Corvandus' Affliction Extravaganza
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This group will adjust based on your 100 talent choice. Some other talent choices are assumed, but I'll update in future to include most of the active choices.
Presently, the UI assumes the following talents are taken:
Malefic Grasp, Contagion, Grimoire of Supremacy.

The purple bar at the bottom is a self cloning bar that displays the duration of all instances of Unstable Affliction applied to your current target, with the number on instances on the right.

Currently, if you're running Soul Effigy, the auras assume you're using the focus method, as the progress bars on the effigy side track your focus target's DoTs.

I accomplish this by using the following macros:

1. Soul Effigy
#showtooltip Soul Effigy
/cast Soul Effigy

This ensures that if you recast Effigy, your previous Effigy as focus is removed before running the next macro.

2. Target return
/stopmacro [@focus, exists]

Hitting this macro will not fire if you already have a focus, so accidental target swapping won't break your tracking.
If you don't have a focus (or the previous macro cleared your focus on a new effigy cast), it will focus your effigy (which is automatically targeted when you cast SE) and return you to your primary target.

From there, set up some macros for your DoTs that change the cast target based on a modifier. I'm yet to find a simpler method for using Soul Effigy. Fortunately, it's being removed and replaced in 7.2.5, so I expect I'll redesign the entire suite once that's released.
Affliction Warlock
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This is a collection of 111 auras:

W.A.B.Background (texture)
W.A.B.Deadwind Harvester.NoStacks (aurabar)
W.A.B.Deadwind Harvester.Stacks (aurabar)
W.A.B.Deadwind Harvester (aurabar)
W.A.B.Deadwind Harvester.Souls (text)
W.A.B.Corruption.Absolute (aurabar)
W.A.B.Corruption (aurabar)
W.A.B.Corruption.Missing (aurabar)
W.A.B.Corruption.Pandemic (texture)
W.A.B.Agony (aurabar)
W.A.B.Agony.Missing (aurabar)
W.A.B.Agony.Pandemic (texture)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction (icon)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction.1 (aurabar)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction.2 (aurabar)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction.3 (aurabar)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction.4 (aurabar)
W.A.B.Unstable Affliction.5 (aurabar)
W.A.B.Siphon Life (aurabar)
W.A.B.Siphon Life.Missing (aurabar)
W.A.B.Siphon Life.Pandemic (texture)
W.A.B.Seed of Corruption (aurabar)
W.A.B.Seed of Corruption.Missing (aurabar)
W.A.B.Soul Harvest.Active (aurabar)
W.A.B.Soul Harvest (aurabar)
W.A.B.Soul Harvest.CD (aurabar)
W.A.GCD (aurabar)
W.A.Mana (aurabar)
W.A.Swing (aurabar)
W.A.T.Haunt (icon)
W.A.T.Haunt.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Writhe in Agony (icon)
W.A.T.Malefic Grasp (icon)
W.A.T.Contagion (icon)
W.A.T.Absolute Corruption (icon)
W.A.T.Mana Tap (icon)
W.A.T.Mana Tap.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Demonic Circle.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Demonic Circle (icon)
W.A.T.Demonic Circle.OOR (icon)
W.A.T.Demonic Circle.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Mortal Coil (icon)
W.A.T.Mortal Coil.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Howl of Terror (icon)
W.A.T.Howl of Terror.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Siphon Life (icon)
W.A.T.Siphon Life.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Sow the Seeds (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Harvest.Active (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Harvest (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Harvest.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Demon Skin (icon)
W.A.T.Burning Rush (icon)
W.A.T.Burning Rush.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Dark Pact.Active (icon)
W.A.T.Dark Pact (icon)
W.A.T.Dark Pact.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Grimoire of Supremecy (icon)
W.A.T.Grimoire of Service (icon)
W.A.T.Grimoire of Service.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Grimoire of Sacrifice (icon)
W.A.T.Grimoire of Sacrifice.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Effigy (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Effigy.Missing (icon)
W.A.T.Phantom Singularity (icon)
W.A.T.Phantom Singularity.CD (icon)
W.A.T.Soul Conduit (icon)
W.A.HT.Gladiator's Medallion (icon)
W.A.HT.Gladiator's Medallion.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Adaptation (icon)
W.A.HT.Relentless (icon)
W.A.HT.Train of Thought (icon)
W.A.HT.Mind Quickness (icon)
W.A.HT.Initiation (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Tongues (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Tongues.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Weakness (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Weakness.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Fragility (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Fragility.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Essence Drain (icon)
W.A.HT.Casting Circle.Active (icon)
W.A.HT.Casting Circle (icon)
W.A.HT.Casting Circle.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Nether Ward.Active (icon)
W.A.HT.Nether Ward (icon)
W.A.HT.Nether Ward.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Endless Affliction (icon)
W.A.HT.Soulshatter.Active (icon)
W.A.HT.Soulshatter (icon)
W.A.HT.Soulshatter.CD (icon)
W.A.HT.Death's Embrace (icon)
W.A.HT.Amplify Afflictions (icon)
W.A.HT.Rot and Decay (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Shadows (icon)
W.A.HT.Curse of Shadows.CD (icon)
W.A.Command Demon (icon)
W.A.Command Demon.CD (icon)
W.A.Soul Leech (icon)
W.A.Soul Leech.Missing (icon)
W.A.C.Summon Doomguard (icon)
W.A.C.Summon Doomguard 2 (icon)
W.A.M.Wrath of Consumption (icon)
W.A.M.Seed of Corruption (icon)
W.A.M.Compounding Horror (icon)
W.A.M.Compounding Horror.4 (icon)
W.A.M.Compounding Horror.5 (icon)
W.A.M.Soul Shards (icon)
W.A.CD.Unending Resolve (icon)
W.A.M.IdlePet (text)
W.A.M.Empowered Life Tap (progresstexture)
Affliction Warlock