Patch 7.2 Destro Warlock Set - Part 2 of 4: Warlock CDS
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This is a brand new re-vamped weak auras set made especially for destruction warlock and made to work with 7.2!
(If you like my set, please let me know by dropping a star, or if you don't like it leave a comment on how it can be improved and I will look into fixing it if it makes sense!)

Part 1: Destruction Spells
Part 2: Warlock Cooldowns
Part 3: Shared Warlock Talents
Part 4: Trinkets and Legendaries

*This is in 4 parts because each group is broken down into diffferent categories, and some abilities are shared between all 3 specs while others are only applicable to destruction.*

This set has everything a destruction warlock may need but also confined to a compact space, all abilities that share the same talent tier have been overlapped to conserve space and create efficiency. The set is still new there might be minor tweaks made and will update if so.

*This set does not include a shard counter and utilizes Doom Shards addon for shard tracking. Its a very lightweight addon quick and easy setup.*

This is a collection of 11 auras:

Soul Harvest Active (icon)
Summon Doomguard Active (icon)
Grimoire of Service Active (icon)
Cataclysm (icon)
Soul Harvest (icon)
Summon Doomguard (icon)
Grimoire of Service (icon)
Soul Harvest CD (icon)
Cataclysm CD (icon)
Summon Doomguard CD (icon)
Grimoire of Service CD (icon)
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