Legion Dungeon: Vault of the Wardens
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A collections of WAs I find very helpful after a few thousand runs in mythic+. This WA is for everyone especially for those who push keys to the limit.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 18.05.2017; Iteration: 5

This is a collection of 51 auras:

Trash: Vital Strike (icon)
Trash: Nightmares cast (icon)
Trash: Nightmares debuff (icon)
Trash: Double Strike (icon)
Trash: Glayvianna Soulrender Metamorphosis (icon)
Trash: Deafening Screech (icon)
Trash: Unleash Fury (icon)
Trash: Foul Stench (icon)
Trash: A Mother's Love (icon)
Trash: Drain cast (icon)
Trash: Drain debuff (icon)
Trash: Gift of the Doomsayer (icon)
Trash: Deafening Shout (icon)
Trash: Thunderclap (icon)
Trash: Mortal Strike VOTW (icon)
Trash: Meteor (icon)
Trash: Torment VOTW (icon)
Trash: Anguished Souls (icon)
Trash: Barbed Web (icon)
Trash: Razors (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Timer (aurabar)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Darkstrikes (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Dark Energies (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Dark Energies 2 (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Dark Energies 3 (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Glaive (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Furious Flames (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Fel Chain (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Fel Detonation (icon)
01-Tirathon Saltheril: Furious Blast (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Inquisitive Stare (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Sap Soul (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Sapped Soul (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Void Shield (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Flesh to Stone (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Shadow Crash (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Corrupted Touch (icon)
02-Inquisitor Tormentorum: Frightening Shout (icon)
03-Glazer: Focusing (icon)
03-Glazer: Beamed (icon)
03-Glazer: Lingering Gaze (icon)
03-Glazer: Beam (icon)
04-Ash'Golm: Brittle (icon)
04-Ash'Golm: Brittle rdy (icon)
04-Ash'Golm: Lava (icon)
04-Ash'Golm: Detonate (icon)
05-Cordana Felsong: Creeping Doom buff (icon)
05-Cordana Felsong: Vengeance (icon)
05-Cordana Felsong: Detonation (icon)
05-Cordana Felsong: Deepening Shadows (icon)
05-Cordana Felsong: Timer (aurabar)
Vault of the Wardens