Arcane CDs w/ Kilt Mana Bar (Masque)
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Large arcane HUD with Kilt manabar prediction.


Now working with all talents! Cast bar in GIF is gnosis.
Hide the aura "Kilt Mana" if not using the Mystic Kilt of the Rune Master legendary. Also, there are many maked unused auras that you can delete if you want.
Inspired by Wordup's havoc weakauras

Things left to add:
Attractive Prismatic Barrier absorb counter for Mana Shield talent
Good looking charge counter for shimmer

This is a collection of 53 auras:

AM Stacks (icon)
AM Nostacks (icon)
CS Icon (icon)
CS CD (icon)
Charged Up (icon)
Charged Up CD (icon)
Ice Block (icon)
BottomRightUNUSED (icon)
Invis (icon)
Invis CD (icon)
BottomLeftUNUSED (icon)
BottomLeft2UNUSED (icon)
PoM Icon (icon)
PoM CD (icon)
PoM Stacks (icon)
MoA Icon (icon)
MoA CD (icon)
MoA Duration (icon)
RoP Icon (icon)
RoP CD (icon)
RoP CD 2 (icon)
RoP Timer (icon)
RoP1 Empty (aurabar)
RoP2 Empty (aurabar)
RoP1 Full (aurabar)
RoP2 Full (aurabar)
AP Icon (icon)
AP CD (icon)
AP Timer (icon)
C1 Full UNUSED (aurabar)
C2 Full UNUSED (aurabar)
C1 Empty UNUSED (aurabar)
C2 Empty UNUSED (aurabar)
Prismatic Icon (icon)
Prismatic CD (icon)
Evo Icon (icon)
Evo CD (icon)
Blink Icon (icon)
Blink CD (icon)
Disp Empty (aurabar)
Disp Full (aurabar)
Disp Progress (aurabar)
Erosion Icon (icon)
Erosion Count (icon)
Kilt mana (aurabar)
Mana Bar (aurabar)
Mana% (text)
ManaRightUnused (text)
Background (aurabar)
AC1 (aurabar)
AC2 (aurabar)
AC3 (aurabar)
AC4 (aurabar)
Arcane MageLegendaries
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This is a collection of 65 auras:

法力 (aurabar)
能量符文 3 (aurabar)
施放 2 (aurabar)
能量符文 (icon)
能量符文 2 (icon)
镜像 (icon)
镜像 2 (icon)
咒术洪流 (icon)
艾露尼斯的印记 (icon)
艾露尼斯的印记 2 (icon)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; (texture)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; 2 (texture)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; 3 (texture)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; 4 (texture)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; 5 (text)
奥术 |4Charge:充能; 6 (text)
增效 (icon)
能量咒语 (icon)
奥术魔宠 (icon)
奥术魔宠 2 (icon)
闪光术 (icon)
闪光术 2 (icon)
气流 (icon)
法力护盾 (icon)
超级新星 (icon)
超级新星 2 (icon)
奥术弹幕 (icon)
奥术弹幕 2 (icon)
弹幕2 (icon)
弹幕 (icon)
奥术强化 (icon)
奥术强化 2 (icon)
精力充沛 (icon)
精力充沛 2 (icon)
气定神闲 (icon)
气定神闲 2 (icon)
强化隐形术 (icon)
强化隐形术 2 (icon)
飞弹 (icon)
奥术飞弹! (text)
飞弹2 (icon)
奥术飞弹! 2 (text)
飞弹3 (icon)
奥术飞弹! 3 (text)
唤醒 (icon)
唤醒1 (icon)
唤醒2 (icon)
虚空风暴 (icon)
虚空风暴1 (icon)
共鸣 (icon)
动荡魔法 (icon)
奥术侵蚀 (icon)
时光涡流 (icon)
奥术宝珠 2 (icon)
奥术宝珠 (icon)
超强能量 (icon)
奥强 (model)
奥术强化 4 (text)
奥术强化 3 (text)
奥强 2 (model)
艾露尼斯的印记 3 (model)
艾露尼斯的印记 4 (text)
艾露尼斯的印记 5 (text)
艾露尼斯的印记 6 (model)
抗魔联军的调和 2 (icon)
Arcane Mage
Smexy's: Trinkets - Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows (Haste/Mastery/Crit Buffs)
WEAKAURA Updated May 19th 2017 User Smexy Views 3,234 Comments 0 Stars 4
**Version 7.2a Released 5/19/2017 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one. Failure to do so can result in errors**

WeakAura icon and text trackers for the three buffs that can proc from the Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows trinkets.

These auras were custom made by request for Izabo. If you would like help customizing them further or fitting them into your UI feel free to add my US Battletag and send me a message: PenCap#1642

-Only loads if the trinkets are equipped and you are in combat.
-The timer in RED reflects the remaining time left on the buff.
-Each icon will glow when activated and has a unique sound attached:
. -Haste Buffs (Sign of the Dragon / Swarming Shadows)
. . +"Hiccup" Sound.
. -Mastery Buffs (Sign of the Hare / Shadow Master)
. . +"Blast" Sound.
. -Crit Buffs (Sign of the Hippo / Shadow's Strike)
. . +"Splash" Sound.
-Sounds can easily be turned off or changed by clicking each aura then clicking on the ACTIONS tab.

This is a collection of 7 auras:

Etraeus': Constellations Buff (PPM Proc: No Stat) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Dragon Buff (Haste) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hare Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hippo Buff (Crit) (icon)
Dreadstone: Swarming Shadows Buff (Haste) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow Master Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow's Strike Buff (Crit) (icon)
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