Effie's Fire Mage WeakAuras for WoW Legion Patch 7.1.5
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 15th 2017 User Effie Views 18,283 Comments 3 Stars 4
All you need for Fire Mage in Legion!
This Aura keeps track of all your vital abilities as a Fire Mage and keep them neatly lined up in the center of your vision.

** Watch a demonstration of the Weakauras in aciton here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOZUBr97ATk

Here is what you get:
- Your major CD abilities; Rune of Power and Cobustion as the two largest icons.
- Easy trackable icons for your Phoenix Flames and Fireblast stacks.
- All your other vital abilities for use in single target or aoe scenarios.
- Highly visible animation, w/countdown, for Combustion to show when it is active.
- Highly visible animation for Rune of Power to show when you are within range.
- Icons will follow your talent tree by changing as you change your talents. Automagicly.

For the ElvUI setup, go here https://wago.io/4kE8wIc0W

Update 15/03/17
- Fixed overlapping countdowntimers for RoP and Combustion
- Fixed background image for the animated RoP when its active

Update 14/02/17
- Added Counterspell
- Added Marquee Bindings of the Sun King proc. Pyroblast icon turns green if ready.

Update 11/01/17 for patch 7.1.5
Added and removed several spells according to changes in patch 7.1.5
- Removed Ice Floes
- Removed Flame On
- Added Shimmer
- Added Blast Wave
- Added Blazing Soul
- Fixed timers for several spells
- Fixed/added stack indicators for several spells
- Enhanced overall look and feel

Update 15/10/16
- Added link to the ElvUI setup
- Fixed "time remaining" number on Rune Of Power which was overlaping cooldown timer
- Minor alterations to smoothen out the feel / flow of the WA setup

Update 04/10/16
- Made Ice Floes more visible
- Added countdown for Rune of Power to show how long it is active
Fire Mage
7.1.5 Frost Mage Improved Ipse's Aura
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 5th 2017 User Focs Views 5,164 Comments 0 Stars 1
Weak Aura Based on https://wago.io/4J5oydLtZ

Improved version of IpSe's Aura for Frost mage with Erratic Metronome and Whispers in the Dark Aura, with plus frost mage utility and Third Frost Mage ice lance on screen.

This is a collection of 55 auras:

Finger of Frost Aura 3 (texture)
Whispers Trinket (icon)
Metronome (icon)
Improved Icy Veins (icon)
Ebonbolt (icon)
Ebonbolt CD (icon)
RoP CD (icon)
RoP CD 2 (icon)
MI (icon)
MI CD (icon)
Ice nova (icon)
Ice nova CD (icon)
frozen orb (icon)
frozen orb CD (icon)
Counterspell (icon)
Counterspell CD (icon)
Comet storm (icon)
Comet storm cD (icon)
Clacial spike Ready (icon)
Shimmer (icon)
Shimmer CD (icon)
Blink (icon)
Blink CD (icon)
IF CD 2 (icon)
IF CD 3 (icon)
Frost Nova CD (icon)
Frost Nova CD 2 (icon)
Ring of frost (icon)
Ring of Frost CD (icon)
Icy Veins (icon)
Icy Veins CD (icon)
Water Jet (icon)
Water Jet CD (icon)
Frost Bomb (icon)
Ray of frost (icon)
ray of frost cd (icon)
Icy veins bar (icon)
Chain Reaction (icon)
Black Ice (icon)
Ice floes frost (icon)
Icicles 1 (aurabar)
Icicles 2 (aurabar)
Icicles 3 (aurabar)
Icicles 4 (aurabar)
Icicles 5 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 1 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 2 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 3 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 4 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 5 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 1 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 2 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 3 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 4 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 5 (aurabar)
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