[Frost Mage] FULL Weakauras Pack - Glacial Spike, Thermal Void, Utility, Procs, Trinkets, More - 108 Weakauras!
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This is a collection of Weakauras(108) for Thermal Void(CmS) and Glacial Spike Mages as shown in my video here - https://youtu.be/3dlAXiUw818 . I built this setup in order to make it easier on the eyes, and on the decisions when it comes to shattering Spikes or not wasting Lances. Additionally, I have made the setup as simple as possible, therefore if you would like to make changes to the existing weakauras or create new ones based on the ones inside, it is quite easy for a beginner and a good start for more advanced Weakauras users.

While the video is short, below you may find what is included in the weakauras in detail:

DPS Legendaries:
Kil'jaedens Burning Wish
Magtheridons Might
Lady Vashjs Grasp
Zannesu Journey
Sindragosa Helm.

Trinkets & Procs:
Whispers in the Dark
Tarnished Sentinel Medallion
Arcway/CoS 2PC bonus
T20 2PC bonus
Erratic Metronome
DPS Potion
Dreadstone of Endless Shadows

The following special utilities are included:
GCD Tracker
Indicator(X) to stop you from casting BF in order not to munch Fingers of Frost.
Indicator(X) to stop you from casting BF when at 3-4 Icicles in Glacial Spike spec.
A small red bar indicator showing Blizzard CD combined with Freezing Rain trait.
A small red bar indicator for Chilled to the Core buff.

The following spells are included:
All talents(incl. Shimmer, Ice Floes, Ice Nova, Ring of Frost, etc.)
Water Jet
Freezing Rain & other traits.

If you spot anything not working properly, please let me know and I will fix it asap! If you think I can add something more or have better design ideas, hit me up!
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Zero's Frost HUD v.2.1 (Legion 7.2.5)
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 21st 2017 User Zerofoxx Views 9,281 Comments 17 Stars 4
Frost Mage HuD designed to enhance your gaming experience, this suite provides easily visible and trackable icons with timers and icons for many frequently used cooldowns including Ebon Bolt, Frozen Orb, Icy Veins, Mirror Image, and more!

Baked in castbar, dynamically updating Icy Veins duration bar, and buff duration progress bars for both Fingers of Frost, and Brain Freeze procs make it easy to maximize your Frost Mage's output!

*7.2 update - (smaller package, same great auras!)
User-suggested improvements applied:
- Ebon Bolt now has a 'shadow' timer similar to Frozen Orb
- Shimmer now displays # of charges
- Water Bolt's cooldown timer bug fixed (working as of 10:29pm EST 3/31/2017)

*Removed double timer for Icy Veins (appears cleaner, more easy to read)
(User Requests: @Twister997)
*Added Freezing Rain display over Frozen Orb, to track duration of Instant Blizzard Buff
*Added Time Warp Icon in place of Water Jet when Lonely Winter talent is taken

I'm always seeking to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of my WeakAura's so if you have comments, suggestions, critiques, or even requests, let me know in the comment section, or in a message.
This is a collection of 24 auras:

Icicle 1 (texture)
Icicle 2 (texture)
Icicle 3 (texture)
Icicle 4 (texture)
Icicle 5 (texture)
Ebon Bolt CD (icon)
Ray of Frost CD (icon)
Frozen Orb CD (icon)
Water Jet CD (icon)
Water Jet time (aurabar)
Mirror Image CD (icon)
Mirror Images Time (aurabar)
Icy Veins CD (icon)
Icy Viens Time (aurabar)
Shimmer CD (icon)
Blink CD (icon)
Frost Nova CD (icon)
Cold Snap CD (icon)
Ice Block CD (icon)
Icy Veins Timer (aurabar)
FoF Timers (aurabar)
Brain Freeze Timer (aurabar)
Castbar (aurabar)
Castbar (Channel) (aurabar)
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