Normalized Stagger
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Jun 21: I've moved most of the intelligence of this aura into a standalone AddOn (link here: If you don't install the AddOn, then this aura will function as a basic Stagger aura that compares against your max hp.

Why did i do this? Ease of updating, for the most part. Most people use some the curse client or similar to update their AddOns, and updates are much more easily pushed for those as compared to WeakAura strings, which rely mostly on word of mouth to spread. Rest assured that this AddOn will not cause any undue stress on your CPU that having older versions of this very WeakAura string caused, so you should see no change in performance by switching, and this allows me to be much more flexible with what I am doing.

Mar 18: This is a fairly significant change to the core mechanism (namely, switching from table management to C_Timer callbacks). This both simplifies the code (no more mucking around with table.insert!), as well as providing a nice reduction in cpu usage.

Feb 19: Added an option to disable the filtering behavior. If you don't know what this is, then leave it enabled.

This displays stagger, relative to the damage staggered in the last 10 seconds, rather than as a percent of your Max Health (which is how the default UI displays stagger).

The intent is to simplify the decision-making process for brew utilization, in as general a sense as possible.

COLOUR OF BAR = How big the Stagger is as a percentage of your max HP
LENGTH OF BAR = How big the Stagger is in relation to damage taken over the last 10* seconds (adjusted for boss mechanics)

These are both important - Size of Stagger tells you how much damage it will do, and size relative to damage intake is indicative of when it's a good idea to cast purifying brew.

To use this weakaura:
Grey - do not purify
Yellow or Orange - purify if the bar is nearly (70% - 80%) full, and you are not about to take a large spike of stagger (e.g. Spear of Nightmares)
Red - purify if the bar is more than 50% full, or you are about to take a large amount of direct damage that pierces stagger (e.g. Eye of Fate)
Magenta - purify if you are taking any damage at all that isn't stagger.
Keep Ironskin Brew up for all melee swings.

If you don't like the colors, well good news! You can change them! Look under the actions tab of this weakaura for instructions on how to do that.

*13 if Jewel of the Lost Abbey is equipped

note: if you happen to be using High tolerance or Elusive dance, then the bottom 3 colors (grey, yellow, and orange by default) denote Light, Moderate, and Heavy stagger (actually red and magenta are heavy stagger as well, but that should be obvious).
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