DBM, Atonements, CDs, and PtW scaled with boss/target health and remaining time to kill
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Using the classic TimeToDie code, this weakaura will align boss health & absorb, boss timers, atonements, cooldowns, and debuffs in one symmetric bar. With the purpose to provide a much needed perspective for how all of the above coincide. As an example: consider Kil'jaeden, will you push the boss to phase two before next armageddon? This can be tricky to answer on the fly, but trivialised by this weakaura.

warning: I am fairly new to coding in lua and weakauras, and there are likely a few buggs floating about.

Usage - Latest Version
The weakaura will shown on Boss1, Boss2, Boss3, or Target, respectively in that order, during combat. And should function as a way, for Discipline priests, to align your healing with incoming raid wide damage. Note: I'v tried to optimise the code extensively, and I believe it to currently run smoothly. But if you notice a massive fps drop, this weakaura could be the cause. If you end up downloading this, please comment on how you used it/a feature or would have liked to use it/a feature, and any visual critique is much appreciated.

Implementation (not necessary)
1. The weakaura is in it's early stage, and I am unsure of how much and what to track. I would recommend removing any tracking that you think bloat the bar.

2. Similarly to using baseline deadly boss mods, this weakaura, benefit by restricting the push notification from deadly boss mods. I would suggest the user, if you havnt already;
  • /dbm

  • Bosses => raid* => boss*

  • scroll down to bars

  • toggle the timers which affect you.

  • Brief thoughts on this; ideally you would, at most, show two to four timers, which should all directly change your play style.i.e. as a healer I do not care about the eels on mistress or the small glaives on sisters, but what I do care about is the hydra shot or embrace of the eclipse, which will force me to apply atonements up to ten seconds in advance and pool healing for those precise moments. Having any non-gamechanging timers shown will only bloat your view.

    3. I use Elvui flat bar graphic, Masque (Elegance: Dark), and FrancoisOne as font.

    Includes (UPDATED - July 13)
    Boss health,
    -boss health % markers.
    -red (<5s)
    -yellow (<10s)
    -green (<inf) remaining time, all shown in different color.
    -atonement counter.
    Deadly Boss Mods (if installed),
    -outlined important boss timers in Tomb of Sargeras (Works only on english clients).
    Player cooldowns,
    -Evangelism, PW:Barrier, PW:Radiance, MB, LW, PI, and Rapture,
    Debuffs on boss,
    -PW:R (Purge the Wicked),

    Latest Version (UPDATED - July 15)
  • The frame will now center in the middle of the screen; anchoring the current health indication at the very center, i.e. the bar will slide in inverse with the remaining health.

  • The entire weakaura will now only show while in Discipline spec.
  • Discipline PriestPvE UtilityTomb of Sargeras
    Mend's Cursor WeakAura (Discipline 7.2.5)
    WEAKAURA Updated Jul 14th 2017 User Mend Views 12,181 Comments 4 Stars 4
    This WA is anchored to your cursor and will do the following:

    GCD Tracker
    Power Word: Shield Cooldown
    Penance Cooldown
    DoT Duration - This will glow when under 5 seconds left on duration and pulse when no DoT is present.
    Blue Circle - Dispel CD
    Purple Circle - Shadowfiend/Mindbender active time remaining
    Red text below cursor - Rapture active duration
    Two boxes below cursor - Power Word: Radiance tracker.
    Green Bar + Whistle Noise: Disc 4pc proc

    Smite Advisor (Atonement count) works as follows: (original by klemm & potato: https://wago.io/Nk57A0V3G)
    The text is the Atonement count in the raid.
    The color represents the predicted HPM from the smite cast.
    Green = Very good HPM
    Yellow = Passable HPM
    Orange = Poor HPM
    Red = Terrible HPM .

    Power Word: Radiance Tracker - https://wago.io/Vk2y7fqfX
    Incorporated a slightly modified version of the PW:R tracker uploaded by Jayde and made by Permok. This tracker allows you to see your stacks of PW:R and when they will recharge. It also will tell you when to not use your PW:R casts if within a certain window before Evangelism comes off cooldown.

    Will turn red when:
    1 stack < 18 seconds
    0 stack < 36 seconds

    Clearly you should use your own judgment with this information.

    1. Download and install Masque - https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/masque
    2. Download and install Serenity skin for Masque - https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/masque_serenity
    3. In game, type /masque
    4. A window will appear where you can see some options. You'll want to hit the + sign next to WeakAuras.
    5. I named the WeakAuras's with periods in the front so they would show on the top of the list that appears. You can click on each of those WeakAuras and select the Serenity skin from the drop down.

    This will ensure only those WeakAuras change to the new circle icon and leaves the other WeakAuras as they are.

    If you have questions about this WeakAura, you can contact me on the Focused Will Discord: https://discord.gg/zfKTexC
    Discipline Priest