Corvandus' Frost Mage Icecream Social - UI
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This group has a few neat things being tracked, and adjusts based on some talent choices.

Time Warp on the right also has some tracking if you have [Shard of the Exodar] so you won't waste your own Time Warps.

An improved Frozen Orb tracker that times the Orb duration correctly, rather than inaccurate (cast time + 10).

Ebonbolt icon position also shows Brain Freeze procs, and an icon will pop up immediately after using an instant Flurry showing the Winter's Chill effect.

On the far left, it's a combined series of utility icons, showing Ice Barrier if it's ready and missing, the final ten seconds of Ice Block, Hypothermia (if Ice Block is ready), and Invis, and finally Ice Floes stacks.

Cloning progress bar shows stacks of Ice Floes active; other timers are in a separate group in the suite.

Full Suite:

NOTE: All my suites are designed to attach to the PRD, which you can enable in Interface -> Names -> Unit Nameplates. This is because I use Dynamic Cam's dynamic pitch, and I like my ui to move with my character.

If you don't use the PRD or don't want to, you may simply go to the group tab, and change the "anchored to" to "screen/parent group". (see screenshot)

If you don't do one of these, the auras will not display.

Update: Fixed some embarrassing oversights. Should be ready to go now. If you find anything not doing what you expect, please let me know.
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