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Execute Tracker
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This will not function without the AddOn LibArtifactData-1.0

This WeakAura shows when it's optimal to cast Execute.
Note: This isn't a complete "rotation helper". Therefore, it has been made under the assumption that you know the Arms rotation in detail. e.g. knowing you should get up Shattered Defenses before casting Execute if CS/WB are available, etc.

  • Tracks the hidden Precise Strikes buff
  • Takes into account whether or not you're using Dauntless
  • Takes into account your current Precise Strikes trait level
  • Considers current rage, talents, buffs, etc, and updates accordingly
  • Supports the legendary ring (Ayala's Stone Heart)
By default, this aura only activates in combat and if the current targeted enemy is in execute range. Please do not change any load conditions or settings.

If you would like this aura to always show in combat, even outside of execute range, set aura_env.alwaysShowInCombat to "true" (without quotes) under the Actions tab.

There are four different states this aura can be in:

Glowing: If casting Execute will provide maximum damage. - SD is up and you have enough rage for Execute's maximum cost, or SD is down and you have enough rage to cast Execute.
No Effect: If Execute is castable but it's not optimal to do so. - SD is up but you don't have enough rage for Execute's maximum cost.
Darkened: If you don't have enough rage to cast Execute.

Grayed out: Your current target is not in execute phase/can't be executed.
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