Legion Raid: Nighthold - T19-10-Gul'dan
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Contains all necessary WAs (mythic included) and a few more WAs in comparison to other authors which I find helpful after much progress and nowadays with PUGs.
Make it even better: if you setup "Demonbane (Stereo Sayan 3D Version)" it plays "Stereo Sayan 3D" when Illidan gets 3 Stacks of Demonbane(= +150% DT). I highly recommend it! :)

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 07.06.2017; Iteration: 14

This is a collection of 46 auras:

Fel Scythe (aurabar)
Demon Within Energy (icon)
Wounded (icon)
The Eye of Aman'Thul (icon)
Time Dilation (icon)
Time Dilation USE LFR/Normal/HC (icon)
Time Dilation USE Mythic (icon)
Scattering Field (icon)
Resonant Barrier (icon)
Shatter Essence (icon)
Demonbane (icon)
Capricious Barrage (icon)
Soulsever (icon)
Will of the Demon Within (icon)
Drain dispel (icon)
Torn Soul (icon)
Eye of Gul'dan (icon)
Bonds of Fel (icon)
Empowered Bonds of Fel (icon)
Soul Siphon (icon)
Drain (icon)
Chaos Seed (icon)
Chaos Seed cast (icon)
Fel Efflux cast (icon)
Fel Efflux debuff (icon)
Sheared Soul (icon)
Severed Soul (icon)
Parasitic Wound (icon)
Hand of Gul'dan debuff (icon)
Hand of Gul'dan cast (icon)
Storm of the Destroyer cast1 (icon)
Storm of the Destroyer cast2 (icon)
Storm of the Destroyer cast3 (icon)
Storm of the Destroyer cast4 (icon)
Soul Corrosion (icon)
Soul Counter soak (icon)
Soul Counter soak not (icon)
Bulwark of Azzinoth (icon)
Visions of the Dark Titan (icon)
Time Stop (icon)
Flames of Sargeras (icon)
Flames of Sargeras pools (icon)
Desolate Ground (icon)
Empowered Liquid Hellfire (icon)
Burning NH (icon)
Demonbane (Stereo Sayan 3D Version) (text)