Rangas Arms Warrior (updated for 7.2.5 and rewritten)
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These WAs will help you to maintain your Single Target rotation! It suggests in almost every situation which ability is best to use! Try it and improve your playstyle! I used the arms warriors compendium, mmo-champion forums and discord to achieve some quite precise informations for our priorities!

AoE Fights arent included in my WA, therefore use these rules for multiple target fights:
2-3 Enemies: Take SS and play the normal rotation, use cleave before WW!
5+ Enemies: Ignore the rotation advice and use Cleave and WW on CD!

Includes advice for optimal usage of Ayalas Ring Proccs and the Pants Legendary Leap CS!

I have rewritten all the WA with Spell IDs, so it will work now for every language!
Changed Rotation since the Arms Comendium was updated recently.

I guess that everything is now optimal! Enjoy and leave comments or some stars!

P.S.: If you ever wonder why my WA only appear in certain moments, read the Arms compendium i told about earlier! It helps much to understand the WA and how they work. A better understanding will help you to handle the WA correctly, since they are mostly a support for the player and cant replace human strategy or class understanding!!!

P.P.S.: The screenshots are old ones. I am too lazy to update them, but i will in the future. The WA arent much different now. The only difference is, that there is no FR WA now.. =P
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