Windwalker Monk WeakAuras

Ipse's WA's - Monk
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7.1.5 Update

My ElvUI profile:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- Added Rivers normalized stagger bar, the original can be found here go show him some support he did an excellent job (

- Now works on all language clients
- Moved the resource tracker to the middle of the power bar
- Cleaned up a little, moved some things around to overall help the visibility of things

- Fixed an issue with light brewing talent

- Added an energy bar (don't know how i forgot that one)
- Fixed the overlapping of dampen harn and rushing jade wind
- Moved the timer for breath of fire up to the first bar, and moved exploding keg down


-Moved some timers around, added timer for Detox and The Mists of Sheilun

-Added timer for Transfer the power

- Added a tracker for Expel Harm
- Added brewmaster timers for fortification, brewstache and ironskin brew
- Fixed the icon timer for storm, earth, and fire
- Should now only load for monks
- Added a notification for serenity, using the suggested optimal time to use it (added a better/newer one thanks goes to Rivers for it)
- Added timers for Storm, Earth, and Fire, Serenity and touch of death
- Added a counter for Mark of the crane ( thanks to Toishi from the monk discord)
- Added auras for Mistweavers
- Moved some Brewmaster timers around, to make the more important abilities more viable
Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk
part 1/3 weakaura set. main ww monk cooldowns
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part 1/3
part 2
part 3

all of the weakauras were inspired by slootbags tank weakauras and i use some of his custom icons. you can find the custom icons here , you will need them.
also recommend trying out his tank weakauras, they are every well made you can find them here

This is a collection of 70 auras:

FSK rdy (icon)
FSK down (icon)
FSK cooldown (aurabar)
RSK rdy (icon)
RSK down (icon)
RSK cooldown (aurabar)
fof rdy (icon)
fof down (icon)
fof cooldown (aurabar)
Hit Combo Glow (icon)
Hit Combo (icon)
Hit Combo 0 Stacks (icon)
hit combo time (progresstexture)
SOTW rdy (icon)
SOTW down (icon)
SOTW cooldown (aurabar)
leg sweep up (icon)
leg sweep down (icon)
leg sweep cooldown (aurabar)
Ring of peace up (icon)
Ring of peace down (icon)
Ring of peace cooldown (aurabar)
TOD rdy (icon)
TOD down (icon)
TOD cooldown (aurabar)
TOK rdy (icon)
TOK down (icon)
TOK cooldown (aurabar)
CD Bar: Celerity Off 2 (icon)
CD Bar: Celerity On 2 (icon)
CD Bar: Celerity On 2 cooldown (aurabar)
CD Bar: Celerity Stack 2 (text)
CD Bar: Chi Torpedo Off 2 (icon)
CD Bar: Chi Torpedo On 2 (icon)
CD Bar: Chi Torpedo On 2 cooldown (aurabar)
CD Bar: Chi Torpedo Stack 2 (text)
Tiger's Lust rdy (icon)
Tiger's Lust down (icon)
Tiger's Lust cooldow (aurabar)
Healing Elixir rdy (icon)
Healing Elixir down (icon)
Healing Elixir 11 (text)
Healing Elixir cooldown (aurabar)
Diffuse Magic rdy (icon)
Diffuse Magic down (icon)
Diffuse Magic cooldown (aurabar)
Dampen Harm rdy (icon)
Dampen Harm down (icon)
Dampen Harm cooldown (aurabar)
Storm, Earth, and Fire ACTIVE (icon)
Storm, Earth, and Fire rdy (icon)
Storm, Earth, and Fire down (icon)
Storm, Earth, and Fire cooldown (aurabar)
Serenity rdy (icon)
Serenity down (icon)
Serenity cooldown (aurabar)
Whirling Dragon Punch rdy (icon)
Whirling Dragon Punch down (icon)
Whirling Dragon Punch cooldown (aurabar)
Chi Burst rdy (icon)
Chi Burst down (icon)
Chi Burst cooldown (aurabar)
Chi Wave rdy (icon)
Chi Wave down (icon)
Chi Wave cooldown (aurabar)
Elixir rdy (icon)
Elixir down (icon)
Elixir cooldown (aurabar)
Windwalker Monk
Ultimate WW Monk Suite (by Фаррия-Дракономор)
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Also see my ElvUI profile optimized for this suite!
Use, enjoy, comment!
Upd: This version works correctly with only RU client. I`ll post EN version Later! Cya :)
This is a collection of 54 auras:

Melee in range (texture)
Melee out of range (texture)
Leg Sweep CD (icon)
Leg Sweep CD 2 (icon)
Paralysis out of range (texture)
Paralysis in range (texture)
RSK (icon)
RSK CD (icon)
RSK 2 (icon)
RSK 3 (icon)
SHS CD (icon)
SHS CD 2 (icon)
Tok CD (icon)
Tok CD 2 (icon)
ToK Range (icon)
Tiger's Lust CD (icon)
Tiger's Lust CD 2 (icon)
Energizing Elixir (icon)
Energizing Elixir CD (icon)
Chi Wave (icon)
Chi Wave CD (icon)
Chi Wave Range (icon)
Strike of the Windlord (icon)
Strike of the Windlord CD (icon)
Strike of the Windlord 2 (icon)
Strike of the Windlord 3 (icon)
Touch of Death (icon)
Touch of Death CD (icon)
FOF (icon)
FOF CD (icon)
FOF 2 (icon)
FOF 3 (icon)
Serenity (icon)
Serenity CD (icon)
Storm, Earth and Fire (icon)
Storm, Earth and Fire CD (icon)
Storm, Earth and Fire CD 2 (icon)
HE (icon)
HE CD (icon)
HE CD2 (icon)
Roll (icon)
Roll CD (icon)
Roll CD 2 (icon)
Storm, Earth and Fire Duration (aurabar)
Serenity Duration 2 (aurabar)
Hit Combo Duration (aurabar)
Touch of Death Duration (aurabar)
Paralysis CD (aurabar)
Paralysis CD 2 (aurabar)
FSK (aurabar)
FSK CD (aurabar)
Hit Combo:Last spell (icon)
Global CD (progresstexture)
TOK Shield Amount (aurabar)
Windwalker Monk