Crusade of Old War
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Countdown to optimal usage of Potion of Old War during Crusade while Hero/Lust is active.

"Optimal usage" is defined as Potion of Old War's duration covering the end of Crusade, so that the potion's buff ends at the same time Crusade ends. You want Crusade at its highest for the potion to be the most effective, so use the potion at 15 stacks (when the countdown turns green) or time it for the last 25 seconds of Crusade (which is "0.0" on the countdown), whichever comes first. "0.0" on the countdown will always be the last moment to use the potion, the calculations take into account time effects as explained below.

- Grayscale: potion on cooldown, will be ready
- Red: potion ready and waiting
- Yellow: less than three (3) seconds before 0.0
- Green: 15 stacks of Crusade
- Blue: late
(preview gif is old, numbers will be these five colors)

The calculation for the countdown is as follows:

expiration of current Crusade - current time - ( duration of current Crusade * ( default duration of potion / default duration of Crusade ) )

The default duration of Crusade is taken from Crusade's tooltip, so any relics you have that increase the time are taken into account automatically. The second part of the calculation is to account for time effects, such as Chronomatic Anomaly. We know the duration of the current instance of Crusade, the duration it's supposed to be at, and the default duration of the potion, so we solve for x, which is what the potion's duration will be if you used it that moment.

If you want to use this for every Crusade, delete Trigger 2.
Import the weakaura, click the Trigger tab on the right, select "Trigger 2" in the "Choose Trigger" dropdown, then click "Delete Trigger".

Note: Potion of Old War lasts 25 seconds. Your Crusade needs to last longer than that for you to benefit from this WeakAura. The artifact trait "Wrath of the Ashbringer" increases your Crusade time.

Version history:

  • Version 11: slight change to crusade's untrigger, no noticeable change to functionality; due to wago's new patreon benefits, the url of this aura is now

  • Version 10: got rid of the UnitBuff loops while still relying on spell IDs for both triggers, providing a miniscule performance improvement since the code isn't looping over all buffs twice each frame; as a result of eliminating the loops, the hero/lust trigger now checks one of the seven recognized haste spells each frame (five 30% class spells, two 25% drums) for a 7 frame trigger check cycle, an unnoticeable change given the standard 60 frames a second

  • Version 9: no ingame change (tabs to spaces in functions, since wago doesn't like them)

  • Version 8: adjusted animations; chat warnings when you have 3, 2, or 1 potions to go with no potion error; retuned grayscale autocoloring when potion is on cooldown

  • Version 7: countdown now shows if potion is on cooldown but will be up before countdown reaches zero, using changing grayscale color; countdown is now yellow less than three (3) seconds before zero; reduced triggers down to one main and a hero/lust trigger, delete trigger 2 to disable hero/lust; now exclusively uses spell/item IDs and does not rely on any English names; gives chat error if you have no potions

  • Version 6: countdown is now color-coded; reformatted function for efficiency and accuracy of any changes that may happen during the countdown, such as Chronomatic Anomaly's time debuff changing after you use Crusade but before you use the potion

  • Version 5: name change - Herosade Potion -> Crusade of Old War

  • Version 4: calculation is now immune to Chronomatic Anomaly; new trigger - aura will not show if you don't have Potion of Old War in your bags; hero/lust is now trigger 4, delete that to use this aura on every Crusade

  • Version 3: now you can delete trigger 3 and have it work

  • Version 2: rearrange triggers for easier removal of the Hero/Lust trigger

  • Version 1: initial release

Retribution PaladinDamage Dealing
Improbubble Ret
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WA is meant to help with holy power efficiency. Holy power generators turn red if using the ability would waste any holy power generated. They glow otherwise or turn grey when on cool down. Holy power spenders glow if usable and judgement is on the target to indicate the best time to use them. **Edit: should have noted this aura will not tell you when to use Templar's Verdict vs Divine Storm. The icon is just for Templar's Verdict.

Several icons change based on talents chosen.

Update: made some changes to prioritize Execution Sentence. Added heroism bar. Added display icons for damage reduction CD and LoH.

Please comment if you are getting any errors.

This is a collection of 39 auras:

Judgement (icon)
Judgement on CD (icon)
Zeal (icon)
Zeal No (icon)
Zeal CD (icon)
CS CD (icon)
CS (icon)
CS No (icon)
divine hammer (icon)
divine hammer no (icon)
divine hammer cd (icon)
blade of justice (icon)
blade of justice no (icon)
blade of justice CD (icon)
forbearance (icon)
zeal buff (icon)
fires (icon)
interupt (icon)
divine steed (icon)
divine steed CD (icon)
hammer (icon)
hammer CD (icon)
consecration (icon)
consecration cd (icon)
execution (icon)
execution No (icon)
execution CD (icon)
crusade (icon)
crusade CD (icon)
crush (aurabar)
judge bar (aurabar)
templar (icon)
templar now (icon)
templar no (icon)
wake of ashes (icon)
wake of ashes no (icon)
wake of ashes CD (icon)
HP (aurabar)
retribution (aurabar)

Retribution Paladin