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This is a collection of 87 auras:

Medallion (icon)
IL 3 Stacks Right (texture)
IL 3 Stacks Left (texture)
Mark of aluneth (icon)
Ebonbolt (icon)
Phoenix's Flames (icon)
Ice nova (icon)
Charged up (icon)
Combustion (icon)
Arcane power (icon)
frozen orb (icon)
Blast wave (icon)
Counterspell (icon)
Blazing Barrier (icon)
Ice Barrier (icon)
Ice Block (icon)
Supernova (icon)
Comet storm (icon)
Arcane orb (icon)
Shimmer (icon)
Blink (icon)
Mirror Image (icon)
Rune of Power (icon)
Incanter's Flow (icon)
Mirror Image Frost (icon)
Rune of Power Frost (icon)
Incanter's Flow Frost (icon)
Ice Floes (icon)
Frost Nova CD (icon)
Frost Nova No Talent (icon)
Frost Nova CD 2 (icon)
Ring of frost (icon)
Cinderstorm (icon)
Meteor (icon)
Kindling (icon)
Evocation (icon)
Icy Veins (icon)
LB (icon)
Unstable Magic (icon)
Flame Patch (icon)
Water Jet (icon)
Frost Bomb (icon)
NT (icon)
Erosion on (icon)
Dragon's Breath (icon)
PoM (icon)
PoM CD 2 (icon)
Arance familiar off (icon)
Ray of frost (icon)
Bone Chilling on (icon)
Invis (icon)
Ginvis (icon)
Mana bar (aurabar)
AC 1 (aurabar)
AC 2 (aurabar)
AC 3 (aurabar)
AC 4 (aurabar)
Mana bar text BG (text)
Mana bar text (text)
Combustion (icon)
Bracers Proc - FIRE (icon)
Living bomb (icon)
Ignition (icon)
Icy viens bar (icon)
Arcane power bar (icon)
PoM timer (icon)
Touch of the Magi (icon)
Mark of Aluneth (icon)
Chain Reaction (icon)
ROP timer arcane (icon)
ROP timer fire (icon)
Ice floes frost (icon)
Enhanced Pyrotechnics (icon)
Pyretic Incantation (icon)
Icicles 1 (aurabar)
Icicles 2 (aurabar)
Icicles 3 (aurabar)
Icicles 4 (aurabar)
Icicles 5 (aurabar)
Fire Blast 1 (aurabar)
Fire Blast 2 (aurabar)
Fire Blast 1 - Flame On (aurabar)
Fire Blast 2 - Flame On (aurabar)
Fire Blast 3 - Flame on (aurabar)
Fire Blast 1 - Ring (aurabar)
Fire Blast 2 - Ring (aurabar)
Fire Blast 3 - Ring (aurabar)
Arcane MageFire MageFrost Mage