T19 - Nighthold N/H/M Mechanics plus all Trash Mechanics
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Many auras were adapted from other strings or updated - i did not make most of these auras, just compiled them for my guild/raid team.

This is a collection of 131 auras:

Skorpyron Energy (aurabar)
Broken Shard - HIDE (icon)
Broken Shard - SAFE (icon)
Chitinous Exoskeleton (icon)
Exoskeletal Vulnerability (icon)
Energy Surge (icon)
Acidic Fragments DEBUFF (icon)
Toxic Chitin (icon)
Arcane Tether (icon)
Focused Blast (icon)
Focused Blast Stun (icon)
Trash: Celerity Zone NH adds (icon)
Trash: Greater Time Warp (icon)
Trash: Protect (icon)
Trash: Celerity Zone NH (icon)
Trash: Shrink (icon)
Trash: Arcane Wound (icon)
Trash: Ill-Fated (icon)
Trash: Dark Suppression (icon)
Trash: Bursting Slime (icon)
Trash: Energy Surge (icon)
Trash: Mass Siphon (icon)
Trash: Shattered Will (icon)
Trash: Searing Wounds (icon)
Trash: Nightwell Discharge (icon)
Trash: Celestial Brand (icon)
Trash: Shadow Cleave (icon)
Trash: Fel Glare (icon)
Trash: Sealed Magic (icon)
Trash: Toxic Chitin (icon)
Trash: Slime Pool (icon)
Trash: Disrupting Energy (icon)
Trash: Annihilating Orb (icon)
Trash: Roiling Flame (icon)
Trash: Infinite Abyss (icon)
Trash: Stellar Dust (icon)
Trash: Poison Brambles (icon)
Trash: Slam (icon)
Trash: Eradication (icon)
Trash: Time Reversal (icon)
Trash: Decide Fate dispel (icon)
Trash: Will of the Legion dispel (icon)
Trash: Chosen Fate (icon)
Trash: Heavenly Crash (icon)
Trash: Arcanic Release (icon)
Speed: Slow 2 (icon)
Speed: Normal 2 (icon)
Speed: Fast 2 (icon)
Power Overwhelming (icon)
Temporal Smash (icon)
Time Bomb (icon)
Time Release (icon)
Feast of Blood (icon)
Carrion Plague (icon)
Brand of Argus (icon)
Brand of Argus 2nd Wave (icon)
Burning Soul (icon)
Echoes of the Void (icon)
Essence of Night (icon)
Essence of Night missing (icon)
Illusionary Night (icon)
Flames of Argus (icon)
Nether Zone (icon)
Vampiric Aura (icon)
Volatile Wound (icon)
Call of Night (icon)
Plasma Explosion (icon)
Parasitic Fetter (icon)
Toxic Spores (icon)
Recursive Strikes (icon)
Parasitic Fixate (icon)
Esterilize Marker (icon)
Arcane Slash (icon)
Arcing Bonds (icon)
Toxic Slice (icon)
Stuffed (icon)
Succulent Feast (icon)
Sterillize (icon)
Vulnerable (icon)
Icy Enchantment (icon)
Fiery Enchantment (icon)
Magic Enchantment (icon)
Annihilated (icon)
Frostbitten (icon)
Mark of Frost 2 (icon)
Mark of Frost (icon)
Searing Brand 2 (icon)
Searing Brand (icon)
Grand Conjunction (icon)
Star Sign: Wolf (icon)
Star Sign: Crab (icon)
Star Sign: Hunter (icon)
Star Sign: Dragon (icon)
Gravitational Pull Frost (icon)
Frigid Nova (icon)
Chilled (icon)
Absolute Zero (icon)
Icy Ejection (icon)
Gravitational Pull Fel (icon)
Fel Nova (icon)
Felburst (icon)
Fel Ejection (icon)
Gravitational Pull Void (icon)
Witness the Void (icon)
Void Shift (icon)
Voidburst (icon)
Searing Brand Krosus (icon)
Burning Pitch (icon)
Burning Embers (icon)
Slow Time (icon)
Fast Time (icon)
Ablation (icon)
Ablating Explosion (icon)
Delphuric Beam (icon)
Epocheric Orb (icon)
Conflexive Burst N (icon)
Conflexive Burst S (icon)
Conflexive Burst F (icon)
Permeliative Torment (icon)
Fel Scythe (icon)
Soul Corrosion (icon)
Time Dilation (icon)
Scattering Field (icon)
Eye of Gul'dan (icon)
Shatter Essence (icon)
Bonds of Fel (icon)
Flames of Sargeras (icon)
Soul Siphon (icon)
Drain (icon)
Parasitic Wound (icon)
Bulwark of Azzinoth (icon)
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Legion Raid: Nighthold - Special Timers
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Collection of WAs which shows important timers from DBM or BW before they expire to avoid the risk of missing important mechanics. Some of them have even sounds so you know just by hearing what is to come. Very handy in mythic mode

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 23.05.2017; Iteration: 7

This is a collection of 21 auras:

T19-04-Spellblade Aluriel: Mark of Frost - Detonate Timer (aurabar)
T19-04-Spellblade Aluriel: Animate Timer (aurabar)
T19-04-Spellblade Aluriel: Fel Lash Timer (aurabar)
T19-05-Tichondrius: Feast of Blood Timer (aurabar)
T19-05-Tichondrius: Seeker Swarm Timer (aurabar)
T19-05-Tichondrius: Seeker Swarm Soak Timer (aurabar)
T19-05-Tichondrius: Echoes of the Void Timer (aurabar)
T19-07-High Botanist Tel'arn: Grace of Nature Timer (aurabar)
T19-07-High Botanist Tel'arn: Phase 3 Timer (aurabar)
T19-08 Star Augur Etraeus: Grand Conjunction Timer (aurabar)
T19-08 Star Augur Etraeus: Witness of the Void (aurabar)
T19-08 Star Augur Etraeus: Witness of the Void Mythic (aurabar)
T19-08 Star Augur Etraeus: World Devouring Force Timer (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Leave the Nightwell (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Field Timer - Slow (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Field Timer - Fast (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Recursive Elemental (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Expedient Elemental (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Spanning Singularity Timer (aurabar)
T19-09-Grand Magistrix Elisande: Epocheric Orb (aurabar)
T19-10-Gul'dan: Gusting Winds Timer (aurabar)
The Nighthold