CD Bar: Windwalker Monk
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This is a collection of 54 auras:

WW Monk: FoF (icon)
WW Monk: FoF Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: FoF Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: FoF CD Text (text)
WW Monk: SotW (icon)
WW Monk: SotW Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: SotW Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: SotW CD Text (text)
WW Monk: RSK (icon)
WW Monk: RSK Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: RSK Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: RSK CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Touch of Death (icon)
WW Monk: ToD Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: ToD Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: ToD CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Touch of Death Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: ToD Active Text (text)
WW Monk: SEF (icon)
WW Monk: SEF Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: SEF Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: SEF CD Text (text)
WW Monk: SEF Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: SEF Duration Text (text)
WW Monk: Serenity (icon)
WW Monk: Serenity Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: Serenity Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Serenity CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Serenity Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Serenity Active Text (text)
WW Monk: Touch of Karma (icon)
WW Monk: ToK Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: ToK Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: ToK CD Text (text)
WW Monk: ToK Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: ToK Active Text (text)
WW Monk: Healing Elixir (icon)
WW Monk: Healing Elixir Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: Healing Elixir Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Healing Elixir CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic Aura (icon)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Diffuse Magic Active Text (text)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm (icon)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm Border Off (texture)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm Border On (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm CD Text (text)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm Active (progresstexture)
WW Monk: Dampen Harm Active Text (text)
Windwalker Monk
Ipse's WA's - Monk
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7.1.5 Update

My ElvUI profile:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

- Fixed mystic vitality to no longer show diffuse magic

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- Added Rivers normalized stagger bar, the original can be found here go show him some support he did an excellent job (

- Now works on all language clients
- Moved the resource tracker to the middle of the power bar
- Cleaned up a little, moved some things around to overall help the visibility of things

- Fixed an issue with light brewing talent

- Added an energy bar (don't know how i forgot that one)
- Fixed the overlapping of dampen harn and rushing jade wind
- Moved the timer for breath of fire up to the first bar, and moved exploding keg down


-Moved some timers around, added timer for Detox and The Mists of Sheilun

-Added timer for Transfer the power

- Added a tracker for Expel Harm
- Added brewmaster timers for fortification, brewstache and ironskin brew
- Fixed the icon timer for storm, earth, and fire
- Should now only load for monks
- Added a notification for serenity, using the suggested optimal time to use it (added a better/newer one thanks goes to Rivers for it)
- Added timers for Storm, Earth, and Fire, Serenity and touch of death
- Added a counter for Mark of the crane ( thanks to Toishi from the monk discord)
- Added auras for Mistweavers
- Moved some Brewmaster timers around, to make the more important abilities more viable
Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk