7.1.5 Frost Mage Improved Ipse's Aura
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 5th 2017 User Focs Views 5,164 Comments 0 Stars 1
Weak Aura Based on https://wago.io/4J5oydLtZ

Improved version of IpSe's Aura for Frost mage with Erratic Metronome and Whispers in the Dark Aura, with plus frost mage utility and Third Frost Mage ice lance on screen.

This is a collection of 55 auras:

Finger of Frost Aura 3 (texture)
Whispers Trinket (icon)
Metronome (icon)
Improved Icy Veins (icon)
Ebonbolt (icon)
Ebonbolt CD (icon)
RoP CD (icon)
RoP CD 2 (icon)
MI (icon)
MI CD (icon)
Ice nova (icon)
Ice nova CD (icon)
frozen orb (icon)
frozen orb CD (icon)
Counterspell (icon)
Counterspell CD (icon)
Comet storm (icon)
Comet storm cD (icon)
Clacial spike Ready (icon)
Shimmer (icon)
Shimmer CD (icon)
Blink (icon)
Blink CD (icon)
IF CD 2 (icon)
IF CD 3 (icon)
Frost Nova CD (icon)
Frost Nova CD 2 (icon)
Ring of frost (icon)
Ring of Frost CD (icon)
Icy Veins (icon)
Icy Veins CD (icon)
Water Jet (icon)
Water Jet CD (icon)
Frost Bomb (icon)
Ray of frost (icon)
ray of frost cd (icon)
Icy veins bar (icon)
Chain Reaction (icon)
Black Ice (icon)
Ice floes frost (icon)
Icicles 1 (aurabar)
Icicles 2 (aurabar)
Icicles 3 (aurabar)
Icicles 4 (aurabar)
Icicles 5 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 1 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 2 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 3 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 4 (aurabar)
Icicles BG 5 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 1 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 2 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 3 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 4 (aurabar)
Icicles BG b 5 (aurabar)
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Saint Gnome's Frost Mage WeakAuras - Legion 7.1.5
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 4th 2017 User SaintGnome Views 2,504 Comments 2 Stars 1
This is a collection of 63 auras:

Waterbolt Frost (aurabar)
Water Jet Frost (aurabar)
Water Jet Channel Frost (aurabar)
Background Pet Bar Casting Frost (texture)
Background Pet Bar Combat Frost (texture)
Icy Veins Frost (icon)
Icy Veins CD Frost (icon)
Thermal Void On Frost (icon)
Thermal Void Off Frost (icon)
Comet Storm Frost (icon)
Comet Storm CD Frost (icon)
Glacial Spike Frost (icon)
Glacial Spike CD Frost (icon)
Frozen Orb Frost (icon)
Frozen Orb CD Frost (icon)
Ebonbolt Frost (icon)
Ebonbolt CD Frost (icon)
Blizzard Frost (icon)
Blizzrd CD Frost (icon)
Lonely Winter Frost (icon)
Freeze Frost (icon)
Freeze CD Frost (icon)
Water Elemental Gone Frost (icon)
Water Elemental Gone OoC Frost (icon)
Ice Nova Frost (icon)
Ice Nova CD Frost (icon)
Frozen Touch Frost (icon)
Splitting Ice Frost (icon)
Counterspell Frost (icon)
Counterspell CD Frost (icon)
Blink Frost (icon)
Blink OoC Frost (icon)
Shimmer Frost (icon)
Shimmer OoC Frost (icon)
Ray of Frostl Frost (icon)
Ray of Frost CD Frost (icon)
Icy Floes Frost (icon)
Icy Floes OoC Frost (icon)
Icicles 1 Frost (texture)
Icicles 1.0 Frost (texture)
Icicles 2 Frost (texture)
Icicles 2.0 Frost (texture)
Icicles 3 Frost (texture)
Icicles 3.0 Frost (texture)
Icicles 4 Frost (texture)
Icicles 4.0 Frost (texture)
Icicles 5 Frost (texture)
Icicles 5.0 Frost (texture)
Rune of Power CD 0 Frost (icon)
Rune of Power CD 1 Frost (icon)
Rune of Power Frost (icon)
Rune of Power Duration Frost (aurabar)
Mirror Image Frost (icon)
Mirror Image CD Frost (icon)
Mirror Images Duration Frost (aurabar)
Incanter's Flow Frost (icon)
Brain Freeze Frost (texture)
Fingers of Frost 1 Frost (texture)
Fingers of Frost 2 Frost (texture)
Fingers of Frost 3 Frost (texture)
Frost Bomb Debuff On Frost (icon)
Frost Bomb Debuff Refresh Frost (text)
Spellsteal On Frost (icon)
Frost Mage
Corvandus' Frost Mage Icecream Social - UI
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 1st 2017 User corvandus Views 2,891 Comments 6 Stars 1
This group has a few neat things being tracked, and adjusts based on some talent choices.

Time Warp on the right also has some tracking if you have [Shard of the Exodar] so you won't waste your own Time Warps.

An improved Frozen Orb tracker that times the Orb duration correctly, rather than inaccurate (cast time + 10).

Ebonbolt icon position also shows Brain Freeze procs, and an icon will pop up immediately after using an instant Flurry showing the Winter's Chill effect.

On the far left, it's a combined series of utility icons, showing Ice Barrier if it's ready and missing, the final ten seconds of Ice Block, Hypothermia (if Ice Block is ready), and Invis, and finally Ice Floes stacks.

Update: Added Water Jet information above FoF position, changed FoF icon (for non-LW talents) to avoid confusion with Water Jet icon at a glance. Water Jet ready and cooldown information will show when no FoF stacks are available.

Full Suite: https://wago.io/Ey1NL3FKM.

NOTE: All my suites are designed to attach to the PRD, which you can enable in Interface -> Names -> Unit Nameplates. This is because I use Dynamic Cam's dynamic pitch, and I like my ui to move with my character.
If you want these groups to anchor to the PRD, simply select the group, and set (anchored to) to (Personal Resource Display).

I also recommend using Masque's Caith skin, set to black. This is what's being displayed in the screenshots.
Frost Mage