Mellt´s Shadow Priest All in 1 [7.1.5 updated]
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Hi everybody i´m Mellt and this is my Weakaura String for Shadow Priest.
Inspired by many other great Weakauras i made my own Weakaura style and i hope u guys will like it!!!

*Updated with legi bellt & cloak*
*updated Health Bar*
*updated Whispers in the dark*

3 Pictures:
1. in fight
2. out of fight
3. all Weakauras

in the middle of the Weakaura is a gcd timer bar in class colour.

This is a collection of 70 auras:

Power Word: Shield CD (icon)
Silence CD (icon)
Mind Bomb (icon)
Psychic Scream (icon)
Pots (icon)
Fade CD (icon)
Mass Dispel CD (icon)
Blessed Dawnlight Medallion CD (icon)
Surrender to Madness CD (icon)
Every Man for Himself CD (icon)
ShadowPriestMana (aurabar)
ShadowPriestBackround (progresstexture)
Vampiric Touch Duration (aurabar)
Vampiric Touch Duration missing (aurabar)
Shadow Word: Pain Duration (aurabar)
Shadow Word: Pain Duration missing (aurabar)
Shadowform (icon)
Shadowform Missing (icon)
Lingering Insanity (icon)
Voidform (icon)
Void Bolt Ready (icon)
Void Bolt CD (icon)
Void Eruption Ready (icon)
Void Eruption CD (icon)
Mind Blast Ready (icon)
Mind Blast CD (icon)
Void Torrent Ready (icon)
Void Torrent Ready 2 (icon)
Void Torrent CD (icon)
Power Infusion Ready (icon)
Power Infusion Active (icon)
Power Infusion CD (icon)
Shadow Crash Ready (icon)
Shadow Crash CD (icon)
Mindbender Ready (icon)
Mindbender CD (icon)
Placeholder (icon)
Shadowfiend Ready (icon)
Shadowfiend CD (icon)
Dispersion Ready (icon)
Dispersion CD (icon)
Vampiric Embrace (icon)
Vampiric Embrace Acive (icon)
Vampiric Embrace CD (icon)
SWD - Charges1 (text)
SWD - Charges2 (text)
SWD1 (icon)
SWD1a (icon)
SWD2 (icon)
SWD3 (icon)
Shadow Word: Death BG (icon)
SAs Count (icon)
AS Trigger (text)
Auspicious Spirits BG (icon)
Shadowy Insight BG (icon)
San'layn BG (icon)
ShadowPriestCurrentMana (text)
GCD (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Auspicious Spirits Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Border - Insanity Ready (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Casting Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Main Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 2 (texture)
Insanity Bar - Options and Trigger (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Left (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Middle (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Right (text)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 2 (texture)
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