Subtlety 7.2.5
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I've taken WA's that I was using earlier and made from them a bit more detalic one for new subtlety spec.
Links to WA's it came from:
(I can't find second now sorry)

Blue bar - Shadow Dance CD
Blue aura on the middle - Time remaining of Master of Shadows buff
Red aura on the left - Finisher: Eviscerate buff up
Blue aura on the right -Finisher: Nightblade buff up
Little Eviscerate icon on Nighblade dot progression icon - Current Nighblade DoT is buffed by Finisher: Nightblade
Number on the left - Stacks of The Dreadlord's Deceit legendary cloak
Number on the right - Stacks of Shuriken Storm

This is a collection of 33 auras:

Vanish cd (icon)
Vanish (icon)
Shadow step (icon)
Shadow Step cd (icon)
Shadow Blades (icon)
Shadow Blades CD (icon)
Cloak CD (icon)
Cloak (icon)
Evasion cd (icon)
Evasion (icon)
Vial (icon)
Vial cd (icon)
Shuriken Storm Stacks (text)
Shadow Dance CD (progresstexture)
Shadow Dance Stacks (icon)
Finality Evis (texture)
Finality NB (texture)
The Dreadlord's Deceit Stacks (text)
Master of Subtlety Left (progresstexture)
Master of Subtlety Right (progresstexture)
Shadow Blades CD (icon)
Shadow Blades AC (icon)
Shadow Blades popup (icon)
SDM AD (icon)
SDM CD (icon)
SDM BUFF (icon)
NB Finality (icon)
Nighblade DoT (icon)
Feeding Frenzy (icon)
Goremaw's Bite CD (icon)
Goremaw's Bite AC (icon)
Sprint CD (icon)
Sprint (icon)
Subtlety Rogue
Memphisx` Rogue multi spec pack 7.2.5
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This collection contains: all utility buffs, important cooldowns, Lust/Hero indications, debuffs timers, procs and legendary buffs for all 3 specs.
Also there are snapshot and Nightstalker indications for Garrote and Rupture.
Subtlety Finality buffs with % dmg increase.
Feel free to rework it as you want! :)

Outlaw RollTheBones dynamic buffs:

Energy bar can be found here:

Combo Points with all 3 talents below: (not sure how it will work with new ring. hope to get it soon and test) Deeper Stratagem 6CP Deeper Stratagem 6CP background Anticipation 10CP Anticipation 10CP background Vigor 5CP VIgor 5CP background

This is a collection of 100 auras:

tricks 5ppl (icon)
Vanish (icon)
Vanish cd (icon)
XSG nocd (icon)
XSG cd (icon)
Sub art (icon)
Sub art cd (icon)
Alacrity on (icon)
Alacrity off (icon)
KS nocd (icon)
KS cd (icon)
SoD nocd (icon)
SoD cd (icon)
TB nocd (icon)
TB + KB usage (icon)
TB cd (icon)
Garrote (icon)
Garrote cd (icon)
BTE nocd (icon)
BTE cd (icon)
SD 1 (icon)
SD 0 (icon)
Vendetta (icon)
Vendetta cd (icon)
adrenalin (icon)
adrenalin cd (icon)
SB (icon)
SB cd (icon)
mark cd (icon)
mark (icon)
DFA cd (icon)
DFA (icon)
ShS NoCD Sub (icon)
ShS CD1 Sub (icon)
ShS CD2 Sub (icon)
ShS NoCD Assa (icon)
ShS CD Assa (icon)
Hook nocd (icon)
Hook cd (icon)
CoSh nocd (icon)
CoSh cd (icon)
Sprint nocd (icon)
Sprint cd (icon)
Kick nocd (icon)
Kick cd (icon)
Kingsbane nocd (icon)
Kingsbane cd (icon)
CotDB nocd (icon)
CotDB cd (icon)
CotDB buff (icon)
Sub finisher1 (icon)
Sub finisher2 (icon)
Stealth (icon)
Subterfuge (icon)
Feint (icon)
Fial (icon)
Fial + trait assa (icon)
CoSh Buff (icon)
Evasion buff (icon)
Sprint Buff (icon)
Chicken dead (icon)
BloodLust/Heroism (icon)
ShStep buff (icon)
flask reminder (icon)
flask reminder2 (icon)
food reminder (icon)
food reminder2 (icon)
Deadly reminder (icon)
Deadly reminder2 (icon)
BB proc (icon)
Shot proc (icon)
adrenalin buff (icon)
Greenskin buff (icon)
SoD (icon)
Sblades (icon)
SnD (icon)
cleave (icon)
Танец теней (icon)
Master of Subtlety buff (aurabar)
NightBlade on target (icon)
BOOM (icon)
Finishers free sub (text)
Finishers free timer sub (text)
2x roll outlaw (text)
Shurik Combo sub (text)
Rupture (icon)
Garrote 2 (icon)
Kingsbane (icon)
Deadly poison (icon)
Envenom (icon)
BotA (icon)
Slow (icon)
Toxic Blade (aurabar)
Toxins (aurabar)
Vendetta debuff (icon)
t19 dot (icon)
Plan (icon)
FoK Cloak Stacks <27 (icon)
FoK Cloak Stacks >=28 (icon)
Mantle Crit (icon)
Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue