Legion Dungeon: Seat of the Triumvirate
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This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.

This particular dungeon is new and strategies are still in development.
Also often there are no differences between heroic and mythic difficulty but not in this case.
So if you miss something, an aura is not working as you expect it or just want to give feedback, leave a comment!

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Created: 19.09.2017; Last Update: 03.10.2017; Iteration: 4

This is a collection of 64 auras:

Trash: Consume Essence (icon)
Trash: Dark Withering mythic (icon)
Trash: Dark Withering heroic (icon)
Trash: Dark Flay debuff (icon)
Trash: Negating Brand (icon)
Trash: Corrupting Touch (icon)
Trash: Dark Wound (icon)
Trash: Void Rend (icon)
Trash: Dark Outbreak debuff (icon)
Trash: Wild Summon (icon)
Trash: Dark Matter (icon)
Trash: Void Tear add (icon)
Trash: Void Fragment (icon)
Trash: Corrupting Void group (icon)
Trash: Corrupting Void player (icon)
Trash: Void Infusion (icon)
Trash: Dark Breath (icon)
Trash: Darkened Remnant (icon)
Trash: Ruinous Strike (icon)
Trash: Screech (icon)
Trash: Unstable Trap (icon)
Trash: Dark Splice (icon)
Trash: Gather Strength (icon)
Trash: Void Tear cast (icon)
Trash: Void Diffusion (icon)
Trash: Stygian Blast (icon)
Trash: Umbral Effusion (icon)
Trash: Dark Outbreak cast (icon)
Trash: Suppression Field mythic (icon)
Trash: Suppression Field heroic (icon)
Trash: Collapse (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Void Phased (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Void Tear debuff (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Maddened Frenzy (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Coalesced Void (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Fixate (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Null Palm (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Void Tear power (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Void Tear ability (icon)
01-Zuraal the Ascended: Void Sludge (icon)
02-Saprish: Void Trap debuff (icon)
02-Saprish: Umbral Flanking (icon)
02-Saprish: Ravaging Darkness (icon)
02-Saprish: Void Trap cast (icon)
02-Saprish: Dread Screech (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Dark Bulwark (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Void Lashing (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Umbral Tentacles (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Entropic Force (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Dark Bulwark soon (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Collapsing Void (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Howling Dark (icon)
03-Viceroy Nezhar: Eternal Twilight (icon)
04-L'ura: Darkened Shroud (icon)
04-L'ura: Naaru's Lament (icon)
04-L'ura: Void Blast (icon)
04-L'ura: Backlash (icon)
04-L'ura: Dark Torrent (icon)
04-L'ura: Remnant of Anguish (icon)
04-L'ura: Fragment of Despair (icon)
02-Saprish: Door Timer (aurabar)
04-L'ura: Entrance Timer (aurabar)
04-L'ura: Active Timer (aurabar)
Trash: Portals (text)
Seat of the Triumvirate