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Ipse's WA's - Priest
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 16th 2017 User Ipse Views 50,970 Comments 73 Stars 53
7.1.5 Update

My ElvUI profile: https://wago.io/4yKAq5eVf

The Insanity Bar is not mine, I have borrowed Twintop's. The original can be found here: https://wago.io/4yfC0kJVW , even if you are using my aura suite, drop by the priest discord or his wago and show him some love for this amazing aura.

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord: https://discord.gg/hFtCmkr

Change Log

- Fixed an issue with the legendary belt

- Added pandemic timers

- Updated insanity bar

- Now works on all language clients

New holy layout

- Another legendary belt fix

- Fixed the overlapping of PI and Dispersion ( i'm a monkey )
- Added Twintop's Auspicious Spirits bar and icon tracker ( https://wago.io/EJBhpyJE- )
- Cleaned up the insanity bar a little
- Fixed Shadow Word: Death, reaper of souls tracking ( should no longer be grey when the target is below 35% )

- Fixed an issue with the legendary belt

- Added support for the shadow priest belt (Mangaza's Madness) to show 2 mind blast charges when equipped

- Fixed Light of T'uure cd aura

- The notification to tell you when you're not in shadowform should now only load for shadow priests

- Void Bolt should now pulse after coming off cooldown, to make it more visable
- Added a LotV marker
- Got Twintop's insanity bar working agian (it flashes when you can use void eruption now too c: )

(27/10) - actually imported the new string, thanks Shaydera
- Added a little something to tell you when you're not in shadowform
- Moved the dispersion timer and added a twist of fate timer
- Moved Shadow Word: Death to the first row
- Added trackers for dispersion, mindbender, shadowfiend, void ray and mind spike

- Added Holy Priest auras
- Fixed the Discipline mana bar
- Updated the insanity bar ( it isn't mine, i've tweaked Twintop's bar, if you're after the original you can find it here, https://wago.io/4yfC0kJVW even if you're not after it, go show the man some love he's an absolute genius <3)
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Mellt´s Disci Priest All in 1
WEAKAURA Updated Nov 29th 2016 User Mellt Views 2,747 Comments 0 Stars 0
Hi everybody i´m Mellt and this is my Weakaura String for Diszi Priest.
Inspired by many other great Weakauras i made my own Weakaura style and i hope u guys will like it!!!

3 Pictures:
1. in fight
2. out of fight
3. all Weakauras

in the middle of the Weakaura is a gcd timer bar in class colour.

I also added a Holy and Shadow Priest Weakaura here.

This is a collection of 52 auras:

Angelic Feather 2 (icon)
Angelic Feather stacks 2 (icon)
Purify CD 2 (icon)
Mass Dispel 2 CD 2 (icon)
Psychic Scream CD 2 (icon)
Fade 2 CD 2 (icon)
Reg Pots CD 2 (icon)
Cocoon of the Enforced Solitude CD 2 (icon)
Shining Force CD (icon)
Every Man for Himself 2 CD 2 (icon)
DisciPriestMana (aurabar)
DisziPriestBackround (progresstexture)
Schism Duration (aurabar)
Schism Duration missing (aurabar)
Castigation (aurabar)
The Penitent (aurabar)
Shadow Word: Pain Duration 2 (aurabar)
Shadow Word: Pain Duration missing 2 (aurabar)
Rapture Ready (icon)
Rapture Active (icon)
Rapture CD (icon)
Power Word: Shield Ready (icon)
Power Word: Shield CD 2 (icon)
Penance Ready (icon)
Penance CD (icon)
Power of the Dark Side Ready (icon)
Power of the Dark Side CD (icon)
Mindbender Ready (icon)
Minbender CD (icon)
Power Infusion Ready 2 (icon)
Power Infusion Active 2 (icon)
Power Infusion CD 2 (icon)
Twist of Fate Active (icon)
Twist of Fate CD (icon)
Contrition (icon)
Pain Suppression Ready (icon)
Pain Suppression CD (icon)
Power Word: Barrier Ready (icon)
Power Word: Barrier Active (icon)
Power Word: Barrier CD (icon)
Clarity of Will Ready (icon)
Divine Star Ready 2 (icon)
Divine Star CD 2 (icon)
Halo Ready 2 (icon)
Halo CD 2 (icon)
Light's Wrath Ready (icon)
Light's Wrath CD (icon)
DisciPriestCurrentMana (text)
GCD 3 (aurabar)
mana cost (text)
atonement count (text)
Atonement (aurabar)
Discipline Priest
Tal's Disc Priest HUD v1.4 - Legion Ready
WEAKAURA Updated Nov 27th 2016 User Tal Views 14,307 Comments 1 Stars 8
Updated 28/11/2016
* Added tracker above the SW:P/PTW timer (top left) to indicate lowest Atonement duration
* Added more Atonement colours! Green 1-6, yellow 7-12, red 13-18
* Added number of Atonements out, this is displayed in the Atonement bar on the right hand side.
* Fixed an issue with the ToF placeholder!

Updated 27/10/2016
* Added SW:P/Purge the Wicked DoT timer above the HUD, this will pulse when the dot has hit pandemic.
* Moved Fiend/Bender due to nerfs to the CD bar, PW:S has taken it's place in the HUD!
* Added ToF and Contrition placeholders when spec'd into these
* Fixed alignment issues with some icons and atonement bar

Updated 11/9/2016
* Added Overloaded in Light as a glow above the HUD
* Changed PotDS to display as a 'glowing' penance icon

Compilation of Disc Priest WeakAura's

The current WA is dynamic and will shift and change accommodating talent changes. These WA's were based/inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF49o9rl1c4

For any questions/suggestions about these Weak Aura's you can find me at this discord; https://discord.gg/ShRhBUv

Please note, the Atonement tracker in this set is to give you an idea/indication on how many Atonements you have out to further indicate if Plea will be worth casting

Twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/soupavixen
Twitter: http://twitter.com/soupavixen

What you can find in this WA:

Above HUD
SW:P/PTW Dot Timer
Overloaded in Light (Aura glow behind HUD)

Penance/PotDS (Left)
PW:S (Right)

Timers & Bars
Rapture (Top)
Number of Atonements (Middle)
Power Infusion/Twist of Fate (Bottom)

If your WA's are greyed out, it is a problem with Masque. All you need to do is disable that addon.

To get your WA's to look like mine, use Addonskins, an addition to ElvUI
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