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WEAKAURA Updated Feb 22nd 2017 User Khakhan Views 68,719 Comments 17 Stars 34
Feb. 22nd Update MM update, Incorporated Asakawa's superb Vulnerable tracker (https://wago.io/4kR_zkMUf). Made Marked Shot and Windburst only glow if no vulnerable debuff.

Suggestions welcome !

Most important group, includes all rotational shots.
Discussion http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1902750

Download links for the other parts
Part 2 (Cooldowns)
Part 3 (Focus Bar)

Updated: Feb. 22nd MM update, Incorporated Asakawa's superb Vulnerable tracker (https://wago.io/4kR_zkMUf). Made Marked Shot and Windburst only glow if no vulnerable debuff.
Updated: Jan. 13th
BM - Updated so Kill Command is recommended at > 100 Focus, instead of Dire Beast.
MM - :(
Well, I really can't seem to get the hang of the new marks. I removed most all of the shot helpers for now. Hopefully something will change in the future, it's basically a nightmare to program what shot should be next. I will come back to this another day.

The red bar to the left of Aimed Shot is for Vulnerable. The orange text that shows up in the corner of the Aimed Shot icon is the number of free Aimed shots available from a Lock and Load proc

Sidewinders has a lot going on. The bar that appears to the left of it is a progress bar for "Marking Targets". The green boxes above the icon are Charges, the red boxes indicate the cooldown. I have a LOT of checks to decide whether it glows or not, always could be more but this should get most situations.

Marked Shots now always glows when it is up. Use at your discretion. You may have both it and Aimed Shot glowing, you'll just have to decide, too many edge cases. Aimed Shot will stop glowing with 2sec left on Vulnerable.

The blue number in the top right of the Marked Shots icon is the number of mobs affected by your Hunter's Mark.

To explain what glows when and why, check out Azortharion's Icy-Veins guide. That's what I based it on.
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Vulnerable Bar
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 16th 2017 User Oppzippy Views 4,180 Comments 3 Stars 4
Shows the duration of Vulnerable with markers showing when to cast Aimed Shot to maximize the damage with Patient Sniper.

The width of the markers varies, with the left side of the marker representing the absolute latest you can cast Aimed Shot while still being able to fit the same number of Aimed Shots into the remaining duration of Vulnerable. The right side is the earliest that it should be cast in order to gain maximum benefit from Patient Sniper.

If you cast your Aimed Shot within this window, the marker showing the start of the cast on the cast bar will be green. If not, it will be red. Red does not mean to stop casting; it just means that you missed the window.

To Do:
- GCD "prediction" to see if you can fit an Arcane Shot in before your next Aimed Shot
- Focus prediction and an indicator showing if you'll have enough focus for your next aimed shot after completing the current one, maybe?

Change log (YYYY-MM-DD) sorted newest to oldest:
- 2017-02-16: Cast bar marker color changes to indicate if it is a "good" Aimed Shot (within the window of an Aimed Shot marker)
- 2017-02-16: Renamed functions to stop being special snowflakes. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Refactored code and added more comments. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Cast bar now also displays the global cooldown
- 2017-02-08: All bar orientations now work properly (Right to Left, Left to Right, Bottom to Top, Top to Bottom)
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Hunter-Active Buffs-amiyuy.com
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 13th 2017 User AmiYuy Views 4,142 Comments 0 Stars 0
Tracking auras for procs that give you buffs, timers for abilities that you activate, or debuffs on your target.

They are shifted to the right because they pair up with WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers.

BM/MM-Talent90-Volley Active (icon)
SV-Artifact-Fury of the Eagle Channel Active (icon)
MM-Talent15-Steady Focus Active (icon)
MM-Hunter's Mark on Target (icon)
MM-Vulnerable Target (icon)
MM-Talent30-True Aim Active (icon)
SV-Mongoose Fury Active (icon)
SV-Talent15-Mok'Nathal Tactics Active(icon)
BM-Beast Cleave Active (icon)
BM-Bestial Wrath Active (icon)
BM-Aspect of the Wild Active (icon)
BM-Dire Beast Active (icon)
BM-Talent30-Dire Frenzy Active (icon)
MM-Bombardment Active (icon)
MM-Marking Targets Active (icon)
SV-Lacerate Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Serpent Sting Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Aspect of the Eagle Active (icon)
SV-Explosive Trap Active (icon)
BM-Artifact-Titan's Thunder Active (icon)
BM-Talent100-Stampede Active (icon)
BM/MM-Talent90-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
SV-Talent30-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
MM-Talent30-Black Arrow Active (icon)
MM-Talent100-Trick Shot Active (icon)
SV-Talent100-Spitting Cobra Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Dragonsfire Grenade Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent75-Sticky Bomb Debuff Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Ferocity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Tenacity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Cunning Active (icon)
Mend Pet Active (icon)
Misdirection Active (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Active (icon)
Talent45-Posthaste Active (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Active (icon)
MM/SV-Talent75-Camouflage Active (icon)
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Hunter MM UIGroup v3.9
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 4th 2017 User Cheesepoof Views 8,434 Comments 0 Stars 2
This is my hunter wa ui.
Sidewinders will be colored when you have 2 stacks, and colored with CD numbers when you have 1 stack. And gray when you have no stacks with CD numbers.

It still has the weapon proc from WoD.
First time adding anything here, please come with tips, tricks and improvements in the comments.

Added a progress bar over bullseye so you can see when it wears off.
Removed the the aMoC bar and made a icon where barrage is too, that does the same thing.
Moved on the spells under focusbar for better symmetry
And removed the old weapon proc, did not find a new use for it.

This is a collection of 35 auras:

Barrage Ready (icon)
Barrage CD (icon)
Sidewinders 2 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders1 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders CD (icon)
BA Ready (icon)
BA Debuff (icon)
BA CD (icon)
Marking Targets (icon)
Hunter's Mark (icon)
vulnerable (icon)
Bullseye (icon)
Bullseye timer (progress bar)
Steady Focus (text)
Focus (aurabar)
GCD (aurabar)
Trinket 1 (icon)
Trinket 2 (icon)
Trueshot Active (icon)
pot (icon)
AMoC Dur (icon)
Hero! (icon)
Misdirection (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah CD (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Ready (icon)
Exhilaration (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
Trueshot CD (icon)
Trueshot Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows CD (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle CD (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Ready (icon)
Lock and Load (icon)
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