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Insanity Bar (7.1.5 / 2017-01-21)
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 21st 2017 User Twintop Views 156,000 Comments 19 Stars 64
Tracks your current Insanity level, time remaining in Voidform, and expected stacks at the end.

When updating to a new version, COMPLETELY REMOVE the old version first, "/console reloadui", install the new version, and "/console reloadui" again!

-Right Side Text:
--Shows current Insanity %.
--Shows incoming Insanity gains from either hardcasting or Shadowy Apparitions (if Auspicious Spirits is talented).
-Left Side Text:
--Shows current Haste%.
--Outside Voidform, shows how many Lingering Insanity stacks you have (if you have any).
---Inside Voidform, shows how many stacks of Voidform you currently have as well as how many more stacks you will be able to gain before exiting Voidform.
-Center Text:
--Shows how long you have until you will exit Voidform, and, what the current Insanity drain per second is (not including Void Torrent or Dispersion reducing it to 0).
-Line denotes your threshold for being able to toggle Voidform on, depending on your talent choices (Legacy of the Void).
-Bar flashes white and changes color when you are able to enter Voidform.
-Colors progress to darker shades of purple as you move from: unable to toggle Voidform, can toggle Voidform, and finally to in Voidform.
-At the end of Voidform, the bar color changes from purple to yellow when you have between 1 - 2 GCDs until you will exit, red when you have under 1 GCD until you will exit.
-If you are hardcasting a spell that generates insanity, the position of the bar after you complete casting is denoted by the White bar. Likewise, the white text "xx + " in front of the current Insanity text is the raw amount of Insanity you will gain at the end of your cast.
-If you have the Auspicious Spirits Tracker Weak Aura enabled (just the trigger, the icon/GUI is optional!), then the lighter purple bar denotes the position of the Insanity bar once all active Shadowy Apparitions strike their targets. Likewise, the lighter purple text "xx +" in front of the current Insanity (or hardcast Insanity) text is the raw amount of Insanity you will gain when all current SAs strike their targets.
-Tracks when channelling Void Torrent or Dispersion and adjusts the time remaining accordingly.
-Accounts for current latency in the time remaining.
-Choose whether or not to print out a summary to chat after each Surrender to Madness (or Voidform).
-To edit the colors of the bar and text, resize the bar, change the font size, or (NEW) change what text is displayed in the left/middle/right of the bar, see the "Options and Trigger" aura, Actions Tab, Init section.

This is a collection of 12 auras:

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Insanity Bar - Text - Left (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Middle (text)
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Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 1 (texture)
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Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 2 (texture)
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WEAKAURA Updated Jan 16th 2017 User Ipse Views 50,970 Comments 73 Stars 53
7.1.5 Update

My ElvUI profile:

The Insanity Bar is not mine, I have borrowed Twintop's. The original can be found here: , even if you are using my aura suite, drop by the priest discord or his wago and show him some love for this amazing aura.

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

- Fixed an issue with the legendary belt

- Added pandemic timers

- Updated insanity bar

- Now works on all language clients

New holy layout

- Another legendary belt fix

- Fixed the overlapping of PI and Dispersion ( i'm a monkey )
- Added Twintop's Auspicious Spirits bar and icon tracker ( )
- Cleaned up the insanity bar a little
- Fixed Shadow Word: Death, reaper of souls tracking ( should no longer be grey when the target is below 35% )

- Fixed an issue with the legendary belt

- Added support for the shadow priest belt (Mangaza's Madness) to show 2 mind blast charges when equipped

- Fixed Light of T'uure cd aura

- The notification to tell you when you're not in shadowform should now only load for shadow priests

- Void Bolt should now pulse after coming off cooldown, to make it more visable
- Added a LotV marker
- Got Twintop's insanity bar working agian (it flashes when you can use void eruption now too c: )

(27/10) - actually imported the new string, thanks Shaydera
- Added a little something to tell you when you're not in shadowform
- Moved the dispersion timer and added a twist of fate timer
- Moved Shadow Word: Death to the first row
- Added trackers for dispersion, mindbender, shadowfiend, void ray and mind spike

- Added Holy Priest auras
- Fixed the Discipline mana bar
- Updated the insanity bar ( it isn't mine, i've tweaked Twintop's bar, if you're after the original you can find it here, even if you're not after it, go show the man some love he's an absolute genius <3)
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