Legion Raid: Emerald Nightmare
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Credit goes to Author (EU)Reloh-Blackrock (Reloe#2787) who wrote most WAs here. I modified and added a few more after much XP while progress and nowadays with PUGs.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 29.05.2017; Iteration: 8

This is a collection of 65 auras:

01-Nythendra: Infested (icon)
01-Nythendra: Infested Mind (icon)
01-Nythendra: Rot (icon)
01-Nythendra: Volatile Rot (icon)
02-Ursoc: Overwhelm (icon)
02-Ursoc: Rend Flesh (icon)
02-Ursoc: Focused Gaze (icon)
02-Ursoc: Momentum (icon)
02-Ursoc: Momentum soak (icon)
02-Ursoc: Roaring Cacaphony (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Collapsing Nightmare (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Bellowing Roar (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Bellowing Roar debuff (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Defiled Vines (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Mark of Emeriss (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Mark of Lethon (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Mark of Taerar (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Mark of Ysondre (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Nightmare Bloom (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Seeping Fog (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Shadow Burst (icon)
03-Dragons of Nightmare: Volatile Infection (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Dark Storm (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Dripping Fangs (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Gathering Clouds (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Necrotic Venom (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Necrotic Venom Pools (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Raking Talons (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Shimmering Feather (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Tangled Webs (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Twisting Shadows - LFR/NORMAL (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Twisting Shadows - HC/MYTHIC (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Violent Winds (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Web of Pain (icon)
04-Elerethe Renferal: Wind Burn (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Nightmare Explosion (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Touch of Corruption (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Dispersed Spores (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Fixate (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Mind Flay (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Spew Corruption (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Eye of Fate (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Dark Reconstitution (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Dark Reconstitution Mythic (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Cursed Blood (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Death Blossom (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Final Torpor (icon)
05-Il'gynoth: Final Torpor Mythic (icon)
06-Cenarius: Creeping Nightmares (icon)
06-Cenarius: Dread Thorns Aura (icon)
06-Cenarius: Nightmare Brambles (icon)
06-Cenarius: Nightmare Javelin (icon)
06-Cenarius: Spear of Nightmares (icon)
06-Cenarius: Replenishing Roots (icon)
06-Cenarius: Scorned Touch (icon)
07-Xavius: Blackened (icon)
07-Xavius: Blackening Soul (icon)
07-Xavius: Bonds of Terror (icon)
07-Xavius: Corruption Meteor (icon)
07-Xavius: Darkening Soul (icon)
07-Xavius: Dream Percentages (icon)
07-Xavius: Dream Raidwarning (icon)
07-Xavius: Dream Simulacrum (icon)
07-Xavius: Nightmare Blades (icon)
07-Xavius: Tormenting Fixation (icon)
NythendraIl'gynothElerethe RenferalUrsocDragons of NightmareCenariusXavius
Felicity's Emerald Nightmare v1.3
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I don't play a tank so I don't get to test any tank-specific WAs, let me know if any of them aren't working.

This is a collection of 54 auras:

Version 1.3 (aurabar)
Xavius - Lurking Eruption (aurabar)
Xavius - Call of Nightmares (aurabar)
Xavius - Darkening Soul (aurabar)
Xavius - Blackening Soul (aurabar)
Xavius - Blackened (aurabar)
Xavius -Nightmare Infusion (aurabar)
Xavius - Corruption Meteor (aurabar)
Xavius - Bonds of Terror (aurabar)
Xavius - Corruption Horror (aurabar)
Xavius - Nightmare Blades (aurabar)
Cenarius - Nightmare Brambles (aurabar)
Cenarius - Spear of Nightmares (aurabar)
Cenarius - Creeping Nightmares (aurabar)
Cenarius - Nightmare Javelin (aurabar)
Cenarius - Scorned Touch (aurabar)
Cenarius - Aura of Dread Thorns (aurabar)
Cenarius - Forces of Nightmare (aurabar)
Cenarius - Twisted Touch of Life (aurabar)
Dragons - Mark of Ysondre (aurabar)
Dragons - Volatile Infection (aurabar)
Dragons - Mark of Emeriss (aurabar)
Dragons - Mark of Lethon (aurabar)
Dragons - Mark of Taerar (aurabar)
Dragons - Call Defiled Spirit (aurabar)
Dragons - Gloom (aurabar)
Dragons - Siphon Spirit (aurabar)
Dragons - Essence of Corruption (aurabar)
Dragons - Nightmare Bloom (aurabar)
Dragons - Seeping Fog (aurabar)
Ursoc - Rend Flesh (aurabar)
Ursoc - Overwhelm (aurabar)
Ursoc - Momentum (aurabar)
Ursoc - Focused Gaze2 (aurabar)
Ursoc - Roaring Cacophony (aurabar)
Elerethe - Web of Pain (aurabar)
Elerethe - Twisting Shadows (aurabar)
Elerethe - Dripping Fangs (aurabar)
Elerethe - Necrotic Venom (aurabar)
Elerethe - Vile Ambush (aurabar)
Elerethe - Razor Wing (aurabar)
Elerethe - Gathering Clouds (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Mind Flay (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Dark Reconstitution (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Spew Corruption (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Cursed Blood (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Fixated (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Dominator Tentacle (aurabar)
Il'gynoth - Nightmare Horror (aurabar)
Nythendra - Infested Breath (aurabar)
Nythendra - Heart of the Swarm (aurabar)
Nythendra - Rot (aurabar)
Nythendra - Volatile Rot (aurabar)
Nythendra - Infested (aurabar)
NythendraIl'gynothElerethe RenferalUrsocDragons of NightmareCenariusXavius