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Vengeance Tracker
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 16th 2017 User Marok Views 19,378 Comments 7 Stars 20
This WeakAura shows you if you should cast Revenge or Ignore Pain when using the Vengeance talent.

It also tracks free Revenges from dodges/parries.

You will see either a Revenge or Ignore Pain icon, and depending on your current buffs and rage, the icon will be glowing, normal, or darkened.
  • Glowing: If Revenge/Ignore Pain can be used at maximum efficiency
  • No Effect: If Revenge/Ignore Pain are castable, but it's not optimal to do so
  • Darkened: If Revenge/Ignore Pain aren't castable
The timer you see on the icon is the remaining time on your current Vengeance buff.

User Options:
  • Timer Decimal - If you'd like the timer to show 1 decimal place, go to Actions -> On Init and change aura_env.timerDecimal to "true" (without quotes).

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please contact me on Discord (Marok#7923).

  • Jan 16, 2017 (v1.04): Fixed a rare bug where Revenge would incorrectly glow
  • Jan 12, 2017 (v1.03):
    • Free Revenges are now tracked much more accurately; as a result, a timer can no longer be shown for the remaining time on your free Revenge
    • The timer is now shown without any decimal places by default; added an option to enable a timer with 1 decimal place
    • Fixed a bug where Revenge would show as if it was on cooldown when the GCD is triggered
  • Jan 11, 2017 (v1.02): Now works on non-english WoW clients
  • Jan 11, 2017 (v1.01):
    • Fixed a bug where Revenge would show as castable even when it's on cooldown
    • Now tracks spell parries (spell parries are extremely rare)
  • Jan 10, 2017 (v1.00): Updated for 7.1.5!
Protection Warrior
Khakhan's Prot War (1 of 2)
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 15th 2017 User Khakhan Views 43,419 Comments 28 Stars 21
Updated: Jan. 15th 7.1.5 Second update. Still more refining to come. The GIF is much more current than the video. If you are updating, remember to always "Delete Children and Group" the old auras.

  • Shield Slam now simply glows whenever it is available. It turns red if out of range.
  • Revenge will glow if it is usable and Shield Slam is on cooldown.
  • Thunderclap glows when Shield Slam and Revenge are on cooldown, as long as there are 3+ targets in range.
  • Neltharion's Fury and Thunderclap take up the same space. Neltharion's Fury has priority.
  • Battle Cry and Avatar take up the same space. Battle Cry has priority.
  • Ravager, Shockwave and Storm Bolt take up the same space. Ravager has priority.
  • If you have multiple defensive CD's active, then only one will display. The order:
    Shield Wall > Last Stand > Neltharion's Fury > Demoralizing Shout = Spell Reflect.

(Oct 5th change) If you have the "Vengeance" talent selected there are now several checks when the buffs are shown, the idea is it is safe to hit Ignore Pain when you see "IPain" and Focused Rage when it says "Focus".
"Vengeance: Ignore Pain" will display if: you have enough rage for a full Ignore Pain and the buff is active. OR if there are <5 seconds left on the buff.
"Vengeance: Focused Rage" will always display if you do NOT have Ultimatum talented and the Vengeance buff is active.
If you DO have Ultimatum talented, then the icon will only display if you have >= 58 rage (the rage cost of Focused Rage + Ignore Pain) and the Vengeance buff is active.

I had to separate the auras into 2 groups, need both.
Download Prot 2 HERE
I use the textures from Kui Nameplates which I recommend.

For any feedback, you can comment here or at my mmoc thread.

Bonus: Skittish Helper

Jan. 15th: Second Revision. Fixed Revenge to show the CD. I highly recommend Hamsda's Devastator aura, he did some great work on it, impressive. I still think more changes will happen with prot war soon, even post the large straight damage nerf. I will do more updates soon so, check back here or on my mmo thread.
Jan. 10th: First revision for 7.1.5 changes. Lots of changes to deal with. Added a swing timer for devastator and had to move around a bunch of stuff. Will do more later but the old one was pretty much unusable for 7.1.5 .
Nov. 7th: Revenge now only glows if <2sec remaining on Shield Slam if it's single target (Tayfun33 recommendation). Fixed a couple things in prot 2 to show out of combat, so you can maintain ignore pain a little easier.
Oct. 10th: If you have Vengeance talented, the icon will now alert you to use Focused Rage or Ignore Pain. Takes into account your current rage, the duration of the buff, Ultimatum and other things. Added an 'out of range' check for Shield Slam ( it turns red).
Oct. 5th: Trying out some new things that might help to use Vengeance perfectly. Will probably be updating a couple more times this week. I am a bit upset about Warrior nerfs and I feel the need to min/max. I fixed Impending Victory and uploaded the OOC Ignore Pain. I added an Out of Range check for Shield Slam. Also, updated to Hamsda's new code, following the powerful nerf yesterday. If you just want the Ignore Pain OOC and Impending Victory fix. the aura's to extract are: "Impending/Victory Rush"+"Victory Rush Low" and "Ignore Pain Huge OOC"

Sep. 26th: Built in Hamsda's ignore pain code, you can now see if you will go over cap and how much each ignore pain will give you. Orange means some of your ignore pain is wasted. Red means you will lose Ignore pain value if you cast it then.
Added a purple bar to indicate how far over your max HP you have in absorbs (see gif). The absorbs are 2 different colors because it looks really strange if they are both the same color.
Added a tick bar for Ignore Pain that updates if your rage cost is lowered (vengeance talent) will work post nerfs :(( [see GIF]
Moved heroic leap over to the right side. Moved Dragon Scales a little. both because of the new Ignore Pain text.
Made Victory Rush no longer shake if you have > 95% HP, even at <4sec.
TankingProtection Warrior
Devastator Swing Timer
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 15th 2017 User Stallion Views 1,074 Comments 1 Stars 3
This is a swingtimer designed for use with the Devastator talent of Protection Warrior. It is mostly based on on the WeakAura created by Hamsda and Macrologia ( Version 1.3) but instead of showing a Devastator icon that turns red when you are supposed to wait for the next auto attack, it shows a swing timer that turns red in those moments. The SwingTimer accounts for parry haste because the original WeakAura did :)

This version is based on version of 1.3 of the original WeakAura which is tuned for maximum survivability. If you prefer a more dps oriented playstyle, you may reduce the values found at "Action" tab -> "On Init" custom function for aura_env.timeBefore (already very low, I suggest to not reduce it further) and aura_env.timeAfter. The closer they are to 0, the less frequently will the WeakAura tell you to wait. Setting it as low as 0 may not necessarily increase dps the most but setting timeAfter lower than the standard 0.999 should probably result in more dps.
Setting timeAfter to value x means that, if the next Devastator auto attack following your current gcd would occur within a time window equal to x times your gcd (x being a fraction of it like for example 0.3), then it would tell you to wait a little bit (because you may get a Shield Slam reset just a little bit after your gcd finishes which you should immediately use instead of something else). Setting this lower, will result in more aggressive use of your other abilities which costs more rage but may potentially provide a bit more dps. However, according to the Devastator guide the maximum survivability is achieved with the standard value of 0.999.
Personally I am using 0.05 and 0.3 because I don't do cutting edge mythic progression and found myself waiting a lot with the standard values, resulting in less dps. If you prefer that version, you can also directly download the first version that I uploaded which you can find under "Previous Versions".
Protection Warrior