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This is a collection of 70 auras:

1/6 CP (texture)
1/6 CP 1 (texture)
2/6 CP (texture)
2/6 CP 1 (texture)
3/6 CP (texture)
3/6 CP 1 (texture)
4/6 CP (texture)
4/6 CP 1 (texture)
5/6 CP (texture)
5/6 CP 1 (texture)
6/6 CP (texture)
6/6 CP 1 (texture)
1/5 CP (texture)
1/5 CP 1 (texture)
2/5 CP (texture)
2/5 CP 1 (texture)
3/5 CP (texture)
3/5 CP 1 (texture)
4/5 CP (texture)
4/5 CP 1 (texture)
5/5 CP (texture)
5/5 CP 1 (texture)
Energy 3 2 (aurabar)
energy amount 2 (text)
Master of Subtely Buff (aurabar)
Dance Buff (aurabar)
Dance 1 NO CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 No CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 NO CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 No CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 3 CD ES (aurabar)
Dance 3 CD 1 ES (aurabar)
Dance 1 NO CD (aurabar)
Dance 1 No CD 1 (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD (aurabar)
Dance 1 CD 1 (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD (aurabar)
Dance 2 CD 1 (aurabar)
DFA CD (aurabar)
DFA CD 1 (aurabar)
MFD CD (aurabar)
MFD CD 1 (aurabar)
Feint (aurabar)
Fein 1 (aurabar)
Timer DFA (text)
TImer Dance (text)
Timer MotMA (text)
Alacrity timer + stack (text)
TImer Master of Subtely (text)
Timer Cd Dance ES (text)
Timer Cd Dance 1 (text)
Timer Cd Dance 2 (text)
Enemies in Range (icon)
TDD (text)
Shadow blades Buff (icon)
Shadow blades CD (icon)
Vanishh (icon)
Finality : Nightblade (icon)
Finality : Evicerate (icon)
SoD CD (icon)
SoD Buff (icon)
ShadowStepp (icon)
Nightbalde (icon)
Gorenaw's Bite CD (icon)
Gorenaw's Bite Buff (icon)
Stack Gorenaw's Bite (text)
Subtlety Rogue
Rogue WA HUD for all specs
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Basic Rogue WA for all specs
This is just a simple WA i made that show all the important spells for raiding such as tracking when shadow dance is up and its cd and stacks some icons change depending on what talent you run, theres no tier set bonuses involved in this.

Layout is inspired by Tal's Mistweaver Monk HUD -

This is a collection of 80 auras:

BG (texture)
Bars BG (aurabar)
Bar 1 bg (aurabar)
Bar 2 bg (aurabar)
Energy (aurabar)
EnergyMissing (aurabar)
Feint (aurabar)
Energy Text (text)
Nightblade (aurabar)
Nightblade TXT (text)
Rupture (aurabar)
Rupture TXT (text)
Hemorrhage 2 (aurabar)
Garrote (aurabar)
CP BG (aurabar)
CP 1 (aurabar)
CP 2 (aurabar)
CP 3 (aurabar)
CP 4 (aurabar)
CP 5 (aurabar)
CP 6 (aurabar)
True Bearing BG (icon)
True Bearing (icon)
Broadside BG (icon)
Broadsides (icon)
Buried Treasure BG (icon)
Buried Treasure (icon)
Grand Melee BG (icon)
Grand Melee (icon)
Shark Infested Waters BG (icon)
Shark Infested Waters (icon)
Jolly Roger (icon)
Jolly Roger BG (icon)
Adrenaline Rush (icon)
Shadow Dance (icon)
Vendetta (icon)
Opportunities BG (icon)
Opportunities (icon)
Symbols of Death (icon)
Garrote (icon)
Artifact Outlaw (icon)
Artifact Active (icon)
Artifact Sub (icon)
Artifact Assa (icon)
Artifact Active Assa (icon)
Death from Above (icon)
Exsanguinate Main Spells (icon)
Toxic Blades MianBar (icon)
Alacrity MainBar BG (icon)
Alacrity MainBar (icon)
Marked for Death (icon)
Shadow Blades 7-1 (icon)
Slice and Dice BG (icon)
Slice and Dice (icon)
Shadow Blades 2 (aurabar)
Adrenaline Rush Active (aurabar)
Vendetta Active (aurabar)
Shadow Dance Active (aurabar)
Ghostly Strike (aurabar)
Surge of Toxins (aurabar)
Symbols of Death Active (aurabar)
Blind (icon)
Blind 2 (icon)
Toxic Blade Mini (icon)
Toxic Blade Mini 2 (icon)
Shadow Blades (icon)
Between the Eyes (icon)
Kidney Shot (icon)
Crimson Vial (icon)
Alacrity BG (icon)
Alacrity (icon)
Vanish (icon)
Vanish 4 (icon)
Vanish 2 (icon)
Vanish 3 (icon)
Killing Spree (icon)
Cannonball Barrage (icon)
Riposte (icon)
Evasion (icon)
Cloak of Shadows (icon)
Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue
Sub Rogue
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This is a collection of 63 auras:

Empower Rune Weapon 2 (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon CD 2 (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon Back 2 (icon)
Pillar of Frost CD 2 (icon)
Pillar of Frost 2 (icon)
Pillar Of Frost 2 (aurabar)
Hungering rune Weapon 2 (aurabar)
Legendary Helm 2 (aurabar)
HrW Stack 1 2 (aurabar)
HrW Stack Bg 1 2 (aurabar)
HrW Stack 2 2 (aurabar)
HrW Stack Bg 2 2 (aurabar)
Mind Freeze 2 (icon)
Mind Freeze CD 2 (icon)
Focus Glow 2 (icon)
Mind Freeze Glow 2 (icon)
Runic Power 2 (aurabar)
AntiMagicShell 2 (aurabar)
icebound Fortitude 2 (aurabar)
RunicBarFull 2 (model)
RuneB 2 (aurabar)
Background 2 (aurabar)
Dark succor 3 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 4 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 5 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 2 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 3 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 4 (progresstexture)
RunicPower Number 2 (text)
Armyofdead 2 (icon)
Army CD 2 (icon)
Remorseless Winter up 2 (aurabar)
Virulent Plague 2 (icon)
Goremaw (icon)
NO Virulent Plague 2 (icon)
AntiMagic 2 (icon)
Icebound 2 (icon)
Dodge (icon)
Concordance of the Legionfall 2 2 (icon)
a a stone (icon)
engine (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 2 (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 3 (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 4 (icon)
Runic Corruption 2 (icon)
Runic Corruption 3 (icon)
Necrosis 2 (aurabar)
Gorefiend's Grasp Cd 2 (icon)
Gorefiend's Grasp Cd 3 (icon)
Shadow Step (icon)
Shadow Step 3 (icon)
SoulDrinker Text Left 2 (icon)
SoulDrinker Text Right 2 (icon)
SoulDrinker Left 2 (progresstexture)
SoulDrinker Right 2 (progresstexture)
DS 1 (aurabar)
DS 2 (aurabar)
DS 3 (aurabar)
DS 4 (aurabar)
DS 5 (aurabar)
DS 6 (aurabar)
RANGE dk 2 (texture)
DK melee range 3 (text)
Subtlety Rogue
Ipse's WA's - Rogue
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 21st 2017 User Ipse Views 201,690 Comments 47 Stars 107
7.2.5 Update

My ElvUI profile:

Buff Tracker:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log:
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause combo points to not display, or show the wrong max amount

  • Garrote will now show it's cooldown if you don't have it on the target

  • Added a timer for Shuriken Combo
  • Cleaned up Subtlety a little

  • 7.2.5 changes
  • Swapped Finality: Nightblade with Finality: Eviscerate

  • 7.2.5 changes
  • Removed Finality: Eviscerate
  • Removed Blood of the Assassinated

  • Added Feeding Frenzy

  • 7.1.5 Changes

  • Added Finality timers

  • Added a tracker for envenom

  • No longer loads in pet battles

  • Roll the Bones pandemic timer

  • Added pandemic timers

  • Added an Agonizing Poison tracker

  • Now works on all language clients
  • Moved the resource tracker to the middle of the power bar

  • Added a tracker for Blood of the Assassinated

  • Fixed adrenaline rush

Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue