T19 - Emerald Nightmare (Flex, Mythic)
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 22nd 2017 User Chrissinger Views 15,071 Comments 3 Stars 22
Collection of buff/debuff indicators (tanks included) and hostile cast alerts for EN.
Trial of Valor: https://wago.io/VJgV_EixG
15-1-2017: Nighthold: https://wago.io/VJJIupZVf

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions: https://twitter.com/mfwchris

Icons too big? They can be resized in the group's Display options, near the bottom.
Don't like the text? Alter it in the individual auras' Display options.
Want to change icon glow or /say alert options? Check the Actions tab.
Sound can be added/removed from auras in the Actions tab.

Nythendra - Rot (icon)
Nythendra - Volatile Rot (icon)
Nythendra - Infested (icon)
Nythendra - Infested Grounds (icon)

Il'gynoth - Corruption (icon)
Il'gynoth - Fixate (Ichor) (icon)
Il'gynoth - Cursed Blood (icon)

Elerethe - Necrotic Venom (icon)
Elerethe - Venomous Pool (icon)
Elerethe - Twisting Shadows (icon)
Elerethe - Raking Talons (icon)

Ursoc - Focused Gaze (icon)
Ursoc - Momentum (icon)
Ursoc - Overwhelm (icon)
Ursoc - Rend Flesh (icon)
Ursoc - Miasma (icon)

Dragons - Mark Indicators (icon)
Dragons - Slumbering Stun (icon)
Dragons - Wasting Dread (icon)
Dragons - Seeping Fog (icon)
Dragons - Bellowing Roar (icon)
Dragons - Shadow Burst (icon)
Dragons - Defiled Vines (icon)

Cenarius - Creeping Nightmares (icon)
Cenarius - Scorned Touch (icon)
Cenarius - Spear of Nightmares (icon)

Xavius - Dream Simulacrum (icon)
Xavius - Nightmare Blades (icon)
Xavius - Meteor (icon)
Xavius - Tormenting Fixate (icon)
Xavius - Tank Debuffs (icon)
Xavius - Bonds of Terror (icon)
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Calydon's Protection Paladin - Patch 7.2 ready - [Version 1.0.6]
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 6th 2017 User Calydon Views 25,210 Comments 9 Stars 17
This is a collection of WeakAuras I made, which are mainly used for Mythic+ dungeons and Raids.
The aim of these auras is to help the user focus at the center of his screen where most of the action is happening.


  • A glowing icon signifies an active buff.
  • If your current target is debuffed by your Blessed Hammer the spell's icon will glow (same goes for Eye of Tyr).
  • As long as you are standing in your Consecration the icon will be lit.
  • Red colored timers display the time left on each buff.
  • White colored timers display spell cooldowns.
  • You can select between percentage or absolute heal value for Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector (credit goes to Hamsda). LibArtifactData-1.0 is required for better accuracy.
  • Judgment and Divine Steed charges will only show if you are using Crusader's Judgment and/or Cavalier talents respectively.

AddonSkins is being used to skin the auras.
The font used is Big Noodle Titling.

[Version 1.0.0]
- Release.
[Version 1.0.1]
- Fixed some auras appearing while in a vehicle.
[Version 1.0.2]
- Added missing cooldown timers for Judgment and Divine Steed.
[Version 1.0.3]
- Added Hand of the Protector.
[Version 1.0.4]
- New Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters. Reminder to install LibArtifactData-1.0 for better accuracy.
- Added Bastion of Light (cannot be used simultaneously with Seraphim).
[Version 1.0.5]
- Updated Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.
[Version 1.0.6]
- Updated Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.

Favorite my setup if you like it and drop me a comment bellow if you have any questions.
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Zero's Arcane Suite: Endgame Edition (V1 - 7.2 Release)
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 1st 2017 User Zerofoxx Views 1,475 Comments 2 Stars 1
Arcane Mage HuD designed to enhance your gaming experience, this suite provides easily visible and trackable icons with timers and icons for many frequently used cooldowns including Mark of Aluneth, Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, Mirror Images/Rune of Power, and more!

Baked in castbar, current spec-based tracker for Rune of Power, Incanter's Flow, or Mirror Images, and buff duration progress bars for Arcane Power, and Mark of Aluneth, and Nether Tempest procs make it easy to maximize your Arcane Mage's output!

*7.2 update - (smaller package, same great auras!)
User-suggested improvements applied:
- Ebon Bolt now has a 'shadow' timer similar to Frozen Orb
- Shimmer now displays # of charges
- Water Bolt's cooldown timer bug fixed (working as of 10:29pm EST 3/31/2017)

I'm always seeking to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of my WeakAura's so if you have comments, suggestions, critiques, or even requests, let me know in the comment section, or in a message.
This is a collection of 23 auras:

Arcane Charge 1 (texture)
Arcane Charge 2 (texture)
Arcane Charge 4 (texture)
Arcane Charge 3 (texture)
MAX ARCANE!! (texture)
Mirror Image CD (A) (icon)
Mirror Images Time (A) (aurabar)
Incanter's Flow (A) (icon)
Rune of Power (icon)
Shimmer CD (Arc) (icon)
Blink CD (Arc) (icon)
Frost Nova CD (Arc) (icon)
Displacement (icon)
Ice Block CD (A) (icon)
Arcane Power Duration (aurabar)
Mark of Aluneth (icon)
Arcane Power (icon)
Castbar A (aurabar)
Castbar (Channel) A (aurabar)
Supernova (icon)
Presence of Mind (icon)
Nether Tempest (aurabar)
Mark of Aluneth timer (aurabar)
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Emerald Nightmare
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 28th 2017 User Chenkov Views 296 Comments 0 Stars 0
This is a collection of 56 auras:

Bellowing Roar 3 (icon)
Bellowing Roar 2 2 (icon)
Blackened (icon)
Blackening Soul (icon)
Dripping Fangs (icon)
Dream Simulacrum (icon)
Dread Thorns Aura 2 (icon)
Dispersed Spores 2 (icon)
Eye of Fate 2 (icon)
Final Torpor 2 (icon)
Final Torpor Mythic 2 (icon)
Fixate 2 (icon)
Focused Gaze (icon)
Infested 2 (icon)
Infested Mind 2 (icon)
Mark of Emeriss 2 (icon)
Mark of Lethon 2 (icon)
Mark of Taerar 2 (icon)
Mark of Ysondre 2 (icon)
Mind Flay 2 (icon)
Momentum 2 (icon)
Necrotic Venom (icon)
Necrotic Venom 2 (icon)
Nightmare Blades (icon)
Nightmare Bloom 2 (icon)
Nightmare Brambles 2 (icon)
Nightmare Explosion 2 (icon)
Nightmare Javelin 2 (icon)
Overwhelm (icon)
Raking Talons (icon)
Rend Flesh Debuff (icon)
Replenishing Roots 2 (icon)
Roaring Cacaphony (icon)
Rot 2 (icon)
Scorned Touch 2 (icon)
Seeping Fog 2 (icon)
Shadow Burst 2 (icon)
Shimmering Feather (icon)
Spear of Nightmares 2 (icon)
Spew Corruption 2 (icon)
Tormenting Fixation (icon)
Touch of Corruption 2 (icon)
Twisting Shadows (icon)
Violent Winds (icon)
Volatile Infection 2 (icon)
Volatile Rot 2 (icon)
Wind Burn (icon)
Defiled Vines 2 (icon)
Death Blossom 2 (icon)
Darkening Soul (icon)
Dark Reconstitution Mythic 2 (icon)
Dark Reconstitution 2 (icon)
Cursed Blood 2 (icon)
Creeping Nightmares 2 (icon)
Corruption Meteor (icon)
Collapsing Nightmare 2 (icon)
The Emerald Nightmare