Enhancement Shaman [Patch 7.2.5] (No Legendary Support)
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 16th 2017 User Xeveran Views 3,900 Comments 4 Stars 4

Version 8 of this collection includes the following changes:

  • Updated the collection to add support for gear sets that don't have the T20 2-piece set bonus. However, if the set bonus is active, the aura collection will recommend Crash Lightning in the single target rotation.

Ascendance (level 100 talent) support may be added in a future version. For now, the talent build outlined in Version 7 is still required for this collection to function properly.


Version 7 of this collection includes the following changes:

  • Updated the collection to support a new talent build. Note: The current version of the collection requires that you have the 2-piece T20 set bonus. The collection will recommend the use of Crash Lightning in single target situations if the Lightning Crash buff is missing.
  • The following talent build should be used with this version:

    • Level 15: Boulderfist
    • Level 30: Any
    • Level 45: Any
    • Level 60: Ancestral Swiftness
    • Level 75: Tempest
    • Level 90: Crashing Storm
    • Level 100: Earthen Spike

Version 6 of this collection includes the following changes:
  • Converted many auras that used custom triggers to check by events instead of every frame to improve performance.
  • Changed load conditions so that all auras now load if an attackable, live (not dead) target is selected or if the player is in combat (previously, all auras only loaded if the player was in combat).

Version 5 of this collection includes the following changes:
  • Fixed a small issue in multi-target situations where an aura was not untriggering when it should have.

Version 4 of this collection includes the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Feral Lunge auras that caused them to trigger when they shouldn't.

Version 3 of this collection includes the following changes:
  • Updated the visual style of the glow on recommended abilities. No longer uses the default glow effect.
  • Updated triggers/untriggers for several auras to improve the visual flow between auras.

Version 2 of this collection includes the following changes:
  • Removed individual range checks from the following auras: Boulderfist | Up, Flametongue | Up, Lava Lash | Up, Stormstrike | Up, Doom Winds | Up.
  • Added target status check.
    • Square color indicators: green if valid target and in melee range, yellow if valid target but out of melee range, red if invalid or no target.
  • Added GCD bar.
  • Updated Doom Winds | Up to align it better with Stormstrike usage. The Doom Winds aura will now only glow to recommend its usage if Boulderfist aura is up, Flametongue aura is up, the Crash Lightning aura is up (if 2+ nearby targets), and Stormstrike is usable.

Based on the Enhancement Shaman Tier 19 4-piece rotation outlined at https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/enhancement-shaman-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities.

This collection requires that you use the Tier 19 4-piece set bonus spec shown at Icy Veins (https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/enhancement-shaman-pve-dps-spec-builds-talents):

Level 15: Boulderfist
Level 30: Feral Lunge
Level 45: Lightning Surge Totem
Level 60: Ancestral Swiftness
Level 75: Tempest
Level 90: Crashing Storm
Level 100: Landslide

Several auras contain text with the associated key (e.g., 4 for Stormstrike). These can be changed or disabled if desired.

This is a collection of 40 auras.
Enhancement ShamanDamage Dealing
Slap's T20 Easy Mode Enhancement Interface 1.2v
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 15th 2017 User Slapmesoft Views 2,123 Comments 2 Stars 0
T20 optimized Enhancement Interface. Works for all Builds

With Alphawolf tracker and trinket Tracker. Let me know in comments if you find bugs/requests for change!

GL & HF Slapmesoft-Eredar

New Update!!!!!

1.2v :
- Bug fix in bottom right trinket1 tracker
- Aura now only loads in combat

This is a collection of 63 auras:

Maelstrom (aurabar)
MaeMaelstrom effect (model)
Maelstrom number (text)
Life (aurabar)
Rockbiter Landslide (icon)
Rockbiter Stack (icon)
Rockbiter cd (icon)
Ascendance cd (icon)
Ascendance rdy (icon)
Spike cd (icon)
Spike rdy (icon)
Astral Shift cd (icon)
Astral Shift rdy (icon)
Trinket cd (icon)
Trinket rdy (icon)
Trinket prog (text)
Doom Winds cd (icon)
Doom Winds rdy (icon)
Wind Shear Cd (icon)
Wind Shear rdy (icon)
Spirit Walk cd (icon)
Spirit Walk rdy (icon)
potion cd (icon)
potion rdy (icon)
Feral Lunge cd (icon)
Feral Lunge rdy (icon)
Wind Rush cd (icon)
Wind Rush rdy (icon)
Cap totem cd (icon)
Cap totem rdy (icon)
Earthgrab cd (icon)
Earth grab rdy (icon)
Vodoo cd (icon)
Vodoo rdy (icon)
Stomstrike cd (icon)
Stomstrike rdy (icon)
Stomstrike prog (icon)
Crash Lightning cd (icon)
Crash Lightning rdy (icon)
Crash Lightning t20 4p (text)
Fury of Air (icon)
Lava Lash cd (icon)
Lava Lash rdy (icon)
Lava Lash prog (icon)
Bolt cd (icon)
Bolt rdy oom (icon)
Bolt rdy (icon)
Flametongue cd (icon)
Flametongue refresh (icon)
Flametongue rdy (icon)
Feral Spirit cd (icon)
Feral Spirit rdy (icon)
Flametongue bar (aurabar)
Frostbrand bar (aurabar)
Ascendance bar (aurabar)
Bloodlust bar (aurabar)
Astral Shift bar (aurabar)
Doom Winds bar (aurabar)
Landslide bar (aurabar)
T20 2p (aurabar)
Alpha Wolf (aurabar)
Flametongue lashing flames (text)
Enha OOR 2 (text)
Enhancement ShamanDamage DealingPvE Utility
Cede's Enhancement
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 13th 2017 User Cede Views 14,252 Comments 1 Stars 6
This is an Enhancement Shaman WA set that includes:

- Wind Shear CD tracker that only shows when Wind Shear is on CD.
- Boulderfist charge count / recharge time.
- Lava Lash icon with Maelstrom tracking; the icon will glow when above 90 Maelstrom.
- CD tracking for both Stormstrike and Crash Lightning; when off CD the button will highlight and when the ability is usable it will also glow.
- CD tracking for the artifact ability, will glow while active; fills the empty slot next to the Flametongue CD tracker once you have the artifact.
- CD tracking for Feral Spirits
- Maelstrom bar.
- HP bar that changes background color based on % HP, turns yellow under 65% and red under 30%.
- Buff tracking for Flametongue and Frostbrand (when talented); when the buff timer reaches 5 seconds or isn't active the icon will highlight and glow.
- Talent L30 CD/Active tracking; while active the button will glow.
- Talent L45 CD/Active tracking; while active the button will glow.
- Astral Spirit CD/Active tracking; while active the button will glow.

07/12/2017 (PM)
-Updated for 7.2.5
-Moved around most buttons to better fit the current state of Enchancement.
-Removed CD tracking for Flametongue, now just tracks buff status.
-Removed Lava Lash button so now it only appears above 90 Maelstrom.
-Removed glow from Crash Lightning since it is not part of the single target rotation, will still track it's CD.

08/31/2016 (PM)
- Added Sparks to the HP bars to help with visibility.
- Added Stormbringer charge counter over the Stormstrike icon, I may adjust the size and color in the future.

08/31/2016 (AM)
- Fixed Doom Winds so it will now show when Doomhammer is equipped.
- Changed Crash Lightning so it will no longer glow when Stormstrike is off CD.
- Crash Lightning and Lava Lash will now glow at different Maelstrom levels depending on talent selected.
- String set has been renamed so you may need to delete the old one to avoid having it duplicated.
Enhancement Shaman
Atrey Enhancement Weak Auras Set 7.25 UPDATED
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 9th 2017 User Atreysham Views 3,013 Comments 0 Stars 0
Includes a full set of weak auras for all talents for enhancement shaman. Now also includes an aura to track the T20 2 set buff (is placed as a number countdown above the flametongue aura)


This is a collection of the following auras:

Maelstrom > 89 (aurabar)
Maelstrom =< 89 (aurabar)
Maelstrom ( DISABLED BY DEFAULT ) (aurabar)
CL CD (icon)
CL Rdy >20 MS (icon)
CL Rdy <20 MS (icon)
FS CD (icon)
FS Rdy (icon)
WS CD (icon)
WS Rdy (icon)
WS Buff (icon)
HH NoBuff (icon)
HH Buff (icon)
SS CD (icon)
SS Rdy <40 MS (icon)
SS Rdy >=40 MS (icon)
SS SB Rdy <20 MS (icon)
SS SB Rdy >=20 MS (icon)
SS SB Buff >=20 (icon)
SS SB Buff <20 (icon)
Sund CD (icon)
Sund Rdy >= 60 (icon)
Sund Rdy < 60 (icon)
FT NoAura (icon)
FT Aura >4.5 (icon)
FT Aura <4.5 (icon)
FB NoAura >=20MS (icon)
FB NoAura <20 MS (icon)
FB Aura >4.5 (icon)
FB Aura <4.5 (icon)
LS Buff (icon)
LS No Buff (icon)
BF CD (icon)
BF CD 2 (icon)
BF Rdy (icon)
DW CD (icon)
DW Rdy (icon)
DW Buff (icon)
Ascend CD (icon)
Ascend Rdy (icon)
Ascend Buff (icon)
ES CD (icon)
ES Rdy >= 30 (icon)
ES Rdy < 30 (icon)
HT CD Timer (icon)
HT CD (icon)
HT Rdy (icon)
Boulderfist 2 (text)
HH (text)
Crash Lightning 2 (text)
Alpha Wolf 2 (icon)
Enhancement ShamanDamage Dealing
Enhancement Shaman. my WA Dethfairy
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 9th 2017 User Detheri Views 999 Comments 0 Stars 1
This is my WA. First time trying to uploading

This have WA for all the Talents.
Maelstrom bar, goes Red when to show , stop using Rockbiter.
T20 : 5% crit timer and Lightning Crash Counter

This is a collection of 67 auras:

Maelstrom (aurabar)
Maelstrom 2 (aurabar)
Maelstrom 3 (aurabar)
Maelstrom warning (aurabar)
Maelstrom warning 2 (aurabar)
Maelstrom warning 3 (aurabar)
LB CD (icon)
Lightning bolt (icon)
Crashing Lightning (icon)
Stormstrike CD (icon)
Stormstrike (icon)
Stormbringer (icon)
Hot Hand (icon)
Boulderfist (icon)
Boulderfist CD (icon)
Sundering (icon)
Sundering CD (icon)
Feral Spirit 1 (icon)
Feral Spirit 2 (icon)
Feral Spirit 3 (icon)
Doom Winds 1 (icon)
Doom Winds 2 (icon)
Doom Winds 3 (icon)
Alpha Wolf (icon)
Unleash Doom (icon)
Crash Lightning Buff (icon)
Lightninh crash (icon)
Crash Lightning ready (icon)
Crahs Lightning CD (icon)
Astral Shift 1 (icon)
Astral Shift 2 (icon)
Astral Shift 3 (icon)
Elemental Healing (icon)
Windsong 1 (icon)
Windsong 2 (icon)
Windsong 3 (icon)
Spirit Walk 1 (icon)
Spirit Walk 2 (icon)
Spirit Walk 3 (icon)
Feral Lunge 1 (icon)
Feral Lunge 2 (icon)
Rainfall 1 (icon)
Rainfall 2 (icon)
Rainfall 3 (icon)
Wind Rush 1 (icon)
Wind Rush 2 (icon)
Wind Rush 3 (icon)
Earthgrab 1 (icon)
Earthgrab 2 (icon)
Earthgrab 3 (icon)
Lightning Surge 1 (icon)
Lightning Surge 2 (icon)
Lightning Surge 3 (icon)
Voodoo Totem 1 (icon)
Voodoo Totem 2 (icon)
Voodoo Totem 3 (icon)
Flametongue 2 (icon)
Hailstorm (icon)
Landslide (icon)
Asendance t (icon)
Ascendance 2 (icon)
Ascendance 3 (icon)
Earthen Spike 1 (icon)
Earthen Spike 2 (icon)
Earthen Spike 3 (icon)
Fury of Air 1 UP (icon)
Fury of Air 2 Dwn (icon)
Enhancement Shaman