Effie's Fire Mage WeakAuras for WoW Legion Patch 7.1.5
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 14th 2017 User Effie Views 14,777 Comments 2 Stars 4
All you need for Fire Mage in Legion!
This Aura keeps track of all your vital abilities as a Fire Mage and keep them neatly lined up in the center of your vision.

** Watch a demonstration of the Weakauras in aciton here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOZUBr97ATk

Here is what you get:
- Your major CD abilities; Rune of Power and Cobustion as the two largest icons.
- Easy trackable icons for your Phoenix Flames and Fireblast stacks.
- All your other vital abilities for use in single target or aoe scenarios.
- Highly visible animation, w/countdown, for Combustion to show when it is active.
- Highly visible animation for Rune of Power to show when you are within range.
- Icons will follow your talent tree by changing as you change your talents. Automagicly.

For the ElvUI setup, go here https://wago.io/4kE8wIc0W

Update 14/02/17
- Added Counterspell
- Added Marquee Bindings of the Sun King proc. Pyroblast icon turns green if ready.

Update 11/01/17 for patch 7.1.5
Added and removed several spells according to changes in patch 7.1.5
- Removed Ice Floes
- Removed Flame On
- Added Shimmer
- Added Blast Wave
- Added Blazing Soul
- Fixed timers for several spells
- Fixed/added stack indicators for several spells
- Enhanced overall look and feel

Update 15/10/16
- Added link to the ElvUI setup
- Fixed "time remaining" number on Rune Of Power which was overlaping cooldown timer
- Minor alterations to smoothen out the feel / flow of the WA setup

Update 04/10/16
- Made Ice Floes more visible
- Added countdown for Rune of Power to show how long it is active
Fire Mage
Powered's Fire Mage HUD v1.21 (Large) - Legion
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 12th 2017 User Powered Views 30,378 Comments 13 Stars 11
This is the large version for my Fire HUD, original: https://wago.io/4J5eIc5d-

An all-in-one HUD for Fire Mages! Monitors all of your important cooldowns and abilities.

Video link in case thumbnails aren't working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj9_PZh56UI

This HUD Contains

  • Dynamic, updating icons depending on the talents you select (passive talents appear dimmer)

  • Major cooldown tracking (combustion, RoP, Mirror Image)

  • Minor cooldown tracking (Fire Blast, Cinderstorm, Dragon's Breath etc)

  • Phoenix's Flames tracking (orange bars at top)

  • Pyretic Incantation tracking (orbs above PF)

  • Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability tracking from legendary (flame graphic)

  • Blink and Shimmer tracking (small white bars above combustion and RoP/IF/Mirror Image icons)

  • Cauterize tracking (large icon appears when buff is active, shows bar along bottom for ICD of Cauterize

  • Additional Buffs
    There is an accompanying group that displays important buffs for your mage, like Bloodlusts, Ice Block duration, Combustion, RoP etc. This can be found here: https://wago.io/NyD0_9qOW

    For any help, you can find me in the Mage Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ytsJqZU

    If you can't see the cooldown timers on the icons, there's two possible solutions. If you're using Elvui, you'll also need to install AddonSkins. If you're not using Elvui, you'll most likely need to install OmniCC.

    If your icons are all greyed out, this is a common problem with the addon Masque. You'll have to disable Masque to get the icons to appear correctly. I don't know of any other solution at the moment.

    Update 12 Jan 2017 Version 1.21. Modified for 7.1.5. Added extra fire blast icon, shuffled talents around so that the last small icon tracks the level 30 talents instead of level 60 (as they're all passive now). Disabled Ice Floes auras.
    Update 19 Oct 2016 Version 1.20. Changed Combustion, Rune of Power, Ice Floes buff detection to detect via spell ID instead of spell name. Hopefully fixes some issues with overlays not showing up.
    Update 19 Oct 2016 Version 1.19. Put in some small animations on icons so when they come off cooldown it's more emphasised.
    Update 18 Oct 2016 Version 1.18. Fixed crit chance text to correctly include critical mass multiplier.
    Update 17 Oct 2016 Version 1.17. Added Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability tracker. A flame graphic pops up and flashes while this buff is active.
    Update 17 Oct 2016 Version 1.16. Added Pyretic Incantation tracking. Small orbs appear above the HUD in a semi circle formation based on amout of stacks on the buff.
    Update 30 Sep 2016 Version 1.15. Changed all charge bar abilities (Phoenix's Flames, Shimmer, Ice floes) to behave a bit differently. Instead of showing cooldowns on the remaining active bars, those bars are now solid and there is a replacement grey bar that appears where the recharging charge is. Have also changed all animations to be fade-in fade-out.
    Update 30 Sep 2016 Version 1.14. Cooldown icons are now greyed out when on cooldown.
    Update 27 Sep 2016 Version 1.13. Added an animated overlay on Combustion and Rune of Power to show the buffs being active in a more awesome way! Thanks to Effie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOZUBr97ATk for the inspiration for this, and DasBonkers for the suggestion :)
    Update 18 Sep 2016 Version 1.12. Changed the way Phoenix's Flames looks when recharging. Instead of having the active charges show the cooldown progress, there is now a grey representation of the inactive charge cooling down. Also added crit percentage chance for fireball above the Phoenix's Flames charge bars.
    Update 13 Sep 2016 Removed Nithramus and Sandman's Pouch auras
    Update 09 Sep 2016 Changed strata of Incanter's flow to prevent incorrect overlapping of base icon
    Update 25 Aug 2016 Fixed core spells so they don't show up before you learn them while levelling
    Update 24 Aug 2016: Rearranged a lot of stuff. Added Phoenix's Flames tracking.
    Update 19 Aug 2016: Added blink tracking (in lieu of shimmer). Added cauterize tracking (ICD bar below blink and shows an large icon while the speed buff is active).
    Update 18 Aug 2016: Added Shimmer tracker (bars along bottom). Added Phoenix's Flames tracking.
    Update 10 Aug 2016: Fixed Ice Floes strata.
    Update 09 Aug 2016: Changed Ice Floes bar colours
    Update 04 Aug 2016: Changed all fonts to Ubuntu Condensed
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