Legion Fishing Lures
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1.7 (jumped to 7 to be on the same number with the page) luminous pearl now works as i want it and one less aura!!!
1.4 removed luminous pearl number :P ( to remove it i used %c as text(tryed empty but cant wtf aaaa) so now it says it has custom fuctions )
1.3 luminous pearl loaded anywhere if u have it and arcane lures also at legion dalaran
1.2 made the ocean lures++ only load at legion areas
1.1 fixed the extra line at Val'sharah Lures (text)
1.0 release

Displays ocean lures when u have them and the rest when you are at that area+ have them
also diplays Luminous Pearl and Arcane Lures

This is a collection of 32 auras:

Luminous Pearl (icon)
Arcane Lures (text)
Arcane Lure (icon)
Ocean Lures (text)
Message in a Beer Bottle k (icon)
Stunned, Angry Shark (icon)
Axefish Lure (icon)
Decayed Whale Blubber (icon)
Ravenous Fly (icon)
Suramar Lures (text)
Demonic Detritus (icon)
Sleeping Murloc (icon)
Enchanted Lure (icon)
Val'sharah Lures (text)
Rotten Fishbone (icon)
Nightmare Nightcrawler (icon)
Drowned Thistleleaf (icon)
Stormheim Lures (text)
Moosehorn Hook (icon)
Silverscale Minnow (icon)
Ancient Vrykul Ring (icon)
Soggy Drakescale (icon)
Highmountain Lures (text)
Funky Sea Snail (icon)
Salmon Lure (icon)
Frost Worm (icon)
Swollen Murloc Egg (icon)
Azsuna Lures (text)
Skrog Toenail (icon)
Aromatic Murloc Slime (icon)
Pearlescent Conch (icon)
Rusty Queenfish Brooch (icon)