Jinstar's Shadow CD Bar
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 13th 2017 User jindeezy Views 3,881 Comments 1 Stars 3
This is a modification and customization of Tal's Shadow CDs. Lots of changes have been made to suit my needs and add some quality of life changes for myself.

To get the same look and feel as the one in the preview pictures, you will need some addons.

I am using ElvUI + AddOnSkins but I've heard you can achieve the same thing by using Masque + Masque ElvUIesque Skin to skin the weak aura icons.

Changes / Additions:
- SW:D (@ 2 Stacks) and Void Torrent will glow when ready to use.
- SW:D shows number of charges.
- Cooldown icons for important DPS spells desaturate when on CD to make it intuitive that it's on CD.
- Cooldown timer is red, and yellow when it's just about to come off CD.
- Certain DPS cooldown spells will bounce to grab your attention to use ASAP.
- Will of the Forsaken has been added if you're Undead.
- Silence has been added.
- Shadowfiend will glow and bounce when Voidform stacks are >= 10.
- Power Infusion will glow and bounce when Voidform stacks are >= 20.
- Added Tomb of Sargera's Trinkets (Sentinel and Tome)
- Added an reminder icon for Second DPS Potion.

This is a collection of 26 auras:

SW:D CD (icon)
SW:D CD Short (icon)
SW:D 1 Charge (icon)
SW:D 2 Charges (icon)
SW:D Zeks Proc (icon)
Void Torrent CD (icon)
Void Torrent CD Short (icon)
Void Torrent Usable (icon)
Shadowfiend CD (icon)
Shadowfiend CD Coming Off (icon)
Shadowfiend Placeholder during VF (icon)
Shadowfiend Placeholder outside VF (icon)
Shadowfiend Ideal Use! (icon)
PW: Shield Shadow (icon)
Power Infusion CD (icon)
Power Infusion CD Coming Off (icon)
Power Infusion Ready (icon)
Power Infusion Ideal Use! (icon)
Dispersion CD (icon)
Dispersion CD Coming Off (icon)
VE (icon)
Mind Bomb CD! (icon)
Silence CD (icon)
Psychic Scream CD (icon)
Shadow Fade (icon)
Will of the Forsaken CD (icon)
Shadow PriestDamage DealingPvE Utility
Jinstar's Shadow Priest UI (7.3 Updated)
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 13th 2017 User jindeezy Views 8,163 Comments 8 Stars 10
This UI is a result of a mash up of Tal's Shadow HUD and Twintop's Insanity Bar. Some heavy customization and modifications have been made to suit my needs and tastes.

Using TwinTop's latest 7.3 updated Insanity Bar w/ Mindbender Tracking.

The row of cooldown icon weak auras shown in the screenshot are separate and can be found here: https://wago.io/EktT7VP3M

The cast bar below the UI is from Gnosis.

To get the same look & feel as I do, you must have these addons to skin the icons.
ElvUI + AddOnSkins -or- Masque w/ Masque ElvUIesque Skin

Changes / Additions:
- Animated Text Indicator for missing VT and SW:P on Target to grab your attention.
- VT & SW:P progress bars flash when less than 6s to remind you to refresh before going into Voidform.
- Single digit timer added to ToF and PI vertical progress bars.
- GCD Bar Added to show when a GCD is happening to efficiently move your toon during that short window.
- Twintop's Insanity bar customized with different text sizes, bar dimensions, and removed some text that added too much information I felt wasn't too necessary to have. Reduction of visual clutter.
- MB and VoiEr will pulsate when ready to cast. You can configure VoiEr to start pulsing at 65 insanity or 85 depending on your gearing.
- A glow has been added to the Mind Blast and Void Bolt icons when ready to be instant casted.
- Cooldown timer text has been changed from white to red. Red when duration is longer than 3, and shifts to Yellow when less than three.
- Mind blast icon also shows charges if using the mind blast belt.
- Mind blast icon will glow when Shadowy Insight is proc'd.
- Icons desaturate when it is on CD to make it intuitive that it cannot be used.
- Insanity bar has the TimeToDie information baked in on the right side to make S2M decisions easier.

- Tal for the Shadow HUD to use as a base.
- Twintop for the Insanity Bar.

This is a collection of 41 auras:

Zeks Exterminatus Proc (texture)
Zeks Exterminatus Proc SW:D Icon (icon)
Insanity Bar - Options and Trigger (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Left (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Middle (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Right (text)
Insanity Bar - Border - Insanity Ready (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Main Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Casting Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Auspicious Spirits Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 2 (texture)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 2 (texture)
Mind Blast CD Long (icon)
Mind Blast CD Short (icon)
Mind Blast Ready (icon)
Mind Blast Shadowy Insight (Instant) (icon)
Mind Blast Charges (text)
Void Torrent Available (icon)
VoiEr Placeholder (icon)
VoiEr Non Ideal (icon)
VoiEr Ideal (icon)
VB CD Long (icon)
VB CD Short (icon)
VB Ready (icon)
ToF Duration Shad 2 (aurabar)
PI Duration Shadow 2 (aurabar)
VT Timer (aurabar)
VT Timer Short (aurabar)
VT Notification (text)
SW:P Duration (aurabar)
SW:P Duration Short (aurabar)
SW:P Notification (text)
DoT BG 2 (aurabar)
Insanity Bar BG (aurabar)
Void Glow 2 (texture)
Void Glow LotV 2 (texture)
Dispersion Helper (text)
Silence Helper (text)
GCD Bar (aurabar)
Shadow Priest
Insanity Bar (7.3.0 / 2017/10/09)
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 10th 2017 User Twintop Views 272,009 Comments 40 Stars 110
Tracks your current Insanity level, time remaining in Voidform, and expected stacks at the end.

When updating to a new version, COMPLETELY REMOVE the old version first, "/console reloadui", install the new version, and "/console reloadui" again!

-Right Side Text:
--Shows current Insanity %.
--Shows incoming Insanity gains from either hardcasting or Shadowy Apparitions (if Auspicious Spirits is talented).
-Left Side Text:
--Shows current Haste%.
--Outside Voidform, shows how many Lingering Insanity stacks you have (if you have any).
---Inside Voidform, shows how many stacks of Voidform you currently have as well as how many more stacks you will be able to gain before exiting Voidform.
-Center Text:
--Shows how long you have until you will exit Voidform, and, what the current Insanity drain per second is (not including Void Torrent or Dispersion reducing it to 0).
-Line denotes your threshold for being able to toggle Voidform on, depending on your talent choices (Legacy of the Void).
-Bar flashes white and changes color when you are able to enter Voidform.
-Colors progress to darker shades of purple as you move from: unable to toggle Voidform, can toggle Voidform, and finally to in Voidform.
-At the end of Voidform, the bar color changes from purple to yellow when you have between 1 - 2 GCDs until you will exit, red when you have under 1 GCD until you will exit.
-If you are hardcasting a spell that generates insanity, the position of the bar after you complete casting is denoted by the White bar. Likewise, the white text "xx + " in front of the current Insanity text is the raw amount of Insanity you will gain at the end of your cast.
-Displays incoming passive Insanity gains from Mindbender if spec'd. Configuration options include: swings or time into the future to show gains, how many swings into the future, and how much time into the future to calculate gains.
-If you have the Auspicious Spirits Tracker Weak Aura enabled (just the trigger, the icon/GUI is optional!), then the lighter purple bar denotes the position of the Insanity bar once all active Shadowy Apparitions strike their targets. Likewise, the lighter purple text "xx +" in front of the current Insanity (or hardcast Insanity) text is the raw amount of Insanity you will gain when all current SAs strike their targets.
-Tracks when channelling Void Torrent or Dispersion and adjusts the time remaining accordingly.
-Accounts for current latency in the time remaining.
-Accounts for items equipped that change the amount of max Insanity you have.
-Choose whether or not to print out a summary to chat after each Surrender to Madness (or Voidform).
-To edit the colors of the bar and text, resize the bar, change the font size, or (NEW) change what text is displayed in the left/middle/right of the bar, see the "Options and Trigger" aura, Actions Tab, Init section.

This is a collection of 12 auras:

Insanity Bar - Options and Trigger (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Left (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Middle (text)
Insanity Bar - Text - Right (text)
Insanity Bar - Border - Insanity Ready (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Main Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Casting Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - Passive Insanity Bar (aurabar)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - LotV Marker 2 (texture)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 1 (texture)
Insanity Bar - Non-LotV Marker 2 (texture)
Shadow PriestDamage DealingPvE Utility
[7.3.0] Publik's Shadow Priest WA's (Condensed Version)
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 8th 2017 User Publik Views 40,738 Comments 0 Stars 12
- Mindbender now glows at 30 stacks
- Removed airhorns

- Removed Norg tracker
- Unified all fonts
- Reorganized auras
- Added Mind Bomb/Silence Trackers for Sephuz Proccing
- Condensed a few auras down
- Removed animations on Mind Blast and Mindbender and replaced with glows

- Adjusted duration active trigger for Mindbender and Shadowfiend to countdown more properly than the in-game totem tracker. It should no longer go negative and display the duration more real-world like.

- Added support for T20 2pc to Mind Blast WA
- Updated AS Aura from Twintop: https://wago.io/EJBhpyJE-

- First pass at adding Mindbender Support

- Updated all auras with new WA update
- Fixing PI and Voidform WAs

Publik's Condensed version of his WA set. Fully updated for 7.2.

New Things:
- Power Infusion now flashes at 20 stacks and above.
- Shadowfiend now flashes when PI/Lust has less than or equal to 22s (for 2/4 in Fiending Dark Trait)
- Mind Blast now supports SI procs, charges are bigger and easier to see
- Voidform/LI should be fixed now
- Haste percentage with VB rotation change (at 140-150% haste you go to VB -> 1 filler -> VB)
- Twin's Painful Touch Support
- Lust Tracker

Missing Twintop's insanity bar, which can be found here: https://wago.io/4yfC0kJVW

More info here: https://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=9400

Aura's Included:
Anund's Seared Shackles
Arcane Torrent
Shadowy Apparitions (AS)
Power Infusion
Sephuz's Secret
Shadow Word: Pain
Vampiric Touch
Shadow Word: Death + Zek's
Twist of Fate
Void Bolt + Void Eruption
Void Torrent
Shadow Crash
Mind Blast + Shadowy Insight Proc
Voidform Stacks
Haste Percentage
Twin's Painful Touch
Lust Tracker
Shadow Priest