Reventoni's Shadow (Beta) [7.2.5 Legion] [EN/RU clients]
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These WeakAuras made with Insanity Bar by Twintop. Nearly all talents support + cloak legendary (Zeks Exterminatus) support!

[EN] Working both on English and Russian WoW clients!
[RU] Работает как и на английском, так и на русском клиенте WoW!


Working with ALL talents expect Shadow Word: Void.
Attention: WeakAuras are in beta version. Some functions will be added later on. Also if you don't like something in WeakAura then you can freely leave your comment here.

Author' shadow priest: Nixburg (Никсбург)

Author's discord - Reventoni#1971
You can feel free to add and ask some questions about WeakAuras.


P.S. Insanity Bar by Twintop credit:

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Mend's Cursor WeakAura (Discipline 7.2.5)
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 15th 2017 User Mend Views 15,213 Comments 4 Stars 7
This WA is anchored to your cursor and will do the following:

GCD Tracker
Power Word: Shield Cooldown
Penance Cooldown
DoT Duration - This will glow when under 5 seconds left on duration and pulse when no DoT is present.
Blue Circle - Dispel CD
Purple Circle - Shadowfiend/Mindbender active time remaining
Red text below cursor - Rapture active duration
Two boxes below cursor - Power Word: Radiance tracker.
Green Bar + Whistle Noise: Disc 4pc proc

Smite Advisor (Atonement count) works as follows: (original by klemm & potato:
The text is the Atonement count in the raid.
The color represents the predicted HPM from the smite cast.
Green = Very good HPM
Yellow = Passable HPM
Orange = Poor HPM
Red = Terrible HPM .

Power Word: Radiance Tracker -
Incorporated a slightly modified version of the PW:R tracker uploaded by Jayde and made by Permok. This tracker allows you to see your stacks of PW:R and when they will recharge. It also will tell you when to not use your PW:R casts if within a certain window before Evangelism comes off cooldown.

Will turn red when:
1 stack < 18 seconds
0 stack < 36 seconds

Clearly you should use your own judgment with this information.

1. Download and install Masque -
2. Download and install Serenity skin for Masque -
3. In game, type /masque
4. A window will appear where you can see some options. You'll want to hit the + sign next to WeakAuras.
5. I named the WeakAuras's with periods in the front so they would show on the top of the list that appears. You can click on each of those WeakAuras and select the Serenity skin from the drop down.

This will ensure only those WeakAuras change to the new circle icon and leaves the other WeakAuras as they are.

If you have questions about this WeakAura, you can contact me on the Focused Will Discord:
Discipline Priest