ToS T20 - WiP - Update Daily
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Normal and Heroic Tomb of Sargeras currently working. Mythic Updates coming as my guild progresses

Tested by Guild and Friends. Always updating.

If you find any issues or bugs in the WA send me a message in game at Unalek#1994 and I will fix it.

Most WAs are simple countdown timers for the mechanics. The ones that do something extra are explained below.

Goroth -
Crashing Comet, Shattering Star, Infernal Burning, Burning Armor, Melted Armor, Rain of Brimstone

DI -
Torment - shows when above 80
Pang of Guilt, Echoing Anquish, Suffocating Darkness, Scythe Sweep, Bone Saw, Fel Squall, Calcified Quills

HR -
Frigid Blows, Driven Assault, Unchecked Rage, Jagged Abrasion, Aqueuous Burst, Draw In, Drenched

MS -
Hydra Shot - ON X, Taunt, Hydra Shot - ON YOU, Slicing Tornado, Consuming Hunger, Burden of Pain, Call Vellius, Befouling Ink

SM -
Lunar Beacon, Suffusion, Embrace of the Eclipse, Incoporeal Shot, Twilight Glaive, Discorporate, Moon Burn, Twilight Glaive, Lunar Fire

DH -
Wailing Souls, Soulbind, Wither, Shattering Scream, Tormented Cries, Sundering Doom, Doomed Sundering, Spear of Anguish, Soul Rot, Grasping Darkness, Crush Mind, Collapsing Fissure, Bonecage Armor

Maiden -
Unstable Soul - will glow under 1.5 Sec. Wait till glow to jump
Light Infusion, Fel Infusion, Essence Fragments, titanic Bulwark

FA -
Cleansing Protocol, Maiden Energy, Shield Size, unbound Chaos, Rupturing Realities, Desolate, Shadowy Blades, Touch of Sargeras, Dark Mark, Black Winds

KJ -
Shadow Reflection Erupting, Shadow Reflection Coming, Illiidan Sight, Focused Dreadflame, Flaming Orb, Felclaws, Darkness of a Thousand Souls, Bursting Dreadflame, Armageddon, Dont Soak
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