Survival Hunter WeakAuras

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Tracking auras for procs that give you buffs, timers for abilities that you activate, or debuffs on your target.

They are shifted to the right because they pair up with WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers.

BM/MM-Talent90-Volley Active (icon)
SV-Artifact-Fury of the Eagle Channel Active (icon)
MM-Talent15-Steady Focus Active (icon)
MM-Hunter's Mark on Target (icon)
MM-Vulnerable Target (icon)
MM-Talent30-True Aim Active Progress (icon)
MM-Talent30-True Aim Active Stacks (icon)
SV-Mongoose Fury Progress (icon)
SV-Mongoose Fury Stacks (icon)
SV-Talent15-Mok'Nathal Tactics Active Progress (icon)
SV-Talent15-Mok'Nathal Tactics Active Stacks (icon)
BM-Beast Cleave Active (icon)
BM-Bestial Wrath Active (icon)
BM-Aspect of the Wild Active (icon)
BM-Dire Beast Active (icon)
MM-Bombardment Active (icon)
MM-Marking Targets Active (icon)
SV-Lacerate Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Serpent Sting Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Aspect of the Eagle Active (icon)
SV-Explosive Trap Active (icon)
BM-Artifact-Titan's Thunder Active (icon)
BM-Talent100-Stampede Active (icon)
BM/MM-Talent90-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
SV-Talent30-A Murder of Crows Active (icon)
MM-Talent30-Black Arrow Active (icon)
MM-Talent100-Trick Shot Active (icon)
SV-Talent100-Spitting Cobra Active (icon)
SV-Talent90-Dragonsfire Grenade Debuff Active (icon)
SV-Talent75-Sticky Bomb Debuff Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Ferocity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Tenacity Active (icon)
BM/SV-Talent100-Bestial Cunning Active (icon)
Mend Pet Active (icon)
Misdirection Active (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Active (icon)
Talent45-Posthaste Active (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Active (icon)
MM/SV-Talent75-Camouflage Active (icon)
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(Optional) Hunter Utility
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Updated: Oct. 24th This has some useful auras like Counter Shot will glow if your target is casting an interrupt-able spell. Shows the cooldown for Exhilaration, and Counter Shot (only if on CD). Shows the duration of buffs like Aspect of the Turtle & Cheetah, Post Haste, Misdirection. Also shows Bloodlust.

Update: Oct. 24th: Added 1-4 letter descriptions next to icons on cooldown, since it's hard to see them all grayed out with cooldown numbers on them. Made the Counter Shot glow only show up if targeting enemies. Added TheShamelessGeek's request for cooldown tracking of Aspect of the Turtle. added Binding Shot: first shows the Bind on the ground, then shows how long the stun will last, then it will show the cooldown. Fixed Bloodlust to include all sources of bloodlust and also made it work in all languages.

Update: Tweaked when things are shown so they are more useful. Only shows Exhilaration CD if <95% hp for example. No longer has the CD for bursting shot. The interrupt-able cast aura now shows what is being cast at the time.
Turned on auras for Survival hunters. Added Feign Death and a CD for Disengage.

Hunter Collection
Part 1 (Rotation)
Part 2 (Cooldowns)
Part 3 (Focus Bar)

This is a collection of 18 auras:

Pet (icon)
Pet MM (icon)
Aspect (icon)
Turtle (icon)
Misdirect (icon)
Camouflage (icon)
Binding Shot Active (icon)
Binding Shot Stunned (icon)
Posthaste (icon)
Disengage CD (icon)
Turtle CD (icon)
Binding Shot CD (icon)
Feign Death CD (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
Bursting Shot CD (icon)
Counter Shot CD (icon)
Counter Shot Glow (icon)
Bloodlust (icon)
Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship HunterSurvival Hunter