Prim's Updated Version of Tal's Mistweaver HUD [7.3]
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[10/13/17] Someone in the Monk Discord asked for a WA tracking the duration of Chi-Ji, I figured I could add it to the HUD. When you are running the Chi-Ji talent it will now track the duration of the bird as well as its prior function that tracked the CD of the spell. Mistwalk weakaura renamed to Chi Wave.
[8/1/17] Finally got around to make the Velen's Bar only show up when you have it equipped, I also added a shotgun click noise that plays about a quarter of a second before Renewing Mists comes off CD so you know to press it.
[6/23/17] Was showing two % signs on the mana bar :(
[6/19/17] Made some changes to the Velen's and Mana bar to look more similar to the Mana Tea, Focused Thunder, and Rising Thunder Bar.

If you have any suggestions or issues feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do :D

Includes the original list of Weak Auras found in Tal's Mistweaver HUD.
Link to Tal's HUD for the curious.

I have since added to the HUD by adding a mana bar as well as a bar for tracking Velen's when active and on CD. Due to me adding these things a few things have been shifted up but the HUD still looks about 90% the same.

The last part of my HUD including movement abilities, CC, interrupts, and racials can be found here
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Cold Heart - Chains Cast Helper
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This aura will play a bell tone and flash an icon on your screen when you should cast Chains of Ice with Cold Heart equipped.

Here is the logic:
Version 5.5 **Updated 10/12/17**
Frost DK:
If you have obliteration running do not call for Cast. If not...
If you have >10 stacks of Cold heart, with <=3 seconds of POF: Cast
If you have >16 stacks of Cold heart, with Unh Str up, and POF on CD for > 6 secs: Cast
If you have 20 stacks:
If POF is ready to cast or is already running: Cast
If POF isn't up (>6 sec cd), check for Unh Str, if it is up: Cast
Otherwise when at 20 stacks: wait 5 seconds checking all conditions before just having you cast.

Unholy DK:
If you have 20 stacks, check to see if you have Concordance or Unholy Strength procced. If you do, Cast. If not, wait up to 5 seconds to call for the cast. If the 5 seconds expires, it will tell you to cast.

Theorycrafting: Thanks Melekus and Achiron!
Coding: Special thanks to Rivers from the WeakAura discord and Soulreavir from for helping with some aspects of the logic coding.

Change Log:
10/12/17 - v5.5 Made weakaura sound easy to enable/disable/edit.
9/7/17 - V5.1 Made weakaura not load if you are in a vehicle.
9/2/17 - V5 Updated to the 7.3 cast priority. \o/
8/22/17 - Added Concordance triggers to frost dk logic (==20 stacks Cold heart, and >15 stacks Cold heart)
7/27/17 - Changed WA to be based on spellid in order to work with multi-language
7/22/17 - Updated to new ideal cast windows

To Remove Sound:
Type /wa
Go to Chains Cast Helper
Click "Trigger"
Click "Expand Text Editor"
Change "local sound_on = true" to "local sound_on = false"
Hooray no sound!

To Change Sound:
Type /wa
Go to Chains Cast Helper
Click "Trigger"
Click "Expand Text Editor"
Change "local sound_clip = " to point to the preferred sound file.
Hooray new sound!
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