Nemo light wrath
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Light Wrath - Predict damage / atonement number /CD / efficiency indicate bar

6.28 13:24 UTC3 update, rewrite the code in a smarter way, now the bar could work in any situation, not limit only in raid.

This bar match with my main WA for disc , but it's totally independent , so you can get it alone.
The burning bar in the illustration picture is this LR bar

Never seen a Light Wrath indicator on wago, there's a pioneer work that could show the last LR damage dealt from combat log. So i was thinking if I could predict the damage and just add a indicator to show how efficient this LR will be.

You could also find the thread on, I mean, if you want read Chinese xD

*only support in premade group(normal raid, premade party etc.), no support on intances(random DG, LFR etc.) , and I guess we won't need this in LFR anyway.

Here's the set,

The right side number indicate how many atonement you have on current raid.

The bar indicate your effiency for this light wrath, ideally , 20 atonements was perfect and maximium but usually we have only 15-18 as optimal, so there's a highligh bar at the position of 15 atonements.

Predicted damage in the middle (I CAN'T grantee it's 100% accurate , but it was VERY CLOSE to the damage actually dealt to the target, with no crit or overload)

* the formula I use to calculate the predict is the number from the spellbook * (1 + atonement number * 0.1)

Please leave comments if you have any idea.

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This is a collection of 5 auras:

light wrath (text)
LR (aurabar)
15 Atonement (icon)
light wrath CD
Discipline Priest
[7.2.5] Publik's Shadow Priest WA's (Condensed Version)
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 28th 2017 User Publik Views 24,731 Comments 0 Stars 7
- Adjusted duration active trigger for Mindbender and Shadowfiend to countdown more properly than the in-game totem tracker. It should no longer go negative and display the duration more real-world like.

- Added support for T20 2pc to Mind Blast WA
- Updated AS Aura from Twintop:

- First pass at adding Mindbender Support

- Updated all auras with new WA update
- Fixing PI and Voidform WAs

Publik's Condensed version of his WA set. Fully updated for 7.2.

New Things:
- Power Infusion now flashes at 20 stacks and above.
- Shadowfiend now flashes when PI/Lust has less than or equal to 22s (for 2/4 in Fiending Dark Trait)
- Mind Blast now supports SI procs, charges are bigger and easier to see
- Voidform/LI should be fixed now
- Haste percentage with VB rotation change (at 140-150% haste you go to VB -> 1 filler -> VB)
- Twin's Painful Touch Support
- Lust Tracker

Missing Twintop's insanity bar, which can be found here:

More info here:

Aura's Included:
Anund's Seared Shackles
Arcane Torrent
Shadowy Apparitions (AS)
Power Infusion
Sephuz's Secret
Shadow Word: Pain
Vampiric Touch
Shadow Word: Death + Zek's
Twist of Fate
Void Bolt + Void Eruption
Void Torrent
Shadow Crash
Mind Blast + Shadowy Insight Proc
Voidform Stacks
Haste Percentage
Twin's Painful Touch
Lust Tracker
Shadow Priest
[7.2.5] Shadow Priest Main CD Tracker (Large)
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 28th 2017 User Publik Views 30,894 Comments 0 Stars 5
- Adjusted duration active trigger for Mindbender and Shadowfiend to countdown more properly than the in-game totem tracker. It should no longer go negative and display the duration more real-world like.

- Added 2pc tracker to bottom left of Mind Blast tracker

- Inital support for Mindbender

- Condensed the WA via the new update utilizing the new conditions function.

- Added current Duration of SF when it is up

- Changed SF timing to reflect 4/4 in the Fiending Dark Trait.
- Added more logic for when to pop SF based off of lust/VF buffs/debuffs

- Changed SF timing to reflect 2/4 in the Fiending Dark Trait

- Changed SF timing to reflect 1/4 in the Fiending Dark Trait

- Added SF to flash when Lust has 13 seconds left, or when PI has 13 seconds left
- Added SI support to Mind Blast

Basic Shadow Priest CD Tracker for the main things in your rotation. More information can be found here:

This is a collection of 11 auras:

Mind Blast - Off (icon)
Mindbender - Off (icon)
Mind Blast - On (icon)
Mindbender - On (icon)
Background (texture)
Vampiric Touch - On Refresh (icon)
Vampiric Touch - On (icon)
SW:P - ON Refresh (icon)
SW:P - ON (icon)
Vampiric Touch - Off (icon)
SW:P - Off (icon)
Shadow PriestDamage DealingPvE Utility
Nemo discipline
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A WA Set match the disc priest style - Perfect balance and bound between Light and shadow

** The light wrath bar is in other thread

Emergency fix :There's a bug for the first version that the shadow wing won't show unless you reload, updated
the code at 2018/6/28 2:44 UTC3,plz copy the strings again

You can also visit at my thread (in Chinese)

All you need to know is in the illustrate in the demo picture!


[email protected]

This is a collection of 25 auras:

Rapture icon (progresstexture)
shadowfen cd (progresstexture)
mindbender cd (progresstexture)
evangelism cd (progresstexture)
Rapture activated (model)
WING Rapture (model)
WING Mindbender (model)
WING Shadowfen (model)
turu (icon)
Sheild Texture (model)
Sheild CD (aurabar)
Radiance Texture 1 (model)
radiance1 ready (icon)
radiance2 ready 2 (icon)
Radiance Texture 2 (model)
Radiance Texture 3 (model)
radiance 1 (aurabar)
radiance 2 (aurabar)
radiance bottom (texture)
Penace texture (model)
shadow_side texture (model)
Penace prograss (aurabar)
Mana (aurabar)
mana % 2 (text)
rapture cd (text)
Discipline Priest