Vulnerable Bar
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Shows the duration of Vulnerable with markers showing when to cast Aimed Shot to maximize the damage with Patient Sniper.

The width of the markers varies, with the left side of the marker representing the absolute latest you can cast Aimed Shot while still being able to fit the same number of Aimed Shots into the remaining duration of Vulnerable. The right side is the earliest that it should be cast in order to gain maximum benefit from Patient Sniper.

If you cast your Aimed Shot within this window, the marker showing the start of the cast on the cast bar will be green. If not, it will be red. Red does not mean to stop casting; it just means that you missed the window.

To Do:
- GCD "prediction" to see if you can fit an Arcane Shot in before your next Aimed Shot
- Focus prediction and an indicator showing if you'll have enough focus for your next aimed shot after completing the current one, maybe?

Change log (YYYY-MM-DD) sorted newest to oldest:
- 2017-04-26: Added an option to move the cast bar to the top. Inverse cast bar option now works properly.
- 2017-03-16: Replaced "Vulnerable" with "187131" for trigger1. Should work with all languages now.
- 2017-03-04: Casts other than Aimed Shot no longer display as a good/bad Aimed Shot (now always displays bad color). Also renamed from "VulnerableBar" to "Vulnerable Bar"
- 2017-02-16: Cast bar marker color changes to indicate if it is a "good" Aimed Shot (within the window of an Aimed Shot marker)
- 2017-02-16: Renamed functions to stop being special snowflakes. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Refactored code and added more comments. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Cast bar now also displays the global cooldown
- 2017-02-08: All bar orientations now work properly (Right to Left, Left to Right, Bottom to Top, Top to Bottom)
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