Prydaz Absorb Capacity Bar
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An aura that shows the amount of your Prydaz shield left in the form of a progress bar. This progress bar does not show the duration of the buff. Instead it shows the value of your shield as a percentage of fullness, using the initially-applied absorb amount as its maximum. As your absorb shield is reduced due to damage taken from combat, the bar is drained.

The idea behind this aura is to provide a demonstration of your shield value in a form that is more intuitive than a text string alone. It uses the same principle as a health bar, benefitting from the player's thousands of hours of play time monitoring their health using a horizontal capacity meter.

Version 1 was uploaded 18th February 2017. I made a modification the next day to better accommodate the difference in absorb shield amount between a tank role and damage dealer/healer. DDs and healers enjoy a 25% of max health shield while tanks are limited to 15%. The aura used to calculate the maximum value of the bar by taking the character's max health and multiplying it by 0.25. Since I learned how to store a value when the aura is first initiated, that does not change as the shield's value drops, I switched to storing the initial shield value as the bar's maximum value instead, so no calculation is needed and the aura doesn't need any special logic to deal with either role.

This is my first published aura. I am fairly new to custom code so I apologise if I have done anything wrong or inefficiently. Please, if you have any comments and suggestions, post them. I am eager to learn.

v1.01 19th Feb 2017
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