kr3b5' Enhancement WAs 7.3
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 15th 2017 User kr3b5 Views 29,178 Comments 2 Stars 16
WeakAuras for all Talent setups, T20 and most Legendaries (no KJBW) for all languages.

Fully functional in localized clients except for the Alpha Wolf tracker. You will have to change the Totem Name in the triggers of the auras "Enh Alpha Wolf" and "Enh Alpha Wolf OOM" and "Enh Alpha Wolf Up" if you don't use the english client as totems unfortunately cannot be tracked by ID.

Elvui Addonskins recommended.

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers in the default WoW interface options under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

If your Stormstrike WA flickers update to Version 2.4.21 or later of WA2, where this bug got fixed.

Got any questions or suggestions? You can find me in the Earthshrine Discord.

01.09.17v50revised all auras and fixed visual inconsistencies, Crash Lightning will now correctly be suggested as a filler during ES over LL
30.08.17v49fixed "Enha Mana Text", "Enha Mana Text OOM" and "Enha Health Text"
24.07.17v45fixed "Sundering Sephuz" to only display when talented into Sundering
10.07.17v42fixed "Crash Lightning 2+ OOM" and "Crash Lightning 2+ Ready" (I broke the trigger logic in v41, definitely update these)
10.07.17v41changed all Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Hailstorm and Earthen Spike Auras to correctly display at different Maelstrom thresholds while using Fury of Air
09.07.17v40added "Sephuz CD" and "Sephuz Up"
09.07.17v39added "Sundering Sephuz", " Totem Sephuz" and "Enha Wind Shear Sephuz"
08.07.17v37changed "Doom Winds CD" and "Ascendance CD" to always display the lower cooldown one
04.07.17v33added "T20 4pc"
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Atrey Enhancement Weak Auras Set 7.3 UPDATED
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 30th 2017 User Atreysham Views 9,013 Comments 0 Stars 0
Includes a full set of weak auras for all talents for enhancement shaman. Now also includes an aura to track the T20 2 set buff (is placed as a number countdown above the flametongue aura)

Updated 23.07.17 to include utility cd trackers for Spirit Walk, Astral Shift, Feral Lunge/Windrush Totem and Wind Shear


This is a collection of the following auras:

Maelstrom > 120 (aurabar)
Maelstrom =< 120 (aurabar)
Maelstrom ( DISABLED BY DEFAULT ) (aurabar)
CL CD (icon)
CL Rdy >20 MS (icon)
CL Rdy <20 MS (icon)
FS CD (icon)
FS Rdy (icon)
WS CD (icon)
WS Rdy (icon)
WS Buff (icon)
HH NoBuff (icon)
HH Buff (icon)
SS CD (icon)
SS Rdy <40 MS (icon)
SS Rdy >=40 MS (icon)
SS SB Rdy <20 MS (icon)
SS SB Rdy >=20 MS (icon)
SS SB Buff >=20 (icon)
SS SB Buff <20 (icon)
Sund CD (icon)
Sund Rdy >= 60 (icon)
Sund Rdy < 60 (icon)
FT NoAura (icon)
FT Aura >4.5 (icon)
FT Aura <4.5 (icon)
FB NoAura >=20MS (icon)
FB NoAura <20 MS (icon)
FB Aura >4.5 (icon)
FB Aura <4.5 (icon)
LS Buff (icon)
LS No Buff (icon)
BF CD (icon)
BF CD 2 (icon)
BF Rdy (icon)
DW CD (icon)
DW Rdy (icon)
DW Buff (icon)
Ascend CD (icon)
Ascend Rdy (icon)
Ascend Buff (icon)
ES CD (icon)
ES Rdy >= 30 (icon)
ES Rdy < 30 (icon)
HT CD Timer (icon)
HT CD (icon)
HT Rdy (icon)
Boulderfist 2 (text)
HH (text)
Crash Lightning 2 (text)
Alpha Wolf 2 (icon)
Enhancement ShamanDamage Dealing
Reventoni's Enhance [7.3 Legion] [EN/RU clients]
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 30th 2017 User Reventoni Views 9,170 Comments 3 Stars 1
These WeakAuras based on Shock's Enhance v1.09, but were modified, localized and updated for 7.3 by Reventoni. All talents + All buffs + 2p/4p T20 support.

[EN] Working both on English and Russian WoW clients!
[RU] Работает как и на английском, так и на русском клиенте WoW!


Working with ALL talents.
Working with 2p T20, 4p T20. Also you will find buffs from Landslide, Earthen Spike, Fury of Air, Flametongue and Frostbrand. Stormbringer procs are working too.
Attention: if you have no hailstorm talent, there will be empty pitch instead of Frostbrand.

Author: Reventoni (Ревентони)

Author's discord - Reventoni#1971
You can feel free to add and ask some questions about WeakAuras.


P.S. WeakAuras based on Shock's Enhance v1.09 for WoW 7.1.5. They were updated for 7.2.5 and modified with new functions. Also fully localized into Russian language.
Shock's Enhance v1.09 -
4p t20 -
Enhancement ShamanGeneral UtilityQuestingDamage DealingPvE Utility
Enhancement Shaman Weakauras 7.2.5
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 11th 2017 User BradA7X Views 2,850 Comments 1 Stars 0
CREDIT TO IPSE FOR THE BASE WEAKAURAS. Decided to take the resource bar that Method Sco uses and mix with Ipse's WA, check Ipse out as he does amazing weakauras for all classes!

RP 1 (aurabar)
RP T (text)
RP 2 (aurabar)
RP 3 (model)
Stormkeeper (icon)
Doom Winds (icon)
Stormstrike (icon)
Stormstrike proc timer (icon)
Elemental burst (icon)
Lava burst CD 2 (icon)
Rockbiter (icon)
Flame shock on (icon)
Windsong (icon)
landslide on (icon)
Hothand off (icon)
sundering (icon)
Fury of air on (icon)
Fury of air off (icon)
Elemental mastery (icon)
Earthen spike (icon)
Ascendance (icon)
feral spirit (icon)
Lightning Bolt (icon)
Crash lightning (icon)
Crash Lightning buff (icon)
Astral shift (icon)
Icefury (icon)
ascendance (icon)
LMT (icon)
Fire Ele (icon)
Storm Ele (icon)
Lightning rod timer (icon)
Lightning rod (icon)
feral lunge (icon)
Rainfall (icon)
WRT (icon)
WRT ele (icon)
Gust of wind (icon)
ancestral guidance (icon)
LST (icon)
Earthgrab (icon)
voodoo totem (icon)
Ascendance Timer (icon)
Flametongue timer (icon)
stormkeeper timer (icon)
Focus timer (icon)
Elemental mastery timer (icon)
Doom Winds Timer (icon)
FS Timer (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime (icon)
Frostbrand timer (icon)
Power of the Maelstrom (icon)
Power of the Maelstrom 2 (icon)
Elemental blast 2 (icon)
predictive MS (aurabar)
predictive MS 2 (aurabar)
Flameshock w/ Elemental Focus (icon)
Enhancement Shaman