Affliction Auras 7.3
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*New?* 7.3 ready!! Especially since nothing has changed yet :D

Things tracked:

- Soul Shards (RIP Doomshards, maybe)
- DoTs on target (main DoT icons)
- DoTs on focus (bars under DoT icons, RIP Effigy)
- Souls (upper swirlie)
- Reap, Wrath of Consumption, Soul Harvest, Haunt, Phantom Singularity
- Burning Rush (flames behind the bar)
- Your mana! With a (sort of) prediction for mana restored when you Life Tap (like blizzard's default UI)
- T20 4p buff
- Shadow Lock/Meteor Strike on cooldown
- ELT (pink bar)


- Supports Master Harvester procs when specced into StS or PS (rightmost bar)
- If you fancy moving it around, just drag the "Master Anchor" aura and stuff will go with it

** Code for UA damage prediction and stacks are from
** Delete the group before updating/re-importing it
** Keep WA2 updated
** If you fancy contacting me to report issues or w/e, you can DM me on discord at Kirin#5137

How-to disable UA damage prediction: go to the auras D-Up UA Reg and D-Up UA SL, and under the Display tab, either delete all text under the Custom Function box OR change it to this:

function() -- Display settings: choose what text is shown. -- can also use aura_env.timeRemaining -- return aura_env.display_damage end

03/03 - Corrected WoC stacks not showing up with Reap up.
03/25 - Now displays a bar under leftmost icon to track WoC duration if Reap is active. Icons beautified.
04/11 - (Probably) 100% functional on non-english clients now.
04/26 - Fat trimmed and WoC+Reap bar fixed. Requires WA2 v. 2.4.1 and above to work now (released on 04/26)
04/28 - Icons actually beautified (I'm stupid)
06/13 - Updated for 7.2.5
06/29 - Mana bar included
08/27 - Fixed an issue with Haunt auras
08/31 - "Updated" for 7.3 (included T21 4p buff to live version)
09/08 - ELT, I guess...
09/24 - Supremacy interrupt and stun included
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