kr3b5' Enhancement WAs 7.3
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WeakAuras for all Talent setups, T20 and most Legendaries (no KJBW) for all languages.

Fully functional in localized clients except for the Alpha Wolf tracker. You will have to change the Totem Name in the triggers of the auras "Enh Alpha Wolf" and "Enh Alpha Wolf OOM" and "Enh Alpha Wolf Up" if you don't use the english client as totems unfortunately cannot be tracked by ID.

Elvui Addonskins recommended.

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers in the default WoW interface options under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

If your Stormstrike WA flickers update to Version 2.4.21 or later of WA2, where this bug got fixed.

Got any questions or suggestions? You can find me in the Earthshrine Discord.

21.10.17changed the Sephuz auras for Wind Shear, Sundering and the CC totems now stay loaded out of combat so their counters don't get reset on trash
19.10.17fixed the glow on the Sephuz auras for Wind Shear, Sundering and the CC totems (These didn't glow for a month and nobody told me!!)
19.10.17changed all auras to take up less space, moved the Frostbrand auras back to second spot in the second row
01.09.17revised all auras and fixed visual inconsistencies, Crash Lightning will now correctly be suggested as a filler during ES over LL
30.08.17fixed "Enha Mana Text", "Enha Mana Text OOM" and "Enha Health Text"
24.07.17fixed "Sundering Sephuz" to only display when talented into Sundering
10.07.17fixed "Crash Lightning 2+ OOM" and "Crash Lightning 2+ Ready" (I broke the trigger logic in v41, definitely update these)
10.07.17changed all Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Hailstorm and Earthen Spike Auras to correctly display at different Maelstrom thresholds while using Fury of Air
09.07.17added "Sephuz CD" and "Sephuz Up"
09.07.17added "Sundering Sephuz", " Totem Sephuz" and "Enha Wind Shear Sephuz"
08.07.17changed "Doom Winds CD" and "Ascendance CD" to always display the lower cooldown one
04.07.17added "T20 4pc"
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