Potato's Outlaw Auras
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Outlaw auras! Requires this buff tracker.

Updated 21/10/17:
  • Remade the entire thing basically

Updated 16/06/17:
  • General update for 7.2.5
  • Added some talents, made slice and dice look more appropriate

Updated 01/04/17:
  • Changed trinket cooldown to blunderbuss
  • Added more features to the blade flurry aura if you have Shivarran's Symmetry

Updated 17/03/17:
  • Massive overhaul to the display

Updated V1.1.6 10/02/17:
  • Added blunderbuss icon
  • Added hidden blade icon
  • Moved anticipation cps to the top

Updated V1.1.5 10/02/17:
  • Moved the blade flurry indicator out of the RTB group, for better visibility
  • Changed the look of the RTB aura group

Updated V1.1.4 09/02/17:
  • New color scheme
  • Removed stealth icon because it looked bad
  • Added cheat death icon
  • Moved Marked for Death to RTB buff tracker
  • Removed text from buffs under the energy bar

Updated V1.1.3 06/02/17:
  • Fixed Curse of the Dreadblades not glowing while active
  • New RTB timer bar
  • Added text timer to RTB timer for easy reading
  • Added support for deeper strategem, anticipation, and vigor
  • Pistol shot indicator (green energy bar) now flashes gradient when 4 or less seconds are remaining
  • CPs now condensed into a single aura
  • Adjusted font size and added a RTB buff count to the RTB timer bar
  • Ghostly Strike, Feint, and Riposte bars stretched to cover both icons, instead of just the energy bar
  • Added talent cooldowns to the RTB aura
  • Ghostly Strike now flashes on pandemic or missing
Outlaw Rogue
Rogue - Sub
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This is a collection of 70 auras:

1/6 CP (texture)
1/6 CP 1 (texture)
2/6 CP (texture)
2/6 CP 1 (texture)
3/6 CP (texture)
3/6 CP 1 (texture)
4/6 CP (texture)
4/6 CP 1 (texture)
5/6 CP (texture)
5/6 CP 1 (texture)
6/6 CP (texture)
6/6 CP 1 (texture)
1/5 CP (texture)
1/5 CP 1 (texture)
2/5 CP (texture)
2/5 CP 1 (texture)
3/5 CP (texture)
3/5 CP 1 (texture)
4/5 CP (texture)
4/5 CP 1 (texture)
5/5 CP (texture)
5/5 CP 1 (texture)
Energy 3 2 (aurabar)
energy amount 2 (text)
Master of Subtely Buff (aurabar)
Dance Buff (aurabar)
Dance 1 NO CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 No CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 NO CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 No CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 3 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 3 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 NO CD (aurabar)
Dance 1 No CD 1 (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD 1 (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD 1 (aurabar)
DFA CD (aurabar)
DFA CD 1 (aurabar)
MFD CD (aurabar)
MFD CD 1 (aurabar)
Feint (aurabar)
Fein 1 (aurabar)
Timer DFA (text)
TImer Dance (text)
Timer MotMA (text)
Alacrity timer + stack (text)
TImer Master of Subtely (text)
Timer Cd Dance ES (text)
Timer Cd Dance 1 (text)
Timer Cd Dance 2 (text)
Enemies in Range (icon)
TDD (text)
Shadow blades Buff (icon)
Shadow blades CD (icon)
Vanishh (icon)
Finality : Nightblade (icon)
Finality : Evicerate (icon)
SoD CD (icon)
SoD Buff (icon)
ShadowStepp (icon)
Nightbalde (icon)
Gorenaw's Bite CD (icon)
Gorenaw's Bite Buff (icon)
Stack Gorenaw's Bite (text)
Subtlety Rogue