Konshience Fury/Arms 7.2.5 Updated(7/08)
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 20th 2017 User LuckyNote Views 45,449 Comments 31 Stars 23
Hello everyone, so this is the new Version of my WeakAuras for Fury Warrior on WoW 7.2.

This weakauras were made according to this guide:


Only works if you playing in English.

Only use this if you have Convergance of Fates and T20 t4-piece with Fury.

New Weakauras for Arms Warrior is out(included in this pack).


*Some minor bugs fixed in Arms WA.


*New WA for Arms (Expect Video Soon)

UPDATE 27/07

*Fixed some issues with the execute phase.
* New WA for Sephuz Secret

UPDATE 20/07
*Updated Rotation for T20
*Now works with Battlelord Ring

UPDATE 07/07
*Added Weakaura for WarMachine and Frothing Berserker.
*Some bugs fixed.

UPDATE 15/06
*Added functionality to Odyn's Fury.
*Fixed bug with Wrecking Ball on single target

UPDATE 03/05
*Added WeakAura for potion of the Old War
*Now Displays a Texture when Heroism/Bloodlust is active
*WeakAuras now recognize if you have the legendary belt equipped changing the rotation(at 3 targets raging blow is substituted with whirlwind).
*More optimization.

UPDATE 24/04

*Rotation on 3 targets optimized for battle cry window and out of battle cry.

UPDATE 14/04

* Shockwave and Stormbolt werent displaying cooldown. Its now fixed
* Now works with MeatCleaver and shows when it procs if you talent selected
* Now works with BladeStorm and BladeBath if you have talent selected

These WeakAuras use some code of Khazkan's WA but were very modified to help you with your rotation.


WeakAuras have been updated a lot since the video so expect things to be a bit different. Will make a new video soon once ToS opens
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Kyruski's DPS Warrior WAs v3 (Updated Aug 5)
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 6th 2017 User Kyruski Views 5,583 Comments 1 Stars 3
I made these weakauras as a semi-replacement for action bars. Icons and split into areas:
Upper Left = Offensive CDs
Upper Middle = Buff/Debuff Central to specialization
Upper Right = Rotation/Priority Abilities
Lower Left = Miscellaneous including Racial Ability
Lower Right = Defensive CDs
Left of Character = Execute-related buffs (EP/Jugg)
Right of Character = Execute and Ayalas
Above Character = Massacre/Overpower

There is a swing timer in the middle and no rage bar as I have a separate WA attached to my personal resource display to indicate rage. Buttons automatically change depending on talents (i.e. slam vs whirlwind, rend vs. cleave) as well as spec (Enrage vs. Colossus Smash, Odin's Fury vs. Warbreaker). The right number is a counter for targets within melee/cleave range, left number is a counter for targets within Odin's Fury and Warbreaker range (WA for unit counters based off Poli's Sweeping Strikes WA). Left of center screen/character is Executioner's Precision stacks (1 stack = small, 2 = large) and Juggernaut stacks. Right of center screen/character is Execute being available either through <20% or Ayala's proc (icon for Ayala's above). Buttons should be dynamic regarding when it should be used through glowing (i.e. if rend is down or CS is off CD, MS won't glow). This can easily be removed by unchecking the Glow option in the display tab. Icon's are tinted Blue when you do not have enough rage, and desaturated when on CD. Feel free to contact me on discord (Kyruski#6330) if you have any questions/suggestions.

One thing to note is I main Arms, so the Fury side might be missing a few things. Again, let me know what's missing and I should be able to update.

A huge thanks to the WeakAuras Discord for help with all of my questions throughout the creation of this compilation.


Aug 5, 2017:
-Fixed an issue with MS not lighting up in execute range with Rend taken.
-Cleaned up Order of WeakAuras in options
-Replaced Battle Cry duration bar with Shattered Defenses and Frothing Berseker for Arms and Fury respectively
-Replaced Rend duration bar with Focused Rage and Frenzy for Arms and Fury Respectively
-Added Icon (1-3 icons) above Focused Rage/Frenzy bar to denote number of stacks
-Added Wrecking Ball icon when talent is chosen
-Added Berserker Rage icon on upper left "Offensive Cooldown" area when Outburst talent is chosen

This is a collection of 46 auras:

Swing 2 (aurabar)
Swing (aurabar)
Swing Fury MH (aurabar)
Swing Fury OH (aurabar)
Slam (icon)
Raging Blow (icon)
MS no (text)
WW no (text)
OF Targets (text)
Massacre (text)
Juggernaut (icon)
Furious Slash (icon)
Execute (icon)
Stone Heart (icon)
Enrage (icon)
Cleave no (text)
Cleave Count (text)
CS no (text)
Battle Cry (icon)
Bloodthirst (icon)
Bladestorm (icon)
BC Bar (aurabar)
Avatar (icon)
Pummel (icon)
Throw (icon)
Odin's Fury (icon)
Intimidating (icon)
Heroic Leap (icon)
Enraged regen (icon)
Die by the Sword (icon)
Commanding (icon)
Charge (icon)
Berserking (icon)
Berserker Rage (icon)
Colossus Smash (icon)
Cleave (icon)
Executioner's Precision (icon)
Enrage 100 rage (texture)
Mortal Strike (icon)
Overpower (texture)
Rend/Frothing Bersserker Bar (aurabar)
Rend (icon)
Rocket Jump no CD (icon)
Warbreaker (icon)
Whirlwind (icon)
Warbreaker count (text)
Arms WarriorFury Warrior
Pahtaron's Warrior Umbral Moonglaives
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 5th 2017 User Pahtaron Views 979 Comments 0 Stars 0
Pahtaron's Warrior Umbral Moonglaives

This weakaura is a combination / rework / expanded version of other umbral moonglaives weakauras, but the way I like it best.

This weakaura helps with the right usage of the trinket Umbral Moonglaives. It observes trinket and battle cry cooldown. If battle cry is not available or not available in x second,s then the text "WAIT" is shown. If is is safe to use the trinket in combination with battle cry, then the text "WAIT" is not shown. So you can decide for yourself if you want to use the trinket or wait for something.

Once the trinket is used it shows its remaining duration. If the time is right for battle cry to be used the icon starts glowing and a sound is played (sound can be disabled). After use of battle cry the glowing ends. Once the remaining duration of moonglaives reaches 0, then the normal trinket cooldown will be shown.

If umbral moonglaives is used the yells that this ability has been used and mobs should not be moved. At the end of duration the wa thanks everyone for cooperation (say). If yelling and telling is to bothersome it can be disabled under actions tab.

- Have the latest version of weakaura2 installed or at least a version that already supports the feature conditions
- Delete a previously installed version of that weakaura (remove children and group)
- Have World of Warcraft "Show Numbers for Cooldowns" enabled (Game Menu -> Interface -> ActionBars)
- Optional: if the look of the installed weakaura differs from the one at the pictures, then you can install the addon "AddonSkins" from Curse

- spec and talent independent - weakaura knows the current spell duration of battlecry (either 5 or 7 seconds)
- cooldown of trinket (icon is grey)
- indicates if trinket shall not be used (text says "WAIT")
- informs other players that you have used the trinket (/yell)
- visible and audible notification that you should use battle cry
- client language independent
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Pahtaron's Fury 7.2.5 - with rotation helpers
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 1st 2017 User Pahtaron Views 12,466 Comments 36 Stars 14
Pahtaron's Fury Warrior for Patch 7.2.5 - a fork of Ipse's WA's - Warrior (February 2017)

If you prefer playing arms warrior or want to try it out or for reasons unknown ;) there is also an arms version of this weakaura. You can find it here: https://wago.io/BJkaqmUr-

- Have the latest version of weakaura2 installed or at least a version that already supports the feature conditions
- Delete a previously installed version of that weakaura (remove children and group)
- Have World of Warcraft "Show Numbers for Cooldowns" enabled (Game Menu -> Interface -> ActionBars)
- Optional: if the look of the installed weakaura differs from the one at the pictures, then you can install the addon "AddonSkins" from Curse
- Have enemy nameplates (v) activated for AOE helper to detect enemies

- spells: stacks and cooldowns
- buffs: stacks and durations
- range check (out of range spells -> icon turns read)
- usable check (not usable spells like rampage, execute and raging blow (without inner rage and not enraged) -> icon turns grey)
- visual single target rotation helper (glowing effect on spells)
- ae rotation helper (icon on the right side)
- global cooldown animation for spells that are affected by global cooldown
- client language independent

Visual rotation helper feature
The priority list used by the helper is taken from Archimtiros 7.2.5 fury warrior guide and simulation craft apl. The helper handles normal rotation, cooldown and execute phase. Frothing Berserker and Massacre are considered by the helper when active. Implementation of ae rotation is incomplete.

The purpose of the helper feature is to assist performing the rotation.
- usable spell with the highest priority get the glowing effect (spell must be usable and its remaining cooldown must be equal or less than the gcd)
- priority will be calculated by observing usable spells, active buffs, stacks, cooldowns, remaining durations, rage, life of target, ...
- helper will never advise to use cooldowns (battle cry), but if you do it will tell you what to use
- even with the helper generally working I highly recommend to watch cooldowns and resources as it might happen that a better spell as the highlighted one will be available (and highlighted) in milliseconds (happens when spell comes of cooldown after gcd or no gcd active; gaining 100 rage)
- you should know the priority list to adjust manually (delay)
- aoe helper will only work if enemy namepaltes are activated
- single target and aoe rotation helper can be enabled or disabled independantly
- single target helper checking can be forced to only be active when gcd is not active (slower recommendations but less flashing)

This group / collection of weakauras is work in progress. I am frequently adding new stuff and uploading new versions. Some auras are required by other auras to work properly. Do not delete "helper". Its purpose is getting single target and aoe priority and range check.

I am new to weakauras, lua and wow api. There is great chance that things are not optimized or best practice.
/me is always glad if someone provides some tips :)

Attention: This weakaura is based on the Warrior WA made by user Ipse. You can find his WA here: https://wago.io/EkMnku8FZ

I am pretty enthusiastic for the visual appearance of that weakaura. But also I wished that there was more functionality like gcd animation and range checking. Also I only wanted the fury warrior part of that aura. That was in February of 2017 when I started this weakaura by forking Ipse's one. First I removed all the unwanted stuff and added gcd animation which I found in Khakhan's Fury War https://wago.io/EyHZ9sUuW. I learned quite a lot by looking at Khakhan's weakaura and added some of the icons, which look I adjusted to match. Since then I am using and develeloping this WA.

Without the effort of Ipse and Khakhan this weakaura would never exist. Big credit and thankyou.

Upcoming versions
- working on priority list (completing, bugfixes, equipped items and active tier sets)
- interrupt icon (pummel)
- some optimisations by rotational helper using (more) wow api events

Version 38
- new configuration options: st helper, st helper icon and aoe helper icon can be enabled individually
- ST helper icon will be displayed left beside player
- AOE helper icon will be displayed right beside player

Version 37
- update st helper - if charge is usable and target is in range of charge, then st helper will return charge

The Stef (Version 36)
- even if single target helper is disabled, rampage will glow when specific conditions are met

Version 35
- shockwave and stormbolt are now each only one icon (no more extra icon for cooldown needed)

Version 34
- removed sound when enrage buff drops (homer simpsons saying "Oh crappp")

Version 33
- small changes in lua code taken from arms wa

Version 32
- watching combat log to prevent multiple suggestions for furius slash when inner rage talented

Version 31
- battle cry glows if it not on cooldown and the gcd is not active (-> instant cast of an ability together with bc, no wasted bc time while waiting for gcd)
- preperations for like rampage glowing even if single target helper is deactivated (100 rage frothing berserker) -> that was default behaviour before single target was introduced

Version 30
- aoe rotation icon turns to single target rotation icon if there is only only target in range
- aoe rotation icon (helper) checks if in melee range and turns red if not

Version: 15.07.2017
-rampage icon -> shows "free" if massacre buff is up
- execute icon -> show "free" if death sense or ayala buff is up

Version: 14.07.2017
- cleanups, improvements
- using conditions for visualisation of cooldown state (instead of using 2 different icons for each spell only one is needed)

Version: 13.07.2017 (2)
- Fixed an lua error :/

Version: 13.07.2017
- standard action priority list from simulation craft for cooldowns, execute and singletarget (might have to check and reorder a few things)
- rotation helper now maintains juggernaut, frenzy and fujieda stacks (because of apl)
- improvement for the new single furiousslash-whirlwind-execute icon (default behaviour: display execute and only fs or ww when adviced from st helper)
- new config option aura_env.gcdzero - when set to true the helper only runs when gcd is not active (slower recommendations but less flashing)

Version: 12.07.2017:
- experimental: disabled execute icon and added dynamic icon that displays either furious slash, whirlwind or execute usage based on st helper suggestion

Version: 11.07.2017 (2):
- ae helper nearly finsihed (added 8+ targets, 4+ targets (3 with belt); rotation when only 2 or 3 enemies and battle cry is active is incomplete)

Version: 11.07.2017:
- initial release of ae helper (rotation based on enemies in "range" of whirlwind)
- st helper and ae helper can be enable/ disabled standalone

Version: 10.07.2017:
- reposition of some icons
- rework of helper functionality (-> easier maintaining the priority list)
- rework of helper functionality (buff active + exiration time + remaining time + stacks, gcd expiration time, spell usable, spell cooldown, rage, target %, enemies in range, ...)
- temporary new single rotation helper icon on the right side of screen (shows same spells as the highlighted ones includings fs and ww) -> in an upcoming version this icon will show multi target priority based on number of enemies in range
Fury Warrior