Ashowl-Illidan's 7.2 Enhancement BF/AS/Tempest/CS T19 4pc Weakauras (v. Apr232017a)
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Ashowl-Illidan's 7.2 Enhancement BF/AS/Tempest/CS T19 4pc Weakauras (v. Apr232017a)
This is a collection of 80 auras that uses a highly accurate system of checks on active buff timers, procs, and available charges to determine the best action to take next based off of the priority list provided by Simulationcraft.. The design is fairly minimalist and made primarily to track the single target or two-target cleave rotation, as the AoE rotation requires much less effort. This set of auras offers no utility tracking.

Please note, this set of Auras is specifically designed for the T19 4pc Build of Boulderfist/Ancestral Swiftness/Crashing Storm/Tempest and will not work properly for any other build.

Description of Features
To best understand the functionality of the Weakaura, please see the video to the right or watch the Youtube Video at

*Spec-specific loading. This set of Auras will only load while playing Enhancement Shaman and utilizing the Tempst talent

*The Large center Icon is the next spell on your priority list determined by tracking remaining time of your Boulderfist/Landslide buffs. the remaining time on your Flametongue Buff, the remaining time on your Crash Lightning cleave buff, the number of charges of Boulderfist you have, your current Maelstrom, the remaining time on your Crash Lightning Buff, Stormbringer Proc status, and if Feral Spirit is active.

*The first mini icon to the left of the large icon is a monitor for your Boulderfist/Landslide buffs, up to 10 seconds. The Icon desaturates when the buff durations are low (3 seconds or less remaining) and bounces when the buffs are missing.

*The second mini icon to the left of the large icon displays if Doom Winds available, active, or is on cooldown.

*The first Mini icon to the right of the large icon is a monitor for your Flametongue weapon buff, up to 24 seconds. The Icon desaturates when the buff duration is low (4.8 seconds or less remaining) and bounces when the buff is missing.

*The second mini icon to the right of the large icon displays if Feral Spirit is available, active, or on cooldown.

*Below the five primary icons are meters to track buff uptimes including a Maelstrom meter, a Lashing Flames duration and stack meter, a Boulderfist/Landslide buff uptime meter with a low-duration overlay, a Flametongue Weapon buff meter with a low duration overlay, Crash Lightning cleave buff meter with a low duration overlay, Feral Spirit with an Alpha Wolf overlay meters, a Doom Winds buff meter, and a Wind Strikes buff meter.

*At the very bottom of the screen are meters used to track racial ability cooldowns for every Shaman race, a Feral Spirit cooldown meter, and a Doom Winds cooldown meter.

New in this Version
(v. Apr232017a)
-Added support for Lashing Flames meter that tracks the debuff stacks and duration.
-Redsigned meters to be more aesthetically pleasing.
-Removed Bloodlust/Heroism meter to reduce screen clutter.

Known Bugs

-Upon reaching extremely high levels of haste (above 100%), the Priority button no longer works properly to identify the next priority. (This is a low priority fix at this time with no current plans to address this issue).

Current Goals

An optional addon package to track utility and defensive cooldowns (Wind Rush Totem, Wind Shear, Astral Shift, etc.). Will supplement the design set forth by this set of auras.

An optional addon package to track legendary effects (Uncertain Reminder, Eye of the Twisting Nether, etc.).. Will supplement the design set forth by this set of auras.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you find inaccuracies in what the priority icon is telling you to do, if you identify a redundant aura, if an aura is not behaving the way it should, or even if you just like the auras, any and all feedback is encouraged. Input from other people really helps a lot in the development process and opens my eyes to problems I may not identify on my own.

(v. Mar262017b)
-Changed "Doom Winds - Stack with Stormbringer" name to "Doom Winds - Stack with Wind Strikes" and causes it to trigger off of Wind Strikes rather than Stormbringer.
-Completely redesigned all "Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf..." Triggers to work on a Totem remaining Duration system. This has fixed all issues associated with applying the Alpha Wolf buff to your Feral Spirit Spell.

(v. Mar202017a)
-Removed BT4Button3 glow from "Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First" and "Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second". This was meant to highlight Crash Lightning on a player's action bar, but was restrictive on a player's existing UI. PST Ashowl-Illidan for Auras to restore this functionality.
-Added Button Glow to many priority abilities on the Priority Icon.
-The Frame Strata for all priority icons has been further reduced by 1 excluding "Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First" and "Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second".

(v. Mar192017a)
-Added Meters for Wind Strikes and Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp/Netherwinds/Ancient Hysteria/Drums of Fury.
-Added "Active" and "Cooldown Mini Icons for Feral Spirit and Doomwinds.
-The Frame Strata of all preexisting Icons has been reduced by one level.
-Added a High Strata Stormstrike Icon for when both Doomwinds and Wind Strikes are active.
-Added a Medium Strata "Boulderfist - Maelstriom Low (30) Cooldown" Icon

(v. Mar162017a)
-Changed various frames on several abilities to improve accuracy.
-Deleted Auras made redundant by the change in frames.

(v. Mar142017b)
-Added High Frame support for many spells not appearing in the correct order on a player's opening rotation (Mainly applied to Feral Spirit, Doom Winds, and Crash Lightning. Applied to Boulderfist and Stormstrike in a limited manner.)
-Added low frame support for Lava Lash in low Maelstrom situations.
-Added power restraints to "Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump (Low Maelstrom)" appearing on the Priority icon.
-Added a medium frame "Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump" for situations where the players has 49 Maelstrom or less.
-Added a new Low Frame Stormstrike icon to the Priority Icon that helps to resolve the issue of the priority icon not telling players to spam Stormstrike while fully buffed.

Thanks to
Sling22 for helping me work out bugs, endless beta testing of changes, and suggestions
Frauggs for the idea of yet-to-come addon packages

Included Auras
**Maelstrom Meter** (aurabar)
**Maelstrom Meter Low** (aurabar)
**Maelstrom Meter Very Low** (aurabar)
**Boulderfist Meter** (aurabar)
**Boulderfist Meter LOW** (aurabar)
**Flametongue Meter** (aurabar)
**Flametongue Meter LOW** (aurabar)
**Crash Lightning Meter** (aurabar)
**Crash Lightning Meter LOW** (aurabar)
**Feral Spirit Meter** (aurabar)
**Alpha Wolf Meter** (aurabar)
**Doom Winds Meter** (aurabar)
**Wind Strikes Meter** (autobar)
**Bloodlust Meter** (autobar)
**Heroism Meter** (autobar)
**Time Warp Meter** (autobar)
**Netherwinds Meter** (autobar)
**Ancient Hysteria Meter** (autobar)
**Drums of Fury Meter** (autobar)
**Blood Fury Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Berzerking Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Warstomp Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Rocket Jump Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Quaking Palm Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Gift of the Naaru Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Stoneform Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Doom Winds Cooldown Meter** (aurabar)
**Feral Spirit Cooldown** (aurabar)
Boulderfist - Landslide/Boulderfist Buffs Missing (icon)
Boulderfist - Landslide/Boulderfist Buffs Refresh (icon)
Boulderfist - Maelstrom Low (30) Cooldown (icon)
Boulderfist - Maelstrom Low (30) (icon)
Boulderfist - Maelstrom Low (50) (icon)
Boulderfist - Prevent Second Charge (icon)
Boulderfist - Dump Second Charge (icon)
Boulderfist - Mini Icon Buff Active (icon)
Boulderfist - MINI ICON Refresh Buff (icon)
Boulderfist - MINI ICON Buff Missing (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First Totem #1 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First Totem #2 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First Totem #3 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First Totem #4 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf First Totem #5 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second Totem #1 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second Totem #2 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second Totem #3 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second Totem #4 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Trigger Alpha Wolf Second Totem #5 (icon)
Crash Lightning - Refresh Cleave Buff (icon)
Doom Winds - Stack With Wind Strikes (icon)
Doom Winds - MINI ICON Usable (icon)
Doom Winds - MINI ICON Active (icon)
Doom Winds - MINI ICON Cooldown (icon)
Feral Spirit - Usable (Opener) (icon)
Feral Spirit - MINI ICON Usable (icon)
Feral Spirit - MINI ICON Active (icon)
Feral Spirit - MINI ICON Cooldown (icon)
Flametongue - Refresh Buff 1.5 (icon)
Flametongue - Refresh Buff 4.8 (icon)
Flametongue - Buff Missing (icon)
Flametongue - Last Resort (icon)
Flametongue - MINI ICON Buff Active (icon)
Flametongue - MINI ICON Refresh Buff (icon)
Flametongue - MINI ICON Buff Missing (icon)
Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump Boulderfist 1 Charge (icon)
Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump Boulderfist Cooldown (icon)
Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump (icon)
Lava Lash - Maelstrom Dump (Low Maelstrom) (icon)
Stormstrike - Available (icon)
Stormstrike - Stormbringer Proc Doomwinds Active (icon)
Stormstrike - Wind Strikes Doomwinds Active (icon)
Stormstrike - Stormbringer Low Frame (icon)
Stormstrike - Stormbringer Proc Doomwinds Cooldown (icon)
Enhancement ShamanDamage Dealing
All you need to know: Shaman - Enhancement - Legion | v7.2 ready
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 14th 2017 User Jeff Views 40,906 Comments 24 Stars 11
It's (nearly) all you need to know for Enhancement in Legion right now.
I suggest you also to grab the Addon Hekili and put it in the black placeholder in the middle like shown in my videos (I reduced it to 1 icon).
!!! The WeakAuras I have in my bundle that are in the middle are just an overlay for the Addon Hekili !!!
I personally like to have shown as much as I "need to know".
This is a set of WeakAuras to show me things so I can react to it.
It also supports some other talents that are not common right now.

(You can see my WeakAuras in action in my latest video.)

If you find any problems or have suggestions - let me know.
-*This WeakAuras are made for the english client.*-

Updated: Added little Lashing Flames Counter.
also: Added link to legendary WeakAuras bundle =

This is a collection of 56 auras:

MaelStromBar (aurabar)
BF Buff (aurabar)
BF Buff Low (aurabar)
BF Buff Missing (aurabar)
RainFall (aurabar)
WindRushTotem (aurabar)
AstralShift Ready (icon)
AstralShift UP (icon)
AstralShift Healing (icon)
AstralShift CD (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 3 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 3 (icon)
FlameTongue Down (icon)
FlameTongue UP (icon)
FlameTongue UP Pandemic (icon)
FrostBrand Down (icon)
FrostBrand UP (icon)
FrostBrand UP Pandemic (icon)
CrashLightning UP (icon)
CrashLightning CD (icon)
CrashLightning UP UP (icon)
CrashingStorms 2 (icon)
DoomHammer Ready (icon)
DoomHammer UP (icon)
DoomHammer CD (icon)
Ascendance Ready (icon)
Ascendance UP (icon)
Ascendance CD (icon)
FeralSpirit Ready (icon)
FeralSpirit UP (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime 2 (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf Spiral (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime (text)
Alpha Wolf 2 (text)
FeralSpirit CD (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP LowMP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down NoFight (icon)
SunderIng Ready (icon)
SunderIng NoMP (icon)
SunderIng CD (icon)
HotHand UP (progresstexture)
HotHand UP Sec (progresstexture)
WingSong Ready (icon)
WingSong UP (icon)
WingSong CD (icon)
Kick (aurabar)
Gathering Storm (icon)
Unleash Doom UP (icon)
WindStrikesHaste (icon)
Enhancement ShamanGeneral UtilityDamage DealingPvE UtilityPvP Utility
Corvandus' Enhancement Electric Boogaloo
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 12th 2017 User corvandus Views 4,891 Comments 7 Stars 4
Hi chaps, here's my Enhancement Shaman setup.

A couple of things to note; the progress bar between the maelstrom bar and the icon row have several options; choose which is most relevant to you. I personally run Rainfall to help spare our healer's mana through a fight, and have my chest piece legendary (Emalon's Charged Core), so those are the two I run.
There's the Crash Lightning buff included, as well as a Feral Spirit timer (although you might just as easily convert that to an icon over the Feral Spirit position), but feel free to alter any of them to suit your needs.
Below the icon row on either side will track your flametongue and landslide buffs; large icons above will trigger when the buffs are missing or very low duration as a reminder.

There are also a few presumptions with build. Right now there are 3 builds that should be supported without need to reposition icons;
1. Boulderfist + Tempest + Crashing Storm + Landslide (for those with the four set)
2. Windsong + Tempest + Fury of Air + Landslide (for those without)
3. Hot Hand + Overcharge + Crashing Storm + Landslide (If you didn't change from patch day experiments, I guess)

Other combinations are absolutely possible, and it's simply a matter of altering the icon positions' X values in the display tab for full coverage.

The following talents have absolutely no representation currently:
1. Sundering (I assure you it's a real talent)
2. Ascendance or Earthen Spike (Landslide is simply too valuable in comparison)

Update 7.2: Apparently Hailstorm is worth using now, in some circumstances, so that's been added (and fixed the load conditions).
If you're running Hailstorm, the Frostbrand timer is on the left, where Landslide was. Landslide is now in the middle.

Feel free to alter this as you please for your own use if you use any builds or talents that I haven't bothered to flesh out in this.

Updated: Fixed some load conditions. Definitely all working as intended now.


NOTE: All my suites are designed to attach to the PRD, which you can enable in Interface -> Names -> Unit Nameplates. To attach the group, simply go to the group tab, and change (anchored to) to Personal Resource Display. Works wonderfully when using DynamicCam's Dynamic Pitch feature.

I also recommend using Masque's Caith (no shadow) skin, set to black. This is what's being displayed in the screenshots.

As always comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome and encouraged.
Enhancement Shaman
Ipse's WA's - Shaman
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 8th 2017 User Ipse Views 80,645 Comments 20 Stars 50
8/4 - Maelstrom Bugfix

My ElvUI profile:

Buff Tracker:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

Change Log

- Fixed Landslide

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes ( added a tracker for Lightning Bolt for Overcharge )

-Added a tracker for unleash doom
-Added pandemic timers for flametongue and frostbrand

- Works on every language client
- Moved the resource tracker to the centre
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Added predictive text and an overflow notification

- Added a timer for Alpha Wolf

- Added a tracker for Elemental Focus and Elemental blast ( ty to jarxjarx and asakawa from the wa's discord )

Restoration shaman boys

1/11 - Big Update

- Added timers for power of the maelstrom and stormkeeper
- Moved some timers around
- Added a predictive maelstrom bar

- Added timers for doom winds, ferl spirit and boulderfist
- Moved a lot of timers around
- Fixed Enhancement cooldowns, added timers for firebrand and frostbrand
Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman
Ashowl-Illidan's 7.1.5 Enhancement Utility Tracking Package(v. Mar142017a)
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 14th 2017 User Ashowl-Illidan Views 1,059 Comments 0 Stars 1
Ashowl-Illidan's 7.1.5 Enhancement Utility Tracking Package(v. Mar142017a)
This is a collection of 68 auras designed to supplement "Ashowl-Illidan's 7.1.5 Enhancement BF/AS/Tempest/CS T19 4pc Weakauras"

Please note this this set of auras is still in the development cycle and will eventually be split into two separate packages; One dealing exclusively with utility tracking (Wind Rush Totem, etc.) and another adding additional DPS tracking options (Wind Strikes Meter, etc.) for the base set of weakauras.

**Wind Strikes Meter** (aurabar)
**Bloodlust Meter** (aurabar)
**Heroism Meter** (aurabar)
**Time Warp Meter** (aurabar)
**Ancient Hysteria Meter** (aurabar)
**Netherwinds Meterr** (aurabar)
Astral Shift - Usable (icon)
Astral Shift - Active (icon)
Astral Shift - Cooldown (icon)
Bloodlust - Usable (icon)
Bloodlust - Active (icon)
Bloodlust - Cooldown (icon)
Heroism - Usable (icon)
Heroism - Active (icon)
Heroism - Cooldown (icon)
Cleanse Spirit - Usable (icon)
Cleanse Spirit - Cooldown (icon)
Doom Winds - Active (icon)
Doom Winds - Cooldown (icon)
Earthbind Totem - Usable (icon)
Earthbind Totem - Active (icon)
Earthbind Totem - Cooldown (icon)
Earthgrab Totem - Usable (icon)
Earthgrab Totem - Active (icon)
Earthgrab Totem = Cooldown (icon)
Feral Lunge - Usable (icon)
Feral Lunge - Cooldown (icon)
Feral Spirit - Active (icon)
Feral Spirit - Cooldown (icon)
Hex - Usable (icon)
Hex - Cooldown (icon)
Lightning Surge Totem - Usable (icon)
Lightning Surge Totem - Charging (icon)
Lightning Surge Totem - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Berserking) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Berserking) -Active (icon)
Racial (Berserking) -Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Blood Fury) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Blood Fury) - Active (icon)
Racial (Blood Fury) - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Rocket Jump) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Rocket Jump) - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (War Stomp) - Usable (icon)
Racial (War Stomp) - Active (icon)
Racial (War Stomp) - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Quaking Palm) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Quaking Palm) - Active (icon)
Racial (Quaking Palm) - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Gift of the Naaru) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Gift of the Naaru) - Active (icon)
Racial (Gift of the Naaru) - Cooldown (icon)
Racial (Stoneform) - Usable (icon)
Racial (Stoneform) - Active (icon)
Racial (Stoneform) - Cooldown (icon)
Rainfall - Usable (icon)
Rainfall - Active (icon)
Rainfall - Cooldown (icon)
Spirit Walk - Usable (icon)
Spirit Walk - Active (icon)
Spirit Walk - Cooldown (icon)
Voodoo Totem - Usable (icon)
Voodoo Totem - Active (icon)
Voodoo Totem - Cooldown (icon)
Wind Rush Totem - Usable (icon)
Wind Rush Totem - Active (icon)
Wind Rush Totem - Cooldown (icon)
Wind Shear - Usable (icon)
Wind Shear - Cooldown (icon)
Enhancement ShamanGeneral Utility
Hoop-stud's Enhancement Shaman Weakaura Package
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 7th 2017 User Hoopstud Views 2,171 Comments 0 Stars 1
This is a collection of 27 auras:

Over the past 6 months I have tried countless weakaura packages, and some are to clutered, to flash, to simple, etc. So I have finally made a composition of what I find to be just enough.

This weakaura package tracks everything that I feel you need to track as an enhancement shaman. I will list the following. (Space for Hekili Addon In Middle)

**Note this is an alteration of Ipse's WeakAura Shaman Package, and ONLY has enhance related trackers now**

1. Maelstrom Bar (Turns Orange sub 50, and Turns Red above 70, to visually indicate BF/LL points)
2. Boulderfist Chargers (Left)
3. Boulderfist/Landslide Buff (Top Right)
4. Flametongue/Frostbrand Buff (Top Left)
5. Doomwinds Buff (Top Left)
6. Doomwins CD (Left)
7. FeralSpirit/Alpha Wolf Buffs (Top Right)
8. FeralSpirit CD (Right)
9. Stormbringer Procs (Left)
10. Windstrikes (Left)
11. Gathering Storm (Left-Mid)
12. BTI Trinket Proc (Center)
13. Sephuz Proc (Right-Mid)
14. Emalon's Core Buff Uptime (Right-Mid-Over Sephuz)
15. Windsurge CD (Right)
16. Twisting Nether Ring Buffs (Bottom Left)

Maelstrom BG (aurabar)
Maelstrom 2 (text)
male (aurabar)
LL (aurabar)
male 2 (aurabar)
Maelstrom bg 2 (aurabar)
Flametongue timer (icon)
Doom Winds Timer (icon)
BF Timer (icon)
FS Timer (icon)
Frostbrand timer (icon)
predictive MS (aurabar)
predictive MS 2 (aurabar)
Alpha Wolf Uptime (icon)
Bloodthirsty Instinct-Bloodthirsty Instinct (icon)
Boulderfist (icon)
Chill (icon)
Doom Winds 3 (icon)
Emalon 's Charged Core (icon)
Feral Spirit (icon)
Fire (icon)
Gathering Storms (icon)
Sephuz's Secret 2 (icon)
Shock (icon)
Stormbringer (icon)
Wind Shear (icon)
Wind Strikes (icon)

Enhancement Shaman