X`s Monk control&survival
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MONK`S Secondary Skills 2017.11.17 --》Fix some Bugs,improve animation effect
Masque Skin:Sonaza-Sonata

Update:Fix some bugs
This is a collection of 67 auras:

Roll (icon)
Healing (icon)
Expel Harm (icon)
Expel Harm CD (icon)
Diffuse Magic (icon)
Dampen Harm (icon)
Touch Of Karma (icon)
Fortifying Brew (icon)
DM Buff (icon)
DH Buff (icon)
Paralysis Debuff (icon)
Fortifying Brew Buff (icon)
TOK Buff (icon)
Tiger`s Lust (icon)
Flying Serpent Kick (icon)
Detox (icon)
Provoke (icon)
Transcendence (icon)
Transfer (icon)
Transfer 2 (icon)
prarlysis (icon)
Ring (icon)
Ring 2 (icon)
定位1 2 2 (texture)
Roll CD (icon)
Torpedo CD (icon)
Healing CD (icon)
DM CD (icon)
DH CD (icon)
ToK CD (icon)
Fortifying Brew CD (icon)
Fortifying Brew CD 2 (icon)
Hand Strike (icon)
Roll CD Bar (aurabar)
Healing CD Bar (aurabar)
DM CD Bar (aurabar)
DH CD Bar (aurabar)
FB CD Bar (aurabar)
ToK CD Bar (aurabar)
DM Buff Bar (aurabar)
DH Buff Bar (aurabar)
Paralysis Debuff Bar (aurabar)
FB Buff Bar (aurabar)
ToK Buff Bar (aurabar)
Hand Strike CD Bar (aurabar)
Roll CD Bar (aurabar)
Tiger`s Lust CD (icon)
Tiger`s Lust CD Bar (aurabar)
FSK CD (icon)
Detox CD (icon)
Provoke CD (icon)
FSK CD Bar (aurabar)
Detox CD Bar (aurabar)
Provoke CD Bar (aurabar)
Transcendence CD (icon)
Transcendence CD Bar (aurabar)
Transfer CD (icon)
Transfer CD Bar (aurabar)
Paralysis CD (icon)
Paralysis CD Bar (aurabar)
Sweep CD (icon)
Sweep CD Bar (aurabar)
Ring CD (icon)
Ring CD Bar (aurabar)
Strike Useable (icon)
Disable Debuff (icon)
Disable Debuff 2 (icon)
Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker MonkGeneral Utility
Monk: Windwalker
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HUD/Rotation for Windwalker Monk

Requires Level 100+. Unexpected errors may occur at lower levels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pack was created with ElvUI and Kui Nameplates installed. It uses fonts from both. More importantly, it uses the icon skinning from ElvUI, which may cause this to look strange if using another UI package. There is, however, a Masque skin that replicates it pretty closely, and can be used instead. (Fonts in use are Accidental Presidency and Homespun)
Advanced Warning: I don't play Monk very often, and I certainly don't have any class-specific legendaries (Prydaz+KJBW!). If there is something I am missing or something you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments. Be specific please!
• 5 textures across the top for Chi. Possibly bonus points because I believe that is actually the character for Chi.
• Hit Combo timer and circle texture if talented in to Hit Combo
• Whirling Dragon Punch replaces Fists of Fury if talented and available to be used (RSK+FoF on CD).
• Blackout Kick will glow if Blackout Kick! procs.
• Bottom bars for Touch of Death and Energizing Elixir (if talented). Touch of Death will expand to full width if E.E. isn't selected.
• Right side Paw textures for Storm, Earth, and Fire charges. These should work properly, but they were a major headache for me, as I couldn't find a way to effectively deal with them. They should go red when the buff is active (as, due to Blizzard UI/API design returns nil charges when active).
• Range checking desaturates to a red color when the ability is not in range.
Color Stuff: (ignore this if you like the current colors)
The purple and red desaturation colors can be adjusted in each individual aura. Check the custom triggers, custom duration or custom text (it's set differently in different places for various reasons). Any colors you want to change are in the SetVertexColor lines. It uses percentage RGB, which you can either get from using an online calculator or doing a bit of math with your own calculator.
1. https://andylangton.co.uk/tools/colour-converter is a great tool. You can convert Hex color or standard 0-255 RGB to RGB percentage. (i.e. 65% = 0.65)
2. Using your own calculator, you can divide your desired RGB value by 255, trim all but 2 decimal places and use that (e.g. 166/255 = 0.65).

Examples (and original values):
...SetVertexColor(0.42,0.3,0.75,1) is the purple desaturated color at 100% alpha (the final value of the 4 values, 1) when an ability cannot be used at the moment (on CD or not enough charges)
...SetVertexColor(0.65,0.22,0.30,1) is the red desatured color at 100% alpha when an ability cannot be used as you are out of range.
Windwalker Monk
WW, BM all you ever need
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This is a collection of 99 auras:

PART OF IT IS NOT MY ORIGINAL ! credits to: [email protected]

however, I added some new stuff for Brewmater and changed things for Windwalker.

It's a dynamic WA Pack, you can even turn off your action bars if you want :P

Fortifying Brew (icon)
Fortifying Brew Active (icon)
Fortifying Brew CD (icon)
Zen Meditation (icon)
Zen Meditation Active (icon)
Zen Meditation CD (icon)
Touch of Karma (icon)
Touch of Karma Active (icon)
Touch of Karma CD (icon)
Spinning Crane Kick (icon)
Whirling Dragon Punch (icon)
Whirling Dragon Punch Not Active (icon)
Whirling Dragon Punch CD (icon)
SotW (icon)
SotW CD (icon)
SotW No Chi (icon)
Flying Serpent Kick (icon)
Flying Serpent Kick CD (icon)
Chi Wave (icon)
Chi Wave CD (icon)
Chi Burst (icon)
Chi Burst CD (icon)
Fists of Fury (icon)
Fist of Fury CD (icon)
Fists of Fury No Chi (icon)
Fists of Fury Stacks (icon)
Leg Sweap (icon)
Leg Sweap CD (icon)
Exploding Keg (icon)
Exploding Keg CD (icon)
RJW Active (icon)
RJW Unactive (icon)
Breath of Fire (icon)
Breath of Fire CD (icon)
Keg Smash (icon)
Keg Smash CD (icon)
Kick (icon)
Kick CD (icon)
Expel Harm (icon)
Expel Harm CD (icon)
Tigers Lust (icon)
Tigers Lust Active (icon)
Tigers Lust CD (icon)
Transcendence: Transfer (icon)
Transcendence: Transfer CD (icon)
Hit Combo (icon)
Rising Sun Kick (icon)
Rising Sun Kick CD (icon)
Rising Sun Kick No Chi (icon)
Blackout Kick Idle (icon)
Blackout Kick Proc (icon)
Healing Elixir (icon)
Healing Elixir CD (icon)
Healing Elixir CD 2 (icon)
Purifying Brew (icon)
Purifying Brew CD (icon)
Purifying Brew CD 2 (icon)
Purifying Brew CD 3 (icon)
Roll (icon)
Roll CD (icon)
Roll CD 2 (icon)
Chi Torpedo (icon)
Chi Torpedo CD (icon)
Chi Torpedo CD 2 (icon)
Dampen Harm (icon)
Dampen Harm Active (icon)
Dampen Harm CD (icon)
Diffuse Magic (icon)
Diffuse Magic Active (icon)
Diffuse Magic CD (icon)
Touch of Death (icon)
Touch of Death Active (icon)
Touch of Death CD (icon)
SEF (icon)
SEF Active (icon)
SEF Stacks (text)
SEF Underlay (icon)
SEF CD (icon)
Serenity (icon)
Serenity Active (icon)
Serenity Underlay (icon)
Serenity CD (icon)
WW Chi 1 (aurabar)
WW Chi 1 Empty (aurabar)
WW Chi 2 (aurabar)
WW Chi 2 Empty (aurabar)
WW Chi 3 (aurabar)
WW Chi 3 Empty (aurabar)
WW Chi 4 (aurabar)
WW Chi 4 Empty (aurabar)
WW Chi 5 (aurabar)
WW Chi 5 Empty (aurabar)
Energy (aurabar)
Health (aurabar)
Energy text (text)
Energy BG (aurabar)
WW Lasthit Combo Breaker 2 (icon)
Castbar (aurabar)
Stagger amount (text)
Brewmaster MonkWindwalker Monk