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Khakhan's Fury War
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 15th 2017 User Khakhan Views 19,247 Comments 9 Stars 12
Updated: Jan. 15th 7.1.5 Update.

Rampage and Execute glow when it's the appropriate time to use (Icy-Veins).
Battle Cry glows when: you are not enraged, and Rampage is not glowing.
Be sure to have latest WA version installed! or things will not glow properly.

Get the companion aura set Fury Buffs here: https://wago.io/418yGlyKW
Turn off my old separate Rage Bar if you had it installed, I built it in now.

Updated: Jan 15th If you have Frothing Berserker talented, Rampage will only glow at 100 rage. Rampage will still glow if you are not Enraged and Rampage is castable (if you do NOT have Frothing Berserker talented). Also, added an icon for Frothing Berserker. Is this the correct way to play post patch?

Updated: Sep 5th Made quite a few changes, check GIF. Added GCD sweeps, Rage now shows out of combat, fixed sound alert for Odyn's Fury, Changed the color of the Enrage bars and Fury Buff bars so they don't look just like Rage..., fixed Wrecking Ball icon. Fixed multi-target not showing up how I wanted. Added cooldown display for Heroic Leap and Charge if you have no charges, even out of combat.
Updated: Aug 27th For the Legion release I moved some stuff around to make it more compact. Turned on Odyn's Son (Artifact). Enraged now shows up as a bar in the middle, it turns blue if you are NOT Enraged. Built in the Rage Bar.
I kept references to the Ring for now, they will only load with the Ring equipped.
Fury Warrior
Fury Warrior Minimalist GUI
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 12th 2017 User Trufflepig Views 3,404 Comments 7 Stars 1
I was getting tired of having a huge central console. I found that I spent most fights staring at my Enrage Bar and ability timers instead of seeing the encounter.

This is pretty much a reverse console: If it is on CD and not coming up for at least 6 seconds, you don't see it. There are timers that show the CD on Bloodthirst and Raging Blow, as well as one that counts down Enrage while it is active.

Instead of a rage bar, Rampage becomes visible on procs and when you have enough rage to use it. Wrecking Ball Procs do the same and there's a counter for mobs in WW range.

Execute comes up when available and has a Juggernaut counter above it which is only visible when you have stacks.

I rounded it out with an audible ping for interruptable casts, but I did end up leaving Pummel, Charge, and Heroic Leap CDs visible off to the side.

Version 2: Typo Fix
Version 3: Edited talent load configurations for Dragon Roar and Avatar
Version 4: Enraged Regen countdown bar, thin rage bar, rage text, Frothing Berserker
Version 5: Edited rage & Frothing Berserker texts for better visibility
Version 6: Added a swing timer indicator and a counter for stacks of Taste for Blood. Also hid the text countdown numbers on most bars to reduce clutter.
Version 7: Added support for Ring of Collapsing futures. Snagged the base auras from Smexy's Ring of Collapsing Futures WA, then adapted to fit this layout.
Fury Warrior