**Patch 7.2 READY**Smexy's Complete Brewmaster Monk - Legion Ready - Weak Aura Suite**5/28/2017 Update**
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**Version 7.2a released 4/5/17 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one. Failure to do so can result in errors.**

Simple and complete trackers for all spec / talent combinations for Brewmaster Monks. Built in rotation helper will grow more advanced as I update and tweak these auras.

Please leave feedback! Your testing / input is how things are fixed and improved!

This is a collection of 48 auras:

Monk: Stagger Bar (Backer) (texture)
Monk: Stagger Bar (Green) (aurabar)
Monk: Stagger Bar (Red) (aurabar)
Monk: Stagger Bar (Yellow) (aurabar)
Monk: Stagger (Safe To Stagger) (aurabar)
Monk: Energy (<40) (aurabar)
Monk: Energy (40) (aurabar)
Monk: Energy (>65) (aurabar)
Monk: Monk (Bar) (aurabar)
Monk: Ironskin Brew (Bar) (aurabar)
Monk: GCD (Bar) (aurabar)
Monk: Dodge Chance (Next Attack) (text)
Monk: Healther (Color Percent) (text)
Monk: Mana (Percent) (text)
Brewmaster Rotation Helper (Smexy Edition) (icon)
Monk: Roll (0 Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Roll (1 Stack) (icon)
Monk: Roll (2 Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Roll (2 Stacks w/ Celerity) (icon)
Monk: Roll (3 Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Tiger's Lust (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Tiger's Lust (Available) (icon)
Monk: Tiger's Lust (Active) (icon)
Monk: Ironskin Brew (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Ironskin Brew (Time) (icon)
Monk: Ironskin Brew (Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Purifying Brew (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Purifying Brew (Time) (icon)
Monk: Purifying Brew (Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Black Ox Brew (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Black Ox Brew (Available) (icon)
Monk: Fortifying Brew CD (icon)
Monk: Fortifying Brew (icon)
Monk: Fortifying Brew Active (icon)
Monk: Dampen Harm (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Dampen Harm (Available) (icon)
Monk: Dampen Harm (Active) (icon)
Monk: Healing Elixir (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Healing Elixir (Time) (icon)
Monk: Healing Elixir (Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Zen Meditation (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Zen Meditation (Available) (icon)
Monk: Zen Meditation (Active) (icon)
Monk: Expel Harm (0 Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Expel Harm (Available Stacks) (icon)
Monk: Spear Hand Strike (On CD) (icon)
Monk: Spear Hand Strike (Available) (icon)
Monk: Spear Hand Strike (Use Now) (icon)


Version 7.2a (4/5/17)
-Tagging for 7.2
- Minor visual improvements and typo correction.

Version 7.1.5b (3/23/17)
-Added Exploding Keg cause... derp.

Version 7.1.5a (3/20/17)

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