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This is a collection of 67 auras:

Healing Rain-glow (model)
Healing Rain CD bar (aurabar)
Healing Stream Totem-glow (model)
Healing Stream Totem CD bar (aurabar)
bgfix3 (texture)
Riptide-CD (icon)
Riptide-UP (icon)
Spirit Link Totem-UP (icon)
Spirit Link Totem-CD (icon)
Healing Tide Totem-UP (icon)
Healing Tide Totem-CD (icon)
Cloudburst Totem-UP (icon)
Cloudburst Totem-CD (icon)
Ancestral Protection Totem-UP (icon)
Ancestral Protection Totem-CD (icon)
Earthen Shield Totem-UP (icon)
Earthen Shield Totem-CD (icon)
Ancestral Vigor-pasive (icon)
Spiritwalker's Grace-UP (icon)
Spiritwalker's Grace-CD (icon)
Purify Spirit-UP (icon)
Purify Spirit-CD (icon)
Ascendance-UP (icon)
Ascendance-CD (icon)
Wellspring-Up (icon)
Wellspring-CD (icon)
hightide-pasive (icon)
Torrent-passive (icon)
Undulation-UP (icon)
Undulation-UPtimer (icon)
Unleash Life-uptimer (icon)
Unleash Life-CD (icon)
Unleash Life-UP (icon)
Bottomless Depths-pasive (icon)
benediction Talent selected 3 3 (icon)
阵风 (icon)
Ancestral Guidance-UP (icon)
Ancestral Guidance-CD (icon)
Crashing Waves-Pasive (icon)
Deluge-pasive (icon)
Gift of the Queen-UP (icon)
Gift of the Queen-CD (icon)
潮汐奔涌 (icon)
暗夜井的宁静 (icon)
角鹰兽星座暴击 (icon)
野兔星座精通 (icon)
星界转移 (icon)
闪电图腾 (icon)
复生 (icon)
女王的崛起 (icon)
巨龙星座 (icon)
PalaManaTexture 2 (model)
龍神の剣を喰らえ!--- (aurabar)
PalaManaOverlay 2 2 (aurabar)
移动施法快刷刷起来 (aurabar)
治疗之潮BUFF (progresstexture)
灵魂图腾持续CD (progresstexture)
治疗泉水1 (progresstexture)
治疗泉水2 (progresstexture)
CD (progresstexture)
用掉后 (texture)
奶潮 (texture)
奶潮恢复CD (progresstexture)
灵魂图腾CD (progresstexture)
灵魂图腾 (progresstexture)
时光转换 (icon)
蛋糕饰品 (icon)
Restoration Shaman
Ipse's WA's - Shaman
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8/4 - Maelstrom Bugfix

My ElvUI profile: https://wago.io/NJKeS0baz#

Buff Tracker: https://wago.io/Nk3i-CZaG

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord: https://discord.gg/hFtCmkr

Change Log

- Fixed Landslide

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes ( added a tracker for Lightning Bolt for Overcharge )

-Added a tracker for unleash doom
-Added pandemic timers for flametongue and frostbrand

- Works on every language client
- Moved the resource tracker to the centre
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Added predictive text and an overflow notification

- Added a timer for Alpha Wolf

- Added a tracker for Elemental Focus and Elemental blast ( ty to jarxjarx and asakawa from the wa's discord )

Restoration shaman boys

1/11 - Big Update

- Added timers for power of the maelstrom and stormkeeper
- Moved some timers around
- Added a predictive maelstrom bar

- Added timers for doom winds, ferl spirit and boulderfist
- Moved a lot of timers around
- Fixed Enhancement cooldowns, added timers for firebrand and frostbrand
Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman