Calydon's Protection Paladin - Patch 7.2 ready - [Version 1.0.6]
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This is a collection of WeakAuras I made, which are mainly used for Mythic+ dungeons and Raids.
The aim of these auras is to help the user focus at the center of his screen where most of the action is happening.


  • A glowing icon signifies an active buff.
  • If your current target is debuffed by your Blessed Hammer the spell's icon will glow (same goes for Eye of Tyr).
  • As long as you are standing in your Consecration the icon will be lit.
  • Red colored timers display the time left on each buff.
  • White colored timers display spell cooldowns.
  • You can select between percentage or absolute heal value for Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector (credit goes to Hamsda). LibArtifactData-1.0 is required for better accuracy.
  • Judgment and Divine Steed charges will only show if you are using Crusader's Judgment and/or Cavalier talents respectively.

AddonSkins is being used to skin the auras.
The font used is Big Noodle Titling.

[Version 1.0.0]
- Release.
[Version 1.0.1]
- Fixed some auras appearing while in a vehicle.
[Version 1.0.2]
- Added missing cooldown timers for Judgment and Divine Steed.
[Version 1.0.3]
- Added Hand of the Protector.
[Version 1.0.4]
- New Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters. Reminder to install LibArtifactData-1.0 for better accuracy.
- Added Bastion of Light (cannot be used simultaneously with Seraphim).
[Version 1.0.5]
- Updated Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.
[Version 1.0.6]
- Updated Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.

Favorite my setup if you like it and drop me a comment bellow if you have any questions.
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**Patch 7.2 Ready**Smexy's Complete Protection Paladin - Legion Ready - Weak Aura Suite**4/5/2017 Update**
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**Version 7.2a released 4/5/17 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one. Failure to do so can result in errors.**

Simple and complete trackers for all spec / talent combinations for Protection Paladins. Built in rotation helper will be coming soon. (I hope... ^^)

Please leave feedback! Your testing / input is how things are fixed and improved!

This is a collection of 101 auras:

>>>>>>>>>>Bar Group<<<<<<<<<< (icon)
Bars: Ardent Defender (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Avenging Wrath (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Draenic Strength (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Potion of the Old War (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Unbending Potion (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Leytorrent Potion (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Potion of Deadly Grace (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Potion of Prolonged Power (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Skaggldrynk (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Blessing of Freedom (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Blessing of Protection (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Blessing of Spellwarding (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Eye of Tyr (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Blessing of Sacrifice (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Bloodlust (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Hysteria (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Drums of the Mountain (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Drums of Fury (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: TimeWarp (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Shield of the Righteous (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bars: Guardian of Ancient Kings (Active Buff) (aurabar)
>>>>>>>>>>Buff Trackers Large<<<<<<<<<< (icon)
Prot: Ardent Defender (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Ardent Defender (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Ardent Defender (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Avenging Wrath (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Avenging Wrath (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Avenging Wrath (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Bastion of Light (On CD + 0 SotR Stacks) (icon)
Prot Shield of the Righteous (On CD: Icon) (icon)
Prot: Bastion of Light (Ready + 0 SotR Stacks) (icon)
Prot: Shield of the Righteous (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Shield of the Righteous (Active) (icon)
Prot Shield of the Righteous (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Shield of the Righteous (Stacks) (icon)
Prot: Guardian of Ancient Kings (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Guardian of Ancient Kings (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Guardian of Ancient Kings (Active) (icon)
Prot: Avenger's Shield (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Avenger's Shield (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Rotation Helper (icon)
Prot: Rebuke (Target Casting) (icon)
Prot: Judgment of Light (Active Stacks) (icon)
>>>>>Prot Mini CoolDowns Group<<<<< (icon)
Prot: Arcane Torrent (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Arcane Torrent (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Every Man For Himself (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Every Man for Himself (On CD) (icon)
Prot: War Stomp (Ready) (icon)
Prot: War Stomp (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Stoneform (On CD) (icon)
Prot; Stoneform (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Stoneform (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Gift of the Naruu (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Gift of the Naruu (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Gift of the Naruu (Active) (icon)
Prot: Seraphim (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Seraphim (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Seraphim (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Blinding Light (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Bliding Light (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Repentance (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Repentance (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Divine Steed (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Divine Steed (On CD) (icon)
>>>>>>>>>>Cooldowns Group<<<<<<<<<< (icon)
Prot: Divine Shield (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Divine Shield (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Divine Shield (Active) (icon)
Prot: Last Stand (Bubble Taunt) (icon)
Prot: Blessing of Spellwarding (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Blessing of Spellwarding (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Blessing of Spellwarding (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Blessing of Protection (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Blessing of Protection (On CD) (icon)
Prot: BLessing of Protection (Active Buff) (icon)
Prot: Eye of Tyr (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Eye of Tyr (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Eye of Tyr (Active Debuff) (icon)
Prot: Light of the Protector (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Light of the Protector (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Light of the Protector (Flash Effect) (icon)
Prot: Hand of the Protector (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Hand of the Protector (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Hand of the Protector (Flash Effect) (icon)
Prot: Hand of the Protector (Not in Consecration) (texture)
Prot: Lay on Hands (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Lay on Hands (On CD) (icon)
>>>>>>>>>>Misc Group<<<<<<<<<< (icon)
Prot: Not In Consecration (texture)
Prot: Light of the Protector (Consecration+HP<=30%) (texture)
Prot: Judgment (1st Charge Back) (aurabar)
Prot: Judgment (1st Charge) (aurabar)
Prot: Judgment (2nd Charge Cover) (aurabar)
Prot: Judgment (2nd Charge) (aurabar)
>>>>>Prot Potions Group<<<<< (icon)
Prot: Ancient Healing Potion (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Ancient Healing Potion (Ready) (icon)
Prot: Potion Master (On CD) (icon)
Prot: Potion Master (Available) (icon)


Version 7.2a (4/5/17)

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Ipse's WA's - Paladin
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7.2 Update

My ElvUI profile:

Buff Tracker:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

- Fixed Bulwark of Order

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- Fixed Hand of Light to account for PvP talent

- Cleaned up the aura layers
- Added a timer for Guardian of the Ancient Kings

- Works on every language client
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Yes holy is finally here and it looks quite nice too

- Moved countdown for SotR to the right of the bar
- Added a timer for Judgment debuff, added an indicator for The Fires of Justice
- Added trackers for Word of Glory and Eye for an Eye

- Fixed bulwark of order
- Should now only load for paladins

1/11 - Big Update

- Changed shield of the righteous to progress bars, moved concentration, light of the protector and added a tracker for Bastion of light, and bulwark of order (shows absorb amount remaining too)

- Added a tracker for shield of vengeance
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