HolyPaladin [Everything you need to know] Group1
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This Weak Aura works without Group2, tho I don't recommend using it without the other Group! And you should have OmniCC aswell, otherwise you won't have timers! For the Skin, I'm using Masque: CleanUI - Thin.
Group2: https://wago.io/VkzrGtfM7

These support nearly every Talent Choice.
(You may want to move some things to your own satisfaction since i did some stuff with my UnitFrames which aren't part of these Auras.) If you want a ready to go Weak Aura-Interface, then this won't be for you, since you really have to set stuff up for yourself...unless you like strange positions :D
If you want the matching UnitFrames or whatever of my Interface, then you can download my Settings here:
ShadowedUnitFrames - Main
SexyMap - Global Profile
ThreatPlates - Main
Vuhdo - Pala 2.0
Bartender - Main Heal (Hides ActionBars)
All other stuff should be default.

This includes:
Avenging Wrath CD + Uptime
Tyrs Deliverance CD + Uptime
Aura Mastery CD + Uptime
Holy Avenger CD + Uptime
Holy Prism
Rule of Law
Divine Protection
Holy Shock
Bestow Faith
Crusader Strike
Lights Hammer
Divine Purpose Procs
Missing Beacon Reminder
Pot Reminder
Divine Shield
Dispel CD
Judgment of Light Stacks
Infusion of Light Stacks
PotSH Proc
Hammer of Justice
Blinding Light
Blood Elf Silence
Sephuz's Secret
Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish
Holy PaladinHealingPvE Utility