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Khakhan's Arcane Mage
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Updated: Jan. 20th 7.1.5 update.. the second. Added Presence of Mind
Works in all client languages.
Featured auras:
Arcane Charges show as the purple bar directly underneath the main icons.
Rune of Power has a bar below the Mana bar. It will turn red and shake if you aren't getting the RoP buff.
RoP glows at 2 stacks and 4 Arcane Charges.
Arcane Orb glows whenever it's available and you have 2 or fewer Arcane Charges.
There's a "Barrage now!!" check in case you are absentmindedly spamming during conserve phase.
Nether Tempest glows if you have 4 Arcane Charges and there are <4 seconds left on the debuff.

Fire here
Frost here

Update: Jan. 20th Added Presence of Mind, made Rune of Power show up out of combat if you have a target selected. Updated Mage Utility as well. Should be set for the 7.1.5 patch, anything missing?
Side note, I can't figure out why Rune of Power sometimes doesn't register when it is actually cast, so the duration gets messed up quite a bit really.

Update: Nov. 17th Updated Quickening to show buff duration and stacks. Also moved it above Arcane Power (was below). Now shows Arcane Charges, Arcane Power, Artifact Cooldown, Arcane Missiles and Mana if you are out of combat and are targeting an enemy (This is for 5man or outdoor content). Removed the "Barrage NOW" aura for now, since you often are sitting at medium to low mana because of trying to abuse quickening.
Update: Oct. 6th Updated for level 110, used Altered Time guide as a reference. Fixed Arcane Familiar. Added Quickening stack count. Added Ice floes textures. New GIF. Changed / Updated lots of glow logic. Assumes Rune of Power and Nether Tempest talents.
Arcane Mage
Powered's Frost Mage HUD v1.16 - Legion
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 13th 2017 User Powered Views 18,407 Comments 12 Stars 20
An all-in-one HUD for Frost Mages! Monitors all of your important cooldowns and abilities.

Video link in case thumbnail broken:

This HUD Contains

  • Dynamic, updating icons depending on the talents you select (passive talents appear dimmer)

  • Ice Floes tracking (top blue bars) and Ice floes active graphics (frosty graphic appears on sides of HUD)

  • Major cooldown tracking (Icy Veins, RoP, Mirror Image)

  • Minor cooldown tracking (Ray of Frost, Frozen Orb, Water Ele Jet etc)

  • Ebonchill tracking (graphic model and cooldown bar at top)

  • Chain reaction tracking (shows pulsing icon with buff at top right when active).

  • Blink and Shimmer tracking (small white bars below the cooldown icons)

  • Cauterize tracking (large icon appears when buff is active, shows bar along bottom for ICD of Cauterize

  • Water Elemental notification if you don't have it summoned (large pulsing icon appears)

  • Icicle tracking when Glacial Spike talent is selected

  • Extra Fingers of Frost Procs
    I also still have the extra frost procs that are acquired by having the tier 18 set bonus and the Icy Hand trait on artifact weapon. This is a separate weakaura, which you can get here:
    This has been designed for 1920x1080 resolution, so you may need to resize/reposition if your res is different. This is why they're in a separate group.

    Additional Buffs
    There is an accompanying group that displays important buffs for your mage, like Bloodlusts, Ice Block duration, Combustion, RoP etc. This can be found here:

    For any help, you can find me in the Mage Discord channel here:

    If you can't see the cooldown timers on the icons, there's two possible solutions. If you're using Elvui, you'll also need to install AddonSkins. If you're not using Elvui, you'll most likely need to install OmniCC.

    If your icons are all greyed out, this is a common problem with the addon Masque. You'll have to disable Masque to get the icons to appear correctly. I don't know of any other solution at the moment.

    Update 13 Jan 2017 Version 1.16. Fixed chain reaction again, it had "In Vehicle" ticked as a load condition for some reason.
    Update 12 Jan 2017 Version 1.15. Fixed chain reaction problem where it wouldn't load with Lonely Winter.
    Update 28 Oct 2016 Version 1.14. Fixed up ice floes and shimmer/blink recharging to match fire and arcane HUDs. Changed Glacial Spike to correct icon. Fixed animations so the sweep in inverted.
    Update 28 Oct 2016 Version 1.13. Added notifications for when your water ele is in passive or defensive stance when in combat.
    Update 28 Oct 2016 Version 1.12. Fixed water elemental notifier so it doesn't load on flight paths (thanks doc309).
    Update 26 Oct 2016 Version 1.11. Added a lot of small animations to icons so that when they appear they pulse in. This makes things like cooldowns more noticeable when they come off cooldown. Added chain reaction tracker icon. Made icons desaturated when on cooldown to make it more noticeable when abilities are available. Added Icy Veins and Rune of Power overlays to integrate these buffs into the HUD.
    Update 25 Sep 2016 Version 1.10. Fixed Frost Bomb so it tracks debuff on target when cast rather than being a static icon
    Update 09 Sep 2016 Changed strata of Incanter's flow to prevent incorrect overlapping of base icon
    Update 25 Aug 2016 Fixed core spells so they don't show up before you learn them while levelling
    Update 23 Aug 2016 Added Ebonbolt support
    Update 19 Aug 2016: Added blink tracking (in lieu of shimmer). Added cauterize tracking (ICD bar below blink and shows an large icon while the speed buff is active).
    Update 18 Aug 2016: Added Shimmer tracker (bars along bottom).
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