Zero's BM HUD 7.2.5
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Heads Up Display for Beast Mastery Hunters
Monitors cooldown for Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild, plus icon and timer bar for Dire Frenzy, and Kill Command. Icons with CD timers for A Murder of Crows, Titan's Thunder, multiple smaller icons for defensive and movement cooldowns, including: Disengage, Misdirection, Feign Death, Aspect of the Turtle, and Exhilaration.
*Special Request bonus reminder text to cast Cobra Shot when above 90 Focus (88 to be exact).
Focus Bar C/O Smexy, check out Smexy's wago profile at: (thanks for the great format, Smexy!)
Timers below HUD for: Bestial Wrath, Aspect of the Wild, Potion of Prolonged Power, and Bloodlust (Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp, Ancient Hysteria, and Drums of War compatible)

26 June 2017 - Per Request by (Silentears-Area 52): added timer for Orc and Troll Racials below 'Lust Timer

This is a collection of 29 auras:

Focus Bar (aurabar)
Focus (number) (text)
Beast Cleave Timer (icon)
Dire Beast (icon)
Dire Beast CD (icon)
Dire Frenzy bar (aurabar)
Dire Frenzy (icon)
Dire Frenzy CD (icon)
Kill Command (icon)
90+ Focus (use Cobra Shot) (text)
Titan's Thunder (icon)
Titan's Thunder (icon)
Disengage CD (icon)
Misdirection CD (icon)
Feign Death CD (icon)
A.O. Turtle CD (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
A Murder of Crows (icon)
A Murder of Crows CD (icon)
Aspect of the Wild (icon)
Aspect of the Wild CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath up (icon)
Barrage (icon)
Barrage CD (icon)
Bestial Wrath Timer (aurabar)
Aspect of the Wild Timer (aurabar)
Prolonged Power (aurabar)
Bloodlust (aurabar)
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Tomb of Sargeras
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 27th 2017 User Myst Views 594 Comments 0 Stars 0
Lots of shamefully stolen triggers from Reloe and Hamsda's auras, but some of my own stuff in there as well! All modified to suit my tastes. Similar to my other aura packs as far as size/font/sound cues, etc. Give them a shot! Check back as mythic progression goes on, I plan to push any needed updates as needed while my guild works through Tomb :)

Goroth: Burning Armor, Melted Armor, Infernal Burning Cast, Cashing Comet Debuffs, Shattering Star, Star Burn, Fel Pool

Demonic Inquisition: Echoing Anguish, Unbearable Torment, Torment tracker, Calcified Quills, Fel Squall warning, Bone Saw warning, Suffocating Dark

Harjatan: Jagged Abrasion, Frigid Blows, Unchecked Rage, Drenched, Aqueous Burst, Driven Assault

Sisters of the Moon: Suffusions, Discorporate, Moon Burn, Astral Vulnerability, Embrace of the Eclipse, Incorporeal Shot, Twilight Glaive, Rapid Shot, Lunar Beacon, Lunar Fire

Mistress Sassz'ine: Delicious Bufferfish, Hydra Shot, Hydra Acid, Burden of Pain, Jaws from the Deep, Slicing Tornado, Consuming Hunger, Befouling Ink

The Desolate Host: Crush Mind, Wither, Shattering Scream, Spear of Anguish, Soulbind, Doomed Sundering, Sundering Doom, Wailing Souls

Maiden of Vigilance: Infusions, Demon's Vigor/Creator's Grace, Unstable Soul, Titanic Bulwark

Fallen Avatar: Cleansing Protocol, Tainted Essence, Desolate, Unbound Chaos, Touch of Sargeras, Rupture Realities, Shadowy Blades, Dark Mark, Black Winds

Kil'jaeden: Armageddon Rain, Felclaws, Shadow Reflection, Bursting Dreadflame, Rupturing Singularity, Focused Dreadflame, Armageddon, Choking Shadow, Illidan's Sightless Gaze, Darkness of a Thousand Souls, Gravity Squeeze
PvE UtilityTomb of Sargeras
Гробница Саргераса T20 ToS debuffs (Russian)
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))))))Ауры часто обновляются(((((((

Обновлено: 27 июня

This is a collection of 29 auras:

Горот - звезда (icon)
Горот - комета (icon)
Харджатан - моб (icon)
Харджатан - взрыв (icon)
Харджатан - моб (icon)
Демоны - Белак (icon)
Демоны - Атриган (icon)
Демоны - Атриган (icon)
Демоны - эхо тоски (icon)
Демоны - шипы (icon)
Сестры - лунное пересыщение (icon)
Сестры - выстрел (icon)
Сестры - лунный ожог (icon)
Сестры - лунная метка (icon)
Сестры - объятия (icon)
Госпожа - мурлок (icon)
Госпожа - выстрел (icon)
Сонм - иссушение (icon)
Сонм - соединение душ (icon)
Сонм - стенающие души (icon)
Сонм - копье страданий (icon)
Сонм - хватка тьмы (icon)
Сонм-раскалывающий рок к (icon)
Сонм-раскалывающий рок от (icon)
Сонм-роковой раскол к (icon)
Сонм-роковой раскол от (icon)
Дева - скверна (icon)
Дева - свет (icon)
Дева - бомба (icon)
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