Xavius WeakAuras

T19 - Emerald Nightmare (Flex, Mythic)
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Collection of buff/debuff indicators (tanks included) and hostile cast alerts for EN.
Trial of Valor: https://wago.io/VJgV_EixG
15-1-2017: Nighthold: https://wago.io/VJJIupZVf

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Sound can be added/removed from auras in the Actions tab.

Nythendra - Rot (icon)
Nythendra - Volatile Rot (icon)
Nythendra - Infested (icon)
Nythendra - Infested Grounds (icon)

Il'gynoth - Corruption (icon)
Il'gynoth - Fixate (Ichor) (icon)
Il'gynoth - Cursed Blood (icon)

Elerethe - Necrotic Venom (icon)
Elerethe - Venomous Pool (icon)
Elerethe - Twisting Shadows (icon)
Elerethe - Raking Talons (icon)

Ursoc - Focused Gaze (icon)
Ursoc - Momentum (icon)
Ursoc - Overwhelm (icon)
Ursoc - Rend Flesh (icon)
Ursoc - Miasma (icon)

Dragons - Mark Indicators (icon)
Dragons - Slumbering Stun (icon)
Dragons - Wasting Dread (icon)
Dragons - Seeping Fog (icon)
Dragons - Bellowing Roar (icon)
Dragons - Shadow Burst (icon)
Dragons - Defiled Vines (icon)

Cenarius - Creeping Nightmares (icon)
Cenarius - Scorned Touch (icon)
Cenarius - Spear of Nightmares (icon)

Xavius - Dream Simulacrum (icon)
Xavius - Nightmare Blades (icon)
Xavius - Meteor (icon)
Xavius - Tormenting Fixate (icon)
Xavius - Tank Debuffs (icon)
Xavius - Bonds of Terror (icon)
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