Corvandus' Destruction Cookout
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 23rd 2017 User corvandus Views 256 Comments 0 Stars 0
This is a fairly straightforward Destruction UI, with a couple of nice little QoL inclusions.
DR will only be saturated if you have above two stacks, unless you're moving.
Backdraft progress will appear as an inverse transparent bar over Eradication if you've taken the talent, otherwise occupies the same space as a normal progress bar.
Castbar over the mana bar as always, with a small aesthetic update that I expect to implement in my other suites. Fills for hardcasts, drains for channels.

A new little feature is the soul shard bar, which has a slightly transparent bar behind it that shows how many shards you are able to generate at any given point, which fills up each shard block in line with Conflagrate recharge time.

The position of some spells moves around depending on the talents you're running, but I think I've covered pretty much everything fairly well. If you're running a combination I haven't anticipated and there are gaps in the icon row, please let me know so I can address it.
NOTE: All my suites are designed to attach to the PRD, which you can enable in Interface -> Names -> Unit Nameplates. This is because I use Dynamic Cam's dynamic pitch, and I like my ui to move with my character.

If you don't use the PRD or don't want to, you may simply go to the group tab, and change the "anchored to" to "screen/parent group". (see screenshot)

If you don't do one of these, the auras will not display.
Destruction Warlock