Holy Paladin WeakAuras

Spaeck's Shockadin HUD v1.2 (Nighthold ready)
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 21st 2017 User spaeck Views 2,281 Comments 5 Stars 4
Main HUD
Crusader Strike
Tyr's Deliverance (including Timer Bar)
Judgement of Light (including Ilterendi Timer Bar)
Holy Shock (including Procs, and PoTSH Tracker/Value Tracker)
Bestow Faith/Holy Avenger/Holy Prism
Light of Dawn (including Procs)
Holy Prism
Light's Hammer
Holy Avenger (including Active-Timer)
Beacon of Virute (including Reminder)

Procs and "Remember to Use" are glowing, Spells on CD are greyed out (unfortunately, i need those "extra-Brain-Functions")

Timer Bars
Absorb Bar for smart LotM-Usage (Top Paladin-Pink)
Mana (Top Blue)
Aura Mastery (Top Red)
Avenging Wrath (Bottom)
Divine Steed (hidden; only visible while active)

Side Bars Right
Divine Protection
Divine Shield
Lay on Hands

Side Bars Left
Blessing of Freedom
Blessing of Sacrafice
Blessing of Protection

Active Spells turn the Icons green

This Aura is designed to be used with the following Auras. I strongly recommend using them!
- https://wago.io/NJT_AsxUG
- https://wago.io/Ek73lHh8z

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Astraoinz: PotSH Trackers
Tal and Kai: Design Idea


v1.2 - 2017-01-21
+ I added a Absorb Bar (for now w/ Xavaric's Magnum Opus) to LotM the sh.. out of your Paladin. This Bar also tracks the internal CD of your Prydaz

v1.1 - 2017-01-13
+ added a Duration Bar to Holy Avenger
~ moved some Buttons (Holy Avenger and Holy Prism) to fit more Talent-Builds
~ fixed an error with the Beacon of Faith Trigger

v1.0.2 - 2017-01-12
~ Nighthold ready

v1.0.1 - 2017-01-08
+ Crusader Strike Icon is now only desaturated when no Charges are left

v1.0 - 2017-01-07
+ init release

HealingHoly PaladinPvE Utility
Holy Paladin All in One
WEAKAURA Updated Dec 28th 2016 User Airyka Views 10,204 Comments 5 Stars 7
This is a collection of 47 auras:

AW Duration (aurabar)
AM Duration (aurabar)
PotSH Duration (aurabar)
IoL Duration (aurabar)
HA Duration (aurabar)
DS Duration (aurabar)
BoP Duration (aurabar)
RoL Duration (aurabar)
ManaPal (aurabar)
mana %HPal (text)
Bestow Faith CD (icon)
Light's Hammer CD (icon)
Holy Shock CD (icon)
Light of Dawn CD (icon)
Holy Prism CD (icon)
Holy Avenger CD (icon)
Bestow Faith Huge (icon)
Light's Hammer Huge (icon)
Holy Shock Huge (icon)
Light of Dawn Huge (icon)
Holy Prism Huge (icon)
Holy Avenger Huge (icon)
PaladinManaHolyBackround (progresstexture)
CD: Blessing of Protection (icon)
CD: Divine Protection (icon)
CD: Crusader Strike (icon)
CD: Aura Mastery (icon)
CD: Divine Shield (icon)
CD: Judgement (icon)
CD: Tyr's Deliverance (icon)
CD: Divine Steed Cavalier 0 (icon)
CD: Divine Steed 2 (icon)
CD: Divine Steed Cavalier (icon)
CD: HoJ (icon)
CD: Blessing of Freedom (icon)
CD: Blessing of Sacrifice (icon)
CD: Avenging Wrath (icon)
CD: Rule of Law (icon)
CD: Lay on Hands (icon)
CD: Arcane TorrentPal (icon)
CD: Cleanse (icon)
CD: WarStompPal (icon)
BoL Down (aurabar)
BoL Up (aurabar)
BoF Up (aurabar)
BoF Down (aurabar)
Virtue CD (aurabar)

Sept. 30th, 2016
-Swapped Consecration CD for Hammer of Justice
-Added duration bars for Power of the Silver Hand & Aura Mastery
-Reworked Cavalier CD to better display 0 charges.

Sept. 20th, 2016
-Added charges to Cavalier w/ Divine Steed & Crusader's Strike
-Fixed minor lua errors

Dec. 28th, 2016
-Increased text size of all relevant duration bars.
-Added & modified charges for Divine Steed/Rule of Law
-Happy Holidays everyone!
HealingHoly Paladin