Jinstar's Shadow CD Bar
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 13th 2017 User jindeezy Views 3,881 Comments 1 Stars 3
This is a modification and customization of Tal's Shadow CDs. Lots of changes have been made to suit my needs and add some quality of life changes for myself.

To get the same look and feel as the one in the preview pictures, you will need some addons.

I am using ElvUI + AddOnSkins but I've heard you can achieve the same thing by using Masque + Masque ElvUIesque Skin to skin the weak aura icons.

Changes / Additions:
- SW:D (@ 2 Stacks) and Void Torrent will glow when ready to use.
- SW:D shows number of charges.
- Cooldown icons for important DPS spells desaturate when on CD to make it intuitive that it's on CD.
- Cooldown timer is red, and yellow when it's just about to come off CD.
- Certain DPS cooldown spells will bounce to grab your attention to use ASAP.
- Will of the Forsaken has been added if you're Undead.
- Silence has been added.
- Shadowfiend will glow and bounce when Voidform stacks are >= 10.
- Power Infusion will glow and bounce when Voidform stacks are >= 20.
- Added Tomb of Sargera's Trinkets (Sentinel and Tome)
- Added an reminder icon for Second DPS Potion.

This is a collection of 26 auras:

SW:D CD (icon)
SW:D CD Short (icon)
SW:D 1 Charge (icon)
SW:D 2 Charges (icon)
SW:D Zeks Proc (icon)
Void Torrent CD (icon)
Void Torrent CD Short (icon)
Void Torrent Usable (icon)
Shadowfiend CD (icon)
Shadowfiend CD Coming Off (icon)
Shadowfiend Placeholder during VF (icon)
Shadowfiend Placeholder outside VF (icon)
Shadowfiend Ideal Use! (icon)
PW: Shield Shadow (icon)
Power Infusion CD (icon)
Power Infusion CD Coming Off (icon)
Power Infusion Ready (icon)
Power Infusion Ideal Use! (icon)
Dispersion CD (icon)
Dispersion CD Coming Off (icon)
VE (icon)
Mind Bomb CD! (icon)
Silence CD (icon)
Psychic Scream CD (icon)
Shadow Fade (icon)
Will of the Forsaken CD (icon)
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