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WEAKAURA Updated Nov 23rd 2016 User Ablution Views 4,982 Comments 3 Stars 3
Made this Wa for when im raiding as Resto with my Sharman
It will be updated with any changes, or new additions, that I make going forward into the patches.

feel free to check out my channel, and hit that follow button helps me a ton: <3

In the WA you can find:

Healing Rain-glow (model)
Healing Rain CD bar (aurabar)
Healing Stream Totem-glow (model)
Healing Stream Totem CD bar (aurabar)
Cloudburst Totem-timer bar (aurabar)
Spiritwalker's Grace -timer bar (aurabar)
bg fix1 (texture)
bg fix2 (texture)
Hope-Timer-Bar 2 2 (aurabar)
Innervate-Timer-bar 2 (aurabar)
Riptide (aurabar)
bgfix3 (texture)
Riptide-CD (icon)
Riptide-UP (icon)
Spirit Link Totem-UP (icon)
Spirit Link Totem-CD (icon)
Healing Tide Totem-UP (icon)
Healing Tide Totem-CD (icon)
Cloudburst Totem-UP (icon)
Cloudburst Totem-CD (icon)
Ancestral Protection Totem-UP (icon)
Ancestral Protection Totem-CD (icon)
Earthen Shield Totem-UP (icon)
Earthen Shield Totem-CD (icon)
Ancestral Vigor-pasive (icon)
Spiritwalker's Grace-UP (icon)
Spiritwalker's Grace-CD (icon)
Purify Spirit-UP (icon)
Purify Spirit-CD (icon)
Ascendance-UP (icon)
Ascendance-CD (icon)
Wellspring-Up (icon)
Wellspring-CD (icon)
hightide-pasive (icon)
Torrent-passive (icon)
Undulation-UP (icon)
Undulation-UPtimer (icon)
Unleash Life-uptimer (icon)
Unleash Life-CD (icon)
Unleash Life-UP (icon)
Bottomless Depths-pasive (icon)
benediction Talent selected 3 3 (icon)
gift of the naru-CD 3 2 (icon)
Arcane-UP 2 2 (icon)
arcane-cd 3 (icon)
Gift of the Naaru-UP 3 2 (icon)
Gift of the naaru-cd 3 (icon)
Every Man for Himself-UP 5 2 (icon)
every man for himslef-cd 3 (icon)
Stoneform-UP 4 2 (icon)
stoneform cd 3 (icon)
Berserking-UP 6 2 (icon)
berserking-cd 3 (icon)
Quaking Palm-UP 7 2 (icon)
quaking palm-cd 3 (icon)
War Stomp-UP 8 2 (icon)
wer stomp-cd 3 (icon)
Will of the Forsaken-UP 9 2 (icon)
will of the forsaken-cd 3 (icon)
Escape Artist-UP 10 2 (icon)
escape artist-cd 3 (icon)
Rocket Jump-UP 11 2 (icon)
Rocket Jump 11 2 (icon)
Darkflight-UP 3 (icon)
darkflight-cd 3 (icon)
Shadowmeld-UP 2 2 (icon)
Shadowmeld-cd 2 2 (icon)
Ancestral Guidance-UP (icon)
Ancestral Guidance-CD (icon)
Crashing Waves-Pasive (icon)
Deluge-pasive (icon)
Gift of the Queen-UP (icon)
Gift of the Queen-CD (icon)
mana % 4 (text)
Mana 2 2 (aurabar)
background 2 2 (texture)
Tidal Waves-1-running (progresstexture)
Tidal Waves-2-running (progresstexture)
Ancestral Guidance-RunningUP (aurabar)
Healing Tide Totem- RunningUP (aurabar)
Spirit Link Totem- RunningUP (aurabar)
HealingRestoration Shaman