All you need to know: Shaman - Enhancement - Legion | v7.1.5 ready
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It's (nearly) all you need to know for Enhancement in Legion right now.
I suggest you also to grab the Addon Hekili and put it in the black placeholder in the middle like shown in my videos (I reduced it to 1 icon).
!!! The WeakAuras I have in my bundle that are in the middle are just an overlay for the Addon Hekili !!!
I personally like to have shown as much as I "need to know".
This is a set of WeakAuras to show me things so I can react to it.
It also supports some other talents that are not common right now.

(You can see my WeakAuras in action in my latest video.)

If you find any problems or have suggestions - let me know.

This is a collection of 56 auras:

MaelStromBar (aurabar)
BF Buff (aurabar)
BF Buff Low (aurabar)
BF Buff Missing (aurabar)
RainFall (aurabar)
WindRushTotem (aurabar)
AstralShift Ready (icon)
AstralShift UP (icon)
AstralShift Healing (icon)
AstralShift CD (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 3 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 3 (icon)
FlameTongue Down (icon)
FlameTongue UP (icon)
FlameTongue UP Pandemic (icon)
FrostBrand Down (icon)
FrostBrand UP (icon)
FrostBrand UP Pandemic (icon)
CrashLightning UP (icon)
CrashLightning CD (icon)
CrashLightning UP UP (icon)
CrashingStorms 2 (icon)
DoomHammer Ready (icon)
DoomHammer UP (icon)
DoomHammer CD (icon)
Ascendance Ready (icon)
Ascendance UP (icon)
Ascendance CD (icon)
FeralSpirit Ready (icon)
FeralSpirit UP (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime 2 (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf Spiral (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime (text)
Alpha Wolf 2 (text)
FeralSpirit CD (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP LowMP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down NoFight (icon)
SunderIng Ready (icon)
SunderIng NoMP (icon)
SunderIng CD (icon)
HotHand UP (progresstexture)
HotHand UP Sec (progresstexture)
WingSong Ready (icon)
WingSong UP (icon)
WingSong CD (icon)
Kick (aurabar)
Gathering Storm (icon)
Unleash Doom UP (icon)
WindStrikesHaste (icon)
General UtilityDamage DealingEnhancement ShamanPvE UtilityPvP Utility
ehn shaman
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This is a collection of 57 auras:

Astral Shift cooldown 2 (icon)
Astral Shift cooldown (icon)
Astral Shift (icon)
spiritwalk ready 2 (icon)
spiritwalk cd 2 (icon)
spiritwalk ready (icon)
spiritwalk cd (icon)
Windsong cd 2 (icon)
Windsong cd (icon)
Windsong use now (icon)
Stormbringer (icon)
stun (icon)
Windfury Totem cooldown (icon)
Hot Hand (progresstexture)
Blood Fury buff (icon)
Blood Fury cooldown (icon)
Blood Fury cooldown 2 (icon)
Bloodlust cooldown (icon)
Bloodlust cooldown 2 (icon)
BloodLust/Heroism (icon)
Feral Lunge ready 2 (icon)
Feral Lunge ready (icon)
Feral Lunge cooldown 2 (icon)
Feral Lunge cooldown (icon)
Wind Rush Totem ready 2 (icon)
Wind Rush Totem ready (icon)
Wind Rush Totem cooldown 2 (icon)
Wind Rush Totem cooldown (icon)
Rainfall cooldonw (icon)
Sundering glow when spell cast (icon)
Sundering ready (icon)
Sundering ready (icon)
Sundering cooldown (icon)
Sundering cooldown 2 (icon)
fury of air not on (icon)
Always Active (text)
fury of air on full (icon)
fury of air on not that low (icon)
fury of air on low (icon)
fury of air trun off (icon)
trun off (text)
Fury of Air Overlay 2 (model)
Boulderfistnot full s (icon)
Boulderfist not full (icon)
Boulderfist full (icon)
Boulderfist full 2 (icon)
Boulderfist cooldown bar (aurabar)
Boulderfist cooldown bar 2 (aurabar)
LB use (texture)
Wolfs 2 (icon)
Wolfs CD 2 (icon)
Wolfs (icon)
Wolfs CD (icon)
Doom Winds 2 (icon)
Doom Winds CD 2 (icon)
Doom Winds (icon)
Doom Winds CD (icon)
Enhancement Shaman