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WEAKAURA Updated Oct 18th 2017 User Rapture Views 1,437 Comments 0 Stars 1
This aura is work in progress.

It puts alternating marks on actively stacking ppl (3 groups of marks 2 in each) (in Trigger2).
When boss gets extra energy, it writes in chat, who is currently stacking and previous stacker(marks), current stacks, as well as whether maiden was soaking or not (M(P;T) means fel pylon active (P) and maiden stacking(T)) (Display)

Trigger3 disables the aura when maiden dies or it wrote to chat 5 times (ticks_max in onInit)

update 1:
fixed aura_env.contains(arr, elem)
fixed mark setting in trigger2
update 2:
trigger3 changes
trigger2 minor fixes for possible problems

update 3:
it works partly(writes debuff stacks and duration when boss gains energy)
doesnt work together with Essence SENDER for now (or maybe someone in raid didnt disable it)
doesnt track maiden for now
putting marks on ppl interferes with dbm, so, ill just track it internally probably.

Update 4:
more fixes
puts marks in chat on ppl currently with matrix debuff, when boss gains extra energy
still doesnt work with scrubbusters Essence SENDER
tracks maiden, but its fairly unreliable(maiden has no trackable buff, when she is under pylon, the stacks work pretty weird aswell)
skips dead ppl when it writes to chat

Update 5:
more fixes
star - who is currently stacking
skull - dead
X - more than 6 stacks
M(P,T) P-Pylon Active; T-Maiden was staking in the last 3 sec
Doesnt Work with Essence SENDER, and prob no more updates coming
All parameters in Action Tab
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Fubar187421's Marksman Hunter Aura's
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 17th 2017 User Fubar187421 Views 9,636 Comments 0 Stars 1
I Did Not Make These, I Just Edited The Aura's To My Liking's Then Put Them Together In One Big Aura File To
Share With Everyone.

Thank You For Making The Aura's:










MaxDPS Spell,,,


Update 8/17/2017: Moved A Few Thing's Around To Better Fit The Screen.

Update 8/15/2017: Added Tarnished Sentinel Medallion Aura.

Update 8/12/2017: Added MaxDPS Spell WeakAura.

Update 8/11/2017: True Shot Has Been Updated And Modified.

This is a collection of 56 auras:

Barrage Ready (icon)
Barrage CD (icon)
Sidewinders 2 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders1 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders CD (icon)
BA Ready (icon)
BA Debuff (icon)
BA CD (icon)
Marking Targets (icon)
Hunter's Mark (icon)
MS Tracker (text)
Trick Shot (icon)
vulnerable (icon)
Bullseye (icon)
Bullseye timer (aurabar)
Steady Focus (text)
Trinket 1 (icon)
Trinket 2 (icon)
pot (icon)
AMoC Dur (icon)
Hero! (icon)
Misdirection (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah CD (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Ready (icon)
Exhilaration (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
Windburst CD (icon)
Windburst Ready (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle CD (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows CD (icon)
Arcane Torrent CD (icon)
Arcane Torrent Ready (icon)
Lock and Load (icon)
Renew Volley (icon)
Focus BG 2 (aurabar)
Focus Sidewinders 2 (aurabar)
Focus Predictive 2 (aurabar)
Focus Current 2 (aurabar)
Focus Aimed Shot 2 (aurabar)
Focus Text 2 2 (text)
Focus Text 4 2 (text)
GCD (aurabar)
Trueshot (icon)
Trueshot Almost (icon)
Trueshot CD CD (icon)
Trueshot Reduction (text)
Trueshot ready (icon)
Legendary Belt (icon)
AAA Freezing Trap (icon)
BM/MM-Interrupt-Counter Shot (icon)
Traitors Oath (icon)
Fury of the Burning Sky (icon)
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