Healer Low Mana [Party]
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Shows if Healer [party1*] is Out-of-Mana (Oom).

Glows if active.
To turn off glow; Conditions > click Active dropdown > remove this condition.

Shows at <10% mana.
To change %; Trigger > scroll all the way down > Power (%) and Power(%) edit to two sets of numbers.

Linked to personal resources display bar.
To change; Display > scroll to bottom > Anchored To > change to Screen/Parent Group (to drag around WoW) or Select Frame (lock to another frame in WoW).

To see the icon attached to the resources bar out of combat;
If you wish to, the resources bar can be made to stay on out-of-combat, addon allows edits to the game that were available in Interface prior to Legion, https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/advancedinterfaceoptions.
/aio > CVar Browser > type in resource > nameplateShowSelf > click the 0 and change it to 1.

Shows in Dungeons.
To change %; Load > scroll all the way down > click tick in front of Instance Type > click any of the types on, ie, World = No Instance. Or untick the box to have it show everywhere.

*Shows in Mythic [+].
If you queue, rather than joining a group, it can put the healer anywhere in Party1-4. If you make a group, it should always default to healer 2nd position [party1]. So locked this WA to Mythic, because when you're doing anything under Mythic [ie, leveling], you generally don't make your own group. If you want to change the WA, you may need to open /wa and change party1-4 everytime you enter an instance.
To change; Load > scroll down bottom > Instance Difficulty > untick this box > if you re-tick it again, it will give you an ability to click more than one option.

If you want to add more than one healer:
Healer Low Mana [Raid] https://wago.io/HkrU3uhiZ

If you are healer and want to include to see if you are OOM yourself:
Change; Trigger > specific unit > Player, instead of Party_.

Change; Trigger > specific unit > to something in the below;
You Are Tank Role:
Tank [Player] > Healer [Party1] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Healer Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Player] > Dps [Party2] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]
You Are Dps Role:
Tank [Party1] > Healer [Party2] > Dps [Player] > Dps [Party3] > Dps [Party4]

*If you wish to change Grid2 to Healer being second [this is also the way the default UI sorts raid frames];
/grid2 > General Settings > Layouts > General > check what is said under party (the one you have selected), then > Layout editor > select the layout that you had for party > scroll down to bottom > change Group By > Role.
An import Grid 2 profile can be found here; https://wago.io/HJkhE1aKb

If you want to change the icon;
Display > display icon > Choose, type in a word.

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Legion Dungeon: The Arcway
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A collections of WAs I find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 27.05.2017; Iteration: 4

This is a collection of 44 auras:

Trash: Ooze Explosion (icon)
Trash: Corrosion (icon)
Trash: Ooze Puddle (icon)
Trash: Torment ARCWAY (icon)
Trash: Consume (icon)
Trash: Black Plague (icon)
Trash: Arcanic Bane (icon)
Trash: Parallel Dimension (icon)
Trash: Siphon Essence (icon)
Trash: Arcane Slicer (icon)
Trash: Collapsing Rift (icon)
Trash: Phase Breach (icon)
Trash: Withering Void (icon)
Trash: Arcane Reconstitution (icon)
Trash: Devour (icon)
Trash: Celerity Zone buff (icon)
Trash: Nether Wound (icon)
Trash: Eye of the Vortex debuff (icon)
Trash: Eye of the Vortex cast (icon)
Trash: Celerity Zone buff target (icon)
Trash: Celerity Zone cast (icon)
Trash: Mortal Strike ARCWAY (icon)
Trash: Searing Wound (icon)
Trash: Brand of the Legion (icon)
Trash: Demonic Ascension (icon)
Trash: Fel Strike (icon)
Trash: Fel Cinders (icon)
Trash: Portal: Argus (icon)
01-Ivanyr: Nether Link (icon)
01-Ivanyr: Volatile Magic (icon)
01-Ivanyr: Nether Link pool (icon)
01-Ivanyr: Overcharge Mana (icon)
02-Corstilax: Suppression Protocol debuff (icon)
02-Corstilax: Nightwell Energy (icon)
02-Corstilax: Suppression Protocol target (icon)
02-Corstilax: Destabilized Orb (icon)
02-Corstilax: Quarantine (icon)
03-General Xakal: Wake of Shadows (icon)
03-General Xakal: Wicked Slam (icon)
03-General Xakal: Shadow Slash (icon)
04-Nal'tira: Nether Venom (icon)
04-Nal'tira: Tangled Web (icon)
05-Advisor Vandros: Force Nova (icon)
05-Advisor Vandros: Unstable Mana (icon)