Healer Priest Weak Aura HUD v1
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This is a collection of 54 auras:

Desperate Prayer - UP (icon)
Desperate Prayer CD (icon)
HW-glow 2 (model)
Sanctuary CD bar 2 (aurabar)
HW-glow2 2 (model)
Holy Word: Sanctify CD bar 2 (aurabar)
Apotheosis-Timer-Bar 2 (aurabar)
Apotheosis-Timer-Bar-bg 2 (texture)
Hope-Timer-Bar 2 (aurabar)
Innervate-Timer-bar (aurabar)
blessing (aurabar)
Guardian spirit-UP 2 (icon)
Guardian spirit-CD 2 (icon)
Holy Word: Sanctify-UP 2 (icon)
Holy Word: Sanctify-CD 2 (icon)
Holy Word: Serenity-UP 2 (icon)
Holy Word: Serenity-CD 2 (icon)
Holy Word: Chastise-UP (icon)
Holy Word: Chastise-CD (icon)
Hymn-UP 2 (icon)
Hymn-CD 2 (icon)
Apotheosis-UP 2 (icon)
Apotheosis-CD 2 (icon)
Circle of Healing-UP 2 (icon)
Circle of Healing-CD 2 (icon)
Prayer of Mending-UP 2 (icon)
Prayer of Mending-CD 2 (icon)
Purify-UP 2 (icon)
Purify-CD 2 (icon)
Symbol of Hope-UP 2 (icon)
Symbol of Hope-CD 2 (icon)
D-Star-CD (icon)
D-Star-up 2 (icon)
Halo-CD (icon)
Halo-up 2 (icon)
Divinity-Pp-Timer 2 (icon)
Divinity Talent selected 2 (icon)
benediction Talent selected 3 (icon)
Guardian angel Talent selected 4 (icon)
Light of the Narru Talent selected 5 (icon)
Arcane-UP 2 (icon)
arcane-cd (icon)
Desperate Prayer-up (icon)
Desperate Prayer-cd (icon)
Body and soul-up (icon)
Body and soul-cd (icon)
Angelic Feather-up 2 (icon)
Angelic Feather-CD (icon)
Light of T'uure up (icon)
Light of tuure-CD (icon)
mana % (text)
Mana 2 (aurabar)
Blessingwing 4 (progresstexture)
Blessingwing 3 (progresstexture)
Discipline PriestHoly Priest
(Beta) Priest all-in-one (boss timer, atonement, cds, insanity...) bar
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 4th 2017 User Mikkelsen Views 6,120 Comments 9 Stars 3
This is a group of bars and icons that will accurately align the vital information respective to their spec. As an example, for Discipline priests we track atonements, boss timers, purge the wicked, and innervates, with the purpose to simplify proactive healing.

Implementation (not necessary)
1. The weakaura is in it's early stage, and I am unsure of how much and what to track. I would recommend removing any tracking that you think bloat the bar.

There are two weakaura groups I use in combination, that will automatically position themselves correctly. The first work for all three specs, https://wago.io/Hyd4LlGDb , and the latter only for shadow, https://wago.io/SyavUeGwb . These two weakaura groups, will show the remaining abilities that should be tracked for each spec.

2. Similarly to using baseline deadly boss mods, this weakaura, benefit by restricting the push notification from deadly boss mods. I would suggest the user, if you havnt already;
  • /dbm

  • Bosses => raid* => boss*

  • scroll down to bars

  • toggle the timers which affect you.

  • Brief thoughts on this; ideally you would, at most, show two to four timers, which should all directly change your play style.i.e. as a healer I do not care about the eels on mistress or the small glaives on sisters, but what I do care about is the hydra shot or embrace of the eclipse, which will force me to apply atonements up to ten seconds in advance and pool healing for those precise moments. Having any non-gamechanging timers shown will only bloat your view.

    3. I use Elvui flat bar graphic, Masque (Elegance: Dark), and Homspun as font, and flat grid2 border.

    Includes (UPDATED - Aug 4)
    Deadly Boss Mods (if installed),

    -red (<5s)
    -yellow (<10s)
    -green (<inf) remaining time, all shown in different color.
    -atonement counter.

    -Penance + t20, PW:Shield, PW:Radiance,
    -Light's Wrath True Cast Time,
    -PW:R (Purge the Wicked),
    -Rapture duration

    Holy Word spells

    Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch,
    Insanity bar,
    Void form stacks.

    Latest Version (UPDATED - Aug 4)
  • Instead of focusing on cooldowns, we now look on rotational abilities.

  • Added support for all three priest specs, and also vital weakaura's for those specs.

  • Added support weakauras, that are highly recommended to use together with this setup.

  • Note; that the graphics are not updated.
  • Discipline PriestHoly PriestShadow Priest