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This is a collection of 69 auras:

Combustion CD (icon)
Combustion Available (icon)
Combustion Underlay (icon)
Combustion Overlay (model)
Combustion Active (icon)
RoP CD (icon)
RoP Available (icon)
RoP Underlay (icon)
RoP Overlay (model)
RoP Active (icon)
Mirror Image Fire (icon)
Mirror Image Fire Available (icon)
Incanter's Flow 1 (icon)
Incanter's Flow 2 (icon)
Incanter's Flow 3 (icon)
Incanter's Flow 4 (icon)
Incanter's Flow 5 (icon)
Incanter's Flow Base (icon)
Dragon's Breath (icon)
Dragon's Available (icon)
Cinderstorm (icon)
Cinderstorm Available (icon)
Meteor (icon)
Meteor Available (icon)
Kindling (icon)
Shimmer (icon)
Blazing Soul (icon)
Blast Wave (icon)
Blast Wave Available (icon)
Fire Blast (icon)
Fire Blast 1 Available (icon)
Fire Blast 2 Available (icon)
Fire Blast 3 Available (icon)
Living Bomb CD (icon)
Living Bomb Available (icon)
Flame Patch (icon)
Ice Floes 1 Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes 1 Cooldown Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes 2 Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes 2 Cooldown Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes 3 Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes 3 Cooldown Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes BG Fire (aurabar)
Ice Floes Active 1 (texture)
Ice Floes Active 2 (texture)
Phoenix's Flames 1 (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames 2 (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames 3 (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames 1 Recharge (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames 2 Recharge (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames 3 Recharge (aurabar)
Phoenix's Flames BG (aurabar)
Shimmer 1 Fire (aurabar)
Shimmer 2 Fire (aurabar)
Shimmer Timer 1 Fire (aurabar)
Shimmer Timer 2 Fire (aurabar)
Blink Fire (aurabar)
Blink Timer Fire (aurabar)
Cauterize Timer Fire (aurabar)
Cauterize Notify Fire (icon)
Crit Text (text)
Hast Text (text)
Unstable Magic (icon)
PI1 (progresstexture)
PI2 (progresstexture)
PI3 (progresstexture)
PI4 (progresstexture)
PI5 (progresstexture)
KUA (progresstexture)