Glacials's Khakhan Destro Warlock
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 23rd 2017 User Glacials Views 1,906 Comments 0 Stars 2
This is a fork and update of Khakhan's Destro Warlock, which has fallen out of date because he stopped playing Warlock. I am not Khakan, but I have tried to adhere to his style because it's what I enjoyed.

Notable additions are:
  • Support for Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish trinket ability
  • Support for Empowered Life Tap talent
  • Support for Channel Demonfire talent
  • Various bugfixes and adjustments to match new Icy Veins priorities
This layout also includes Khakhan's Soul Shard tracker built in.

  • Added a warning when your pet is not on Assist
  • Added Soul Shard tracker
  • Improved horizontal centering
  • Fixed Channel Demonfire sometimes graying out when it shouldn't have
  • Fixed Immolate sometimes disappearing completely
  • Fixed Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish icon showing even when it wasn't equipped
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning wish will no longer glow
  • Fixed Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish sometimes showing as off CD when it wasn't
  • Raised priority of Empowered Life Tap above Chaos Bolt
  • Raised priority of Channel Demonfire above <5-shard Chaos Bolt
2017-04-06 (Original fork)
  • Added support for Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish (legendary trinket)
  • Added support for Empowered Life Tap
  • Added support for Channel Demonfire
  • Immolate is now higher priority than Chaos Bolt
  • Fixed Cataclysm showing under the wrong conditions
  • Fixed Eradication showing under the wrong conditions
  • Summon Doomguard will now correctly hide if you spec into Grimoire of Supremacy
Destruction Warlock
Corvandus' Affliction Extravaganza
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 20th 2017 User corvandus Views 7,399 Comments 19 Stars 2
This group will adjust based on your 100 talent choice. Some other talent choices are assumed, but I'll update in future to include most of the active choices.
Presently, the UI assumes the following talents are taken:
Malefic Grasp, Contagion, Grimoire of Supremacy.

The purple bar at the bottom is a self cloning bar that displays the duration of all instances of Unstable Affliction applied to your current target, with the number on instances on the right.

Currently, if you're running Soul Effigy, the auras assume you're using the focus method, as the progress bars on the effigy side track your focus target's DoTs.

I accomplish this by using the following macros:

1. Soul Effigy
#showtooltip Soul Effigy
/cast Soul Effigy

This ensures that if you recast Effigy, your previous Effigy as focus is removed before running the next macro.

2. Target return
/stopmacro [@focus, exists]

Hitting this macro will not fire if you already have a focus, so accidental target swapping won't break your tracking.
If you don't have a focus (or the previous macro cleared your focus on a new effigy cast), it will focus your effigy (which is automatically targeted when you cast SE) and return you to your primary target.

From there, set up some macros for your DoTs that change the cast target based on a modifier. I'm yet to find a simpler method for using Soul Effigy.

UPDATE: Some things have been tweaked and added.
1. Fixed a few triggers, cleaned up the Drain Soul icons a little
2. Suite no longer assumes SL is taken
3. Deadwind Harvester time now appears over the Reap Souls position when active (or a progress bar on the effigy side if you're running Soul Effigy and not SL)
4. Soul Harvest or Seed of Corruption timer bar occupies the same space as Siphon Life bar on the target side if talented


NOTE: All my suites are designed to attach to the PRD, which you can enable in Interface -> Names -> Unit Nameplates. To attach the group, simply go to the group tab, and change (anchored to) to Personal Resource Display. Works wonderfully when using DynamicCam's Dynamic Pitch feature.

I also recommend using Masque's Caith skin, set to black. This is what's being displayed in the screenshots.
Affliction Warlock