icon)
AspoW Run (icon)
BeastWrath (icon)
BeastWrath CD (icon)
BeastWrath UP (icon)
TiThu CD (icon)
TiThu (icon)
Stampede CD (icon)
Stampede (icon)
Stampede UP BM (icon)
Cheetah BM (icon)
Cheetah BM2 (icon)
Turtle Timer BM (icon)
No Pet! (icon)
KC CD (icon)
KC (icon)
KC Focus (icon)
BeastCleave (text)
BeastCleaveCounter (icon)
Disengage CD 4 (icon)
CounterShot CD (icon)
BS CD (icon)
MD CD (icon)
Exhil CD (icon)
Feign Death CD 4 (icon)
Feign Death Active (icon)
Bestial Wrath Anim (model)
Bestial Wrath Anim Counter (text)
Post CD 2 (icon)
Focus Bar Text 2 (text)
Focus Bar 4 (aurabar)
Focus Bar Cleave (aurabar)
Focus Bar BW (aurabar)
GCD Bar 2 (aurabar)
Killer Cobra (icon)
Aspect of the Beast (icon)
Dire Beast CD: legend shoulders (icon)
Dire Beast: legend shoulders 1 stack (icon)
Dire Beast: legend shoulders 2 stacks (icon)
Beast Mastery Hunter
(1 of 3) MM & BM Rotation [Khakhan]
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 22nd 2017 User Khakhan Views 107,703 Comments 47 Stars 55
Jun. 22nd Update (7.2.5) MM & BM Changes
MM -> Cleaned up the "No Vuln" icon, hopefully it will be correct all the time now. More rotation improvements for trick shot build.
BM -> Dire Frenzy glow fixes for 7.2.5. Overall BM should give Glow recommendations at better times.
I also cut down on the number of auras by using Conditions and arranged the auras better in case you make some of your own edits.

Support / Appreciation. Thanks for checking it out.

Anything helps, thanks!

Suggestions welcome ! You can reach me on the Weakauras discord ( ) with @Khakhan / Subutai#2872 or DM.

Most important group, includes all rotational shots.

Download links for the other parts
Part 2 (Cooldowns)
Part 3 (Focus Bar)

The red bar to the left of Aimed Shot is for Vulnerable. Each white line indicates how many Aimed Shots you can complete before the debuff runs out.

Aimed Shot will turn red and say "NO VULN" if Vulnerable will not be on the target by the time you finish casting.

The Green Bar to the left of Arcane Shot is Marking Targets, which will apply hunter's Mark to all mobs struck by arcane shot or multi-shot while the buff is active.

The red tick mark on the Focus bar is for a visual indicator for how much focus an Aimed Shot takes.

The blue number in the top right of the Marked Shots icon is the number of mobs affected by your Hunter's Mark.

To clarify, if a button is glowing that means it is usually a good time to cast it. To explain what glows when and why, check out Azortharion's Icy-Veins guide. That's what I based it on, also reviewing high end logs from warcraft logs.


May. 26th Update BM changes only this time:
If you use Hunter CD's, you will need to update that too (only for BM) or bars will overlap.

Better Dire Frenzy support.
-- Stacks of Dire Beast/Frenzy visible (for Mantle of Command and patch 7.2.5)
-- A new bar to the left of Dire Beast/Frenzy that shows the duration of Dire Frenzy and the stacks.
----The orange number on the left displays the stacks, the white number on the right is the duration of the Dire Frenzy buff.
-- Fixed Dire Frenzy icon so now it shows the correct icon if you have Dire Beast or Dire Frenzy

Better Beast Cleave support
-- Another new bar that shows the duration of the Beast Cleave buff. It will make a sound (Robot Blip) when there are .5secs left. You can turn this off in the Actions tab.
-- The icon for Beast Cleave is now below the Murder of Crows / Barrage icon.
-- Added a "Beast Cleave Count" giant green number that tells you ~ how many mobs will be hit by Beast Cleave.

**The Beast Cleave # of targets in range requires Bite/Claw/Smack to be on one of your first 2 action bars, Reload UI once you move the icon.** (Some are able to put Bite/Claw/Smack on a hidden actionbar and it will work, you still need to /reload though)

Updated: Feb. 22nd MM update, Incorporated Asakawa's superb Vulnerable tracker ( Made Marked Shot and Windburst only glow if no vulnerable debuff.
Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship Hunter
Hunter.Beast Mastery
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 20th 2017 User Poesboi Views 6,327 Comments 0 Stars 0
This is a collection of 71 auras:

H.BM.B.Background (texture)
H.BM.B.Dire Beast.Mantle (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Beast.Mantle.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Beast (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Beast.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Frenzy.Mantle (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Frenzy.Mantle.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Frenzy (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Dire Frenzy.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Kill Command (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Kill Command.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Aspect of the Wild.Active (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Aspect of the Wild (aurabar)
H.BM.B.Aspect of the Wild.CD (aurabar)
H.BM.GCD (aurabar)
H.BM.Focus (aurabar)
H.BM.Swing (aurabar)
H.BM.T.Big Game Hunter (icon)
H.BM.T.Way of the Cobra (icon)
H.BM.T.Dire Stable (icon)
H.BM.T.Stomp (icon)
H.BM.T.Dire Frenzy (icon)
H.BM.T.Chimaera Shot (icon)
H.BM.T.Chimaera Shot.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Posthaste (icon)
H.BM.T.Farstrider (icon)
H.BM.T.Trailblazer (icon)
H.BM.T.One with the Pack (icon)
H.BM.T.Bestial Fury (icon)
H.BM.T.Blink Strikes (icon)
H.BM.T.Binding Shot (icon)
H.BM.T.Binding Shot.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Wyvern Sting (icon)
H.BM.T.Wyvern Sting.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Intimidation (icon)
H.BM.T.Intimidation.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.A Murder of Crows (icon)
H.BM.T.A Murder of Crows.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Barrage (icon)
H.BM.T.Barrage.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Volley (icon)
H.BM.T.Volley.Missing (icon)
H.BM.T.Stampede (icon)
H.BM.T.Stampede.CD (icon)
H.BM.T.Killer Cobra (icon)
H.BM.T.Aspect of the Beast (icon)
H.BM.HT.Gladiator's Medallion (icon)
H.BM.HT.Gladiator's Medallion.CD (icon)
H.BM.HT.Adaptation (icon)
H.BM.HT.Relentless (icon)
H.BM.Counter Shot (icon)
H.BM.Counter Shot.CD (icon)
H.BM.Bestial Wrath.Active (icon)
H.BM.Bestial Wrath (icon)
H.BM.Bestial Wrath.CD (icon)
H.BM.Titan's Thunder.Active (icon)
H.BM.Titan's Thunder (icon)
H.BM.Titan's Thunder.CD (icon)
H.BM.Buff.Dire Frenzy (icon)
H.BM.Buff.Beast Cleave (icon)
H.BM.C.Misdirection (icon)
H.BM.C.Flare (icon)
H.BM.C.Aspect of the Turtle (icon)
H.BM.C.Concussive Shot (icon)
H.BM.C.Disengage.CD (icon)
H.BM.C.Feign Death (icon)
H.BM.C.Exhilaration.CD (icon)
H.BM.C.Aspect of the Cheetah.CD (icon)
H.BM.M.Freezing Trap.CD (icon)
H.BM.M.Tar Trap.CD (icon)
H.BM.M.IdlePet (text)
Beast Mastery Hunter
Hunter-BM-Abilities by AmiYuy
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 19th 2017 User AmiYuy Views 8,390 Comments 6 Stars 4
Tracking for all Beast Mastery abilities and talents.

* These auras are localized and will work for all languages!
* Part of my Hunter Auras.
* Master blog post for support.
* Known issues.


Titan's Thunder (Titanstrike) – Glows when you have more than 6 seconds left on an active Dire Beast.
Aspect of the Wild
Bestial Wrath
Kill Command
Dire Beast –Glows at 2 stacks.
Dire Frenzy (Talent) – Glows at 2 stacks.
Dire Frenzy Stack Progress (Talent) – Progress bar behind Dire Frenzy that helps you keep up the buff for as long as possible. Cast Dire Frenzy when it is almost empty to refresh the buff.
Chimaera Shot (Talent)
Barrage / A Murder of Crows (Talent)
Stampede (Talent)


2017/06/19 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.3 – LIVE 7.2.5
* Added a check to see if you have the Bestial Wrath buff to keep you from accidentally clipping if it comes available before your current one ends.
* Created separate aura for Titan’s Thunder’s glow. Should behave more reasonably now and show up whenever you summon a Dire Beast. It also has a sweep to show when the 2 second window will end.

2017/06/12 - WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.2-29-g6045607 - PTR 7.2.5
* Localized ALL auras. Can be used on any language client now!
* Added in-game descriptions to the WeakAura groups so you can see the last updated date when glancing at it.
* Added in-game descriptions to individual WeakAuras to match the descriptions here.
* Removed HasPet condition from Dire Beast.
* Removed The Mantle of Command triggers from Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy auras due to the charges going baseline.
Beast Mastery Hunter