WEAKAURA Updated Oct 5th 2017 User hof_baxi Views 26,573 Comments 60 Stars 4
WeakAuras skin download https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/masque

This is a collection of 54 auras:

奥丁勇士 (icon)
灵魂之淫 (icon)
战争机器 (icon)
Bloodthirst (icon)
Bloodthirst CD (icon)
Raging Blow (icon)
Raging Blow CD (icon)
Whirlwind 3+Targets (icon)
Meat Cleaver UP (icon)
Odyn's Fury (icon)
Odyn's Fury CD UP (icon)
Rampage Master (icon)
Rampage NA (icon)
Execute Fury Master (icon)
Execute Fury Always (icon)
Dragon Roar Fury (icon)
Dragon Roar Active (icon)
Dragon Roar CD Fury (icon)
Bladestorm Fury (icon)
Bladestorm CD Fury (icon)
StormBolt Fury (icon)
StormBolt CD Fury (icon)
Shockwave Fury (icon)
Shockwave CD Fury (icon)
Battle Cry Fury Glow (icon)
Battle Cry Fury Hold (icon)
Battle Cry Fury CD (icon)
Battle Cry Bar Fury (aurabar)
Dragon Roar Bar (aurabar)
Bladestorm Fury Bar (aurabar)
Berserker Rage (icon)
Berserker Rage CD (icon)
Frothing Berserker (icon)
Enemies in Range WW (text)
Enraged (icon)
Enrage Timer (aurabar)
Pummel Fury (icon)
Pummel Fury Glow (icon)
Pummel Fury CD (icon)
Heroic Leap CD Fury (icon)
Charge on CD Fury (icon)
血腥气息 2 (icon)
龍神の剣を喰らえ! (aurabar)
2 2 (model)
3 2 (aurabar)
忍不住射了 (icon)
披风 (icon)
天神下凡 (progresstexture)
天神下凡 2 (progresstexture)
天神下凡 3 (progresstexture)
为了部落 3 2 (progresstexture)
斩杀111 2 (aurabar)
摧枯拉朽 2 (progresstexture)
Meat Cleaver 2 (texture)
Fury Warrior
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 2nd 2017 User Hetzaraz Views 2,574 Comments 0 Stars 0
This is a collection of 49 auras:

Empower Rune Weapon 2 2 2 3 (icon)
VulnerableTracker_v2 2 (aurabar)
Empower Rune Weapon CD 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon Back 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Pillar of Frost CD 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Pillar of Frost 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Pillar Of Frost 2 2 2 3 (aurabar)
Hungering rune Weapon 2 2 2 3 (aurabar)
Mind Freeze 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Mind Freeze CD 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Focus Glow 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Mind Freeze Glow 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Runic Power 2 2 2 3 (aurabar)
AntiMagicShell 2 2 2 3 (aurabar)
AntiMagicShell 2 2 2 4 (aurabar)
RunicBarFull 2 2 2 3 (model)
RuneB 2 2 2 2 (aurabar)
Background 2 2 2 3 (aurabar)
Dark succor 2 3 2 2 3 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 3 2 3 5 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 2 2 2 3 (progresstexture)
Dark succor 2 2 2 3 3 (progresstexture)
RunicPower Number 2 2 2 3 (text)
Armyofdead 2 2 2 4 (icon)
Armyofdead 2 2 2 5 (icon)
SR 2 3 (icon)
NO SR 2 2 3 (icon)
Virulent Plague 2 2 2 3 (icon)
NO Virulent Plague 2 2 2 3 (icon)
rip 2 2 3 (icon)
rip 3 3 (icon)
Icebound 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Icebound 2 2 2 4 (icon)
Concordance of the Legionfall 2 2 2 2 3 (icon)
engine 2 2 3 (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 3 2 2 3 (icon)
Mark of Claw+ POT 4 2 2 3 (icon)
Runic Corruption 2 2 2 4 (icon)
Runic Corruption 2 2 2 5 (icon)
Necrosis 2 2 2 4 (aurabar)
Gorefiend's Grasp Cd 2 2 2 3 (icon)
Gorefiend's Grasp Cd 2 2 3 3 (icon)
Shadow Step 2 2 3 (icon)
Shadow Step 2 3 2 (icon)
SoulDrinker Left 2 2 2 2 (progresstexture)
SoulDrinker Left 2 2 2 3 (progresstexture)
SoulDrinker Right 2 2 2 2 (progresstexture)
SoulDrinker Right 2 2 2 3 (progresstexture)
Fury Warrior
Ipse's WA's - Warrior
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 20th 2017 User Ipse Views 195,267 Comments 21 Stars 87
7.2.5 Update

My ElvUI profile: https://wago.io/NJKeS0baz#

Buff Tracker: https://wago.io/Nk3i-CZaG

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord: https://discord.gg/hFtCmkr

Change Log:
  • Legendary Ring fix

  • Bug Fixes

  • 7.2.5 Changes

  • Added a tracker for Executioner's Precision

  • Fixed Ignore Pain

  • Added Dragon Roar buff timer
  • Added Swing timer

  • Added Frothing Berserker timer

  • 7.1.5 Changes

  • No longer loads in pet battles

  • Moved rage counter to the middle
  • Now works on all language clients

  • Moved around some things to keep the specs consistent with each other
  • Added a timer for ultimatum, last stand and spell reflection

  • Fixed an issue where focused rage was overlapping battle cry
  • Focused rage should bounce a little at 3 stacks
  • Added cleave to the timer bar
  • Added a Blizzard style aura for overpower

7/10 - Added timers for
  • Added timers for Shattered Defenses, One Against Many and Precise Strikes
  • Added timers for Odyn's Champion, Juggernaut, Sense Death and Rage of the Valarjar
  • Added timers for Dragon Scales, Shield Wall, Precise Strikes and Vengeance

Arms WarriorFury WarriorProtection Warrior
Warrior Lounge
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 10th 2017 User Sunaze Views 4,988 Comments 0 Stars 1
Full WA for every warrior spec

This is a collection of 66 auras:

Rage (aurabar)
Swingtimer (aurabar)
Swingtimer OH (aurabar)
Cleave Buff up (icon)
Meatcleaver up (icon)
Cleave Buff Duration (text)
Pot active Warrior (icon)
Lust active Arms (aurabar)
IftK (aurabar)
Frothing Berserker (aurabar)
Use CS (icon)
SD - Instant (icon)
No CS so lets cry (icon)
CS CD TM (icon)
Enraged (icon)
not Enraged (icon)
ShieldBlock 0 Stacks (icon)
ShieldBlock 1 stack (icon)
ShieldBlock 2 stacks (icon)
ShieldBlock up (icon)
BS CD (icon)
BS rdy (icon)
BS up (icon)
RB CD (icon)
RB rdy (icon)
RB rdy 2 (icon)
Shieldslam CD (icon)
Shieldslam rdy (icon)
Ravager Timer (text)
BC CD (icon)
BC rdy (icon)
BC up (icon)
WB CD (icon)
WB rdy (icon)
OF CD (icon)
OF rdy (icon)
NF CD (icon)
NF rdy (icon)
Avatar CD (icon)
Avatar rdy (icon)
Wrecking Ball up (icon)
Mortal Strike CD (icon)
Mortal Strike rdy (icon)
Mortal Strike Combo (icon)
Bloodthirst CD (icon)
Bloodthirst rdy (icon)
Vengeance Tracker (icon) ---- https://wago.io/VengeanceTracker without features installed/enabled
Fury T204P (text)
Don't Mortal Strike pls (texture)
Ayala Proc (icon)
Rend na (icon)
Rend up (icon)
Rend up refresh (icon)
Execute range (icon)
ShieldWall up (icon)
Last Stand up (icon)
ExePrecision (icon)
Juggernaut (icon)
Thunderclap CD (icon)
Thunderclap rdy (icon)
Moonglaives War CD (icon)
Moonglaives War rdy (icon)
Moonglaives up (icon)
Ignore Pain up (icon)
Ignore Pain not up (icon)
SpellRef up (icon)
Arms WarriorFury WarriorProtection Warrior
Konshience Fury/Arms 7.2.5 Updated(7/08)
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 20th 2017 User LuckyNote Views 60,135 Comments 34 Stars 24
Hello everyone, so this is the new Version of my WeakAuras for Fury Warrior on WoW 7.2.

This weakauras were made according to this guide:


Only works if you playing in English.

Only use this if you have Convergance of Fates and T20 t4-piece with Fury.

New Weakauras for Arms Warrior is out(included in this pack).


*Some minor bugs fixed in Arms WA.


*New WA for Arms (Expect Video Soon)

UPDATE 27/07

*Fixed some issues with the execute phase.
* New WA for Sephuz Secret

UPDATE 20/07
*Updated Rotation for T20
*Now works with Battlelord Ring

UPDATE 07/07
*Added Weakaura for WarMachine and Frothing Berserker.
*Some bugs fixed.

UPDATE 15/06
*Added functionality to Odyn's Fury.
*Fixed bug with Wrecking Ball on single target

UPDATE 03/05
*Added WeakAura for potion of the Old War
*Now Displays a Texture when Heroism/Bloodlust is active
*WeakAuras now recognize if you have the legendary belt equipped changing the rotation(at 3 targets raging blow is substituted with whirlwind).
*More optimization.

UPDATE 24/04

*Rotation on 3 targets optimized for battle cry window and out of battle cry.

UPDATE 14/04

* Shockwave and Stormbolt werent displaying cooldown. Its now fixed
* Now works with MeatCleaver and shows when it procs if you talent selected
* Now works with BladeStorm and BladeBath if you have talent selected

These WeakAuras use some code of Khazkan's WA but were very modified to help you with your rotation.


WeakAuras have been updated a lot since the video so expect things to be a bit different. Will make a new video soon once ToS opens
Arms WarriorFury Warrior
Kyruski's DPS Warrior WAs v3 (Updated Aug 5)
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 6th 2017 User Kyruski Views 9,824 Comments 2 Stars 4
I made these weakauras as a semi-replacement for action bars. Icons and split into areas:
Upper Left = Offensive CDs
Upper Middle = Buff/Debuff Central to specialization
Upper Right = Rotation/Priority Abilities
Lower Left = Miscellaneous including Racial Ability
Lower Right = Defensive CDs
Left of Character = Execute-related buffs (EP/Jugg)
Right of Character = Execute and Ayalas
Above Character = Massacre/Overpower

There is a swing timer in the middle and no rage bar as I have a separate WA attached to my personal resource display to indicate rage. Buttons automatically change depending on talents (i.e. slam vs whirlwind, rend vs. cleave) as well as spec (Enrage vs. Colossus Smash, Odin's Fury vs. Warbreaker). The right number is a counter for targets within melee/cleave range, left number is a counter for targets within Odin's Fury and Warbreaker range (WA for unit counters based off Poli's Sweeping Strikes WA). Left of center screen/character is Executioner's Precision stacks (1 stack = small, 2 = large) and Juggernaut stacks. Right of center screen/character is Execute being available either through <20% or Ayala's proc (icon for Ayala's above). Buttons should be dynamic regarding when it should be used through glowing (i.e. if rend is down or CS is off CD, MS won't glow). This can easily be removed by unchecking the Glow option in the display tab. Icon's are tinted Blue when you do not have enough rage, and desaturated when on CD. Feel free to contact me on discord (Kyruski#6330) if you have any questions/suggestions.

One thing to note is I main Arms, so the Fury side might be missing a few things. Again, let me know what's missing and I should be able to update.

A huge thanks to the WeakAuras Discord for help with all of my questions throughout the creation of this compilation.


Aug 5, 2017:
-Fixed an issue with MS not lighting up in execute range with Rend taken.
-Cleaned up Order of WeakAuras in options
-Replaced Battle Cry duration bar with Shattered Defenses and Frothing Berseker for Arms and Fury respectively
-Replaced Rend duration bar with Focused Rage and Frenzy for Arms and Fury Respectively
-Added Icon (1-3 icons) above Focused Rage/Frenzy bar to denote number of stacks
-Added Wrecking Ball icon when talent is chosen
-Added Berserker Rage icon on upper left "Offensive Cooldown" area when Outburst talent is chosen

This is a collection of 46 auras:

Swing 2 (aurabar)
Swing (aurabar)
Swing Fury MH (aurabar)
Swing Fury OH (aurabar)
Slam (icon)
Raging Blow (icon)
MS no (text)
WW no (text)
OF Targets (text)
Massacre (text)
Juggernaut (icon)
Furious Slash (icon)
Execute (icon)
Stone Heart (icon)
Enrage (icon)
Cleave no (text)
Cleave Count (text)
CS no (text)
Battle Cry (icon)
Bloodthirst (icon)
Bladestorm (icon)
BC Bar (aurabar)
Avatar (icon)
Pummel (icon)
Throw (icon)
Odin's Fury (icon)
Intimidating (icon)
Heroic Leap (icon)
Enraged regen (icon)
Die by the Sword (icon)
Commanding (icon)
Charge (icon)
Berserking (icon)
Berserker Rage (icon)
Colossus Smash (icon)
Cleave (icon)
Executioner's Precision (icon)
Enrage 100 rage (texture)
Mortal Strike (icon)
Overpower (texture)
Rend/Frothing Bersserker Bar (aurabar)
Rend (icon)
Rocket Jump no CD (icon)
Warbreaker (icon)
Whirlwind (icon)
Warbreaker count (text)
Arms WarriorFury Warrior