Effie's Fire Mage WeakAuras for WoW Legion Patch 7.2
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All you need for Fire Mage in Legion!
This Aura keeps track of all your vital abilities as a Fire Mage and keep them neatly lined up in the center of your vision.

** Watch a demonstration of the Weakauras in aciton here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOZUBr97ATk

Here is what you get:
- Your major CD abilities; Rune of Power and Cobustion as the two largest icons.
- Easy trackable icons for your Phoenix Flames and Fireblast stacks.
- All your other vital abilities for use in single target or aoe scenarios.
- Highly visible animation, w/countdown, for Combustion to show when it is active.
- Highly visible animation for Rune of Power to show when you are within range.
- Icons will follow your talent tree by changing as you change your talents. Automagicly.

For the ElvUI setup, go here https://wago.io/4kE8wIc0W

Update 15/03/17
- Fixed overlapping countdowntimers for RoP and Combustion
- Fixed background image for the animated RoP when its active

Update 14/02/17
- Added Counterspell
- Added Marquee Bindings of the Sun King proc. Pyroblast icon turns green if ready.

Update 11/01/17 for patch 7.1.5
Added and removed several spells according to changes in patch 7.1.5
- Removed Ice Floes
- Removed Flame On
- Added Shimmer
- Added Blast Wave
- Added Blazing Soul
- Fixed timers for several spells
- Fixed/added stack indicators for several spells
- Enhanced overall look and feel

Update 15/10/16
- Added link to the ElvUI setup
- Fixed "time remaining" number on Rune Of Power which was overlaping cooldown timer
- Minor alterations to smoothen out the feel / flow of the WA setup

Update 04/10/16
- Made Ice Floes more visible
- Added countdown for Rune of Power to show how long it is active
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