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The plea icon in the center of the screenshot for atonement count is an action bar set to allow click through. Getting an accurate atonement count with WA was proving to be too much work. Bartender works really well for this.

To get the plea icon using Bartender:
1. Create a new profile "Disc priest" or use some other name. If you already have a custom profile then use the "Copy From" feature to duplicate all the bar positions you have now.
2. "Disc Priest" profile should already be loaded but select it in "Existing Profiles" if it is not.
3. Choose 1 of the action bars that is disabled (I use 10) and enable it.
4. In General Tab set scale to 1.5.
5. In General Tab set rows to 1 and buttons to 1.
6. In General Tab check the box that says Click-Through under Button Look.
7. Under Positioning tab set x offset to -33 and y offset to -183 (or just unlock the frame and drag until it looks right).
8. Under Profiles click the Use Spec Profiles button and set "Disc Priest" for Discipline spec. Be sure to use your regular profile for Holy and Shadow and any other classes you play. This will ensure that the action bar 10 will only be enabled when you are in discipline spec.

This is a collection of 31 auras:

Purge The Wicked (aurabar)
SW Pain (aurabar)
Mana DISC (aurabar)
Mana Low DISC (aurabar)
Mana Lower DISC (aurabar)
PWS (icon)
PWS CD (icon)
Purify (icon)
Purify CD (icon)
Penance (icon)
Penance CD (icon)
divine star (icon)
divine star cd (icon)
Halo (icon)
Halo CD (icon)
lights wrath (icon)
lights wrath CD (icon)
shadow fiend (icon)
shadow fiend CD (icon)
mind bender CD (icon)
mind bender (icon)
Rapture (icon)
Rapture CD (icon)
pain suppression (icon)
pain suppression CD (icon)
pw barrier (icon)
pw barrier CD (icon)
feather 1 (aurabar)
feather 2 (aurabar)
feather 3 (aurabar)
feather CD (aurabar)
Discipline Priest