Priest Discipline Power Word: Shield Damage Absorb [Party]
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Absorb Bar Party 1 [Tank]
Absorb Bar Player [MW]
Absorb Bar Party 2
Absorb Bar Party 3
Absorb Bar Party 4

"This progress bar shows the total absorbs on the player relative to his maximum health."
Altered to be for Party and given Life Cocoon icons from;

Shows in 5 man dungeons.
To change %; Load > scroll all the way down > click tick in front of Instance Type > click any of the types on, ie, World = No Instance.

To set the bar up as Vertical;
/wa > click Monk Mistweaver Life Cocoon Damage Absorb group > Group tab > Distribute Vertically > set to the number you want the bars to be spaced between.

Player is second due to being set to "Roles" on Grid2 for sorting. This is also the way the default UI sorts raid frames. This places Healer as second in organisation.
An import Grid2 health bars can be found here;

If the healer is in an alternative position to the second spot on your bars, edit the ones affected accordingly;
You Are Tank Role:
Tank [Player] > Healer [Party1] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Healer Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Player] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Dps Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Party2] > Dps [Player] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]

Change the Player, or Party1-4, to alternating phrases. Ie, change Player to Party1 and Party1 to Player, if these are in wrong spots.
Change; Trigger > Custom Trigger >
function(event, unit)
if event == "UNIT_ABSORB_AMOUNT_CHANGED" and unit == "player" then
return (UnitGetTotalAbsorbs("player") > 0)

Change; Trigger > Custom Untrigger >
return (UnitGetTotalAbsorbs("player") == 0)

Change; Trigger > Duration Info >
return UnitGetTotalAbsorbs("player") , UnitHealthMax("player"), true

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