PhoGuild - Raid Ability Timeline
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 20th 2017 User Joker Views 7,112 Comments 16 Stars 38
This WA is a replacement of the DBM and BigWigs default timer bars, with lots of customization options.
You will still need either DBM or BigWigs installed for it to work. This WA simply hijacks DBM/BW timers and makes its own timers. All the encounter specific settings, colors, conditions are still controlled by DBM/BW.

Customization specific to this WA can be found in PhoGuild - Raid Ability Timeline Icon -> Actions -> Expand Text Editor.
Things you can customize:
Move text to the right
- Change the text anchor in the Display tab
The total travel distance of the icons
- Adjust the height of the line texture in its Display tab, then update the code in the Action tab to match the new height.
The size of the icons
- Configured in the Display tab -> Icon size. Then update the icon spacing in code in the Action tab to match the new size
Only show the timers with certain amount of time left
- Can be configured in code in the Action tab
The icons should start moving down the line with how many seconds left
- Can be configured in code in the Action tab
Font / Font size / Font color
- Configured in the Display tab. (For DBM the font color will always be the color of that bar in DBM)
Max character length of the text
- Configured in code in the Action tab
Hide / Show the default DBM/BW bars
- Configured in code in the Action tab. Changing this option requires a game reload.

Version 13
- Added an option to only show the timers with certain amount of time left.

Version 12
- Re-added the option to hide DBM bars
- Improved compatibility with BW plugins (such as LittleWigs)
- BW inline icons should now display properly again

Version 11
- Disabled the hide DBM bars option for now, since it's causing issues.

Version 10
- Added an option to hide the default DBM/BigWigs bars
- Fixed an issue that the max text length was not applied for BW
- Fixed an issue that sometimes the timers wouldn't get canceled properly

Version 9
- Fixed a bug that caused long running timers to be misplaced in some rare cases.
- Added a custom setting that bounds all text to a maximum length.
- All leading and trailing white spaces will be now be trimmed off

Version 8
- Removed some debugging code

Pre-release Updates (Before Oct 9th):
- Fixed an issue with icon overlapping
- Text colors will be automatically set to the bar colors if using DBM
- No longer requires the other WA to work

Known Issues:
- DBM boss respawn timers won't show up. BW works fine.
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Tomb of Sargeras Alerts
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 20th 2017 User Publik Views 17,172 Comments 2 Stars 10
- Added orbs on mythic maiden

- Added new M Maiden Aura for infusions from this aura.

- Added Astral Vulnerability on Sisters of the Moon
- Added Embrace Shield for Stack, and Spread after it expires

- Bug fixes to Wailing Souls cast on DH

-Bug Fixes to Demonic Inquisition and KJ WAs

-Fixed "Stack" auras on Desolate Host
-Changed to Dynamic Group (Auras now grow across the right side
-First pass at adding Fel Eruption on Goroth

Currently Supports:
1. Goroth
-Crashing Comet
-When to get behind a Pillar
-Burning/Melting Armor
-Shattering Star
-Brimstone Soaking

2. Demonic Inquisition
-Attack Atrigan/Belac only
-When to hit Torment button
-Echoing Anguish
-Soul Corruption DoT
-Calcified Quills

3. Harjatan
-Jagged Abrasion
-Unchecked Rage
-Aqueous Burst
-Driven Assault

4. Mistress Sassz'ine
-Tornado Spawn
-Ink Pools
-Hydra Shot
-Burden of Pain
-Consuming Hunger

5. Sisters of the Moon
-Rapid Shot (Go to light side)
-Moon Burn (Go to dark side)
-Umbra Suffusion
-Lunar Suffusion
-Lunar Fire
-Incorporeal Shot

6. The Desolate Host
-When to Stack in the final phase
-Tormented Cries
-Crush Mind Stacks
-Shattering Scream
-Wailing Souls

7. Maiden of Vigilance
-Infusion Cast
-Fel/Light Debuff
-When to stack for Hammers
-Damage Buff tracker

8. Fallen Avatar
-Shadowy Blades
-High Energy on Maiden
-Cleansing Protocol
-Unbound Chaos
-Touch of Sargeras
-Rupture Realities
-Dark Mark

9. Kil'jaeden
-Bursting Dreadflame
-Shadow Reflection Adds
-Obelisk Explosions
-Rupturing Singularity
-Illidan Buff
-Gravity Squeeze
-Darkness of a Thousand Souls
-Focused Dreadflame

If anything is missing or you have a suggestion please leave a comment!
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Fendoran's Complete Retribution Paladin HUD (Legion: Patch 7.3.0 Ready)
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 19th 2017 User Fendoran Views 48,043 Comments 47 Stars 19
A Fully Functional UI, Updated Regularly And Currently Focused On Retribution Paladin!
**Please DELETE current string and replace with new one, failure to do so can result in Errors**
This is an inspired version of Smexy's UI, I recomend that you check him out!
This setup is very smart and helpful for those that are serious about their class, either you're raiding, questing or even killing people, That ekstra damage really does help.
I didn't make a rotation bar with this Weak Aura, Insted I'm using Hekili, This is an addon that works as well if not better than it would if i were to make a Weak Aura myself.

To have the exact appearance that I do you will need to download
- Weak Aura: This is the reason you are here.
- Masque: This is a button skinning addon. Changes the buttons look.
- Hekili: This is a rotation helper, tells you what to do and how to do your rotation.
- Elvui: This changes your UI Interface, you can download my setup Here.

I use other addons too, if you download all these and then you realize you're missing something please contact me either here or in game and I'll tell you.

I'm currently working on Protection Paladin!
Complete Retribution Paladin - Legion Ready - Weak Aura Suite Details
* Icons in Color without text = Buff/Debuff/Item currently available stacks.
* Icons in Color with text = Active buff or active debuff time remaining.
* Icons in Grey with text = Spell/Item is on cooldown and not available.

Version 1.1.1
- Removed custom code "d" from Crusade Active, box supposed to be empty, giving creds to Dia for pointing it out!

Version 1.1.0
- Added The Fires of Justice Tracker.
- Added Zeal Tracker.
- Added Rebuke Tracker.
- Added Absorption Tracker to Shield of Vengeance Icon.
- Added Crusade Stacks to Crusade Icon.

Version 1.0.9
- Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.3.0.
- Updated Weak Aura respond timer.
- Removed Player name on Wake of the Ashes Buff when active.
- Shrinked The Weak Aura to be more compact (Size and Looks remains the same).

Version 1.0.8
- Added Concordance of the Legionfall Buff Timer.
- Fixed Minor bugs.

Version 1.0.7
- Fixed An error causing Judgement & Wake of Ashes Debuff on target to track yours and every other paladin's debuffs. Should now only track yours.

Version 1.0.6
- Fixed An error causing the Blizzard UI to tell you that you got errors within your AddOns.
- Removed A pulsing effect on Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, Justicar's Vengeance/Eye for an Eye/Word of Glory & Lay on Hands.

Version 1.0.5
- Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.2.5.
- Added Absorb Tracker to Shield of Vengeance.

Version 1.0.4
- Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.2.0.

Version 1.0.3
- Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.1.5.

Version 1.0.2
- Added Blessings Tracker, Tells you when you don't have it activated & When activated it tells you who you got it on.

Version 1.0.1
- Updated The way the UI works and responds.

Version 1.0.0
- Created.

My EU-Battletag is Slayos#2461. Please add me if you have any questions or need help adjusting these auras to fit your needs. Or with any other weak aura questions. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy!
Recommended for Advanced Paladin Players Only, Gives The Player Clear Overview Of What's Going On!
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