Makz [FIRE] Mage
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This is a collection of 69 auras - as seen on my channel here(super short video!)

Blink CD (text)
Blink Stacks (text)
Prolonged Power Pot CD (icon)
Potion Used (icon)
Rune of Power Full RDY (icon)
Rune of Power RDY (icon)
Rune of Power ON (icon)
Rune of Power 1/2 (icon)
Rune of Power stacks (text)
Mirror Images CD 3 (icon)
Mirror Images RDY 3 (icon)
Mirror Images RDY TXT 3 (text)
Concordance (icon)
Whispers ON 3 (icon)
Streaking (icon)
Sub 30% (icon)
Whispers OFF 3 (icon)
Shimmer Stacks 3 (text)
Shimmer CD 3 (text)
Invisibility RDY 3 (icon)
Invisibility ON 3 (icon)
Invisibility CD 3 (icon)
Ice Barrier CD 3 (icon)
Ice Barrier RDY 3 (icon)
Iceblock RDY 3 (icon)
Iceblock CD 3 (icon)
Heroism ON 4 (icon)
Heroism CD 4 (icon)
GCD 3 (progresstexture)
Absorb amount 2 (text)
Erratic Metronome ON 3 (icon)
Counterspell RDY 3 (icon)
Counterspell CD 3 (icon)
2PC AW/COS set 3 (icon)
RoF CD 3 (icon)
RoF RDY 3 (icon)
Frenetic Speed (icon)
Leggo bracers (icon)
Heating up (icon)
Hot streak (icon)
Meteor RDY (icon)
Meteor CD (icon)
CiS RDY (icon)
CiS CD (icon)
Incanters Flow 7 (icon)
Incanters Flow 6 (icon)
Incanters Flow 1-4 (icon)
Unstable Magic RDY 3 (icon)
Pyromaniac (icon)
Conflagration (icon)
Firestarter (icon)
Dragons Breath RDY (icon)
Dragons Breath CD (icon)
Fireblast (icon)
Fireblast 0 (icon)
Fire Blast stacks (text)
Phoenix Flames (icon)
Phoenix Flames 0 (icon)
Phoenix Flames Stacks (text)
Combustion RDY (icon)
Combustion ON (icon)
Combustion CD (icon)
Firestarter OFF (icon)
Conflag Up (text)
Flame Patch (icon)
Living Bomb (icon)
Living Bomb RDY (icon)
Living Bomb CD (icon)
Rune of Power (progresstexture)
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