Mim's Nighthold
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This is a collection of 80 auras:

Ablating Explosion (icon)
Ablating Explosion Range (icon)
Ablation (icon)
Ablative Pulse (icon)
Absolute Zero (icon)
Acidic Fragments DEBUFF (icon)
Annihilate (icon)
Arcane Slash (icon)
Brand of Argus (icon)
Broken Shard (icon)
Burning Soul (icon)
Call of Night (icon)
Carrion Plague (icon)
Chilled (icon)
Orb of Destruciton Debuff (icon)
Orb of Destruction Range (icon)
Parasitic Fixate (icon)
Permeliative Torment (icon)
Plasma Explosion (icon)
Recursive Strikes (icon)
Searing Bond (icon)
Searing Brand (icon)
Searing Brand Mark (icon)
Searing Brand Mark soon (icon)
Shockwave Cast (icon)
Slam (icon)
Skorpyron Energy (aurabar)
Slam Counter (icon)
Slow Time (icon)
Star Sign: Crab (icon)
Star Sign: Dragon (icon)
Star Sign: Hunter (icon)
Star Sign: Wolf (icon)
Sterilize (icon)
Stuffed (icon)
Succulent Feast (icon)
Temporal Smash (icon)
Time Bomb (icon)
Mark of Frost soon (icon)
Mark of Frost (icon)
Illusionary Night (icon)
Icy Ejection (icon)
Gravitational Pull VOID (icon)
Gravitational Pull FROST (icon)
Gravitational Pull FEL (icon)
Frostbitten (icon)
Frigid Nova (icon)
Focused Blast (icon)
Flames of Sargeras 2 (icon)
Flames of Sargeras (icon)
Felflame (icon)
Felburst (icon)
Fel Stomp (icon)
Fel Nova (icon)
Fel Ejection (icon)
Fel Beam (icon)
Feast of Blood (icon)
Fast Time (icon)
Essence of Night (icon)
Epocheric Orb p3 (icon)
Epocheric Orb (icon)
Energy Surge (icon)
Echoes of the Void (icon)
Devouring Remnant (icon)
Delphuric Beam (icon)
Coronal Ejection (icon)
Conflexive Burst list (icon)
Conflexive Burst (icon)
Chronometric Particles (icon)
Chitinous Exoskeleton (icon)
Toxic Chitin (icon)
Toxic Slice (icon)
Toxic Spores (icon)
Vampiric Aura (icon)
Void Nova (icon)
Void Shift (icon)
Voidburst (icon)
Volatile Wound (icon)
Witness of the Void (icon)
Witness of the Void Myth (icon)
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Calydon's Protection Paladin - Patch 7.3 ready - [Version 1.0.11] (02/09/17)
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 2nd 2017 User Calydon Views 44,887 Comments 14 Stars 26
Hello! I am Calydon (EU - Ravencrest) and this is a collection of WeakAuras I made, which are mainly used for Mythic+ dungeons and Raids.
The aim of these auras is to help the user focus at the center of his screen, where most of the action is happening.


  • A glowing icon signifies an active buff.
  • If your current target is debuffed by your Blessed Hammer the spell's icon will glow (same goes for Eye of Tyr).
  • As long as you are standing in your Consecration the icon will be lit.
  • Red coloured timers and progress bars display the time left on each buff.
  • White coloured timers and blue progress bars display spell cooldowns.
  • You can select between percentage or absolute heal value for Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector (credit goes to Hamsda). LibArtifactData-1.0 is required for better accuracy.
  • Judgment and Divine Steed charges will only show if you are using Crusader's Judgment and/or Cavalier talents respectively.
  • Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector charges will only show if you have Saruan's Resolve equipped.

AddonSkins is being used to skin the auras.
The font used is Big Noodle Titling.

Favorite my setup if you like it and drop me a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

[Version 1.0.0]
- Release.
[Version 1.0.1]
- Fixed some auras appearing while in a vehicle.
[Version 1.0.2]
- Added missing cooldown timers for Judgment and Divine Steed.
[Version 1.0.3]
- Added Hand of the Protector.
[Version 1.0.4]
- New Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters. Reminder to install LibArtifactData-1.0 for better accuracy.
- Added Bastion of Light (cannot be used simultaneously with Seraphim).
[Version 1.0.5]
- Updated Hamsda 's Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.
[Version 1.0.6]
- Updated Hamsda 's Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.
[Version 1.0.7]
- Added Saruan's Resolve support. You can now see your Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector stacks.
- Updated Hamsda 's Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters.
- Removed Bastion of Light.
[Version 1.0.8]
- Added Blessing of Freedom
- Added Blessing of Sacrifice
- Added Blessing of Spellwarding
- Added Divine Shield
- Added Gift of the Naaru (flat orange bar beneath Light of the Protector)
- New merged Seraphim / Avenging Wrath icon, when Seraphim is talented.
- Various fixes.
[Version 1.0.9] - Upload date: 08/08/17
- Added Hammer of the Righteous
- Added Blessing of Protection
- Added Hammer of Justice (progress bar below Judgment)
- Converted Gift of the Naaru to a progress bar
- Various fixes
[Version 1.0.10] - Upload date: 09/08/17
- Everything is now pink!
- Seraphim is now a progress bar above Avenging Wrath
[Version 1.0.11] - Upload date: 02/09/17
-Updated Hamsda 's Light of the Protector/ Hand of the Protector healing percentage parameters to v4.11.
-Minor fixes.
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Healer Raid Cooldowns/Utilities
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 24th 2017 User Juliah Views 12,648 Comments 8 Stars 25
This weakaura shows a text when a spell is used(see spellist below which spells trigger). It will also show the name of the caster and the target(if there is one). What's new in this version is that it'll also display the duration of which the spell is active. So that you can better align your cooldowns and overlap them better.

SETTINGS: (Action tab -> On Init)
This is a set timer that some spells will show for. Lay on Hands, Avenging Wrath, Revival to name a few.
aura_env.dur = 5

Use this to set if you want the icon to be shown first or not. See the picture for more information.
aura_env.iconFirst = true -- (ICON) Player-Name used Spell-Name [on Target-Name] (Duration)
aura_env.iconFirst = false -- Player-Name used (ICON) Spell-Name [on Target-Name] (Duration)


Works with following spells(you can add as many spells as you want):
MONK, Life Cocoon
MONK, Revival
MONK, Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
DRUID, Tranquillity
DRUID, Essence of G'Hanir
PRIEST, Pain Suppression
PRIEST, Power Word: Barrier
PRIEST, Divine Hymn
PRIEST, Guardian Spirit
SHAMAN, Healing Tide Totem
SHAMAN, Spirit Link Totem
SHAMAN, Ancestral Guidance
SHAMAN, Ancestral Protection Totem
SHAMAN, Ascendance
PALADIN, Aura Mastery
PALADIN, Lay on Hands
PALADIN, Avenging Wrath
WARRIOR, Commanding Shout


Huge thanks to Hamsda for his video tutorial on TSU. Used his example code and changed it ever so slightly to work with healer raid cooldowns.
Big thanks to Asakawa/Rivers for his help with the code.

This is a collection of 1 auras:

Text_healer_cooldowns (text)
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