Legion Dungeon: Eye of Azshara
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A collections of WAs I find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.
As a sidenote the range calculating in one WA (02-Lady Hatecoil: Focused Lightning range) works with 7.2 so you can ignore the warning by wago.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 20.06.2017; Iteration: 6

This is a collection of 33 auras:

Trash: Coral Slash (icon)
Trash: Arc Lightning (icon)
Trash: Storm EOA (icon)
Trash: Mighty Slam (icon)
Trash: Thundering Stomp (icon)
Trash: Crunching Bite (icon)
Trash: Rejuvenating Waters (icon)
Trash: Polymorph: Fish (icon)
Trash: Aqua Spout cast (icon)
Trash: Aqua Spout dodge (icon)
Trash: Watery Splash (icon)
Trash: Abrasive Slime (icon)
Trash: Jagged Claws (icon)
Trash: Sandstorm (icon)
Trash: Spray Sand (icon)
Trash: Tearing Bite (icon)
Trash: Rising Fury (icon)
Trash: Magic Binding (icon)
Trash: Arcane Bomb (icon)
01-Warlord Parjesh: Bellowing Roar EOA (icon)
01-Warlord Parjesh: Crashing Wave (icon)
01-Warlord Parjesh: Restoration EOA (icon)
01-Warlord Parjesh: Throw Spear (icon)
02-Lady Hatecoil: Beckon Storm (icon)
02-Lady Hatecoil: Curse of the Witch (icon)
02-Lady Hatecoil: Focused Lightning cast (icon)
02-Lady Hatecoil: Focused Lightning range (icon)
02-Lady Hatecoil: Static Nova (icon)
03-Serpentrix: Toxic Wound (icon)
04-King Deepbeard: Gaseous Bubbles (icon)
04-King Deepbeard: Quake (icon)
04-King Deepbeard: Quake soak (icon)
05-Wrath of Azshara: Crushing Depths (icon)
Eye of Azshara