Healer Low Mana [Raid]
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Shows if Healer [*party3, party4, party5, party6, party7] is Out-of-Mana (Oom).

Glows if active.
To turn off glow; Conditions > click Active dropdown > remove this condition.

Shows at <10% mana.
To change %; Trigger > scroll all the way down > Power (%) and Power(%) edit to two sets of numbers.

Linked to personal resources display bar.
To change; Display > scroll to bottom > Anchored To > change to Screen/Parent Group (to drag around WoW) or Select Frame (lock to another frame in WoW).

To see the icon attached to the resources bar out of combat;
If you wish to, the resources bar can be made to stay on out-of-combat, addon allows edits to the game that were available in Interface prior to Legion, https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/advancedinterfaceoptions.
/aio > CVar Browser > type in resource > nameplateShowSelf > click the 0 and change it to 1.

Shows in Raids.
To change %; Load > scroll all the way down > click tick in front of Instance Type > click any of the types on, ie, World = No Instance. Or untick the box to have it show everywhere.

If you are healer and want to include to see if you are OOM yourself:
Change; Trigger > specific unit > Player, instead of Party_.

*Shows in Normal, Heroic, Mythic, excludes LFR.
If you queue, rather than joining a group, it can put the healer anywhere in the raid. If you make a group, it should always default to healers after tanks [ie, party3-7]. So locked this WA to exclude LFR, because that is always queued. If you want to change the WA, you may need to open /wa and change party3-7 everytime you enter an instance to specifically find healers position in 1-40 (excluding yourself).
To change; Load > scroll down bottom > Instance Difficulty > tick Looking for Raid.

How its set up:
So, /wa > top left corner type in Healer > click Healer Low Mana [Raid];

> click Trigger tab > Choose Trigger drop down menu > so if you click through these, you can see that the difference is in the Specific Units name > say if you bring a maximum of 3 healers to an entire raid, you can click the Delete Trigger button on each specific trigger you don't want. Ie, 4 and 5 if you only bring 3 healers. Or only 5 if you bring 4... 3, 4 and 5 if you bring max 2, etc. You can always re-make them, or re-import this if you need them back, kind of thing... If you leave them there and the dps in that slot uses mana, it will show for the dps.

> click Conditions tab > So, you can see the healer colour codes are aligned to each trigger. If your Trigger 3 [party5] is a Druid, you can change the top Condition here, [Power (%)] dropdown from being in Trigger 1 to being in Trigger 3. To make it align to glow and saturate to the colour orange for the Druid. Move around the others yea.
Colour codes: FF7D0A [Druid], 00FF96 [Monk], F58CBA [Paladin], FFFFFF [Priest], 0070DE [Shaman]
Colour codes taken from: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Class_colors

> If you scroll back up, at the top where it says "All Triggers" dropdown;
All Triggers = lets you know when "All" healers have gone Oom.
Any Triggers = shows you when "One" (or more) have gone Oom.

If you want to change the icon;
Display > display icon > Choose, type in a word.

*If you wish to change Grid2 to Healer being second [this is also the way the default UI sorts raid frames];
/grid2 > General Settings > Layouts > General > check what is said under party (the one you have selected), then > Layout editor > select the layout that you had for party > scroll down to bottom > change Group By > Role.
An import Grid 2 profile can be found here; https://wago.io/HJkhE1aKb

This is a part of the https://wago.io/rkmOMNJ9W Prot’ Warrior collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/SJRO1JpKb Prot' Paladin collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/B1rDuI6I- Brewmaster Monk collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/B1rDuI6I- Guardian Druid collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/B1rDuI6I Blood DK collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/HkNGg8loZ Vengeance DH collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/H1uUKI6Ub Mistweaver Monk collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/SJPyNulvZ Resto' Shaman collection.
This is a part of the https://wago.io/BkCQLGCFW Disc’ Priest collection.
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Legion Raid: Trial of Valor
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Contains all necessary WAs (mythic included) and a few more WAs in comparison to other authors which I find helpful after much progress and nowadays with PUGs.

Check version by comparing the following details with "tooltip description"!
Author: (EU)Warpaladin-Aegwynn; Last Update: 08.06.2017; Iteration: 4

This is a collection of 61 auras:

01-Odyn: Odyn's Test (icon)
01-Odyn: Stormforged Spear debuff (icon)
01-Odyn: Valarjar's Bond (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Shield (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded green add (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded green player (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Brand green (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded yellow add (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded yellow player (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Brand yellow (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded purple add (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded purple player (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Brand purple (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded blue add (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded blue player (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Brand blue (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded orange add (icon)
01-Odyn: Branded orange player (icon)
01-Odyn: Runic Brand orange (icon)
01-Odyn: Shield of Light (icon)
01-Odyn: Horn of Valor LFR/NORMAL (icon)
01-Odyn: Horn of Valor HC/MYTHIC (icon)
01-Odyn: Protected unsafe (icon)
01-Odyn: Protected safe (icon)
01-Odyn: Glowing Fragment (icon)
01-Odyn: Dancing Blade (icon)
01-Odyn: Expel Light (icon)
01-Odyn: Cleansing Flame (icon)
01-Odyn: Stormforged Spear mark (icon)
01-Odyn: Storm of Justice (icon)
02-Guarm: Frothing Rage (icon)
02-Guarm: Fiery Phlegm (icon)
02-Guarm: Salty Spittle (icon)
02-Guarm: Dark Discharge (icon)
02-Guarm: Flame Lick (icon)
02-Guarm: Frost Lick (icon)
02-Guarm: Shadow Lick (icon)
02-Guarm: Flaming Volatile Foam (icon)
02-Guarm: Briney Volatile Foam (icon)
02-Guarm: Shadowy Volatile Foam (icon)
02-Guarm: Guardian's Breath (icon)
03-Helya: Bilewater Redox (icon)
03-Helya: Dark Hatred (icon)
03-Helya: Anchor Slam debuff (icon)
03-Helya: Tentacle Strike soaker (icon)
03-Helya: Corrupted Axion (icon)
03-Helya: Taint of the Sea TOV (icon)
03-Helya: Tentacle Strike soak (icon)
03-Helya: Decay (icon)
03-Helya: Fetid Rot (icon)
03-Helya: Dark Waters (icon)
03-Helya: Corrupted (icon)
03-Helya: Mist Infusion (icon)
03-Helya: Anchor Slam cast (icon)
03-Helya: Orb of Corruption pre-debuff (icon)
03-Helya: Orb of Corruption (icon)
03-Helya: Orb of Corruption not fixated (icon)
03-Helya: Orb of Corrosion pre-debuff (icon)
03-Helya: Orb of Corrosion (icon)
03-Helya: Bilewater Breath (icon)
03-Helya: Corrupted Breath (icon)
Trials of Valor
Smexy's: Trinkets - Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows (Haste/Mastery/Crit Buffs)
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**Version 7.2a Released 5/19/2017 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one. Failure to do so can result in errors**

WeakAura icon and text trackers for the three buffs that can proc from the Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows trinkets.

These auras were custom made by request for Izabo. If you would like help customizing them further or fitting them into your UI feel free to add my US Battletag and send me a message: PenCap#1642

-Only loads if the trinkets are equipped and you are in combat.
-The timer in RED reflects the remaining time left on the buff.
-Each icon will glow when activated and has a unique sound attached:
. -Haste Buffs (Sign of the Dragon / Swarming Shadows)
. . +"Hiccup" Sound.
. -Mastery Buffs (Sign of the Hare / Shadow Master)
. . +"Blast" Sound.
. -Crit Buffs (Sign of the Hippo / Shadow's Strike)
. . +"Splash" Sound.
-Sounds can easily be turned off or changed by clicking each aura then clicking on the ACTIONS tab.

This is a collection of 7 auras:

Etraeus': Constellations Buff (PPM Proc: No Stat) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Dragon Buff (Haste) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hare Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hippo Buff (Crit) (icon)
Dreadstone: Swarming Shadows Buff (Haste) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow Master Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow's Strike Buff (Crit) (icon)
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