Protection Paladin: All you need as a paladin tank.
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Remove your action bars this weakaura has taken over.
I am really impressed with this one even though I have no intention on playing as a prot pally in Legion (main a havoc DH) I still wanted to make this and wow its the best I have seen not the most advanced but from a design perspective brilliant. Every button that you will need to press (apart from HoJ) is present with cooldowns and talent changes taken into account, bars and timers for the defensive cooldowns and stacks are marked with small bars. Move things around and resize to your taste, If you want to put the respective keybind on the weakaura use the second text and set to to accidental presidency to fit the theme. Please leave comments to what could be improved or good lines of code as I want to get even better at making weakauras. Also It is a long string because it has alot of elements to it however it is set up it a logical order so navigating though the UI shouldn't be an issue.

This is a collection of 73 auras:

Center Frame 2 (texture)
Left frame (texture)
Right frame (texture)
Background frame (texture)
Forbearance (icon)
Lay on hands cooldown (icon)
Lay on hands ready (icon)
DS uptime icon (icon)
Divine shield cooldown (icon)
Divine shield ready (icon)
Goak uptime icon (icon)
Goak uptime bar (aurabar)
Guardian of Ancient Kings cooldown (icon)
Guardian of Ancient Kings ready (icon)
AW uptime icon (icon)
AW uptime icon end (icon)
AW uptime bar (aurabar)
Avenging Wrath cooldown (icon)
Avenging Wrath ready (icon)
AD uptime icon (icon)
AD uptime bar (aurabar)
Ardent defender cooldown (icon)
Ardent defender ready (icon)
Eye of Tyr uptime bar 2 (aurabar)
Eye of Tyr uptime icon 2 (icon)
Eye of Tyr cooldown (icon)
Eye of Tyr ready (icon)
SotR uptime (aurabar)
SotR cooldown (icon)
SotR Ready 1 stack (icon)
SotR Ready 2 stack (icon)
SotR Ready 3 stack (icon)
SotR stack 1 (aurabar)
SotR stack 2 (aurabar)
SotR stack 3 (aurabar)
Avenger's shield cooldown (icon)
Avenger's shield ready (icon)
Blessed hammer cooldown (icon)
Blessed hammer ready 1 stack (icon)
Blessed hammer ready 2 stack (icon)
Blessed hammer ready 3 stack (icon)
Blessed hammer stack 1 (aurabar)
Blessed hammer stack 2 (aurabar)
Blessed hammer stack 3 (aurabar)
Hammer of the righteous cooldown (icon)
Hammer of the righteous ready (icon)
Judgment cooldown (icon)
Judgment ready (icon)
Hand of the protector cooldown (icon)
Hand of the protector ready (icon)
Light of the protector cooldown (icon)
Light of the protector ready (icon)
Consecration uptime (icon)
Consecration cooldown (icon)
Consecration ready (icon)
Divine steed cooldown (icon)
Divine steed ready 1 stack (aurabar)
Divine steed ready stacks (icon)
Divine steed ready (icon)
Blessing of Freedom uptime (icon)
Blessing of Freedom cooldown (icon)
Blessing of Freedom ready (icon)
Blessing of Sacrifice uptime (icon)
Blessing of Sacrifice cooldown (icon)
Blessing of Sacrifice ready (icon)
Blessing of Protection uptime (icon)
Blessing of Protection cooldown (icon)
Blessing of Protection ready (icon)
Blessing of Spellwarding uptime (icon)
Blessing of Spellwarding cooldown (icon)
Blessing of Spellwarding ready (icon)
Rebuke cooldown (icon)
Hand of Reckoning cooldown (icon)
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Legion Dungeon: Return to Karazhan - Lower
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A collections of WAs i find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 29.05.2017; Iteration: 11

This is a collection of 71 auras:

Trash: Shadow Rend (icon)
Trash: Soul Leech (icon)
Trash: Pennies From Heaven (icon)
Trash: Hammer Down (icon)
Trash: Spotlight (icon)
Trash: Punch Ticket (icon)
Trash: Firelands Portal (icon)
Trash: Flashlight (icon)
Trash: Shadow Rejuvenation (icon)
Trash: Demoralizing Shout (icon)
Trash: Shackles of Servitude (icon)
Trash: Kiss of Death (icon)
Trash: Shadow Bolt Volley (icon)
Trash: Oath of Fealty (icon)
Trash: Banshee Wail (icon)
Trash: Heartbreaker (icon)
Trash: Shield Smash (icon)
Trash: Brittle Bones (icon)
Trash: Volatile Charge cast (icon)
Trash: Volatile Charge debuff (icon)
Trash: Smash (icon)
Trash: Whip Rage (icon)
Trash: Burning Brand (icon)
Trash: Pierce Armor (icon)
Trash: Healing Touch (icon)
Trash: Trampling Stomp (icon)
Trash: Charge (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Timer (aurabar)
01-Beautiful Beast: Spectral Service (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Severe Dusting (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Drenched (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Burning Blaze (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Heat Wave (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Leftovers (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Dent Armor (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Bloody Jab (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Dinner Bell! cast (icon)
01-Beautiful Beast: Dinner Bell! buff (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Timer (aurabar)
01-Westfall Story: Burning Leg Sweep cast (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Burning Leg Sweep debuff (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Flame Gale (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Poisonous Shank (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Thunder Ritual (icon)
01-Westfall Story: Knocked Down (icon)
01-Wikket: Timer (aurabar)
01-Wikket: Wondrous Radiance (icon)
01-Wikket: Magic Magnificent (icon)
01-Wikket: Magic Magnificent safe (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Holy Wrath debuff (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Sacred Ground (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Mass Repentance (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Mass Repentance safe (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Holy Bulwark (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Holy Wrath cast (icon)
02-Maiden of Virtue: Holy Shock (icon)
03-Moroes: Guests Abilities (text)
03-Moroes: Ghost Trap (icon)
03-Moroes: Ghastly Purge (icon)
03-Moroes: Garrote (icon)
03-Moroes: Coat Check (icon)
03-Moroes: Healing Stream (icon)
03-Moroes: Mana Drain (icon)
03-Moroes: Empowered Arms (icon)
03-Moroes: Will Breaker (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Mortal Strike cast (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Mortal Strike debuff (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Intangible Presence (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Mighty Stomp (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Shared Suffering cast (icon)
04-Attumen the Huntsman: Shared Suffering success (icon)
Return to Karazhan
Legion Dungeons - Return to Karazhan (vertical edit)
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I am not the one that has made these weakauras. This is simply a way for me to store them incase my weakauras corrupt.
All credits for these weakauras goes to the Wago user Hamsda.
Check him out here.

The changes to the weakauras are simply to suit my UI better.

This is a collection of 50 auras:

Opera - Beautiful Beast - Severe Dusting (icon)
Opera - Beautiful Beast - Heat Wave (icon)
Opera - Beautiful Beast - Leftovers (icon)
Opera - Beautiful Beast - Dinner Bell! (icon)
Opera - Westfall Story - Flame Gale (icon)
Opera - Westfall Story - Thunder Ritual (icon)
Opera - Wikket - Magic Magnificent (icon)
Opera - Wikket - Wondrous Radiance (icon)
Maiden - Mass Repentance (icon)
Maiden - Holy Wrath (icon)
Maiden - Holy Shock (icon)
Moroes - Will Breaker (icon)
Moroes - Mana Drain (icon)
Moroes - Healing Stream (icon)
Moroes - Empowered Arms (icon)
Attumen - Mighty Stomp (icon)
Attumen - Mortal Strike (icon)
Attumen - Shared Suffering (icon)
Curator - Power Discharge (icon)
Nightbane - Charred Earth (icon)
Nightbane - Ignite Soul (icon)
Nightbane - Burning Bones (icon)
Nightbane - Bone Shrapnel (icon)
Nightbane - Concentrated Power (icon)
Nightbane - Infernal Power (icon)
Nightbane - Absorb Vitality (icon)
Shade - Ceaseless Winter (icon)
Shade - Flame Wreath (icon)
Mana Devourer - Unstable Mana (icon)
Mana Devourer - Energy Void (icon)
Viz'aduum - Disintegrate (icon)
Viz'aduum - Chaotic Shadows (icon)
Viz'aduum - Acquiring Target (icon)
Viz'aduum - Fel Flames (icon)
Viz'aduum - Soul Harvest (icon)
Trash - Terrifying Wail (icon)
Trash - Firelands Portal (icon)
Trash - Flashlight (icon)
Trash - Shadow Rejuvenation (icon)
Trash - Oath of Fealty (icon)
Trash - Flirt (icon)
Trash - Shadow Bolt Volley (icon)
Trash - Banshee Wail (icon)
Trash - Volatile Charge (icon)
Trash - Burning Brand (icon)
Trash - Healing Touch (icon)
Trash - Nullification (icon)
Trash - Fel Breath (icon)
Trash - Fel Bomb (icon)
Trash - Consume Magic (icon)
Return to Karazhan