Xerwo's Warlock WA's - Destruction/Affliction/Demonology
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This is a collection of all my auras i use today.
Demonology auras might be outdated since i rarely play that spec.

This is a collection of 65 auras:

Backdraft (icon)
Backdraft NOT UP (icon)
Dispell (text)
RDY Dispell (text)
Channel Demonfire (text)
RDY (text)
Dimensional Rift (icon)
Dimensional Rift CD (icon)
Thal'kiel's Consumption CD (icon)
Thal'kiel's Consumption (icon)
Con (icon)
Con cd (icon)
Shadowy Inspiration (icon)
Shadowy Inspiration NOT UP (icon)
Demonic Calling (icon)
Demonic Calling NOT UP (icon)
Shadowflame (icon)
Shadowflame CD (icon)
Wreak Havoc Duration (icon)
Havoc Duration (icon)
Havoc (icon)
Havoc cd (icon)
Call Dreadstalkers (icon)
Call Dreadstalkers CD (icon)
Unending Resolve (icon)
Shoulders (icon)
Sacrifical Pact (icon)
Demonic Power (icon)
Lord of Flames (text)
Demo Service (icon)
Demo Service CD (icon)
Felstorm (icon)
Felstorm CD (icon)
Shadow Lock (icon)
Shadow Lock CD (icon)
Demo Synergy (icon)
Demo Synergy NOT UP (icon)
Supremacy (icon)
Cataclysm RDY (icon)
Cataclysm CD (icon)
Reverse Entropy (icon)
Service CD (icon)
Service UP (icon)
Mana Tap (icon)
Mana Tap SOUND (text)
Mana Tap NOT UP (icon)
Imp Count (text)
ol Wild Imps UP (aurabar)
ol Dreadstalkers CD (aurabar)
ol Dreadstalkers UP (aurabar)
ol Grimoire UP (aurabar)
ol Doomguard-Infernal UP (aurabar)
ol Darkglare UP (aurabar)
ol functions (text)
ol Demonic Empowerment (aurabar)
Sac Pact (text)
Consumption (icon)
Consumption NOT UP (icon)
Tormented Souls (icon)
Tormented Souls NOT UP (icon)
Deadwind Harvester (icon)
Deadwind Harvester NOT UP (icon)
Unstable Affliction (icon)
Unstable Affliction NOT UP (icon)
Sin'dorei Spite - CD (text)
Affliction WarlockDemonology WarlockDestruction Warlock
T20 - Tomb of Sargeras
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This is a collection of 98 auras:

GR - Burning Armor (icon)
GR - Melted Armor (icon)
GR (M) - Rain of Brimstone (icon)
GR - Crashing Comet (icon)
GR - Shattering Star (icon)
GR - Infernal Burning (Cast) (icon)
GR - Infernal Burning (icon)
GR - Fel Pool (icon)
DE - Max Torment (icon)
DE - Scythe Sweep (icon)
DE - Bone Saw (icon)
DE - Calcified Quills (icon)
DE - Fel Squall (icon)
DE - Soul Corruption (icon)
DE - Echoing Anguish (icon)
DE - Suffocating (icon)
HR - High Energy (icon)
HR - Jagged Abrasion (icon)
HR - Aqueous Burst (icon)
HR - Fixated (icon)
HR - Frigid Blows (icon)
HR - Drenched (icon)
HR - Drenching Waters (icon)
SM - Discorporate (icon)
SM - Lunar Fire (icon)
SM - Incorporeal Shot (icon)
SM - Embrace (Boss) (icon)
SM - Embrace (Player) (icon)
SM - Moon Burn (icon)
SM - Twilight Glaive (icon)
SM - Lunar Beacon (icon)
SM - Rapid Shot (icon)
SM (M) - Astral Vulnerability (icon)
SM - Suffusions (icon)
SM - Debuff Soup (icon)
MS - Burden of Pain (icon)
MS (M) - Delicious Bufferfish (icon)
MS - Hydra Shot (icon)
MS - Hydra Acid (icon)
MS - Thundering Shock (icon)
MS - Jaws from the Deep (icon)
MS - Call Vellius (N/H) (icon)
MS - Call Vellius (M) (icon)
MS - Befouling Ink (P2) (icon)
MS - Befouling Ink (icon)
MS - Consuming Hunger (icon)
MS - Debuff Soup (icon)
DH - Tormented Cries (icon)
DH - Shattering Scream (icon)
DH - Soulbind (icon)
DH - Bonecage Armor (icon)
DH - Sundering Doom A (icon)
DH - Sundering Doom B (icon)
DH - Doomed Sundering A (icon)
DH - Doomed Sundering B (icon)
DH - Spear of Anguish (icon)
DH - Anguish (Absorb) (icon)
DH - Spirit Chains (icon)
DH - Wither (icon)
DH - Wailing Souls (icon)
DH - Debuff Soup (icon)
MV (M) - Fragment Burst (icon)
MV - Remanence Splash Timer (icon)
MV - Remanence (icon)
MV - Light Infusion (icon)
MV - Fel Infusion (icon)
MV Unstable Soul (aurabar)
MV - Titanic Bulwark (icon)
MV - Grace & Vigor (icon)
MV - Blowback (icon)
FA - Desolate (icon)
FA - Desolate (Cast) (icon)
FA - Annihilation (icon)
FA - Cleansing Protocol (icon)
FA - Shadowy Blades (icon)
FA - Touch of Sargeras (icon)
FA - Unbound Chaos (icon)
FA - Rupture Realities (icon)
FA - Maiden Energy (icon)
FA (M) - Tainted Essence (icon)
FA (M) - Rain of the Destroyer (icon)
FA - Dark Mark (icon)
FA - Black Winds (icon)
FA - Debuff Soup (icon)
KJ - Felclaws (icon)
KJ - Felclaws (Boss) (icon)
KJ - Shadow Reflections (icon)
KJ (M) - Lingering Reflections (icon)
KJ - Armageddon (Timer) (icon)
KJ - Armageddon (icon)
KJ - Armageddon Failure (icon)
KJ - Bursting Dreadflame (icon)
KJ - Rupturing Singularity (icon)
KJ - Focused Dreadflame (Cast) (icon)
KJ - Sightless Gaze (icon)
KJ - Darkness (icon)
KJ - Gravity Squeeze (icon)
KJ - Burning (icon)
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