Maelstrom Bar ++
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 20th 2017 User Satron Views 9,947 Comments 7 Stars 2
Advanced and Customizable version of the Maelstrom Prediction Bar :

With the options you'll find in Actions>OnInit you can change/set many things :

  • Show Mana Bar

  • Enable Dynamic Earth Shock (showing optimal Ms to spend) or Static

  • Add Markers (individually hideable) : 20 and 50 Ms,Earth Shock

  • Change Textures, Basic Colors (RGBA from 0 to 1)

  • Dynamically change color, either through steps or linear way

  • Show Maelstrom Prediction and take incount or not Totem Mastery

  • Castbar : Bar or Spark (2 anchors possible)

  • Chance Texture at a certain Maelstrom value

  • Play a sound after a certain Maelstrom value (SFX)

  • Many more to come

After importing or changing options, it's highly recommanded to do a simple /reload !
Text Size and Fonts, Main Bar Size can be changed in display.

How to update : copy your previous options, get the new version, change new options (at the top), paste old options just below to replace defaults, save, rename, delete previous.
If you ever skip a version, the latest options will always be at the top, so check if they were or not in your previous one!

If you have an error under the Action>OnInit textbox, try going to the bottom of the text and pressing enter.
Special thanks to Notes and Keyimin for their testings and recommandations!

20th April Fix : Fixing memory leak and mana bar color
To update directly in your version :
1) In the trigger tab, under "event(s)" (a small codebox), delete "FRAME_UPDATE,". You should have "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED,UNIT_POWER" left in there
2) Around line 360 in options (OnInit), replace the whole aura_env.maxHScast() lines with :
aura_env.maxHScast=function() local curr = UnitPower("player",0) local mana_cost = GetSpellPowerCost(8004)[1].cost or 0 local base, casting = GetManaRegen() local _,_,_,_,startTime,endTime,_,_,_= UnitCastingInfo("player") local endTime=endTime or 1000*GetTime() local CastTimeLeft=endTime/1000-GetTime() local ManaRegenerated=CastTimeLeft*casting local ManaAtEnd=ManaRegenerated+curr if curr<mana_cost then return 0 elseif ManaAtEnd<2*mana_cost then return 1 else return 2 end end

14th April Fix : Fixing color step for >100Ms
To update directly in your version :
in aura_env.updateColorBaseBar (around line 307) aura_env.updateColorPredictBar (around line 374)
local maxMs = UnitPowerMax('player',aura_env.powerID)
and replace
if aura_env.predictBarCC[86].s and cap>=aura_env.getESvalue() then cap=86
if aura_env.predictBarCC[86].s and cap>=aura_env.getESvalue()+maxMs-100 then cap=86

28th March Fix : Updating for 125Ms cap
To update directly in your version :
In trigger, around line 15-20 there's
delete it and replace it with :
for k,v in pairs(aura_env.showMarkers) do if v then aura_env.moveMarker(k,k) end if k==86 then aura_env.moveMarker(86,(aura_env.getESvalue()+maxMs-100)) end end
Also, if you havent already done it, remember to change the getESvalue function around line 250 in OnInit with
aura_env.getESvalue=function() if aura_env.EStype=="dynamic" then local curr,max,start,dur = select(1,GetSpellCharges(GetSpellInfo(51505)))--LvB local gcd, gcdDUR = GetSpellCooldown(61304) -- GCD local LvBoffCD if max and max>1 then LvBoffCD=curr>0 else local start,dur=GetSpellCooldown(GetSpellInfo(51505)) LvBoffCD = (start==0) or start+dur==gcd+gcdDUR end return ((LvBoffCD and 86) or 92) else return 92 end end

16th February Fix : Fixing castbar progress
To update directly in your version :
Create a new trigger > custom > status > everyframe
Set custom trigger to :
function() if aura_env.showCastBar=="rectangle" or aura_env.showCastBar=="spark" then aura_env.updateCastBar() end return true end

3rd February Fix : Fixing over-prediction problem (due to Totem Mastery)

To update directly in your version :
Around line 275 in Options, in the function TMTickToCastEnd, change from :
if UnitCastingInfo("player") and aura_env.addTM and aura_env.TMtimer>GetTime() then
To :
if UnitCastingInfo("player") and aura_env.addTM and aura_env.TMtimer>GetTime() and UnitBuff("player",GetSpellInfo(202188)) then
Elemental Shaman
Bondeuz Shaman
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 15th 2017 User Bondeuz Views 851 Comments 0 Stars 1
Own made Elemental Shaman Weakauras.
Rotational spells on cooldown, for all different builds. Dot uptimes and stacks for different spells (ex stormkeeper stacks)
Elemental Burst buffs on the left side C = Critital Strike, M = Mastery, H = Haste.
Maelstrom Bar ++ is not mine and i did not make it, you can find the owner here:
If there are some weakauras in my pack you dont like simply remove them or tell me and i can help you with it.

I use ElvUI to keep the timers of weakauras but that can also be made with OmniCC.
The weakauras are also a bit of "elvui styled" in my pictures which is done by an addon called AddOnSkins.

This is a collection of 34 auras:

Flame Shock (icon)
Flame Shock 2 (icon)
Flame Shock 3 (icon)
Lava Burst (icon)
Lava Burst 2 (icon)
Elemental Burst (icon)
Elemental Burst 2 (icon)
Stormkeeper (icon)
Stormkeeper 2 (icon)
Lightning Rod (icon)
Lightning Rod 2 (icon)
Ascendance (icon)
Ascendance 2 (icon)
Ascendance Bar (aurabar)
Icefury (icon)
Icefury 2 (icon)
Icefury Stacks (text)
Gust of Wind (icon)
Gust of Wind 2 (icon)
Lightning Surge Totem 2 (icon)
Lightning Surge Totem (icon)
Wind Shear (icon)
Wind Shear 2 (icon)
Astral Shift (icon)
Astral Shift 2 (icon)
Fire Elemental (icon)
Fire Elemental 2 (icon)
Maelstrom Bar ++ (aurabar)
Totems (text)
Elemental Focus Stacks (text)
Stormkeeper Stacks (text)
Elemental Burst Buff (text)
Elemental Burst Buff 2 (text)
Elemental Burst Buff 3 (text)
Elemental Shaman
Ipse's WA's - Shaman
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 8th 2017 User Ipse Views 81,106 Comments 20 Stars 51
8/4 - Maelstrom Bugfix

My ElvUI profile:

Buff Tracker:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

- Fixed Landslide

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes ( added a tracker for Lightning Bolt for Overcharge )

-Added a tracker for unleash doom
-Added pandemic timers for flametongue and frostbrand

- Works on every language client
- Moved the resource tracker to the centre
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Added predictive text and an overflow notification

- Added a timer for Alpha Wolf

- Added a tracker for Elemental Focus and Elemental blast ( ty to jarxjarx and asakawa from the wa's discord )

Restoration shaman boys

1/11 - Big Update

- Added timers for power of the maelstrom and stormkeeper
- Moved some timers around
- Added a predictive maelstrom bar

- Added timers for doom winds, ferl spirit and boulderfist
- Moved a lot of timers around
- Fixed Enhancement cooldowns, added timers for firebrand and frostbrand
Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman