Legion Dungeon: Halls of Valor
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A collections of WAs I find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.
Just for fun: if you setup "Special: Odyn's Blessing (Mario Version)" it plays Mario theme when you get the speedbuff :)

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 23.05.2017; Iteration: 6

This is a collection of 48 auras:

Trash: Thunderstrike (icon)
Trash: Crackling Storm (icon)
Trash: Sentinel's Watch (icon)
Trash: Charged Pulse (icon)
Trash: Crackle (icon)
Trash: Protective Light (icon)
Trash: Rune of Healing (icon)
Trash: Rune of Healing adds (icon)
Trash: Holy Radiance (icon)
Trash: Etch (icon)
Trash: Shattered Rune (icon)
Trash: Penetrating Shot (icon)
Trash: Breach Armor HOV (icon)
Trash: Mortal Hew (icon)
Trash: Cleansing Flames (icon)
Trash: Piercing Horns (icon)
Trash: Strength of the Pack (icon)
Trash: Sever (icon)
Trash: Wicked Dagger (icon)
01-Hymdall: Bloodletting Sweep (icon)
01-Hymdall: Dancing Blade (icon)
01-Hymdall: Static Field (icon)
02-Hyrja: Timer (aurabar)
02-Hyrja: Mystic Empowermen - Holy (icon)
02-Hyrja: Mystic Empowerment - Thunder (icon)
02-Hyrja: Shield of Light (icon)
02-Hyrja: Eye of the Storm (icon)
02-Hyrja: Eye of the Storm safe (icon)
02-Hyrja: Sanctify dodge (icon)
02-Hyrja: Sanctify left (icon)
02-Hyrja: Sanctify right (icon)
02-Hyrja: Expel Light (icon)
03-Fenryr: Ravenous Leap (icon)
03-Fenryr: Ravenous Leap dot (icon)
03-Fenryr: Scent of Blood (icon)
03-Fenryr: Unnerving Howl (icon)
04-God-King Skovald: Timer (aurabar)
04-God-King Skovald: Ragnarok (icon)
04-God-King Skovald: Savage Blade (icon)
04-God-King Skovald: Ragged Slash (icon)
04-God-King Skovald: Infernal Flames (icon)
05-Odyn: Branded (icon)
05-Odyn: Runic Brand Orange (icon)
05-Odyn: Runic Brand Blue (icon)
05-Odyn: Runic Brand Yellow (icon)
05-Odyn: Runic Brand Purple (icon)
05-Odyn: Runic Brand Green (icon)
Special: Odyn's Blessing (Mario Version) (icon)
Halls of Valor