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This is a collection of 68 auras:

H.S.Background (texture)
H.S.B.Lacerate (aurabar)
H.S.B.Lacerate.Missing (aurabar)
H.S.B.Lacerate.Pandemic (texture)
H.S.B.Mongoose Bite (aurabar)
H.S.B.Mongoose Bite.CD (aurabar)
H.S.B.Aspect of the Eagle.Active (aurabar)
H.S.B.Aspect of the Eagle (aurabar)
H.S.B.Aspect of the Eagle.CD (aurabar)
H.S.GCD (aurabar)
H.S.Focus (aurabar)
H.S.Swing (aurabar)
H.S.T.Animal Instincts (icon)
H.S.T.Throwing Axes (icon)
H.S.T.Throwing Axes.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Way of the Mok'Nathal (icon)
H.S.T.Way of the Mok'Nathal.Missing (icon)
H.S.T.A Murder of Crows (icon)
H.S.T.A Murder of Crows.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Mortal Wounds (icon)
H.S.T.Snake Hunter (icon)
H.S.T.Snake Hunter.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Posthaste (icon)
H.S.T.Disengage (icon)
H.S.T.Disengage.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Trailblazer (icon)
H.S.T.Caltrops (icon)
H.S.T.Caltrops.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Guerrilla Tactics (icon)
H.S.T.Steel Trap (icon)
H.S.T.Steel Trap.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Sticky Bomb (icon)
H.S.T.Sticky Bomb.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Ranger's Net (icon)
H.S.T.Camouflage (icon)
H.S.T.Camouflage.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Butchery (icon)
H.S.T.Butchery.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Dragonsfire Grenade (icon)
H.S.T.Dragonsfire Grenade.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Serpent Sting (icon)
H.S.T.Spitting Cobra (icon)
H.S.T.Spitting Cobra.CD (icon)
H.S.T.Expert Trapper (icon)
H.S.T.Aspect of the Beast (icon)
H.S.HT.Gladiator's Medallion (icon)
H.S.HT.Gladiator's Medallion.CD (icon)
H.S.HT.Adaptation (icon)
H.S.HT.Relentless (icon)
H.S.Muzzle (icon)
H.S.Muzzle.CD (icon)
H.S.Mongoose Fury (icon)
H.S.Mongoose Fury.Missing (icon)
H.S.Fury of the Eagle.Active (icon)
H.S.Fury of the Eagle (icon)
H.S.Fury of the Eagle.CD (icon)
D.G.Buff.Mark of Ursol 2 (icon)
H.S.Aspect of the Turtle.Active (icon)
H.S.Aspect of the Turtle (icon)
H.S.Aspect of the Turtle.CD (icon)
H.S.Flanking Strike (icon)
H.S.Feign Death (icon)
H.S.Explosive Trap (icon)
H.S.Exhilaration (icon)
H.S.Aspect of the Cheetah (icon)
H.S.Freezing Trap (icon)
H.S.Harpoon (icon)
H.S.Tar Trap (icon)
Survival Hunter