T19 - Nighthold (Flex, Mythic)
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Comprehensive collection of de/buff indicators (tanks included) and cast alerts for NH.
Trial of Valor: https://wago.io/VJgV_EixG
Emerald Nightmare: https://wago.io/V1w_zZzFb

Several of these auras include sound cues (as non-annoying as possible). These can be removed or changed through the Actions tab on a per-aura basis OR as a group. Throughout Nighthold's lifespan, these auras will be updated for completion and brevity as the raid is cleared and strategies solidify.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions: https://twitter.com/mfwchris

SK - Arcane Tether (Tank)
SK - Shockwave Cast
SK - Focused Blast Cast
SK - Focused Blast Stun
SK - Energy Surge
SK - Broken Shard (Safety)
SK (M) - Toxic Chitin

CA - Temporal Charge (Tank)
CA - Chronometric Particles (Tank)
CA - Time Release
CA - Time Bomb
CA - Temporal Orb

TR - Arcane Slash (Tank)
TR - Food Buffs/Debuffs
TR - Annihilation
TR - Arcane Seepage
TR - Arcing Bonds

SA - Annihilate (Tank)
SA - Mark Debuffs
SA - Detonation Casts
SA - Frostbitten
SA - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
SA (M) - Fel Stomp

TC - Feast of Blood (Tank)
TC - Carrion Plague
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast
TC - Brand of Argus
TC - Echoes of the Void
TC - Carrion Nightmare Stun
TC - Essence of Night
TC - Illusionary Night Timer
TC - Add Debuffs
TC - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)

KR - Searing Brand (Tank)
KR - Fel Beam Cast
KR - Orb of Destruction
KR - Burning Pitch

HB - Recursive Strikes (Tank)
HB - Parasitic Fetter
HB - Parasitic Fixate
HB - Toxic Spores
HB - Plasma Explosion
HB - Call of Night
HB - Grace of Nature Alert

ST - Gravitational (Tank)
ST - Absolute Zero (Tank)
ST - Chilled/Frozen
ST - Ejection Indicators
ST - Burst Debuffs
ST - Felflame
ST - Nova Cast Alerts
ST - Witness the Void
ST (M) - Frigid Pulse
ST (M) - Grand Conjunction
ST (M) - Star Signs

GM - Ablation Debuffs (Tank)
GM - Time De/buffs
GM - Spanning Singularity
GM - Delphuric Chaos
GM - Permeliative Torment
GM - Conflexive Burst

GD - Fury of the Fel (Tank)
GD - Shatter Essence Cast (Tank)
GD - Add Debuffs
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast
GD - Bonds of Fel
GD - Eye of Gul'dan
GD - Flames of Sargeras
GD - Soul Siphon
GD - Soul Corrosion
GD - Essence of Aman'Thul
GD - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
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T19 - Nighthold Auras (All Bosses H/M Ready)
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Collection for all Nighthold bosses.

- (Tank) Arcane Tether
- Shockwave
- Focused Blast
- Broken Shard
- (M) Toxic Chitin
- (M) Volatile Fragment
- (M) Acidic Fragment

- Speed:Normal, Slow, and Fast
- (Tank) Chronometric Particles
- Temporal Charge
- Temporal Smash
- Time Bomb
- Power Overwhelming

- (Tank) Arcane Slash
- Arcing Bonds
- Toxic Slice
- Stuffed
- Succulent Feast
- Sterillize

- Icy, Fiery, and Magic Enchantments
- (Tank) Annihilated
- Mark of Frost (warning and debuff)
- Frostbitten
- Searing Brand (warning and debuff)

- (M) Grand Conjunction
- (M) Star Signs
- (Tank) Gravitational Pulls: frost, fel, and void
- Chilled
- (Tank) Absolute Zero
- Icy, Fel, and Void Ejections
- Fel Nova
- (Tank) Felburst and Voidburst
- Void Shift
- Witness the Void

- (Tank) Searing Brand
- Burning Pitch
- (H/M) Burning Embers

- (Tank) Recursive Strike
- Parasitic Fetter
- Plasma Explosion
- Call of Night

- (Tank) Feast of Blood
- Echoes of the Void
- Illusionary Night
- Carrion Plague
- Essence of Nightmare
- Volatile Wound
- (Healer) Burning Soul
- (Mythic) Essences of Nightmare counter

- Slow and Fast Time
- (Tank) Ablation and Ablating Explosion
- Delphuric Beam
- Epocheric Orb
- Conflexive Burst
- Permeliative Torment

- Boss Energy (for Fel Scythe)
- (DPS) Time Dilation
- Scattering Field
- Eye of Gul'dan
- Shatter Essence
- Bonds of Fel
- Flames of Sargeras
- Soul Siphon
- Drain
- Soul Corrosion
- (M) Parasitic Wound
- (M) Bulwark of Azzinoth
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This is a collection of 58 auras:

CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) (icon)
CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) Stack (icon)
CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) Stack Time (icon)
CA - Temporal Charge (Tank) 2 (icon)
CA - Time Bomb (icon)
CA - Time Release (icon)
CA - Time Release Time (icon)
CA - Time Bomb Time (icon)
GD - Bonds of Fel (icon)
GD - Carrion Wave (icon)
GD - Carrion Wave Time (icon)
GD - Eye of Gul'dan (icon)
GD - Fel Efflux Cast (icon)
GD - Fel Efflux Cast Time (icon)
GD - Flames of Sargeras (icon)
GD - Flames of Sargeras Time (icon)
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast (icon)
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast Time (icon)
GM - Conflexive Burst (icon)
GM - Conflexive Burst Time (icon)
GM - Delphuric Chaos (icon)
GM - Delphuric Chaos Time (icon)
HB - Call of Night (icon)
HB - Grace of Nature (icon)
HB - Parasitic Fixate (icon)
KR - Burning Pitch (icon)
KR - Burning Pitch Time (icon)
KR - Fel Beam Cast (icon)
KR - Fel Beam Cast Time (icon)
KR - Orb of Destruction (icon)
KR - Orb of Destruction Time (icon)
SA - Detonate: MoF (icon)
SA - Detonate: MoF Time (icon)
SA - Detonate: SB (icon)
SA - Detonate: SB Time (icon)
SK - Arcane Tether (Tank) (icon)
SK - Focused Blast Cast (icon)
SK - Focused Blast Cast Time (icon)
SK - Shockwave Cast (icon)
SK - Shockwave Cast Time (icon)
ST - Chilled/Frozen (icon)
ST - Chilled/Frozen Time (icon)
ST - Ejection Alerts (icon)
ST - Ejection Alerts Time (icon)
ST - Icy Ejection (icon)
ST - Icy Ejection Time (icon)
ST - Nova Cast Alerts (icon)
ST - Nova Cast Alerts Time (icon)
ST - Witness the Void (icon)
ST - Witness the Void Time (icon)
TC - Echoes of the Void (icon)
TC - Echoes of the Void Time (icon)
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast (icon)
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast Time (icon)
GM - Ablative Pulse (icon)
GM - Ablative Pulse Time (icon)
TR - Arcing Bonds (icon)
TR - Arcing Bonds Time (icon)
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This is a collection of 93 auras:

Activ Defence (icon)
Bonestorm (icon)
Bonestorm 2 (icon)
Bonestorm 3 (icon)
Blood Mirror (icon)
Blood Mirror 2 (icon)
Blood Mirror 3 (icon)
Savage (icon)
Umbilicus Eternus (icon)
Vampiric Blood (icon)
Vampiric Blood 2 (icon)
Vampiric Blood 3 (icon)
Blood Shield (icon)
Sudden Doom (icon)
Runic Corruption (icon)
Killing Machine (icon)
Rime (icon)
Obliteration (icon)
Obliteration 2 (icon)
Obliteration 3 (icon)
Breath of Sindragosa (icon)
Breath of Sindragosa 2 (icon)
Breath of Sindragosa 3 (icon)
Glacial Advance (icon)
Glacial Advance 2 (icon)
Remorseless Winter (icon)
Remorseless Winter 2 (icon)
Remorseless Winter 3 (icon)
Pillar of Frost (icon)
Pillar of Frost 2 (icon)
Pillar of Frost 3 (icon)
Unholy Strength (icon)
Neck proks (icon)
Frozen Soul (icon)
Pot DK (icon)
Dark Transformation (icon)
Dark Transformation 2 (icon)
Dark Transformation 3 (icon)
DK Trinket (icon)
DK Trinket 2 (icon)
DK Trinket 3 (icon)
DK Trinket 4 (icon)
DK Trinket 5 (icon)
Death and Decay (icon)
Death and Decay 2 (icon)
Death and Decay 3 (icon)
Death and Decay 4 (icon)
Defile (icon)
Defile 2 (icon)
Defile 3 (icon)
Dancing Rune Weapon (icon)
Dancing Rune Weapon 2 (icon)
Dancing Rune Weapon 3 (icon)
Icebound Fortitude (icon)
Icebound Fortitude 2 (icon)
Icebound Fortitude 3 (icon)
Anti-Magic Shell (icon)
Anti-Magic Shell 2 (icon)
Anti-Magic Shell 3 (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon 2 (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon 3 (icon)
Frost Fever (icon)
Frost Fever 2 (icon)
Razorice (icon)
Icy Talons (icon)
Blighted Rune Weapon (icon)
Blighted Rune Weapon 2 (icon)
Blighted Rune Weapon 3 (icon)
Epidemic (icon)
Epidemic 2 (icon)
Reaper of Souls (icon)
Reaper of Souls 2 (icon)
Reaper of Souls 3 (icon)
Festering Wound (icon)
Festering Wound 2 (icon)
Virulent Plague (icon)
Virulent Plague 2 (icon)
Scourge of Worlds (icon)
DK burst1 (icon)
DK burst3 (icon)
Apocalypse (icon)
Apocalypse 2 (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury 2 (icon)
Pet Unholy (icon)
Blood plague (icon)
Blood plague 2 (icon)
Rune Tap (icon)
Rune Tap 2 (icon)
Rune Tap 3 (icon)
Bone Shield (icon)
Bone Shield 2 (icon)
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Felicity's The Nighthold v1.0
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Not tested yet.
I don't play a tank so I don't get to test any tank-specific WAs, let me know if any of them aren't working.

This is a collection of 102 auras:

Version 1.0 (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Time Dilation (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Drain 2 (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Bonds of Fel 2 (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Soul Corrosion (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Flames of Sargeras (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Soul Siphon 1 (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Liquid Hellfire (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Eye of Gul'dan (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Black Harvest (aurabar)
Gul'dan -Empowered Eye of Gul'dan 2 (aurabar)
Gul'dan -Well of Souls (aurabar)
Gul'dan -Soul Siphon (aurabar)
Gul'dan -Storm of the Destroyer (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Bonds of Fel (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Drain (aurabar)
Gul'dan - (T) Shatter Essence (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Hand of Gul'dan (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Carrion Wave (aurabar)
Gul'dan - Fel Efflux (aurabar)
Elisande - Fast Time (aurabar)
Elisande - Slow Time (aurabar)
Elisande - Ablation (aurabar)
Elisande - Ablating Explosion (aurabar)
Elisande - Delphuric Beam (aurabar)
Elisande - Conflexive Burst (aurabar)
Elisande - Permeliative Torment (aurabar)
Elisande - Leave the Nightwell (aurabar)
Elisande - Ablative Pulse (aurabar)
Elisande - Arcanetic Ring (aurabar)
Elisande - Spanning Singularity (aurabar)
Elisande - Delphuric Beam 2 (aurabar)
Elisande - Epocheric Orb (aurabar)
Elisande - Exothermic Release (aurabar)
Elisande - Blast (aurabar)
Etraeus - Shatter (aurabar)
Etraeus - Void Ejection (aurabar)
Etraeus - Witness the Void (aurabar)
Etraeus - Void Impact (aurabar)
Etraeus - Iceburst (aurabar)
Etraeus - Fel Nova (aurabar)
Etraeus - Frigid Nova (aurabar)
Etraeus - Coronal Ejection (aurabar)
Etraeus - Void Ejection 2 (aurabar)
Etraeus - Voidburst (aurabar)
Etraeus - Gravitational Pull (aurabar)
Etraeus - Fel Impact (aurabar)
Etraeus - Fel Ejection (aurabar)
Etraeus - Absolute Zero (aurabar)
Etraeus - Chilled (aurabar)
Etraeus - Icy Ejection (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Controlled Chaos (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Summon Plasma Spheres (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Toxic Spores (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Parasitic Fetter (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Recursive Strikes (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Call of Night (aurabar)
Tel'arn - Solar Collapse (aurabar)
Krosus - Orb of Destruction (aurabar)
Krosus - Searing Brand (aurabar)
Krosus - Fel Beam (aurabar)
Krosus - Burning Pitch (aurabar)
Krosus - Slam (aurabar)
Tichondrius - Seeker Swarm (aurabar)
Tichondrius -Echoes of the Void (aurabar)
Tichondrius -Illusionary Night (aurabar)
Tichondrius - Carrion Plague (aurabar)
Tichondrius - Burning Soul (aurabar)
Tichondrius - Brand of Argus (aurabar)
Tichondrius - Feast of Blood (aurabar)
Aluriel - Mark of Frost (aurabar)
Aluriel - Searing Brand (aurabar)
Aluriel - Frostbitten (aurabar)
Aluriel - Annihilate (aurabar)
Aluriel - Frozen Tempest (aurabar)
Aluriel - Animate: Mark of Frost (aurabar)
Aluriel - Animate: Arcane Orb (aurabar)
Aluriel - Animate: Searing Brand (aurabar)
Aluriel - Pyroblast (aurabar)
Aluriel - Arcane Orb (aurabar)
Aluriel - Detonate: Arcane Orb (aurabar)
Trilliax - Stuffed (aurabar)
Trilliax - Arcing Bonds (aurabar)
Trilliax - Sterilize (aurabar)
Trilliax - Arcane Slash (aurabar)
Trilliax - Toxic Slice (aurabar)
Trilliax - Cleansing Rage (aurabar)
Trilliax - Cleansing Destruction (aurabar)
Trilliax - Annihilation (aurabar)
Anomaly - Warp Nightwell (aurabar)
Anomaly - Time Release (aurabar)
Anomaly - Burst of Time (aurabar)
Anomaly - (T) Power Overwhelming (aurabar)
Anomaly - Chronometric Particles (aurabar)
Anomaly - Time Release 2 (aurabar)
Anomaly - Time Bomb (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Exoskeletal Vulnerability (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Arcane Tether (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Acanoslash (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Shockwave (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Focused Blast (aurabar)
Skorpyron - Volatile Scorpid (aurabar)
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