Retribution Paladin Setup - /with Blessings Tracker (Tells You When You Don't Have It On & Who You Have It On)
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Fendoran's Spells Cooldown, Dots & Holy Power Tracker, Perfect Setup For Retribution Paladin!
What you see here is an inspired version of Smexy's UI so i hope you enjoy it, it also includes as it says in the title, Blessing Tracker, you don't see it on the ScreenShot, but it's there and feel free to modify it and drag it around to your liking, i set it up the way i have my setup :)

Tracks Cooldowns, Dots & Holy Power!
Holy Power
Blessing of the Ashbringer: Buff Not Active & Buff Active
Greater Blessing of Kings, Greater Blessing of Wisdom, Greater Blessing of Might: Buff Not Active & Buff Active
Judgement: Debuff Available, Debuff On Cooldown & Debuff Active
Wake of Ashes: Debuff Available, Debuff On Cooldown & Debuff Active
Crusade/Avenging Wrath: Buff Available, Buff On Cooldown & Buff Active
Shield of Vengeance: Buff Available, Buff On Cooldown & Buff Active
Potion of the Old War: Buff Active
Time Warp, Netherwinds, Hysteria, Bloodlust, Drums of Fury, Drums of the Mountain: Buff Active
Justicar's Vengeance, Eye for an Eye, World of Glory: Buff On Cool Down & Buff Active
Divine Shield: Buff On Cool Down & Buff Active
Blessing of Protection: Buff On Cool Down & Buff Active
Lay on Hands: Buff On Cool Down & Buff Active

If you have any questions about this or/and miss something in it, feel free to leave a comment!

note: I've not made a rotation bar with WA, I am insted using an addon called Hekili, reason being is that i don't 'only' play Paladin, i play multiple classes and i don't realy want to make a rotation bar for every class & spec, Hekili is perfect for the job!


This is a collection of 49 auras:

Greater Blessing of Kings: Missing (icon)
Greater Blessing of Wisdom: Missing (icon)
Greater Blessing of Might: Missing (icon)
Blessing of the Ashbringer: Missing (icon)
Greater Blessing of Kings: Active (icon)
Greater Blessing of Wisdom: Active (icon)
Greater Blessing of Might: Active (icon)
Blessing of the Ashbringer: Active (icon)
Holy Power: 1 Inactive (icon)
Holy Power: 2 Inactive (icon)
Holy Power: 3 Inactive (icon)
Holy Power: 4 Inactive (icon)
Holy Power: 5 Inactive (icon)
Holy Power: 1 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 2 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 3 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 4 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 5 Active (icon)
Divine Shield: On Cool Down (icon)
Divine Shield: Active (icon)
Blessing of Protection: On Cool Down (icon)
Blessing of Protection: Active (icon)
Justica's Vengeance: On Cool Down (icon)
Justicar's Vengeance: Active (icon)
Eye for an Eye: On Cool Down (icon)
Eye for an Eye: Active (icon)
Word of Glory: On Cool Down (icon)
Word of Glory: Active (icon)
Lay on Hands: On Cool Down (icon)
Wake of Ashes Active (aurabar)
Judgment: Active (aurabar)
Time Warp: Active (aurabar)
Netherwinds: Active (aurabar)
Hysteria: Active (aurabar)
Bloodlust: Active (aurabar)
Drums of Fury: Active (aurabar)
Drums of the Mountain: Active (aurabar)
Shield of Vengeance: Active (aurabar)
Potion of the Old War: Active (aurabar)
Avenging Wrath (aurabar)
Crusade (aurabar)
Shield of Vengeance: On Cool Down (icon)
Shield of Vengeance: Ready (icon)
Crusade: On Cool Down (icon)
Crusade: Ready (icon)
Avenging Wrath: On Cool Down (icon)
Avenging Wrath: Ready (icon)
Wake of Ashes: On Cool Down (icon)
Wake of Ashes: Ready (icon)
Judgment: On Cool Down (icon)
Judgment: Ready (icon)
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