Monk Buffs and Debuffs Brewmaster
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Debuff: Dark Side of the Moon
Debuff: Exploding Keg
Debuff: Heavy Stagger
Debuff: Moderate Stagger
Debuff: Light Stagger
Buff: Blackout Combo
Buff: Brew-Stache
Buff: Chi Torpedo
Buff: Dampen Harm
Buff: Elusive Brawler
Buff: Elusive Dance
Buff: Eye of the Tiger
Buff: Fortification
Buff: Fortifying Brew
Buff: Gifted Student
Buff: Ironskin Brew
Buff: Ring of Peace
Buff: Rushing Jade Wind
Buff: Swift as a Coursing River
Buff: Tiger's Lust
Buff: Transcendence
Buff: Concordance of the Legionfall
Enchant: Mark of the Ancient Priestess
Enchant: Mark of the Claw
Enchant: Mark of the Distant Army
Enchant: Mark of the Heavy Hide
Enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr
Flask: Flask of Ten Thousand Scars
Flask: Flask of the Countless Armies
Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon
Flask: Flask of the Whispered Pact
Debuff: Necrotic Self
Debuff: Bursting Dot
Debuff: Grevious
Debuff: Quaking
Debuff: Explosive Orbs
Debuff: Sanguine DOT
Debuff: Sanguine Heal
Buff [Heal]: Pain Supression
Buff [Heal]: Guardian Spirit
Buff [Heal]: Ironbark
Buff [Heal]: Safeguard
Buff [Heal]: Blessing of Spellwarding
Buff [Heal]: Devotion Aura
Buff [Heal]: Blessing of Sacrifice

Shows Always when passive is proc'd.
Attached to Personal Resource Display.
Shows Cooldown text.
Shows Tooltip on mouseover.
Removed when in Pet Battle, Vehicle or under Vehicle UI.

Mythic+ Debuffs adapted from:

This is a part of the Brewmaster Monk collection.
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Healer Low Mana [Party]
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Shows if Healer [party1*] is out of Mana.
Ie, get out of combat so they can drink to get more mana. Or pop some active mitigation, Kappa.

Glows if active.
To turn off glow; Conditions > click Active dropdown > remove this condition.

Shows at <10% mana.
To change %; Trigger > scroll all the way down > Power (%) and Power(%) edit to two sets of numbers.

Linked to personal resources display bar.
To change; Display > scroll to bottom > Anchored To > change to Screen/Parent Group (to drag around WoW) or Select Frame (lock to another frame in WoW).

To see the icon attached to the resources bar out of combat;
If you wish to, the resources bar can be made to stay on out-of-combat, addon allows edits to the game that were available in Interface prior to Legion,
/aio > CVar Browser > type in resource > nameplateShowSelf > click the 0 and change it to 1.

Shows in 5 man dungeons.
To change %; Load > scroll all the way down > click tick in front of Instance Type > click any of the types on, ie, World = No Instance.

If you are healer and want to see if you are OOM yourself:
Change; Trigger > specific unit > Player, instead of Party1.

Import should auto-work, though if on your bars, the healer is in an alternative position to the second spot;
Change; Trigger > specific unit > to something in the below;
You Are Tank Role:
Tank [Player] > Healer [Party1] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Healer Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Player] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Dps Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Party2] > Dps [Player] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]

*If you wish to change Grid2 to Healer being second [this is also the way the default UI sorts raid frames];
/grid2 > General Settings > Layouts > General > check what is said under party (the one you have selected), then > Layout editor > select the layout that you had for party > scroll down to bottom > change Group By > Role.
An import Grid 2 profile can be found here;

If you want to change the icon;
Display > display icon > Choose, type in a word.

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This is a part of the Brewmaster Monk collection.
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Gilixa Monk Weak Auras 7.3 Ready
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Gillixa Weak Auras

No changes planned for 7.3 but am planning on making a new WA at some point with a more minimalistic feel
All tracking requirements are in this, including trinkets
Health Bar acts as a unit frame! (interactable like a basic health bar)
The farmost right aura (shown as TP on the picture) is a BoC sequence aura, it just shows the last cast spell within BoC buffs

If you want to know the ElvUI code I run with my WA, here it is

This Weak Aura Uses Normalized Stagger By Rivers - You need an addon to turn it into the intended design, see the weak aura (with links to the addon) here : Normalized Stagger By Rivers -

Version 10 : Added 7.2.5 ISB Cap Colour Changer
Version 11 : 24 seconds max time added - Thanks to Rivers and Kanka Brewmaster Discord
Version 12 : Moved text for pp tracker, was triggering me
Version 13 : ISB Timer added
Version 15 : Removed PP + HP tracker and moved trinket tracking into its place, PP and HP Trackers still in WA incase of use later on
Version 16 : Moved To New Version of Normalized Stagger
Version 18 : I added a normal stagger bar above the normalized stagger bar
Version 19 : I removed alot of the extra WAs within the and switched alot of the thinking into conditions. Hopefully this will reduce lag. About 30,000 less characters from the import string
Brewmaster MonkTanking
Monk Tank HuD by Bro0k
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Just import and try. It's a really good and full basic spells aura

This is a collection of 47 auras:

Energie (progresstexture)
Energie txt (text)
Montant purifié (text)
Report txt (icon)
Report Vert (texture)
Report Jaune (texture)
Report Rouge (texture)
Report off R (texture)
Report off L (texture)
Vie (progresstexture)
Vie 75% (progresstexture)
Vie 50% (progresstexture)
Vie 25% (progresstexture)
75%+ (text)
25%- (text)
25%-50% (text)
50%-75% (text)
Interrupt sound (texture)
Incantation cible CS MT (aurabar)
Canalisation cible CS MT (aurabar)
Barre de canalisation MT (aurabar)
Barre d'incantation défault MT (aurabar)
Frappe aveuglante (icon)
Frappe aveuglante Rdy (icon)
Frappe aveuglante CD (icon)
Frappe aveuglante CD barre (aurabar)
Fracasse-tonneau (icon)
Fracasse-tonneau Rdy (icon)
Fracasse-tonneau CD (icon)
Fracasse-tonneau CD barre (aurabar)
Infusion peau-de-fer (icon)
Infusion peau-de-fer CD (icon)
Infusion peau-de-fer buff (icon)
Infusion peau-de-fer buff barre (aurabar)
Vent de jade fulgurant (icon)
Vent de jade fulgurant Rdy (icon)
Vent de jade fulgurant CD (icon)
Vent de jade fulgurant CD barre (aurabar)
Souffle de feu (icon)
Souffle de feu Rdy (icon)
Souffle de feu CD (icon)
Souffle de feu CD barre (aurabar)
Extraction du mal 1 (texture)
Extraction du mal 2 (texture)
Extraction du mal 3 (texture)
Extraction du mal 4 (texture)
Extraction du mal 5 (texture)
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