Holy Power Monitor
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This shows a Retribution Paladin's current holy power.

It the player's target has the Judgment debuff whose remaining duration is longer than the remaining time on the player's GCD and the player has enough holy power to use a Templar's Verdict/Divine Storm, the number of holy power that would be spent is displayed as cyan instead of purple. It can indicate that the cost will be either 3 holy power or 2 if it detects the Fires of Justice buff on the player. It will also send the Sonar sound, which can be toggled off with ALT+SHIFT+S by default.

The sound settings can be changed in the custom code for HP1 -> Actions -> On Init:
Turn off the sound by default (Line 9): aura_env.soundOnByDefault = false
Use a different sound file (Line 10): aura_env.soundFile = "/path/to/sound/file.ogg"
Use a different sound channel (Line 11): aura_end.soundChannel = "CHANNELNAME"
Change the Sound Toggle Keybind (Line 12): aura_env.soundToggle = "ALT-SHIFT-S"

This is a collection of 5 auras:

HP1 (texture)
HP2 (texture)
HP3 (texture)
HP4 (texture)
HP5 (texture)

*3 additional auras:
Divine Purpose
Divine Purpose < 3
Trinket Usable
Liadrin's Fury Unleashed Ticks
Judgment Up

* I keep these in the same group as my Holy Power Monitor and just did not want to have to keep pulling them out and back in whenever I need to update WAGO

Retribution Paladin
**Patch 7.2 READY**Smexy's Complete Ret Paladin - Legion Ready - Weak Aura Suite**4/5/2017 Update**
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**Version 7.2B Released 4/5/2017 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one, failure to do so can result in Errors**

***Once you have imported the string. Typing /WA to open WeakAuras then clicking the + sign to expand the entire group will allow you to mouse over each aura. In the tooltip is a detailed description of what triggers the aura, what any colors / timers / sounds mean and when the aura should load.***

The videos on the right are as follows:
Original video at launch of legion when this Ret Hud was first released showing Version 1.0.
My guilds realm first Mythic Xavius kill showing Version 6.0.
A new (and large -.-) animated GIF showing 7.1.5a in action.

To have the exact appearance that I do you will need to download:
Masque: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/masque -This is a button skinning addon. Changes the buttons look.
Masque Caith: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/masque_caith -This is a SKIN for Masque. There are many skins.
OmniCC: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/omni-cc -Spell CD Timers. WAY better than Blizzards default.
*If using OmniCC please turn OFF the default "Show Numbers for Cooldowns" in Interface->Game Tab->ActionBars
*Also, on first use enter OmniCC settings by typing /OmniCC. In the top right click the drop down menu and click "Add Group". Name this group "Action Bars". Make sure Enable CD Text and the rest of the settings are selected. In the top right click the drop down menu and click "Default" **AANNNDDD** Uncheck the box that says "Enable Cooldown Text". In the top right click on the drop down menu and click on the group made earlier. "Action Bars" or whatever you named it. Click on the "Rules" tab. Here you want to add each button that you use. RIP -.- Example: If using Bartender - You would type in "BT4Button1" and hit ENTER. This would tell OMNICC to work on Bartender 4 Button 1. You should continue entering buttons until you have all the ones you use in the list. You can add any button including default WoW buttons and all known addons. Yes it's a pain but at least now you will have Customizable CDs on your actions bars ONLY. And your weakauras will NOT have overlayed CDs. And any custom made Timer CDs or Numbers can be shown without being overwritten. Again sorry, but trust me... it's worth it.

Complete Ret Paladin - Legion Ready - Weak Aura Suite Details
* Text and Numbers in RED = Active buff or active debuff time remaining.
* Text and Numbers in GREEN = Spell/Item is on cooldown and not available.
* Text and Numbers in WHITE = Buff/Debuff/Item currently available stacks. (Except for bars)
* Rebuke will not show unless OFF cd AND your target is casting. Therefore if you see the icon, you can... and should interupt.
* Several auras have sounds attached. I use these to help when tunneling on mechanics / raid frames. If you don't like them disable under Action->Sound.

My US-Battletag is PenCap#1642. Please add me if you have any questions or need help adjusting these auras to fit your needs. Or with any other weak aura questions. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy!
I'm also available on Discord as Smexy#7524 and in the comments here for these auras.

This is a collection of 143 auras:

>>>>>Bar Group<<<<< (icon)
Bar: Execution Sentence (Debuff on Target) (aurabar)
Bar: Consecration (Remaining CD) (aurabar)
Bar: Crusade (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Avenging Wrath (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Draenic Strength (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Skaggldrynk (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Potion of the Old War (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Potion of Deadly Grace (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Potion of Prolonged Power (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Leytorrent Potion (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Unbending Potion (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Blessing of Freedom (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Shield of Vengeance (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Hand of Hindrance (Active Debuff) (aurabar)
Bar: Blessing of Protection (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Bloodlust (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Hysteria (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: TimeWarp (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Drums of Fury (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Drums of the Mountain (Active Buff) (aurabar)
Bar: Judgment (Active Debuff) (aurabar)
Bar: Justicar's w/ Divine Purpose (Free JV Proc) (aurabar)
Bar: Eye for an Eye (Active) (aurabar)
>>>>>Holy Power Group<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Holy Power (Star 1) (texture)
Ret: Holy Power (Star 2) (texture)
Ret: Holy Power (Star 3) (texture)
Ret: Holy Power (Star 4) (texture)
Ret: Holy Power (Star 5) (texture)
>>>>>Procs Group<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Avenging Wrath / Crusade (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Avenging Wrath / Crusade (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Crusade (Stacks) (icon)
Ret: Avnging Wrath / Crusade (Available) (icon)
Ret: Crusade (Use Now) - Flash Effect, "Sword Ring" sound (icon)
Ret: Judgment (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Judgment (Useable) (icon)
Ret: Divine Steed (On CD Large) (icon)
Ret: Divine Steed (Available Large) (icon)
Ret: Consecration (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Consecration (Available) (icon)
Ret: Execution Sentence (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Execution Sentence (Available) (icon)
Ret: Execution Sentence (Active) (icon)
Ret: Execution Sentence (DMG Soon) - Flash Effect (icon)
Ret: Justicar's Vengeance (NOT Available) (icon)
Ret: Justicar's Vengeance (Available) (icon)
Ret: Justicar's Vengeance (With Divine Purpose Proc) - Flash Effect (icon)
Ret: Word of Glory (Available) (icon)
Ret: Word of Glory (Available and 3 HP) (icon)
Ret: Word of Glory (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Word of Glory (Stacks) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye (On CD Large) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye(Active Buff Large) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye (Available Large) (icon)
>>>>>CoolDowns Group<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Divine Shield (Available) (icon)
Ret: Divine Shield (Available - Divine Intervention) (icon)
Ret: Divine Shield (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Divine Shield (On CD - Divine Intervention) (icon)
Ret: Divine Shield (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Shield of Vengeance (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Shield of Vengeance (Available) (icon)
Ret: Shield of Vengeance (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Hammer of Justice (Active Debuff) (icon)
Ret: Hammer of Justice (Available) (icon)
Ret: Hammer of Justice (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Hand of Hindrance (Active Debuff) (icon)
Ret: Hand of Hindrance (Available) (icon)
Ret: Hand o Hindrance (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Lay On Hands (Available) (icon)
Ret: Lay On Hands (On CD) (icon)
>>>>> Buff Reminders Group <<<<< (icon)
Ret: NoBuff - Kings - (Icon) (icon)
Ret: NoBuff - Kings - (Text) (icon)
Ret: NoBuff - Kings - (Symbol) (texture)
Ret: NoBuff - Kings - (3D Hands) (model)
Ret: NoBuff - Wisdom - (Icon) (icon)
Ret: NoBuff - Wisdom - (Text) (icon)
Ret: NoBuff - Wisdom - (Symbol) (texture)
Ret: NoBuff - Wisdom - (3D Hands) (model)
Ret: Holy Wrath - Icon (Use Now) - Flash Effect and Bite Sound attached* (icon)
Ret: Holy Wrath - Text (Use Now) (icon)
Ret: Holy Wrath - Symbol (Use Now) (texture)
Hands: Holy Wrath (model)
>>>>>Mini CoolDowns Group<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Arcane Torrent (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Arcane Torrent (Available) (icon)
Ret: War Stomp (ON CD) (icon)
Ret: War Stomp (Available) (icon)
Ret: Every Man for Himself (ON CD) (icon)
Ret: Every Man for Himself (Available) (icon)
Ret: Stoneform (ON CD) (icon)
Ret: Stoneform (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Stoneform (Available) (icon)
Ret: Gift of the Naaru (ON CD) (icon)
Ret: Gift of the Naaru (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Gift of the Naaru (Available) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Eye for an Eye (Available) (icon)
Ret: Blinding Light (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Blinding Light (Available) (icon)
Ret: Repentance (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Repentance (Active Debuff) (icon)
Ret: Repentance (Available) (icon)
Ret: Divine Steed (On CD) (icon)
Ret: Divine Steed (Available) (icon)
>>>>>Potions Group<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Potion (Available) (icon)
Ret: Potions (Master) (icon)
Ret: Ancient Healing (Available) (icon)
Ret: Ancient Healin (On CD) (icon)
>>>>>Top Cooldowns<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Retribution (Active) (icon)
Ret: The Fires Of Justice (Top Buff) (icon)
Ret: Zeal (Top Buff) (icon)
Ret: Zeal 1 Stack (Top Buff) (texture)
Ret: Zeal 2 Stacks (Top Buff) (texture)
Ret: Zeal 3 Stacks (Top Buff) (texture)
Ret: Eye of Command (Trinket) (icon)
>>>>>Advanced Trackers<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Whisper of the Nathrezim Bar (Crusade Active) (aurabar)
Ret: Whisper of the Nathrezim Bar (Crusade Buff) (icon)
Ret: Whisper of the Nathrezim Bar (Active Buff) (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar (Debuff) (aurabar)
Ret: Judgment Bar Target Debuff (Icon)) (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar (Target Debuff Text) (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar Target Debuff (Icon Fading Soon) (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar (3 Seconds Left) Icon Texture, *Bite* Sound (texture)
Ret: Judgment Bar Target Debuff (Text Fading Soon)) - Soundkit *BITE* attached* (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar (Use NOW!) - Flash Effect (icon)
Ret: Judgment Bar (Target Missing Debuff) (texture)
>>>>>Middle Trackers<<<<< (icon)
Ret: Remaining GCDs (Judgment Debuff Active) (text)
Ret: Crusader Strike / Zeal (1st Charge Back) (aurabar)
Ret: Crusader Strike / Zeal (2nd Charge) (aurabar)
Ret: Crusader Strike / Zeal (1st Charge) (aurabar)
Ret: Crusader Strike / Zeal (2nd Charge Cover) (aurabar)
Ret: Liadrin's Fury (Long Bar 1-100%)) (aurabar)
MiniHekili Retribution (icon)
Ret: Rebuke (Target Casting) - *Electrical Spark* soundkit attached* (icon)

>>Version 7.2b<<
-Added descriptions for ALL auras. Detailing exactly what they do and why. (Expand group and hover over)
-Added a timer for Potion of the Old War and Crusade synchronization.
-Added RED stars to signify when you have The Fires of Justice buff.
-Resized and re-positioned many frames to make my OCD happy.
>>Version 7.2a<<
-Bumping for patch 7.2
>>Version 7.1.5a<<
-MASSIVE Update. Completely changing many core features.
-Added trackers for most legendaries.
-Added a new Judgment / Zeal / Trinket / Pot / and Racial CD trackers.
-Added support to track ALL possible spec / talent cominations.
-Renamed / Organized / OCD Organized all auras.
-Complete rework/update on the priority rotation suggestions. Fixing many issues you all have brought to my attention.
-By far the most comprehensive / largest / and most complete update so far.
>>Version 4.0-6.0 <<
- I suck at life and didn't bother updating the changelog from then until now. Too many things have been added/removed/changed to mention. Plus I don't even remember what those versions completly included. Sorry!
>>Version 3.0Final<<
- Rebuke changed to once again only show when target is casting and readded the original sound.
- Rebuke also moved to be on top of the rotation helper instead of it's own place on the side.
- Added judgment icons for Ready, On CD and a number for debuff time remaining on target.
- Added judgment bar tracking remaining debuff time on target.
- Crusade - Now will recommend crusade based on: 5 HP available, Crusade off CD, Target has judgment debuff.
- Completely changed AV / Crusade auras. Reduced / combined for better flow.
- Holy Wrath now triggers at 40% HP instead of 20% before.
- Moved Divine Purpose/FoJ bars positioning.
- Added Judgment debuff tracking bar.
- Fixed strata issues with SoV tracking bar and CD/Buff/Debuff timers on the Cooldown group.
>>Version 3.0a<<
- Resized text / auras to better fit.
- General spelling correction.
- Fixed many bugs with strata issues.
- Adjusted for 7.1 changes to Blade of Justice
- Added new 7.1 Potion
- Back-end changes for less CPU impact.
>> Version 2.1 <<
- Fixed some minor name / positioning issues.
- Loads only for RET paladins now.
- I'm dumb, I did something dumb, now it's fixed!
>> Version 2.0 <<
-Changed various strata issues
-Added animated triggers for certain skills.
-Regrouped / Organized overall string.
-General cleanup and pixel perfection.
-Added Shield of Vengeance Bar
-Added Divine Purpose + JV Bar
-Added default status to trigger ALWAYS. Regardless of in/out of combat.
>> Version 1.0 <<
Retribution PaladinDamage DealingPvE UtilityPvP Utility
Ipse's WA's - Paladin
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7.2 Update

My ElvUI profile: https://wago.io/NJKeS0baz#

Buff Tracker: https://wago.io/Nk3i-CZaG

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord: https://discord.gg/hFtCmkr

Change Log

- Fixed Bulwark of Order

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- Fixed Hand of Light to account for PvP talent

- Cleaned up the aura layers
- Added a timer for Guardian of the Ancient Kings

- Works on every language client
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Yes holy is finally here and it looks quite nice too

- Moved countdown for SotR to the right of the bar
- Added a timer for Judgment debuff, added an indicator for The Fires of Justice
- Added trackers for Word of Glory and Eye for an Eye

- Fixed bulwark of order
- Should now only load for paladins

1/11 - Big Update

- Changed shield of the righteous to progress bars, moved concentration, light of the protector and added a tracker for Bastion of light, and bulwark of order (shows absorb amount remaining too)

- Added a tracker for shield of vengeance
Holy PaladinProtection PaladinRetribution Paladin