Dilac - Warlock Weakauras Destruction/Affliction/Demonology
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This is the Weakauras I created/collected during the last years. They are not perfect yet...but maybe you like them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or found any bugs.
I appreciate any comments. :-)

These Weakauras do not contain a Soulshard Bar as I use the addon "Doom Shards" which i can recommend or feel free to use another Soulshard Bar.

Dilac - Die Todeskrallen EU

Here is a short preview Video

Please also have a look at Mnys WeakAuras:

This is a collection of 88 auras:

ImmolateAct (icon)
ImmolateU6 (icon)
ImmolateMis (icon)
Unstable Act (icon)
Unstable Mis (icon)
Siphon Life Long (icon)
Siphon Life Short (icon)
Siphon Life Inactive (icon)
CoA Active long (icon)
CoA Active short (icon)
CoA Inactive (icon)
ConflagBuff (icon)
4Set T19 Buff (icon)
Norgannons Foresight Destro (icon)
Norgannons Foresight Demo (icon)
Norgannons Foresight Affli (icon)
Prepotactive (icon)
Trinket Gul'dan (icon)
OldPrepottActive (icon)
Trinket Cooldown (icon)
Trinket Ready (icon)
Trinket Active (icon)
ManaTap (icon)
ManaTap Missing (icon)
ManaTap Short (icon)
Eradication (icon)
Mark of the Claw (icon)
HavocCD (icon)
Havocready (icon)
Havoc Focus (icon)
Imp CD (icon)
Imp RD (icon)
Felhunter CD Affli (icon)
Felhunder Ready Affli (icon)
Channel Demonfire Ready (icon)
Channel Demonfire (icon)
ChaoticInfusion (icon)
Flaks Missing (icon)
Flaks Missing 2 (icon)
Food Missing (icon)
PetSac Missing (icon)
ManaLifetapDestro (aurabar)
CD Doomguard (icon)
RD Doomguard (icon)
RD Shadowfury (icon)
CD Shadowfury (icon)
RD Grimoire (icon)
CD Grimoire (icon)
Buff Soul Harvest (icon)
CD Soul Harvest (icon)
RD Soul Harvest (icon)
CD Cataclysm (icon)
RD Cataclysm (icon)
CD Dreadstalkers (icon)
RD Dreadstalkers (icon)
CD Shadowflame (icon)
CD Shadowflame 1 Stack (icon)
RD Shadowflame (icon)
CD Call Dreadstalkers (icon)
RD Call Dreadstalkers (icon)
Doom Long (icon)
Doom Short (icon)
Doom Missing (icon)
Tormented Souls (icon)
Demo CD Bar (aurabar)
Demo TKC Bar (aurabar)
Demo Funktionen für die Bar (text)
Demo Artifact dmg (text)
Demo Pet Counter (text)
Demonic Calling CD (icon)
Demonic Calling Ready (icon)
Artifact Demo Cooldown (icon)
RD Thalkiel (icon)
CD Thalkiel (icon)
Tormented Souls Buff (icon)
Dimensional Rift Ready (icon)
Dimensional Rift CD (icon)
Artifact Demo Ready (icon)
Conflag CD (icon)
ConflagReady (icon)
Aura Buff Demons (icon)
Corruption Active long (icon)
Corruption Active short (icon)
Corruption Inactive (icon)
Immolate - Conflag (icon)
Immolate - Conflag Show CD (icon)
Immolate - Conflag Hide (icon)
Immolate - Conflag Hide CD (icon)
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