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Soul Effigy Tracker (aurabar)

Changelog: Fixed 'wont load if you cast soul effigy first' issue. IF you want to show the bars outside of combat, message me, you're gonna have to change some code.

If you have problems with visibility, basically re-cast the spell in combat and it should fix the aura.

Video of aura in progress:

This is a custom weak aura that is meant to track 4 possible dots on your Soul Effigy.
This aura features dynamic tracking of your main dots on your own Soul Effigy as well as different color options for each bar. This aura also supports the 'pandemic effect' where it will account for the 30% extension to your dot if refreshed early.

To change colors of the bars, go to OnInit-> Actions and set the 'RBG' values based on hex colors you can find online (or even with the Weak Auras color picker +

If you are confused on how to customize this aura please feel free to contact Krazyito on the Weak Auras Help Discord at: Krazyito#6189

If you want to add another DoT (ONLY USE THIS IS WE ARE WAY BEYOND LEGION CONTENT, or a new spell was added) all you need to do is add it to the Actions -> OnInit tab. The other dots there should give an example of what it should look like.

*note: this can also be a good example for those learning trigger state updater
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