X`s Monk control&survival
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MONK`S Secondary Skills 2017.11.17 --》Fix some Bugs,improve animation effect
Masque Skin:Sonaza-Sonata

Update:Fix some bugs
This is a collection of 67 auras:

Roll (icon)
Healing (icon)
Expel Harm (icon)
Expel Harm CD (icon)
Diffuse Magic (icon)
Dampen Harm (icon)
Touch Of Karma (icon)
Fortifying Brew (icon)
DM Buff (icon)
DH Buff (icon)
Paralysis Debuff (icon)
Fortifying Brew Buff (icon)
TOK Buff (icon)
Tiger`s Lust (icon)
Flying Serpent Kick (icon)
Detox (icon)
Provoke (icon)
Transcendence (icon)
Transfer (icon)
Transfer 2 (icon)
prarlysis (icon)
Ring (icon)
Ring 2 (icon)
定位1 2 2 (texture)
Roll CD (icon)
Torpedo CD (icon)
Healing CD (icon)
DM CD (icon)
DH CD (icon)
ToK CD (icon)
Fortifying Brew CD (icon)
Fortifying Brew CD 2 (icon)
Hand Strike (icon)
Roll CD Bar (aurabar)
Healing CD Bar (aurabar)
DM CD Bar (aurabar)
DH CD Bar (aurabar)
FB CD Bar (aurabar)
ToK CD Bar (aurabar)
DM Buff Bar (aurabar)
DH Buff Bar (aurabar)
Paralysis Debuff Bar (aurabar)
FB Buff Bar (aurabar)
ToK Buff Bar (aurabar)
Hand Strike CD Bar (aurabar)
Roll CD Bar (aurabar)
Tiger`s Lust CD (icon)
Tiger`s Lust CD Bar (aurabar)
FSK CD (icon)
Detox CD (icon)
Provoke CD (icon)
FSK CD Bar (aurabar)
Detox CD Bar (aurabar)
Provoke CD Bar (aurabar)
Transcendence CD (icon)
Transcendence CD Bar (aurabar)
Transfer CD (icon)
Transfer CD Bar (aurabar)
Paralysis CD (icon)
Paralysis CD Bar (aurabar)
Sweep CD (icon)
Sweep CD Bar (aurabar)
Ring CD (icon)
Ring CD Bar (aurabar)
Strike Useable (icon)
Disable Debuff (icon)
Disable Debuff 2 (icon)
Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker MonkGeneral Utility