PhoGuild - Nameplate Circles
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Nameplate code taken from: Shout out to Reloe for sharing

Bad news everyone. Blizzard is disabling friendly nameplate mods in 7.2:
Reloe and I will probably still continue to make small updates to these WAs, but no more major enhancements.

v23 - Star Augur: bug fix
v22 - Star Augur: Star sign visual improvements.
v21 - Spellblade: Now marks tanks. Star Augur: Star Signs (circles are matching, squares are non-matching). Elisande: Conflexive Burst. Gul'dan: Parasitic Wound and Capricious Barrage
v20 - Tichondrius: show players with immunity. Spellblade: now show searing brand to everyone
v17 - Bug fixes
v16 - Bug fixes - Range checking should now work reliably
v14 - Cleaned up colors. Improved spellblade frost debuff
v13 - Added custom nameplate settings in OnInit
v10 - More performance improvements (more efficient range checking). Added Guarm foams. Fixed chronomatic anomaly.
v9 - Added new icons.
v6 - Performance optimization. (fixed fps drop)
v5 - Stable. Added Helya

(Required) Friendly name plates need to be turned on!
Q: I don't know how to turn it on / I'm too lazy to go to Key Bindings and bind a single damn key to it
A: Copy this into the chat to toggle friendly nameplate
/run local v = GetCVar("nameplateShowFriends") SetCVar("nameplateShowFriends",1-v)

(Optional) Optimization for Non-ElvUI addons and the default nameplate UI

There are four custom settings in the OnInit code of this WeakAuras.
On the WeakAuras configuration page -> Action tab -> Click "Expend Text Editor" at the top. Set to true to turn on the settings.
Only set these options if your nameplate addon does not have such functionalities!
  • aura_env.Force_No_FriendlyBars --Hide friendly health bars
  • aura_env.Force_No_Stacking -- Multiple nameplates will overlap instead of getting pushed up
  • aura_env.Force_Friendly_Clickthrough -- Make friendly nameplates non-clickable
  • aura_env.Force_Max_Distance -- Increase nameplate load distance

(Optional) ElvUI optimization

Multiple nameplates will overlap instead of getting pushed up
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> General Options
  • Change "Nameplate Motion Type" to "Overlapping Nameplates"

Hide friendly health bars
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> Healer Frames -> Uncheck Enable
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> Friendly Player Frames -> Uncheck Enable
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> Friendly NPC Frames -> Uncheck Enable
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> General Options -> Uncheck Always show Target Health

Make friendly names non-clickable
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> General Options -> Check "Friendly" under "Click Through" at the bottom

Increase nameplate load distance
  • /ec -> NamePlates -> General Options -> "Load Distance"

The following has been added as new features in ElvUI 10.44. So such hack is no longer needed
Don't show friendly health bar when targeted
  • Open \Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\Modules\nameplates\nameplates.lua
  • Search for
    function mod:SetTargetFrame(frame)
  • Add this line immediately after it
    if frame.UnitType=="FRIENDLY_PLAYER" or frame.UnitType=="FRIENDLY_NPC" or frame.UnitType=="HEALER" then return end

Make friendly names non-clickable
  • Open \Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\Modules\nameplates\nameplates.lua
  • Search for
    local role = UnitGroupRolesAssigned(unit)
  • Add this line immediately after it
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T19 - Nighthold (Flex, Mythic)
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 13th 2017 User Chrissinger Views 58,097 Comments 18 Stars 54
Comprehensive collection of de/buff indicators (tanks included) and cast alerts for NH.
Trial of Valor:
Emerald Nightmare:

Several of these auras include sound cues (as non-annoying as possible). These can be removed or changed through the Actions tab on a per-aura basis OR as a group. Throughout Nighthold's lifespan, these auras will be updated for completion and brevity as the raid is cleared and strategies solidify.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions:

SK - Arcane Tether (Tank)
SK - Shockwave Cast
SK - Focused Blast Cast
SK - Focused Blast Stun
SK - Energy Surge
SK - Broken Shard (Safety)
SK (M) - Toxic Chitin

CA - Temporal Charge (Tank)
CA - Chronometric Particles (Tank)
CA - Time Release
CA - Time Bomb
CA - Temporal Orb

TR - Arcane Slash (Tank)
TR - Food Buffs/Debuffs
TR - Annihilation
TR - Arcane Seepage
TR - Arcing Bonds

SA - Annihilate (Tank)
SA - Mark Debuffs
SA - Detonation Casts
SA - Frostbitten
SA - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
SA (M) - Fel Stomp

TC - Feast of Blood (Tank)
TC - Carrion Plague
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast
TC - Brand of Argus
TC - Echoes of the Void
TC - Carrion Nightmare Stun
TC - Essence of Night
TC - Illusionary Night Timer
TC - Add Debuffs
TC - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)

KR - Searing Brand (Tank)
KR - Fel Beam Cast
KR - Orb of Destruction
KR - Burning Pitch

HB - Recursive Strikes (Tank)
HB - Parasitic Fetter
HB - Parasitic Fixate
HB - Toxic Spores
HB - Plasma Explosion
HB - Call of Night
HB - Grace of Nature Alert

ST - Gravitational (Tank)
ST - Absolute Zero (Tank)
ST - Chilled/Frozen
ST - Ejection Indicators
ST - Burst Debuffs
ST - Felflame
ST - Nova Cast Alerts
ST - Witness the Void
ST (M) - Frigid Pulse
ST (M) - Grand Conjunction
ST (M) - Star Signs

GM - Ablation Debuffs (Tank)
GM - Time De/buffs
GM - Spanning Singularity
GM - Delphuric Chaos
GM - Permeliative Torment
GM - Conflexive Burst

GD - Fury of the Fel (Tank)
GD - Shatter Essence Cast (Tank)
GD - Add Debuffs
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast
GD - Bonds of Fel
GD - Eye of Gul'dan
GD - Flames of Sargeras
GD - Soul Siphon
GD - Soul Corrosion
GD - Essence of Aman'Thul
GD - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
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Nighthold - Circles for Major Abilities
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 24th 2017 User Reloe Views 42,222 Comments 10 Stars 33
This Weakaura will not do anything anymore whenever 7.2 releases, because blizzard is disabling modifications to friendly nameplates insides raids and dungeons.

Version updates:
v3 - multiple bugfixxes and preparing the code to use the weakaura for multiple raids in the future, aswell as adding gul'dan mythic phase based on logs.
v2 - Updated some of the colors/size/transparency but mainly, way better Performance partly thanks to Joker - as he modified my code and from looking at it I found some things I didn't know about yet.

This weakaura adds circle in different colors to people that are afflicted by major boss abilities. Depending on the mechanic it may change its color based on your proximity to the person and also display the duration of that debuff in seconds.
Only works with friendly nameplates enabled and you should be using overlapping nameplates, otherwise it will not represent the actual position of the players, there is an explanation in the comment section for Tidy Plates-User, unfortunately I never used elvui so I don't know where the options are for it. Generally best way to use friendly nameplates is to disable the healthbars so you only see the names.
Kuinameplates is another nameplate-addon some people use for it, however any nameplate addon works or even without an addon at all.

You are free to take this weakaura and modify it to your own needs, I tried to make descriptions as clear as possible so even if you know little about LUA you might be able to change colors/size, I'll continue to update this weakaura if anything comes up for nighthold(especially adding gul'dan mythic) and for the future if blizzard doesn't decide to get rid of these displays.

also Star Augur signs are not in this just because there are too many other weakauras and they're already so spread that I think it would just be a duplicate.
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T19 - Nighthold Auras (All Bosses H/M Ready)
WEAKAURA Updated Feb 24th 2017 User Kirin Views 26,790 Comments 4 Stars 9
Collection for all Nighthold bosses.

- (Tank) Arcane Tether
- Shockwave
- Focused Blast
- Broken Shard
- (M) Toxic Chitin
- (M) Volatile Fragment
- (M) Acidic Fragment

- Speed:Normal, Slow, and Fast
- (Tank) Chronometric Particles
- Temporal Charge
- Temporal Smash
- Time Bomb
- Power Overwhelming

- (Tank) Arcane Slash
- Arcing Bonds
- Toxic Slice
- Stuffed
- Succulent Feast
- Sterillize

- Icy, Fiery, and Magic Enchantments
- (Tank) Annihilated
- Mark of Frost (warning and debuff)
- Frostbitten
- Searing Brand (warning and debuff)

- (M) Grand Conjunction
- (M) Star Signs
- (Tank) Gravitational Pulls: frost, fel, and void
- Chilled
- (Tank) Absolute Zero
- Icy, Fel, and Void Ejections
- Fel Nova
- (Tank) Felburst and Voidburst
- Void Shift
- Witness the Void

- (Tank) Searing Brand
- Burning Pitch
- (H/M) Burning Embers

- (Tank) Recursive Strike
- Parasitic Fetter
- Plasma Explosion
- Call of Night

- (Tank) Feast of Blood
- Echoes of the Void
- Illusionary Night
- Carrion Plague
- Essence of Nightmare
- Volatile Wound
- (Healer) Burning Soul
- (Mythic) Essences of Nightmare counter

- Slow and Fast Time
- (Tank) Ablation and Ablating Explosion
- Delphuric Beam
- Epocheric Orb
- Conflexive Burst
- Permeliative Torment

- Boss Energy (for Fel Scythe)
- (DPS) Time Dilation
- Scattering Field
- Eye of Gul'dan
- Shatter Essence
- Bonds of Fel
- Flames of Sargeras
- Soul Siphon
- Drain
- Soul Corrosion
- (M) Parasitic Wound
- (M) Bulwark of Azzinoth
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WEAKAURA Updated Feb 4th 2017 User Hetzaraz Views 4,573 Comments 2 Stars 1
This is a collection of 58 auras:

CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) (icon)
CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) Stack (icon)
CA - Chrono 8-9 (Tank) Stack Time (icon)
CA - Temporal Charge (Tank) 2 (icon)
CA - Time Bomb (icon)
CA - Time Release (icon)
CA - Time Release Time (icon)
CA - Time Bomb Time (icon)
GD - Bonds of Fel (icon)
GD - Carrion Wave (icon)
GD - Carrion Wave Time (icon)
GD - Eye of Gul'dan (icon)
GD - Fel Efflux Cast (icon)
GD - Fel Efflux Cast Time (icon)
GD - Flames of Sargeras (icon)
GD - Flames of Sargeras Time (icon)
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast (icon)
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast Time (icon)
GM - Conflexive Burst (icon)
GM - Conflexive Burst Time (icon)
GM - Delphuric Chaos (icon)
GM - Delphuric Chaos Time (icon)
HB - Call of Night (icon)
HB - Grace of Nature (icon)
HB - Parasitic Fixate (icon)
KR - Burning Pitch (icon)
KR - Burning Pitch Time (icon)
KR - Fel Beam Cast (icon)
KR - Fel Beam Cast Time (icon)
KR - Orb of Destruction (icon)
KR - Orb of Destruction Time (icon)
SA - Detonate: MoF (icon)
SA - Detonate: MoF Time (icon)
SA - Detonate: SB (icon)
SA - Detonate: SB Time (icon)
SK - Arcane Tether (Tank) (icon)
SK - Focused Blast Cast (icon)
SK - Focused Blast Cast Time (icon)
SK - Shockwave Cast (icon)
SK - Shockwave Cast Time (icon)
ST - Chilled/Frozen (icon)
ST - Chilled/Frozen Time (icon)
ST - Ejection Alerts (icon)
ST - Ejection Alerts Time (icon)
ST - Icy Ejection (icon)
ST - Icy Ejection Time (icon)
ST - Nova Cast Alerts (icon)
ST - Nova Cast Alerts Time (icon)
ST - Witness the Void (icon)
ST - Witness the Void Time (icon)
TC - Echoes of the Void (icon)
TC - Echoes of the Void Time (icon)
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast (icon)
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast Time (icon)
GM - Ablative Pulse (icon)
GM - Ablative Pulse Time (icon)
TR - Arcing Bonds (icon)
TR - Arcing Bonds Time (icon)
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