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Update 7.1.5: Added support for Icefury builds and builds that don't use totem mastery. Also changed the Earth Shock button to rotate between the current top priority skills. Added lines to maelstrom bar at 20, 40, 60 and 80.

For Out of Combat Icons use: https://wago.io/VJkS32jQM

This is a complete Elemental Shaman Weak Aura setup. It tracks all of the major spells, cooldowns and procs while maintaining a clean and intuitive UI.

Main Cast: The Left Middle Button will display as the suggested current cast based on your spec.

Flame Shock Helper: Icon lights up if there is < 5 seconds left on the target. Flashes if the target does not have Flame Shock on them.

Lava Burst: Lights up when available. Lava Surge procs maintains original Aura Concept with added fading for duration of proc. The Lava Burst Icon also gets am exclamation mark on it if Flame Shock is not currently on the target

Earth Shock: Lights up with more than 92 Malestrom. Maintained original Aura Graphic to help notice. The Icon will fade in and out to indicate a cast even if you proc the Legendary Boots for multiple casts.

Totems: Will light up if not currently active on player. Also tracks time until they fade

Earthquake: Lights up when castable, also tracks the current number of earth quakes on the field.

Interrupt: Wind Shock shows up in the middle if the Target is casting an interruptible spell. Stays on the screen with a CD timer until it's available again.

I used a combination of the Grpahics from @Notes' Elemental Shaman (https://wago.io/41o79jm0Z) and the layout from @miDniGhT's MM Hunter (https://wago.io/NJIevCZtW). Huge props to both of them for making excellent UIs.
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