ToS GlowingFrames for healers
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This WA helps healers focus on important debuff by glowing raid frame of players

give you informations you can't get by reading your raidframe.
filter added
not needed if you have a proper raidframe configuration

Use only those you think will help you to heal better.

Works with Healbot, Vuhdo, Grid, Grid2, Elv, default raid frames.

Demonic Inquisition
Echoing Anguish - no range check, desactivated by default
Echoing Anguish - with range check, you need to share the "SEND HEALER FOR DISPEL" aura to your raid to make it work - this was made by asakawa
Calcified Quills

Sister of the Moon
Twilight Glaive
Rapid Shot
Lunar Beacon

Desolate Hosts - glow only when relevant from your side
Tormented cries - show the next target, not who is walking into it which has same icon
Spear of Anguish
Wither (need test) - only during Wailing Souls

Fallen Avatar
Shadowy Blades targets - You need to share the "SEND HEALER FOR BLADES" aura to your raid to make it work.
Tainted Matrix
Dark Mark

Bursting Dreadflame
Shadow Reflection: Erupting+Lingering Eruption - only in mythic mode

All these auras are based on the great work from asakawa

You can contact me on bnet at "Buds#2359", or "Nidaa/Buds#0500" on Discord

-- updates --
04/10: Shadow Reflection: Erupting+Lingering Eruption for mm added
03/10: 2 debuff template
03/10: Wither during Wailing Souls added
30/09: Tainted Matrix and Dark Mark added
24/09: Reverted fix for spear of anguish
19/09: Fixed glow appearing in background on ElvUI
19/09: Fixed Spear of Anguish to only glow when on your side
15/09: Minor code cleanup
31/08: CompactRaid support added
16/08: Bursting Dreadflame added
04/08: Tormented Cries fixed
04/08: Maiden's auras removed, Shadowy Blades fixed
02/08: Tormented Cries disabled, Shadowy Blades disabled, support for Grid1 added, Soulbind filter for same side as you
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