Legion Dungeon: Darkheart Thicket
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A collections of WAs I find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 24.05.2017; Iteration: 8

This is a collection of 31 auras:

Trash: Grievous Rip (icon)
Trash: Grievous Rip heal (icon)
Trash: Unnerving Screech (icon)
Trash: Maddening Roar (icon)
Trash: Fixate DHT (icon)
Trash: Despair (icon)
Trash: Star Shower (icon)
Trash: Propelling Charge (icon)
Trash: Poison Spear (icon)
Trash: Poison Spear dispel (icon)
Trash: Tormenting Eye DHT (icon)
Trash: Blood Assault (icon)
Trash: Blood Bomb (icon)
Trash: Blood Metamorphosis (icon)
Trash: Dread Inferno (icon)
Trash: Darksoul Drain (icon)
01-Archdruid Glaidalis: Grievous Tear (icon)
01-Archdruid Glaidalis: Grievous Tear heal (icon)
01-Archdruid Glaidalis: Timer (aurabar)
02-Oakheart: Crushing Grip (icon)
02-Oakheart: Nightmare Breath (icon)
02-Oakheart: Strangling Roots (icon)
03-Dresaron: Breath of Corruption (icon)
03-Dresaron: Down Draft (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Apocalyptic Nightmare (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Festering Rip (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Feed on the Weak (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Growing Paranoia (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Waking Nightmare (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Festering Rip dispel (icon)
04-Shade of Xavius: Feed on the Weak target (icon)
Darkheart Thicket