Enkey's Rogue All in 1
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Since my previous versions of Rogue weakauras were separated in few groups, and people finding hard to import as that, i made a rework to auras and now this Pack includes all 3 specs.

This weakaura (like previous) track Cooldowns, Buffs, Debuffs etc.
Working with all languages!

Kingsbane stack counter and dmg counter was originaly made by Potato, i just redesigned them.
make sure u check his Assassination weakaura pack: https://wago.io/Assassination

Icon size may vary depending of iconstyle you use (if u use). Weakaura works perfectly with Blizzard default icons (on preview i used "Masque:Newsom" iconstyle). Masque addon have option to apply custom icons only to weakauras so i highly recomend using Masque coz it will help you customize and make weakauras less gameplay impactive while not affecting your other icons.

Put a comment if you find some 'error' or if u like weakaura :) Also u can add me on Discord (eNKey#9139), hit me with problem u have and ill try to fix it :P

Future plans:
Assassination weakauras are, i think, done. Time to give a bit of attention to Outlaw and Subtlety (if u think that something is missing and have any suggestion please give me a hit on discord):P

17.8.2017 Update:
+If u have Soul of the Shadowblade ring equiped (vigor talent legendary ring), ONLY secondary selected talent in that row (Deeper stratagem or Anticipation) will work on weakaura (prevented overlaping of combopoints of 2 selected talents)

15.8.2017 Update:
+Added HeadsUP progress for Feint.
+Utility: Added Kidney Shot tracker.
+Beetween the Eyes moved to utility bar.
+Ghostly Strike changed position.
+Shadow Dance now hide when out of combat on 2 stacks if Enveloping Shadows talent isn't selected.

01.8.2017 Update:
+Delocalized Texts: Auras should now work fine with all languages. (Thanks Darkthod for problem report)
+Added HeadsUP progress for Evasion(Sub, Sin) and Riposte(Outlaw)
Fix: Loading options for ShadowStrike
+Added Surge of Toxins tracker
+Reworked Envenom Buff, Elaborate planing buff and Hemorrhage debuff
+Added Poison Reminder: Working for Deadly Poison and Wound Poison (applying either of this two poisons will remove reminder)
+Added Ghostly Strike debuff tracker
+Added Loaded Dice Buff tracker
+Slice and Dice Empovered by Loaded Dice buff will now Glow

28.7.2017 Update:
Energy bar updated. Now do not require SharedMedia Addon to be installed.
- Utility: Added Crimson Vial cooldown status and buff tracker
-Added ShadowStrike icon while ShadowDance buff is active
-Added cooldown tracker for Death from Above (when DfA <=5 sec)
-Nightblade dot tracker icon colored to red when is <30% for better visibility
-Added tracker for Garrote and Rupture Nightstalker damage boost
-Added tracker for Garrote Subterfuge Talent damage boost
........White color - Normal (non-empowered)
........Orange color - Empowered
........Red Color - Empowered Pandemic
........Green Color - Non-Empowered Pandemic
-Added Garrote Apply reminder (if Garrote is not on CD and target dont have dot applied)
-Added Dense Concoction buff timer and amount of dmg reduction tracker

06.7.2017 Update:
- Now support Anticipation Talent
-Added Finality icon for Death from Above when its available to use.
-Nightblade dot tracker repositioned on top of icon
-Rupture dot tracker repositioned on top of icon
-Slice and Dice buff tracker repositioned on top of icon
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